Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page?

In this guide, I discuss the transformative role of the internet in business and the critical importance of having a website. I highlight the limitations of relying solely on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for business. By delving into various aspects like the impact of the internet on business, the role of social media, and the unique benefits of having a dedicated website, I aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of why a website is essential for any business in today's digital age. This analysis is especially relevant for those looking to make informed decisions in the realm of software and digital tools.
Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page?

The world has seen an enormous turnaround in the last decade or so, with the Internet being the frontrunner in almost all aspects. The internet world has grown at a rapid rate thanks to advanced technology and networks. We are heading towards the state where online presence will be a must for all of us.

The Internet has a lot of things to offer to humankind, and people have taken advantage of it effectively. 

The arrival of smartphones has been critical, and people are amazed by the use of smartphones. The internet world got popular; although it was popular, fewer people were actively using the Internet before this decade.

At the same time, the networks got upgraded with 3G and then 4G technology which increased the internet speed, and thus, people started using the Internet on their smartphones.

The users of the internet surged exponentially because of the arrival of smartphones. What added fuel to the online world is the social media platforms, and that too conveniently.

The craze for social media platforms was already there, and with the arrival of smartphones and 3G/4G technologies people started using social media conveniently. 

Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page? 1

The revolution happened with the popularity and sudden growth of the internet world.

The Internet offers many things, and in today’s culture, the first thing people will go for any opinion or information is the Internet. There are many services that the Internet offers, from online shopping to education to daily essentials, etc.

The list goes on and on for the internet services. 

Internet Impact on Business World

The Internet had a great impact on the business world as it opened the door of innovative and creative ideas. Business people started using the internet world to run their business online and sell things to people online.

Business people could easily connect with their audiences as communication is simple and effective using the Internet.

There is a broader scope for business people with the integration of the Internet in business models. 

eCommerce started getting popular and got amazing responses from people across the globe. The internet and technologies are indeed a help as business people started integrating other vital technologies like AI and ML to enhance their business scope. From small business owners to large-scale business models, everyone can take fruitful advantage of the internet world.

Also, not to forget that the internet world is fair to all of us. You will be shown what you want and what efforts you have put. 

Business people realized that having a presence in the internet world is a must, and they started finding ways to have their presence in the online world. eCommerce like Ubereats, Amazon, eBay, etc., have gained much popularity in recent times.

Ubereats specifically gained popularity for its online food delivery service and Amazon and eBay for their electronics, fashion, etc. 

Social Media for Online Presence

Business people started incorporating social media for their presence in the internet world.

Undoubtedly, social media is a powerful platform in today’s internet world, and billions of people are using it.

Precisely there are 4.20 billion active users in the social media world, which is massive and more than 50% of the total population. 

Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page? 2


Indeed, social media offers great chances to professionals to maintain their business and associate with the crowds for selling products and extending their business reach.

Social trade is as of now moving, and individuals exploit social media monsters like Facebook and Instagram for procuring social commerce.

Facebook and Instagram are highest rated in the online media world that have the most clients. 

Facebook for Social Commerce

Facebook remains the most famous social media, which can now be considered the veteran in the internet world.

Facebook lets users create their business profiles and pages for promotion and running their business through it.

It is a platform that is very useful in targeting a specific set of audiences. 

  • Beneficial for small businesses to run their venture and expand their reach effectively
  • The highest number of users 
  • Facebook for the business feature is excellent for running social commerce

These days, social media is so popular that it can positively impact people’s mindset, and people tilt towards social media opinions and trends.

Business people take benefits of social media trends like hashtags and stories, and polls to divert people’s attention. 

Popular Social Media Forums with Active Users 

(In Millions)

Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page? 3


Instagram for Business

Instagram is another very famous social media site that has created a buzz across the world and is used by many business professionals to run their businesses.

The popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day.

Although Instagram has a little less number of users compared to Facebook, it is a dynamic social media site.

The features and variations it offers are outstanding and can be helpful for social commerce. 

  • Great multiple promotional features
  • Amazing storytelling
  • Better engagement 

Many business people have started using Instagram for promoting and having a presence in the internet world for their business model.

The business people take advantage of exclusive Instagram functions like reels, hashtags, etc., to connect with people and showcase their products in innovative ways. 

Now the real question is does your venture require a website for running the business on the Internet, considering the advantages and functions that social media offers.

We will further discuss it and clear your thoughts and dilemma about it. 

Define your Need and Objective

The first question that you need to ask yourself is what is your actual need and objective. If your need is being fulfilled with the help of Facebook and Instagram, you may not be interested in having a website.

Next is your objective or goal for your future.

You need to think about whether Facebook and Instagram will be good options for the long term and will give you growth in the future.

Thus, these are questions you need to put forward in your mind and clear your thoughts. 

Where Social Media Lacks?

Social media is a great factor in businesses for advertising and creating awareness. But running an entire business through it at the same scale for a more extended period of time is debatable.

Also, running a medium sized venture in social media is ok, but for business advancement and elevating scope, a full-fledged website is always a good option. Social media can be a better option for deriving traffic and user engagement.

But for a universal and dynamic solution, it is advisable for your venture to have a website. 

Social media is a decent alternative for organizations in advancing and making awareness about the services offered by them, however maintaining a whole business through it at a large-scale for a more expanded time frame is questionable.

Additionally, maintaining a small venture in web-based media is alright, yet for accomplishing business development and raising extension, an exclusive site can be a decent choice.

Social media can be a superior alternative for inferring traffic and client engagement.

However, for being dynamic and independent in the business world, one should prefer having a site.  

What Does Dynamic Business Mean?

Dynamic business, or say large scale business is a business with multiple functions and verticals which requires a specific online platform for running the business.

Social media can be suitable for promotional and user engagement in such a business but won’t allow you to run the entire business through it. 


Suppose you want to establish an online food delivery business similar to Ubereats business model.

Everybody knows the name Ubereats, one of the premium and popular food delivery apps worldwide.

A food delivery business similar to Ubereats is a dynamic business model which cannot be run through Facebook or Instagram. They need to either opt for ubereats like app builder or website maker for running their business with an online platform. 

Thus, this is an example of dynamic business models which have multiple functions and cannot be run with the help of social media pages.

Yes, one can use it for promotional activities integrating various social media agencies, uplift marketing efforts, and derive traffic for the site. Hence, social media will be playing a vital secondary role for your business. 

A Business Website Add Value

There are various advantages to having a presence in the internet world using a website. Ventures having a website of their brand will add value and create a reputation in the market.

Websites will target more audiences, and one can leverage their rankings in the search engines.

Thus, having a solid website will create a good impact on the audience’s mind. 


A website will add value to your business model because of the trust factor it gives to clients. People will lean towards a website when they are buying things online rather than a social media platform.

A website is a more trusted option for users, which is one reason you should integrate a site for your venture.


A committed site to your venture implies you are truly a brand and genuine about your business.

A great many people feel that running organizations on Facebook and Instagram are not intense and most people don’t care about it and have questions regarding their deals and administrations.

In this manner, a site is the primary thing you should set up and afterwards the social media for promoting channels. 

Zero Distraction with Website

It is irregular that some utilize social media just for shopping things, as the majority of the clients are utilizing these media for no particular reason but for fun.

At the point when you are maintaining a business utilizing social media, there are high possibilities that users get distracted as this media is loaded with one of a kind, inventive, fun, and engaging contents.

  • Highlights that Instagram offers can easily distract users’ minds, and their focus will shift.
  • There can be a situation in Facebook that when a user has a look over at your page, and someone messaged and your page will be leftover by them. 

A site will have clients that are more committed to your services and items and will have no different interruptions.

A well planned site will keep the guests intrigued, and chances are higher for conversion.

In this way, a site will be a decent alternative for conversions and keeping clients keen on your items offered.

More Large-Scale Approach with a Website for Business

A website for the business will open up the doors for a wide business market which will have much more scope.

Sooner or later, you need to expand your business from small scale to large scale for better growth and reach.

Social media forums like Instagram and Facebook will not allow you to expand the reach and make your business large-scale. 

Social media will not justify your business growth, and this is also the reason one should go for a more sensible option which is to have a website.

A website will make your business complete and lets you determine your business ethics to roll over to showcase your potential in the real market.

Thus, for adequate growth and betterment of your business, a website will be a fruitful option. 


We will take an example of a beauty brand named Viss Beauty, a popular name in the beauty industry selling a wide range of products.

They started using social media to sell their products but didn’t succeed. They got popular and expanded their reach worldwide after establishing the business website.

Obviously, the profits earned by a website will be higher if initial efforts are made correctly, and thus, this is how they become a leading beauty product brand. 

SEO Benefits

A business website will have search engine benefits, and that can organically drive traffic to your website. SEO justifies the rankings of your content so that more people interact with the content you are sharing.

One cannot have that benefit with Instagram or Facebook pages. 

A rich website with content and SEO will elevate the rankings in search metrics, and more specific traffic will be generated on your website, which will enhance higher conversion rates and more sales. Share on X

SEO is very advantageous in the current internet world and one of the most effective marketing methods that upscale business growth. 

Data Benefits

Data remains an important element in the modern-day business running in the internet world. With the help of a website, business people will have the advantage of collecting data of customers, which can be helpful for further analytics.

All the user information is stored and organized in a proper manner with a business website. 

These important data collections are further used to analyze customer behavior, product recommendations, etc., which makes your customer satisfied.

These are the information that cannot be collected by running a business with social media platforms. 

Doesn’t Require Continuous Assistance

Running a website will not require continuous assistance to attract clients and engage with them all of the time.

With social media, one needs to constantly remain active for better engagement with the users and increase the scope of sales.

Social media requires a lot of effort to get results, whereas a website is more of a dynamic option that doesn't require continuous assistance.  Share on X

If you have established a proper website, your target users will engage with your website through your marketing efforts, and they can learn about your product and service through your website easily and make the purchase.

Thus, a website solves the complication of a business person to remain active for continually gaining users’ attention. 

Quite Less Loss of Efforts

Most of the efforts businesses make in their social media don’t give results. For social commerce, one needs to give enough time and effort to discover more results.

The social media metrics are way more dynamic, and most of the posts don’t even reach target audiences.

  • Genuine clients are lost due to social media metrics
  • More efforts less pay, which is not a good option for long term 

The social media algorithm works like that, and things are not in our hands.

Thus, the efforts are ruined in social media, whereas on a website, you can discover more results in a website, the marketing efforts you have integrated with the web design.

The chances of losing all your efforts with a business website are pretty less compared to social media. 

Everything Under Control

The website will have everything under your control which is not possible with social media. These are third-party platforms that have their own policies.

The efforts you put on social media can vanish as you don’t have the right over it. Being only dependent on social media is not the safer option for your business. 

Social media is a 3rd party platform, and it can crash or get shut down, and the loss that you can suffer only you will know which will not be the scheme if you have your own website and policies as all the control is on your side.

Thus, the website should be your primary element for running an online business.

Other Benefits of Having a Website for Business

The online world has proliferated, and customer behavior has changed over time. People tend to shop online more nowadays as it is a convenient option for them.

The hype of social commerce is not that much, and that is why people prefer to shop from genuine websites rather than from unknown business pages on Facebook or Instagram. 

It is The First Step of Building your Business

A website should be the priority of a business person because it is the first step in building the business as a brand in the internet world.

A website is the best way to start your journey in the online business world.

Thus, the website should be your primary concern for kickstarting your business, and then your secondary concern must be social media for promoting your product and services. 


A business website means you have authorized a stamp in the internet world to run your business. It is something that social media won’t give you, which kills your reputation.

Thus, for building a reputation in the internet world, you need to focus on creating a website to get that authorization in the internet world.

Rising eCommerce Market

The eCommerce market is growing at a meteoric pace, and the worldwide sales of eCommerce have elevated in recent times.

According to Statista, the global eCommerce sales have reached 4891 Billion USD this year, and it is expected to grow much more in the near future.

To take advantage of the rising eCommerce sales and earn the share, you need to have a website to run your business online now. 

eCommerce Sales Worldwide

Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page? 4


Long-Term Goals

A website is a long-term solution, and it helps your business grow at a frequent rate, and the scope for development of your business increases.

Once your business website is established, you can start integrating concepts like digital marketing to enhance the scope of your business.

The more you centre your attention on aspects of digital marketing, the more success you will be able to get with your business running on digital floors.

Thus, if you have the vision to enlarge and upscale your venture website is a better option. 

Domain-Based Email

There are many benefits of having a domain-based email address for your business, and it looks professional.

Again you are not dependent on any third-party platforms like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. A domain-based email makes your appearance strong in the internet world, and you don’t look suspicious.

Also, with the other platforms for email, you may somehow be lost in the internet world and seem to be an ordinary email id like other people have on the Internet.

Thus, a domain-based email id is one of the benefits of having a website for your business. 

Stats and Facts of Having a Website for Running Business

The world wide web started way back in 1989 when CERN created HTTP. They have launched the first website with texts, and it was a one-pager.

Well, it was a historical fact about the website. What about the present day?

Why Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook and Instagram Page? 5


In the present day, there are around 2 billion sites in the internet world. It is hard to say the exact number of websites because every minute, a new website is created. Approximately there are 400 million active websites.

In recent years, the number of websites surged because of the increase in internet users and trending eCommerce and internet services.  

There are around 24 million eCommerce sites available on the Internet all over the world, and the number of these websites is increasing day by day.

There are many opportunities and scope in running a business with a website as eCommerce is more trending on a large scale than social commerce. 

Summing It Up

No doubt social media forums are incredible and popular, but it has its limitations when it comes to running a business.

The limitations are applicability for dynamic business models, large-scale, etc., which will be covered by a proper web solution like a business website.

Facebook and Instagram can be appropriately used for promotional purposes, and it will allow you to get the results.

With the help of social media tools, one can enhance their marketing campaign, but you need to opt for a more professional approach, a business website, for running your venture.

Thus, it would be appropriate for you to choose a professional approach to upscale your business and at the same time you can take advantage of your social media handle as well. 

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