24 Secret AI Tools Every Content Marketer Needs

This is an insightful guide for content marketers exploring a range of AI tools to enhance their strategies. As someone who delved into these tools, I found them invaluable for creating, editing, marketing, and promoting content effectively. The guide covers various tools for different purposes, including SEO, content management, grammar checking, and more, providing content marketers with a comprehensive toolkit to elevate their content and reach their target audience more effectively.
Tools Every Content Marketer Needs

Creating relevant content targeted to attract a defined set of audiences to make a buying decision or create advertisement content that attracts customers to buy a particular product or service is called content marketing.

The creation, editing, marketing, and promotion of the content requires a lot of software tools.

The content, when crafted to attract the interest of the audience, helps in boosting overall success.

tools for content marketers - drag and drop - content marketing strategy - manage blog posts and marketing campaigns

If not marketed with the right tools, well-written content for web may fail to reach the intended audience. Crafting excellent quality content and using the right set of tools for its marketing is extremely important.

But, the success lies in making this content available periodically, thereby ensuring it does not fade from the audience’s memory. From crafting valuable content to adding enticing images you need everything in your marketing recipe.

Relevant content marketed consistently fetches profit through customer action.

What are some of the tools for content marketers?

Content marketers use several marketing tools.

SEMrush, Hubspot, StoryChief, ScribbleLive, Percolate, Kapost, Ceros, and CoSchedule are market tools. Each of these tools offers tons of exciting features with reasonable pricing.

While content marketing tools are vital for its success, a strategic visionary and content team also play an essential role. Planning, production, and promotion are the famous three “P” s of content marketing that ensure its success.  

Content strategist, content marketing strategist, creative leader, tactical leader, technical leader, customer experience, user experience, content writer, content editor, web developer, social media, SEM, and analytics are some of the success factors of a successful content marketing campaign.

handy content creation tools - analytics tools - project management tool - set address - SEO tool - content experience  - pages - blogs - mobile - dashboard

A capable content team and some of the best tools for content marketers create the best content.

What tools do digital marketers use?

Utilizing the internet to market content through search engineers, social media, mobile devices, and a few other channels to reach the target audience can be called digital marketing.

Ahrefs, Proof, Survey Anyplace, Hubspot, Yoast, Trello, Slack, Canva Business, Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Buffer, BuzzSumo, Asana, and MeetEdgar are a few of the best digital marketing tools. 

Various types of digital marketing campaigns are: 

Radio advertising     Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Marketing
Instant messaging marketingPay-per-click advertisingContent marketing 
Television advertising Social media marketing
Email marketingAffiliate marketing

What are the content creation tools?

Content creation tools enable writers/ marketing agencies to create some of the best content for the digital media audience to make buying decisions. There are tons of content creation tools in the market.

The classifications are image creation tools, video creation tools, animation tools, screen capture tools, infographic creation tools, GIF creation tools, Meme creation tools, AI writing tools, and presentation creation tools.

content creation tools - content marketing tool for blogposts - Mailchimp email marketing tools - blogging - outreach - best related tool -  email marketing - research

Each category has many options.  

Image creation tools

Adobe Spark, BeFunky Graphic Designer, Canva, Fatar, Image Quote, Pablo, Photo Collage, Pixlr, quotes cover, Quozio, Snappa, and Stencil are some of the image creation tools.

They help you to add and create beautiful images for your web content that help to increase traffic.

Video creation tools

Animaker, iMovie, Lumen5, RawShorts, SoapBox, and VideoShop are video creation tools.    

Animation tools

Boomerang, Biteable, Google Photos, Powtoon,renderforest, and RendrFx are some animation tools.    

Infographic creation tools

Easel.ly, Google charts, Infogram, Thinglink, Venngage, and Visme, are some of the Infographic creation tools.   

Screen capture tools 

CloudApp, ScreenShot, Firefox Screenshots, Kap, Nimbus Capture, and windows snipping tool are some of the Screen capture tools.    

Meme creation tools

iMeme, Kapwing, Make a Meme, Meme Buddy, and Meme Generator are some of the Meme creation tools.    

GIF creation tools

Ezgif, GIFMaker, Giphy, Imgflip, Google Slides,Emaze, Prezi, Slidedog, Slides, and Sway are some of the GIF Creation tools.

There have been several attempts to measure an online influencer with metrics like Klout score and many others, none of it has proved to be the best or most satisfying.

Klout score management - average keyword research and editorial calendar  - content strategy - one thing - engagement- articles

Because one can have over a thousand followers and still be an influencer with his/her tweets, a significant following on Pinterest with less than a hundred fans on Facebook makes it challenging to use such parameters for measuring. nowadays there are some tools that generate facebook like for businesses. Instagram, with its 1.386 billion daily active users worldwide, plays a crucial role in influencing trends and marketing strategies.

Another challenge would be when it comes to niche-based measuring because some niches like health and beauty are more popular on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, while a few others are big in the twitter world.

So if you are looking at an influencer who would also interact with you, then it would require a lot of research.

Instead, we could look at the factors that enable you to create an influencer-driven content marketing strategy.

How to create an influencer-driven content marketing strategy?

Research is critical in the process of creating any content marketing strategy. Searching for the most relevant search terms can be overwhelming when you have tons of others to manage.

Tools like Ubersuggest enables you to find the right words that are capable of creating organic competition. It is also easy to use at a price that is pocket friendly and helps generate the right traffic.

ubersugges image - topics to make content on - review documents and article - dive into power analytics - place in massive marketplace - one thing

The next step is to find a relevant influencer in your specific niche.

Buzz Sumo is one such place where you can find bloggers that would be writing on the topics/subject you are looking.

buzzsumo tool for your company help creating brands - best part - improve engagement - curation

The app enables you to search for several sections with a filter to get the most relevant results. Thorough research on every social media platform would be helpful.

Twitonomy is a tool that can help you the best in this regard. You can use Google spreadsheets to create a list of influencers, their accounts, contacts with them, and other notes to avoid repetition.

The text optimizer app helps you frame the question, does not provide skewed data, and does not provide the data to any other tool’s other current user. You can target via a simple click

You can always retarget the audience from the influencers via the Finteza tool with a simple click.

Finteza enables you to set remarketing campaigns encouraging the same audience to buy a similar product.

finteza screenshot - run next campaign - creating brands - best part - user behavior - content curation - edit - comment

Companies/ Brands/Influencers from different categories.  Before discussing the influencers of various types, it is essential to understand their classification.

  • Nano influencer has followers varying from thousand to ten thousand.
  • Micro-influencer has ten to fifty thousand followers.
  • Mid-tier influencer has fifty thousand to five lakh followers.
  • Macro influencer has five to ten lakhs of followers and    
  • Mega influencer has more than ten lakhs of followers.

These social media influencers can be bloggers/Vloggers, social media sensations, reality TV stars, micro-influencers, nano influencers, activists, journalists, photographers, thought leaders, and mainstream celebrities. Most of the Journalists provide expert quotes to enhance the credibility and depth of their articles.

Let us look at some of the top brands/ influencers from a variety of categories.

Daily Dose

Daily Dose is one of the top influencers on the social platform marketplace. Powerful messages that cater to both the fortune 500 and the common man are a part of their content.

massive daily dose logo - comment -edit - generate - targeted

Daily Dose has over 1.4 million Instagram followers for its memes, visual formats, inspiring quotes, etc.

You can do it too, and for a quick boost, consider buying real Instagram followers to accelerate your growth, much like others have done successfully.

Huda Kattan

The top influencer in beauty experts with more than twenty-nine million followers. Her posts are mostly about her blogs and the makeup tutorials on the @hudabeauty page on Instagram.

How-to videos, review, makeup trends, fashion advice, and makeup application videos are available on her page.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla is an entrepreneur and personal trainer. Her posts are mostly diet tips, inspirational messages, workout videos, and over ten million followers.

generate lead for targeted audience - created mistakes - scale automatically

She is also among the top thirty most influential people on the internet as per the Time magazine.

Maria Ezzedine

Easy-to-make Recipes, healthier food options, and food information offered in a very organized and inviting way. Maria Ezzedine has over two million followers for the page Cooking with Mima.

The page is mostly about a culinary journey with some variations to keep the fans interested. Travel suggestions are also available on this page.

However, it is not regular and posted frequently enough to keep the fans satiated with various information.

Selena Gomez

Selena was the most followed person until recently, Cristiano Ronaldo usurped her. Selena, a celebrity influencer with over one hundred and forty million followers, uses social media for charitable causes.

Personal photos and videos as she keeps in touch with her vast fan base personally through Instagram.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a model, socialite, and also has a makeup empire. Kylie is among the most powerful influencers, with over one hundred and eighteen million followers.

kylie jenner - create and share value user behavior - huge focus - no mistakes - scale automatically - customizable

Reports say that Jenner earns a million dollars per sponsored post on Instagram. She also promotes the makeup products that are newly launched, making it a win-win for her.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The soccer megastar is the third highest-paid Instagram influencer making upto eight million per sponsored post and has over one hundred and forty-five million followers.

christiano ronaldo - create content for content marketer - create content of value - huge focus - customizable

Sponsored posts, paid partnerships, game/training posts, and family photos are all part of the posts. Posting frequently with suitable content with a regular update about his life is helpful.

These pointers are essential if you are trying to make it big in the world of content marketing.

Zach King

A Vlogger and a filmmaker with more than twenty million followers, posts fun visuals, and random and comedic videos make it a great stress buster.

An occasional meme or quote related to the business line is an excellent way of capturing your follower’s interest.

Brand awareness with a personal touch, consistent posting of informative, how-to ideas, and optimal usage if the tools are some tips to learn from the top influencers.

Top Tools for Content Marketers:

The market offers a great variety of tools for content marketers. Let us look at some of the best web applications with their features, use cases, integrations, and pricing in detail.


Coassemble is a tool that works well to create and consolidate training materials required to be in one place and help you embed the content into power points, videos, PDF, and a few other formats.

Coassemble a cloud-based learning management solution that effectively enables content creation, allows export, storage, customization, integration, reporting, onboarding, and chat support. This is good news for content marketers who try to create content around training materials. Today every business has an Integration of chatbot which saves time in the longer run.

valuable tools for content marketers - coassemble - create even better content for desktop - created answer - customizable production


 Advanced – course settings, reporting

permissionsUnlimited storageCompliance mapping
workspace settingsZapier integrationsVIP support
workspace settingscustomized brandingeCoach API access
training planAccount managementassignments & grading
Features of Coassemble

Use Cases

  • Onboarding
  • Manual online training      
  • Performance tracking    
  • Online training    
  • Course content    
  • External Training


Mail chimpGoToMeetingTypeForm
Google DriveSalesForceGmail
Google slidesHubSpotTrello
SurveyMOnkeyGoogle calender
Integrations available with Coassemble


There is a free trial available.

The Unlimited plan costs $299 per month. You can contact the sales team and avail plan that works best with a low cost of $99 per month.   

Assignments & grading, drag and drop templates, mobile responsive design, unlimited content creation & storage, documents, video, and audio upload are some of the content creation features.

User experience, course feedback, email notifications, URL sharing, and WCAF 2.0 compliant are some of the learner experience features.

Google & Microsoft 365. bulk user enrollment, advanced branding, user roles, and personalized workspace are customization and configuration features.

Activity log, URL reporting, date & time stamps, granular reports, report downloads, and data visualization are some reporting features.    

Unlimited users, integrations pages, and third-party integrations are some of the integration features.

Demo courses, Staff On boarding, Knowledge base, help videos, and Live Chat support are some support features.

coassemble pricing value - create even better content that is competitive - range of tools for professionals - created answer


Grammarly, like the name suggests, is an online grammar checker filled with exciting tools that enable content writers to weave their story effortlessly. It is very easy to get started and a great way to create quality written content.

Grammarly allows writers to completely set some grammar rules, improve vocabulary, make edits, and check their plagiarism content.

You can fix your social media posts, articles, and emails with the use of Grammarly. Apart from the usual corrections, it also enables writers to make proper word placement and enhancing your writing style.

valuable tools for content marketers for organization - Grammarly - custom game


Missing articles, misspelled words, repetitive words, weak adjectives, comma usage, comma splice, integration with Gmail, and social media are some of Grammarly’s features that enable writers to create professional content to market on various platforms.

Personal editor, access documents on multiple devices, integrate with MS office on Windows, synonym suggestions, adding words to the personal dictionary, and get performance stats via email are a few other features that do writing and managing documents a breeze.

Use Cases    

  • Grammar
  •   Punctuation
  •   Plagiarism


MS OutlookGmailOutlook
FacebookLinkedInMS Office
Google ChromeGitHubTwitter
Integrations available with Grammarly


  • The free version covers conciseness, critical grammar, and spelling checks.
  • The premium plan covers readability, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, and plagiarism checkers that check more than fifteen billion web pages.


If you are looking for and existing tool for content analysis to enrich it with keywords and zero errors, then Copywritely would be your best option and a great way for you to get started in this field.

It also helps users position their content to improve site traffic, automate workflow, and improve efficient writing.

24 Secret AI Tools Every Content Marketer Needs 1



Dashboard, rank tracking, keyword tracking, content management, Google analytics, competitor analysis    

Content Management –

Template creation, indexing, document management, template creation, and search.

Use Cases

  • SEO Specialists
  • Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies
  • Copy Writers


No integrations available


Personal plan

The personal plan costs $17 per month and is an excellent fit for new SEO teams.

It allows one user and supports Russia, Ukraine, and English languages.

Keyword report, online editing, plagiarism check, and rewriting detection are a part of the personal plan.

Startup plan

The startup plan costs a one-time payment of $45 and includes five thousand words, two hundred pages, and two hundred checks.

All the other features in the personal plan are also available.  

Company plan

The company plan costs $32 per month and is an excellent fit for small content marketing management teams.

Allows up to five users and includes all the features in the startup plan. Includes France, Belgium, and Sweden languages. 

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan costs $61 and works well for content marketing agencies and bigger SEO teams.

Customized keyword lists, grammar check, and a few other features are available in the enterprise plan. The Company plan features are also available in this plan.

existing pricing table for organization  - custom game - review


SurferSEO is among the best cloud-based tools for content marketers. It enables users to analyze , measure and compare their pages with the rankings on SERP.

A data-driven analysis of what your content looks like in terms of Google rankings is available, making this a favorite platform for content marketing agencies.

tools for content marketers - surferseo for organization tools for writer  - review
FeaturesUse casesIntegrations
SEO Audit  SEO Trainers         Facebook
Keyword SurferDigital marketing ageLinkedIn
Keyword Research  Content Marketers  Twitter
SERP Analyzer  Content MarketersYouTube
Content Editor   Email marketing   
Features of SurferSEO


The hobby plan costs $29 per month and covers five queries per day.

  • The content score is available
  • Up to two hundred and fits factors are analyzed
  • True density, the shareable link for external writers
  • Live chat support

The basic plan costs $59 per month and covers fifteen queries per day.

  • Five hundred factors analyzed, page speed metrics
  • Google bot screenshot, Domain score & content score
  • Personal walk-through on demand.

Apart from this, the hobby plan features are also available.

The Pro plan costs $99 per month and covers fifty queries per day and all the other basic program features.    

The business plan costs $199 per month and covers up to a hundred queries per day, and report white labeling and the Pro plan features are available under this plan.    

The Business Plus plan costs $650 per month and covers up to three hundred queries per day, and all the business plan features.    

The enterprise plan is customized. The features and pricing can be customized based on business requirements.


Crello is an excellent fit for an advertising/marketing agency that creates a lot of marketing campaigns for businesses.

The premium images, videos, design templates, and animations are available to fit marketing campaigns’ needs.

Social media posts that require photos and video editing can be created effortlessly and more fun with Crello.

tools for content marketers - crello - collaborate tweets - visit crello to play


  • Photo editing – Add frame, speech bubble, and text to photo
  • Design objects – Shapes, stickers, icons, badges, labels    
  • Animation – Resize video, animated effects, animated logos, Trim video.

Use Cases

  •  Social Media
  • Advertising    
  • Blogging    
  • Events    
  • Designs


Crello does not offer any integrations but enables you to share your work on social media without hassle.


The free plan enables users to upload their fonts and images, instant access to millions of photos, and offers more than ten thousand graphic and animated templates.  

The Pro plan costs $7.99 per month and offers users to access more than five lakh premium images, create teams to collaborate on designs, and users can upload their photos.

Features in the pro plan are also available.


If you are looking for a marketing content platform that comprises of a complete toolkit required for SEO professionals, then SEMrush is a great option.

Marketers love the easy to use interface, advertising, keywords, backlinks research, and reporting & analytics tools that are a part of SEMrush.

Automatically generated graphs help in conducting competitive analysis effortlessly.

The SEO writing assistant is beneficial for a content marketer looking to finetune their content and check its originality.

tools for content marketers - semrush - automation platform to get started


Organic Researchmarket explorerSEO writing assistant
traffic analysisPosition Trackingbrand monitoring
Keyword researchSite Audit Chartssocial media poster
Audience insightsAD Builderlink monitoring
Content AnalyzerContent optimization
Features of SEMrush

Use Cases

  •  Rapid Keyword Research    
  • Generating content ideas    
  • Pitching & proposals    
  • Competitor analysis    
  • Failed Site migration recovery


Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.


The Pro plan costs $99.95 per month and is an excellent fit for freelancers, content marketers, and startups looking for pocket-friendly tools.

You can look at social media results, know your competitor’s traffic sources, and rankings with the Pro plan.

Users can also run their SEO, PPC, and SMM projects with more than forty advanced tools.

The Guru plan costs $199.95 per month. Growing marketing agencies, small and medium businesses can opt for the Guru plan . Get access to features like extended limits, historical data, branded reports, and content marketing platform.

The Business plan is an excellent fit for agencies, ecommerce projects, and businesses looking to improve their social media presence.

It costs $399.95 per month. API access, Google Data Studio Integration, White label reports, extended limits, and sharing options are some of the business plan features.

Semrush pricing - content marketer tool - collaboration tool for marketing teams - easy sharing options

More Tools for Content Marketers:


If you are looking to do many social media marketing campaigns to drive long term traffic, then missinglettr is an excellent marketing automation tool that provides all these services.

It offers strategic design, automated social media campaigns, and automated social media marketing solutions.

tools for content marketers - missinglettr - management system - share content - find content in better way


Schedule TemplatesROI & Analytics  
Content Templates Optimized social content
Guest post promotionHashtag recommendations 
Client Approvals
Features of Missinglettr
Use casesIntegrations
Affiliate    Epictions
Social Media Campaignsbit.ly


The Solo plan costs $9 per month and is available for a free fourteen-day trial. One site, two social profiles, five hundred scheduled posts, and one user are all a part of this plan.

The pro plan costs $39 per month and is also available for a fourteen-day free trial.

Three sites, nine social profiles, unlimited users, and three thousand scheduled posts are a part of the pro plan.


Linguix is an excellent AI-powered writing tool that is helpful for content creation.

Linguix offers to notify about grammatical mistakes, corrections, spelling corrections, typos, and sentence structures.

The AI-powered tool keeps track of the issues with users writing and makes suggestions accordingly, thereby enabling them to identify the inaccuracies in their writing.

tools for content marketers - linguix - personalized content - competitor marketing - helpful content


The chrome browser extension, AI-powered patterns, grammar & style checker, team collaboration, ready-made templates, performance statistics, personal editor, and appropriate context recommendations are some of the features that make content writing a breeze.

Use Cases

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Writing & editing
  • Human Resources


Linguix does not offer any integrations


  • The free plan covers grammar and spelling checks.    
  • The premium plan is available for $18.95 per month, $12 per month if paid quarterly, and $5 per month if paid annually.    
  • Team collaboration, online handbook, ready-made templates, performance stats, typos, recommendations, and personal editor via linquix.ai are a part of the premium plan.

Similarly, AI-powered live chat tools make your job easy for live support and keep your customer engaged with platform.


Video Ads and podcasts are replacing a well-written piece of article.

BuildBubbles enables users to convert their blogs into podcasts in just a few clicks without any microphone or studio equipment. With these podcasts, your content reaches a much wider audience. Apart from the vocal music and rhythm create an emotional impact on the listeners.

tools for content marketers -entire content -  build bubbles


unlimited podcast editingautomated audio file metadata taggingcustomized audio player
convert WordPress to the podcastembedded audio playerhigh – quality podcast templates
automatic audio processingautomated RSS feed generation
Features of BuildBubbles

Up to thirty thousand characters per podcast episode and high-quality podcast templates with sound design are available.

Use Cases

  • Templates
  • Content Management
  • Audience Engagement


Integrations are not available


The basic plan costs $9.99 per month. It covers up to three shows, fifteen episodes per month, one hundred and fifty GB audio storage, convert word press to the podcast, unlimited podcast editing, unlimited listeners, and high-quality podcast templates with sound design.

Up to thirty thousand characters per podcast episode, automated RSS feed generation, publish to Apple podcasts (iTunes), customized embedded audio player, and automatic audio file metadata tagging.

The builder plan costs $19.99 per month and covers all the basic plan features plus five shows, thirty episodes per month, and three hundred GB audio storage.

The blaster plan costs $49.99 per month and covers all the builder plan features plus unlimited shows, sixty episodes per month, and six hundred GB audio storage.

The boundless plan costs $299.99 per month and covers all the blaster plan features plus unlimited shows, unlimited episodes per month, and unlimited audio storage.


If you are looking to create some fantastic graphics, then Stencil offers tons of exciting features.

The Stencil is a great fit for bloggers, business owners, graphic designers, freelancers, and social media content marketers. You can customize it as per your needs.,

tools for content marketers - stencil


  • Create photos, icons, templates, quotes, uploads, and saved images
  • Customize with instant resizing, preset sizes, font uploads, color picker, and
  • Google fonts Adjust with image cropping, filters, photo adjustments, and safe areas.
  • Share with social media, live preview, and high-resolution downloads.
Use casesIntegrations
Social mediaTrust pilot
Features of Stencil


The free plan is an excellent fit for a hobbyist.

Users can save up to ten images per month, create up to ten collections, limited photos & icons, upload up to fifty images, and ten Instagram SMS per month.

The pro plan works well if you are looking to become a professional. The Pro plan costs $9 per month when you pay annually.

Up to four million photos, thousands of templates, up to three thousand google fonts, up to two million icons and graphics, font uploads, premium support, upload up to two hundred and fifty images, and watermarks are a part of the pro plan.

The Unlimited plan costs $12 per month and covers all the features in the pro plan. Unlimited – images, favorites, collections, and up to a hundred Instagram SMS per month is also available.

Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe enables users to transcribe, subtitle, and convert video to audio in a few minutes.

Happy Scribe works as a subtitle generator, transcription software, personalized vocabulary assistant, speaker identifier, and advanced punctuator.

tools for content marketers - happy scribe


Automatic transcriptionSpeech recognitionFile Sharing
Speech recognitionCollaboration toolAnnotations
Full-text searchText editor
Features of Happy Scribe

Use Cases

  • Podcasters
  • Media Group
  • Researchers
  • Marketers
  • Transcriptionists
  • Video editors


Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Hangout, YouTube


  • The pricing is on per hour basis.  €12 per hour. €36 per three hours and so on.
  • The plans do not require any auto-recharge, no expiry date, and no hidden fees.


If you are looking to use content marketing platforms mainly for social media management, Sendible might be a great fit.

Audience engagement, monitoring, and analytics can all be done in a few clicks when you use Sendible.

Sendible also works well to measure ROI. Sendible also offers tons of integrations to social networks and APIs that enable working on it very quickly.

A variety of pricing plans that suits individuals, startups, and large corporations are available.

tools for content marketers - sendible
Use casesFeaturesIntegrations
BlogLead GenerationCanva
media calendar
Scheduled postsFacebook
PodcastAnalytics and trackingInstagram
Publishing on multiple social networkTwitter
Features of Sendible


  • Lead Generation
  • Scheduled posts
  • Customer Engagement
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Publishing on multiple social networks

Use Cases

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Social
  • media calendar


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Canva, Pinterest, Google Drive, DropBox, and many other integrations are available with Sendible. It allows you to target the right and relevant channels.


The starter plan costs $29 per month and covers one user, twelve services, and eight quick reports.

It is an excellent plan for you if you are a freelancer/ individual looking to save time in your social media postings, manage profiles, and schedule to post content on a single platform.

The traction plan costs $99 per month and is an excellent fit for small agencies looking to collaborate with their clients effectively and efficiently generate brand awareness.

This plan covers three users, forty-eight services, and fifteen reports.

The growth plan costs $199 per month and works well for medium to large companies/content marketing agencies looking to create content for marketing purposes on social media and show real results to their clients.

The growth plan covers seven users, one hundred and five services, and thirty-five reports.

The Large plan costs $299 per month and works well for large teams looking to use advanced marketing tools and customized workflows to manage and scale social media.

It covers twelve users, one hundred and ninety-two services, and sixty reports.

Brevo capterra review - collaborate with clients - target right channels
Sendible capterra review


BrandMentions a web app with tons of exciting social media marketing tools that enable its users to monitor their brands and their competitors through daily notifications about a brand/product through social listening.

It allows marketers to keep a tab on the public opinion of their brand and its changes.

The real-time alerts, quality filters, and mentions management are all available in one place.

24 Secret AI Tools Every Content Marketer Needs 2


Features of BrandMentions

Use Cases

Media MonitoringBranding monitoring
Business intelligenceReputation management
Competitor spying
Use cases of BrandMentions



Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are the various social media channels that you can target with this tool.


All the BrandMentions plans are available for a free trial.

The Growing business plan costs $99 per month and works well for marketers and businesses to improve their brand awareness.

The Company plan costs $299 per month. It is an excellent fit for marketing agencies looking for some content and marketing tools that enable them to understand better the performance of their and their competitor’s products.

Fifteen tracked keywords, fifty thousand instant mentions, ten projects, one shareable dashboard, two user seats, and all the company plan features are a part of the growing business plan.

The Enterprise/agency costs $499 per month. It offers unlimited projects, 150 keywords tracked, 150000 keywords tracked, and 10 years of historical data.

The features that are a part of the company plan are –

Shareable dashboards website traffic monitoring
white-labelsentiment analysis
filters and analyticspriority email support
dedicated phone supportwebsite traffic monitoring
Fifty keywords trackingup to fifty thousand historical mentions

Link Whisper enables content creators/editors to add internal links through intelligent suggestions made by Link Whisper.

Not only for the new content creation, but Link Whisper also enables content writers/marketers to add internal links to their older articles and make them more useful.

Link Whisper is one of the best marketing tools that can help improvise any SEO content outreach.

tools for content marketers - link whisper -  lead generation
FeaturesUse cases
Value Addition to readersBlogger
Effortless link suggestionsContent marketers
Works as a linking tool on blog postsShopify
Improves organic rankings on searchWordPress
Features and Usecases for Link Whisper


The single site license costs $77 per month. Users of this plan can avail all the available features for one site.

It will be billed once a year until they cancel their plan, can get smarter internal links and internal links reporting.

The three site license costs $117 per month. Users can avail of all the features for three sites. All these elements in the single site plan are also available.

The ten site license plan costs $167 per month. The features are available for ten sites. All the other features available in the three site plan is also a part of this plan.

lead generation - get more subscribers
Linkwhisper reddit discussion


If you are a content marketer looking to convert your content into professional-looking videos for a marketing platform, then InVideo is an excellent fit for you.

InVideo is a great platform that enables marketers, publishers, freelancers, and agencies to improve their content marketing strategy through designer templates and multi-language videos.

tools for content marketers - invideo


Image libraryContent
Engagement analyticsCustomized branding and templates
Performance reportsContent repository
Video support and managementCollaboration Tools
Text and video editingAPI
Features of InVideo

Use Cases

  • Branding
  • Listicles
  • Video
  • Testimonials


Stripe, Vimeo, Square payments, Corel Draw, GIMP are some of the apps available for integration.


The small business plan costs $10 per month and costs 50% less when billed annually.

You can create up to sixty videos per month, remove the watermark, pre-designed video templates, millions of photos and video library, unlimited team members, 24/7 support, automated text to speech conversion.

The Unlimited plan costs $30 per month. Unlimited videos and photos, unlimited team members, and small business subscription features are part of this plan.


Lumen5 is an excellent content marketing tool. It enables users to grow their brand/ audience. Lumen5 features like drag and drop controls, AI-based technology, and automated workflow allows users to convert their content into video clips within a few minutes.

tools for content marketers - lumen5


  • Text to video conversion
  • Automated workflow
  • Media library
  • Video formatting.

Use Cases

Fashion, food, Travel, Fitness, marketing, and social media.


Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, AngelList, Google My Business.


The Community subscription plan works well for video-making enthusiasts and is free to use. Three videos per month contain Lumen5 watermark, and 720p video resolution is a part of this plan.

The starter plan works well for freelancers/individuals looking to create content and costs $19 per month.

Ten videos per month, 24/7 live chat support, and no Lumen5 watermark are all a part of this plan and the features available in the community subscription.

The Premium plan costs $59 per month and is an excellent fit for professional video makers.

The subscription covers fifteen videos per month, up to fifteen million photos and videos, customized styles, colors, 1080p video resolution, and all the other starter plan features.

The business plan costs $149 per month and is suitable for content marketers to improve their brand focus and outreach.

Twenty videos per month, up to two hundred million photos & videos, multiple brand profiles, watermark, and font are part of this plan and the other premium subscription features.

The enterprise plan can be customized and works best for large scale video creators.

This subscription will include all the features available in the business plan plus a customized number of videos, training & onboarding, teams & permissions, and Shutterstock libraries.

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Lumen5 for video marketing Reddit discussion

Exceptional Tools for Content Marketers:


Contentools offers an excellent choice of tools for content marketers.

It enables users to track their content marketing activities, spreadsheets, email threads, and data analysis on one platform helping them plan their content collaborate with teams, and publish their content easily with a few clicks.

tools for content marketers - content tools
FeaturesUse cases
Brainstorm ideas
Social media scheduling
Marketing calendar, analytics, and insightsContent editor
Content editorContent creators
Marketing dashboardSEO
IntegrationsMarketing agencies
Marketing analytics


WordPressGoogle plusDrop Box
TwitterDrop BoxLinkedIn


The start subscription costs $1911 and covers unlimited social profiles, unlimited users, and one project.

Marketing calendar, an overview of content creation, team management, customized workflow, brainstorming for content ideas, discussion threads, blog post editor, wordpress integration, media library, content writers hiring, and social media creation, schedule, and preview are a part of this plan.

The Pro subscription costs $3831 and covers unlimited social profiles, unlimited users, and two projects. All the features available in the start subscription are also a part of this plan.  

This plan includes features like editorial calendar/ social calendar scheduling in bulk, content ideas, contents insights & analytics tools, SEO checklist, content mapping, integrations with Zapier, versioning, and unified team dashboard enable real-time updates in one place.

The premium subscription costs $9591 and covers unlimited social profiles, unlimited users, and three projects.

All the features available in the pro subscription are available in this plan.

Account manager, phone support, customized brand, customizable team permissions, advanced onboarding, training and implementation, personalized types of content, and multiple dashboards enable users to stay updated on the content schedule in real-time at one place.

The enterprise subscription covers unlimited users and social profiles and comprises of all the features available in the premium subscription.

API access, priority support, exclusive onboarding of the team, in-person training, add-ons, and software integrations are a few other features available


A blogger or content marketer looking to write the best content would have no idea how to grow, then questiondb.io is an excellent choice for you.

Users can insert a keyword and hit search to get thousands of relevant questions to choose the right blog topic. This blog topic idea generator makes it easy for content creators and content marketers to use the right content strategy.

tools for content marketers - questiondb.io


Information storage

Use Cases

Freelance writers and bloggers




The free plan enables users to use up to ten results per search and download CSV.

This plan works well for content curation teams looking for simple ideas and bloggers to understand their readers better.

The Pro subscription costs $10 per month and is suitable for deep-dive topic discussions and content ideation.

This plan covers up to eight hundred results per search, unlimited search, and API access.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

A catchy headline is crucial for the success of a content strategy/ marketing campaign.

Whether you write a blog, novel, or record a podcast, the headline plays a vital role. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer enables users to add a positive element, emotional value, with well-ranked keywords.

tools for content marketers - coschedule's headline analyzer


  • Blog calendar
  • Marketing calendar
  • Marketing suite with headline analyzer
  • Social message optimizer, and email subject line tester.

Use Cases

Podcasts, Blogger, Writer, Freelancers


Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook


All plans are available for a free trial.

The blog calendar plan works well for you if you are looking for scheduling your content/ editorial calendar.

The subscription costs $14 per month per user.

It covers real-time blog and social calendar, integrates with WordPress, enables bulk scheduling your posts, automates your social schedule, and lets you see all your blog posts and social media on a single platform.

The marketing calendar plan costs $29 per month per user and works like a one-stop solution that enables you to see, schedule, and share all your marketing strategy in one place.

All the blog calendar plan features are available in this plan. Real-time marketing calendar update, read-only calendars sharing, projects reschedule makes it easy for any changes.

It saves your calendar’s custom view, enables full social media management, and provides a single calendar.

The calendar that shows email marketing, website content marketing, events, and much more is part of the marketing calendar subscription.

The marketing suite is a customized plan that includes all the marketing products required to coordinate with the content teams, projects, and processes.

All the features in the marketing calendar plan are available in this subscription.

Team progress tracking, file storing, sorting calendars, automated workflows for the team, and marketing requests management is also a part of this plan.


Canva tops the list of tools for content marketers. A web-based designing tool that offers drag-and-drop to enables users with a variety of design layouts.

If you have ever struggled with graphics then luckily this tool exists that is easy to use unlike photoshop or any other designing tool. The conventional designing tools need you to figure out the right way on how to use it.

The features make it easy for both professionals and novices to use if for web and print media. Illustrations, graphics, fonts, a stock library of images, and much more is all a part of Canva making the best among the content marketing tools.

Customized templates and photo editing tools enable users to offer a great content experience to their audience.

tools for content marketers - canva - tool for ads and business growth


Customized charts
Customizable branding and templatesContent and image Library
Social media networkingMulti-channel marketingCollaborative workspace and tools
Multi-channel marketingRich text editorDrag and drop option
Image and text editingEmail sharing

Use Cases

  • Graphic designing
  • HR
  • Operations
  • Marketing


Google sheets, Microsoft 365, G Suite, and Asana


The Canva basic plan is free forever and covers one GB storage, hundred plus designs for social media posts and presentations, up to two hundred thousand free templates, thousands of fonts, and a library of free photos.

The Canva Pro costs $9.95 per month. It covers features like sixty million stock of premium images, videos, graphics, thousands of premium templates, a hundred GB storage, background remover, priority support, and creating your own logos/ fonts/ colors with one branding kit. ‘

All the Canva basic features are also available in this plan.

cannva quora review - create ads or posts - tips from the template library
Canva quora review

Just like Canva, Imagine your photographer career truly unleashed! Capture One Pro is a powerful and intuitive software made by photographers.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway Editor tolls are the favorite among content writers and content curation teams. A desktop version is available to download.

Errors in adverb, passive voice usage, hard to read the text, and tricky words/phrases are all identified in this app, making it the writer’s favorite.

The app can integrate with tons of content management sites.

The new formatting features enable writers to add headlines, bullets, font styles, and italics to their writing formats.

tools for content marketers - hemingway editor - content that improves outreach and reaches prospects - tips for better writing


FeaturesIntegrationsUse cases
Passive VoiceMedium businessesMedium
Writing and editingSmall businessesOther blogging platforms
Works offlineFreelancersWordPress
Import and exportLarge enterprises
Grammatical errors


  • The Hemingway editor is available for a free trial.
  • The Hemingway editor online version is available for free.
  • The Desktop app costs $19.99.

Exploding Topics

Exploding topics is a favorite among content creators. It suggests the top trending topics for your compan across the internet before it catches on.

Exploding Topics scours the internet for searches, discussions, and mentions. It curates the issues and sends it to its users before everybody else starts using it.

tools for content marketers exploding topics - services to find the word that will trend - find content for prospects


Searches per month, growth, and period

Use Cases

  • Marketing agencies
  • Hot startups

Integrations – Not available


The fourteen-day free trial is available for $1.

The Pro standard plan costs $47 per month and is billable once a year.

It includes three early bird companies per week, one meta trend per week, and one previous report at the signup time.

The Pro complete plan costs $147 per month and also available for annual billing.

Lucky orange

It includes five early bird companies per week, two meta trends per week, four previous reports at signup, and instant trend alerts.

Lucky orange is an excellent app for businesses of all sizes. Lucky Orange is easy to use and easy to install.

The surveys via survey apps, polls, conversion funnels, real-time dashboards, and email reports are some of the features that enable companies to convert their leads.

tools for content marketers - lucky orange - optimize your content - integrate with right tools for business growth


Keyword trackingCampaign managementCustomized branding
behavioral mappingProactive chatweb analytics
Screen sharingMultiple site managementConversion Tracking

Use Cases

Publishing house


  • Blogger
  • Hubspot
  • Google Analytics
  • Shopify
  • WordPress


All plans are available for a free trial The starter plan costs $10 per month and covers one site, two operators, unlimited recordings, unlimited heat map data, shared across sites, and monthly page views.

The Small business plan costs $20 per month and covers sixty thousand monthly page views, three sites, four operators, unlimited recordings, and unlimited heat map data.

The medium plan costs $50 and covers two hundred thousand page views, eight sites, ten operators, unlimited recordings, and heat maps.

The large plan costs $100 and covers up to five hundred thousand page views, sixteen sites, twenty operators, unlimited recordings, and heat maps.


Getrevue is an excellent tool that enables writers and publishers to create newsletters with tons of exciting tools that help users to customize.

tools for content marketers - getrevue - email marketing tools - optimize your content to get subscribers


Built-in automated workflow, customized design, manage multiple newsletters, customized newsletter. All these features help you generate leads and attract the right audience.

Use Cases

  • Writers
  • Publishers


Zapier, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor


  • The free plan enables users to send it to up to fifty subscribers and add a paid version of their newsletter.
  • The Pro plan cost depends on the number of subscribers you would like to send the newsletter. Users can also customize email address, domain, colors, and add one additional team member.

A quick round-up of all the tools mentioned in this guide:

Tools discussed in this guidePricing Feature summary
CoassembleThe Paid plan starts at $399/mo.

 A cloud based learning management system that help you embed content in powerpoint or videos and PDFs.
CopywritelyThe paid plan starts at $18/mo billed monthlyA tool that help you enrich your content with right keywords and empower your content management.
Grammarly$29.95/moAn online tool that help you create grammar perfect content.
Surfer SEOThe paid plan starts at $49/moHelp you manage the SEO of your website and do SERP analysis.
CrelloThe paid plan starts at $7.99/moHelps you create perfect marketing campaigns by providing photo editing features, templates and more.
SemRushThe paid plan starts at $99.95/moA complete SEO toolkit helpful for professional marketers.
MissingLettrThe paid plan starts at $9/monthA social media scheduling tool that help you drive traffic in the long term.
Linguix$18.95/monthAn AI-powered writing tool that is helpful for content creation.
BuildBubblesThe paid plan starts at $9.99/moIt helps user to convert their blogs into podcasts just with a few clicks.
StencilThe paid plan starts at $9/monthIt helps you create colorful graphics for any of your business needs.Be it social media or promotion or advertising.
Happy Scribe12 euros per hour.Happy Scribe help users to transcribe, subtitle, and convert video to audio in a few minutes.
SendibleThe paid plan starts at $29/user/monthA social media management tool that helps you manage your social media activities.
Brandmentions$49/monthA tool that helps you manage your brand presence and let you analyse your market position with help of social listening.
LinkwhisperThe paid plan starts @ $77/month An internal link building tool that simplifies the porcesss of internal linking with smart and intelligent suggestions.
InVideoThe paid plan starts $10 per monthHelps you create professional looking videos for marketing and advertising purposes.
Lumen5The paid plan starts @ $10 per month.Create professional looking videos with your content.
 Comes with features like text to video conversion.
ContentToolsThe subscription based plan starts $1911Contentools offers tools for content marketers such as brainstorm ideas, marketing dashboards, content editors, and a lot more.
questiondb.ioThe paid plan starts @ $10/moHelps bloggers or content writers find hundreds of ideas in form of questions.
CoSchedule’s Headline AnalyzerThe paid plan starts at $14/user/monthThis tool helps you find a catchy headline for your contention blog posts.
CanvaThe paid plan starts @ $9.95/moA photo designing tool that comes with readymade templates 
Hemingway EditorIt is available for free.Helps you create grammatically perfect content.
Exploding TopicsThe paid plan starts @ $47/moThis tool helps you find the most trending topics on the Internet.
lucky orangeThe paid plan starts @ $20/moA tool that help you analyse your website performance and help you increase the conversion rates .
getrevueDepends on how many people you want to send the newsletter to. Helps you create attractive newsletters quickly

Our Experience

Educational articles, entertainment, webinars, videos, and e-books to answer specific queries are the kind of content marketing to uplift the products irrespective of how common it is.

An eye-catching headline, attention-grabbing opening line, a thoroughly researched content written with a uniqueness, optimized to suit the search engine requisitions, and well-hedged factors make your content outstanding.

Original content that is accurate and can create a connection with the audience and supporting images are requirements that produce meaningful content.

Setting goals, establishing KPI’s, catering to the audience, assess the current situation, list out the channels, type of content, creating a content calendar, marketing, and measuring the results sums up the entire process of a successful content marketing campaign.

Creating, maintaining, and improving the content to align it with the business goals to enhance web traffic and increase brand awareness are essential responsibilities of the content manager.

A creative, detail-oriented, organized content manager who has a good understanding of the SEO practices makes for an excellent content manager.

The market has tons of tools for research, analysis, planning, writing, editing, and marketing. Each of them has some of the best features that enable you to create and edit mind-blowing content capable of attracting the intended audience to change their buying decision.

Each of the tools available in the market offers some fantastic features. These tools assist the content creators and marketers at every step of the process by enabling them to create impeccable content that attracts the audience and makes a difference.

However, it is vital to choose the tool with the best features for individual projects with a reasonable pricing policy. I hope that the detailed discussion in this guide helps you make the right decision!

Questions asked while looking for content marketing tools:

What is content marketing?

Content created and distributed to a defined set of audiences to influence their buying behavior is called content marketing.

What are the benefits of content marketing tools?

Improved brand awareness, increased sales, and time & cost-saving are the benefits of content marketing tools.

Can I use a content marketing tool for free?

There are tons of content marketing tools in the market. Marketing tools software providers offer a free trial, free plans with limited features, and paid subscription plans.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Customers can cancel the subscription plans offered by the content marketing tools providers if they are not satisfied. It is essential to check the terms of cancellation before signing up.

Can I get mentions from any country when I use a particular tool?

Some tools offer monitoring features that enable users to search as per their preference of location/ language.

Does the marketing tool offer reporting and analysis?

Most of the marketing tools offer reporting and analysis features that enable users to make data-driven decisions.

What happens if I do not want to continue after completing the free trial?

Providers offering free trial do not usually ask for any credit card details. It is a user’s personal choice, whether they would like to continue using a marketing tool or not.



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