Thinkific vs Teachable: Quick Online Course Builder Showdown

As a participant in this in-depth comparison between Thinkific and Teachable, I've explored their offerings for online course creation. Thinkific stands out with its zero transaction fees, ease of use, multimedia engagement tools, and extensive customization options, making it ideal for businesses and individuals focused on educational content. Teachable, on the other hand, emphasizes user-friendliness for individual course creators, offering diverse customization, robust learning tools, and global reach. This guide aims to help you choose the right platform based on specific needs and preferences.
thinkific vs teachable

Learning is an ever going process. It doesn’t need to end at a certain age. It doesn’t need to be restricted to school and college curriculum.

Take cooking as an example. No one is born knowing how to cook even basic food. When they need to cook for themselves, they feel clueless. But if they decide to learn (at any point in life), they can!

Youtube videos and tutorials , and other similar platforms have made this possible and the same is true for DIY crafts.

get features to create content to teach students - create online courses - thinkific vs teachable

We will do a thorough thinkific vs teachable comparison of the two popular online course builder tools to help you make the call and find which one suits you best.  

There are several other existing tools like iMovie, Wevideo that have come into the picture to ease the process of making videos

If you are a homemaker interested in making a profession out of DIY, it is possible with not just one but several online learning and video tutorials. 

Many times people specialize in courses that they don’t end up using in their career. For such people, it is a blessing to be able to educate themselves with online courses specific to their career choice.

The online world of learning is an exciting one and since the time pandemic has dawned upon us the demand for such platforms is growing exponentially.

It is absolutely one of the best things to be able to tutor a course in which you have extensive experience. To share that knowledge base with anyone around the globe who would be looking to learn but have absolutely no know how to obtain that information.

For example, you might have attained formal education in due diligence; however, you might not be able to find a job in due diligence.

Why let that knowledge go waste when you can start your own online tutorials, create an earning from what you love, and share that amazing learning with all those people who need it.

get started with course content creation and do sales - online courses - sell limited or unlimited courses -

It is because of the love of online learning, out of the sheer love for how elearning is empowering people across the globe, that the industry is on an upswing. In 2017, it was reported by CNBC that the learning management system market was worth about $5.2 billion.

Also, by 2022 online build videos will be responsible for 80 per cent of Internet traffic globally. That’s the amount of popularity that eLearning has amassed.

Here are a few reasons why:

Learn whatever you wish to: You don’t need to leave your job or school to take up full time learning in an area of interest.

You can learn, from the basic to the most advanced level, of the course that you like. All the platforms that support online learning include features for it.

Always fascinated by the world of astrology and mystic science? Go and enroll on an online course to start learning today.

Learn as convenient: For people who have mobility issues obtaining formal education is no longer a dream. With online learning platforms, you can obtain a degree in course creators, without having to worry about the discomfort of travel.

Wheelchair won’t stop you from taking the call and getting started in a course of choice.

What’s more?

You can even become an online tutor and teach from home without an upfront cost to a number of students around the world. Become self-reliant is something that online learning has made possible for everyone!

Moreover, for those people who have a 24/7 job and can’t make time for going to a proper training school, a self-learning online course is a breather.

Learn for upgrading your future: People at the middle management level would agree that after a point what they’ve learned from their formal education (and also on the job) fails to give them the competitive edge that they need to move to higher levels of management.

This is when they start considering elearning certifications to add to their skill, as well as to make their resumes look more appealing.

Learn in a budget-friendly way with no upfront costs: Because most online courses as customized based on the level you want to enroll in, as well as are of a shorter duration than regular courses, they are cheaper.

That is why, if you’re thinking or researching about taking up certifications online, no need to worry about paying hefty amounts.

As an online tutor or an aspiring one, you’re significantly adding to the experience of all those who seek online education. As such, you’re the one responsible for selecting the right platform and creating the best possible curriculum for these people.

In this guide, we will discuss in depth two quick online course platforms, using which you can create a structured learning experience for your students.

We’ll (obviously) also compare both these platforms that are Teachable and Thinkific so that you can select one that suits your requirements.

Let’s get started with an in depth comparison of Teachable vs Thinkific guide and see what features they offer for students and course creators .

Thinkific and teachable offers courses and plan for students  - course creation tools - one time or multiple time course

Thinkific Review

With 164 countries using Thinkific and 11.4 million students enrolled, this course builder is one of the most popular and people like it. That said, Thinkific has a niche audience. It can’t be used to build just any course.

Thinkific has eliminated transaction fees or extra cost on transactions. It now has 0% transaction fees on all new plans, even for free customers! 

Consider it only if you’re into business planning to create courses online like content for employees or those who want to know about enterprise or business functions.

Thinkific allows you to create and sell online courses under your own brand quite quickly, in a planned and organized manner. It also offers a lot of features if you’re an online business . The features that Thinkific is fueled by are discussed as follows:

Create your course

Ease of use: No coding knowledge required at all to start with Thinkific’s course designing capability. Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to customize your online curriculum and make a website as well. Uploading your content on the dashboard is no rocket science either.

Thinkific course design - teachable and thinkific - online courses - online course platform

Multimedia engagement: From uploading videos to texts to quizzes to surveys to discussions, Thinkific makes every medium of engagement available to view that keep your students actively engaged. And, it’s all pretty easy for you to set up.

As mentioned before, no coding is required for course content creation at all. Cherry on the cake – You can host all of your video content for free with Thinkific. It is really Fantastic!

Thinkfic Multimedia engagement - teachable and thinkific - online courses two platforms for online learning website  - features

Highly customizable: Just with the click of a button you can customize your courses, divide them into sections, include whatever elements you wish to, highlight topics you would like to teach first, and do a lot more. You can, for example, add multiple instructors to a topic or two.

You can create drip content schedule. You could hide Thinkific course content that you aren’t willing to take up with students of a certain course level.

Create your website

With Thinkific you can not only plan and create courses but also showcase those with your own website.

Preset themes: You don’t need to use your head pretty much around design plan and stuff like this. Thinkific offers you features to preset themes to pick from and play around with them.

All of these themes are designed keeping ‘education’ in mind. The sections on these site themes include curriculum, pre-built instructor, Thinkific course review, key learning, etc. You can customize these themes as you wish to, very easily.

Full customization: It allows you to add, arrange or delete selections on your website with a click. You can choose to create your course directly on the site or pick a course on an existing website and deep link on your new site on Thinkific.

Although there is no need for you to know even the ABC of coding, however, if you’re a website developer you have full control over your site look and feel with complete control to HTML and CSS.

Thinkfic Theme Customization - online learning course creators features

Sell your courses

Go ahead of presenting many courses on your website to your interested customer. Go out and sell them with Thinkific!

Flexible pricing plans: Using your membership sites and subscription courses you can sell the courses that you’ve created in flexible pricing plans.

A flexible pricing plan gives your students more options and ways to pay as per convenience and ease.

Coupons and promotional features: In order to sell your courses successfully to a customer, and to appeal to a larger audience, you can offer free trials, use upsells, offer custom first-month payments, etc. Isn’t that pretty cool?

Apart from the capabilities that we’ve listed above, Thinkific also allows some advanced marketing tools that allow online tutors to reach out to more number of students. It also offers affiliate marketing programs.

For example, you can easily connect Thinkific with your favourite email support service. You can also run affiliate program and reward affiliates for sharing your courses and getting more traffic for you.

Thinkific understands how important it is totrack the success of any business that you are running online. Therefore, it comes with reporting , analytics and advanced data tracking . All these features make Thinkific a great product to try out.

If you’re a business, you can feel reassured that you can’t go wrong with designing, marketing, and selling your online courses with Thinkific.

Teachable vs Thinkific– Which one is best among these two platforms?

Why Thinkific?

Thinkific takes account of users with very little to no experience in running an online company. Experienced users also compose and set their favorite hosting domain name. They build and design each page on their website. 

features and tools for course creation - customer support-  teachable vs thinkific -  two platforms for hassle free course
Thinkific Capterra review

The use of thought-producing resources and features by those with little or no experience. All you need is an email marketing automation or registered domain name.

You can start by selecting your favorite host site domain name. Each page of your online course platform can be developed and built on the Thinkific Website.

It is advisable to guide your Thinkific site to your domain name.

If you do not do so, your whole site is built on the Thinkific platform and your site has a domain such as site.

This is not advised.

It can most likely confuse your clients, particularly when you choose to start using your domain name. 

The software provides cutting-edge features to inspire and help everyone create and deliver excellent courses on their own branded website. Thinkific features provides everything you need to get started on your online course platform fast and conveniently.

As previously described, many popular teachers enjoy the use of Thinkific. A broad range of instructors, lecturers, consultants, experts, authors, speakers, coaches, professional associations, and other companies may sign up and join them.

allows to create and sell hassle free courses - basic things that are good and bad in both tools
Thinkific vs Teachable Quora discussion

Thinkific features 

Generally, the best online platforms offer for building courses are designed to give you the best functionality from start to finish. This involves teachers’ and student’s class building routine, basic promotion and marketing, sale, and supervision

There are no courses on your site on this online course building platform. Thinkific instead hosts all your content and gives you the ability to personalize all elements of your website and monitor them. 

If you compare Thinkific to other websites, you can find that Thinkific allows users more flexibility concerning their design, branding, and features like these. 

Drag and Drop Editor

Over the years, software developers and users have been making Drag & Drop editor design very popular. Since it is one of the best tools to build and plan your website quickly, and it doesn’t require any code or technical skills. The creator of this course is part of why Thinkifik is right.

This drag & drop function is so super easy to use, and if you do not like, users do not have to rearrange any code. The editor keeps all of your details and material transparent and structured as you pile up your course contents and pass it across the website.

With this builder, all the pages of your course and all the material your students download can be easily built. Professional designs can quickly attract and enrich your learning experience with all your readers.

Thinkific facilitates the content transfer and uploads across all media types. All material can be uploaded into the website for HTML, pdf, audio, video, sort, articulate, and storyline formats. This is perfect because it gives many different learning opportunities to students. 

Several customers are worried that certain files might be high volume for the platform or that the platform may operate slowly with various multimedia learning tools. The Thinkific platform has been built to host such media files and your server can not have any technical glitch.

The drag and drop features are nice to use when you personalize the website of your course. It provides a range of useful editing tools to construct various color schemes, logos, and banners. All this can be done without any codes getting mixed up.

Course Templates

Thinkific has a great function to help you through your new training with models. The models are so simple to create and the web-page development process has been completely streamlined.

You’re offered a range of templates and themes, which you can use depending on the kind, of course, content your personal preference and style, when designing your training work with the Thinkific platform.

Some of the offered templates include a blank flagship course, mini-course, digital download, webinar replay and pre-selling, membership resource library.

The online training courses are useful to guide you and give you useful guidance when trying to pick a course layout that would be best for you.

They can be tailored for each template, which is all very different. Especial attention must be given and extra time should be taken to develop the models to be used in your course program.

Student Management and Communication Modules

The Thinkific Platform provides unique communication mechanisms that help to facilitate easy and accurate knowledge transfer between the teacher and the student.

The management department has photographs of the students, the names of the students, their contact information, and the specifics of how they have come. 

This feature allows you to send individual emails to each student or begin a new conversation with every student participating in the course.

It is incredibly important to be able to communicate with all your customers and to enable them to communicate easily with you.

This function is excellent because it ensures higher investment returns. For your students, you can follow up quickly. You can also decide what factors you need to alter in your work and find out which students you can concentrate on to help them take this course.

This functionality also enables you to monitor anyone who has visited and left your site. To attract them, you can use the contact method.

Incentives play a large role in the learning process and are often used to inspire and applaud students. Thinkific provides user cards and certificates for completion that can be sent to students.

Thinkific sends e-mails with teaching and mobile language optimization and control to students. You are assured to always feel right at home to students who are enrolled in courses on the Thinkific network.

GDPR and CCPA update

As of 25th May 2018 all the companies dealing with data of EU customers need to make their systems GDPR and CCPA compliant. Thinkific has also made several changes to make it ready for GDPR and CCPA. 

Here are some of the changes:

  1. They have reviewed all of their policies to make sure that they are GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  2. They have audited their third party processors to make sure their compliance with the new laws.
  3. Updation of their privacy policy and DPA has also been done by their team.

Teachable Review

thinkific vs teachable - talk and teach -share true knowledge -

The second product on our review list for this post, Teachable, unlike Thinkific’s for individuals. Because it has been created for individuals, it takes ease of use very seriously.

The idea is that anyone should be able to create an online course with Teachable.

Not only is it possible to create your online course with Teachable but you can also sell your courses with this product.

course marketplaces like udemy - personal online course category - create course model and lead  seriously
Teachable G2 review

Teachable boasts of over 62000 registered instructors, and 15 million-plus learners. Let’s see what capabilities make Teachable a user-friendly product for those who want to share their knowledge pool with the world online.

These features can be categorized into five broad purposes: Customization (full control of how your site design looks), Learning tools, Marketing, Analytics, and Hosting. Let’s get into more details.

Customizing your course

Multimedia elements: You can add videos, images, text, audio, and even PDF files to your online curriculum builder.

You can easily upload all these multimedia elements directly from anywhere like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Drag and drop functionality: Create a fresh website on Teachable using drag-and-drop design capability, or work on your existing website. Go code free!

Responsiveness: Your students can take up their course on any device that they like. This is a must-have functionality in a world where people are always on the go.

Advanced customization: Though the drag-and-drop editor makes it really simple to give your site the kind of look and feel you wish to if you know how to code why not use it to your advantage? Use the power editor to give your website an edge.

Page editor: Create your course now, and edit later. Draft, customize, add, delete, or launch fresh course pages with this feature.

Global reach: Modify the language of your course and on your website, to reach out to people around the world. It also allows you to collect global payments with gateways like Paypal and stripe.

Enhanced learning

Teachable makes your online course fun to learn with interesting interactive features such as quizzes, forums, feedback, certifications, etc.

Student feedback: You can collect feedback with Google forms or any other tool. The feedback that you receive can help you improve your course for a better learning experience.

Quizzes: Bringing in a sense of healthy competition, quizzes are always fun to participate in. They also improve recall of what has been previously learnt. With Teachable, you can create quizzes on your curriculum in minutes.

Discussion forums: The native comments feature allows students to discuss anything, and ask any question during an ongoing lecture. You have the control over the online discussion before it appears publicly, as you can moderate comments.

thinkific vs teachable

List segmentation: Send targeted emails to your students based on ‘lists’ you’ve created based on ‘enrollment’, ‘course completion’, ‘assignment results’, etc. You can create many such segments and keep your communication sorted.

Certificates: Reward those students who have completed their online course successfully. Customize certificates to add a special charm. You could create a different certificate for each course, or customize certificates for those who earned highest ranks.

Marketing your course

Coupons and promotions: Use coupons for incentivizing enrolments. You could offer a percentage amount off, or ‘one on two enrolments free plan’ sort of offer coupons.

Following is the snapshot of how you can create a coupon for your students:

thinkific vs teachable - a break down of course creation- ideal to create course  in various areas

Affiliates: Reward those who share your course on their social media or website, and bring in more footfall and enrolments on your online course.

Sales page customization: Use our pre-set templates that are easily customizable, or create your own sales page in no time.

use and create lot of  themes - create sales page for marketing- amazing colors for template that sell - access offline - lower plans

International payment gateway options: Collect instant payouts from over 130 international currencies. Payments for single course sales can be made in multiple currencies with payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.

accpet payouts and payments from paypal -stripe - manage international users - prevent fraud - create prerequisite courses

Conversion pixels: Add conversion pixels to your website to understand everything and know the overall impact and performance of all your marketing efforts.

Easy third party integrations: You can integrate almost any third party tool like Teachable – MailChimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Mixpanel, using Zapier. Integrations with the platfroms that you use can be a real time saver.

Intelligent reporting

entire total cost and revenue generated

Comprehensive dashboard: Immediately get a bird’s eye view of the overall performance of your courses on metrics such as enrolments, revenue across a certain time period, etc. It helps you keep a check on everything and know how your courses are doing.

Student insights: Get multiple insights such as track course completion rate, student account type, etc. using this feature.

Export data: Export your contact list as well as any data that you want to, from your reports, and use this data to dig deeper into new numbers.

By integrating your analytics and reporting with Zapier you can send custom course events to any analytics tool that you wish to, and enhance its capabilities further.

looking to get right analytics use this tool - choose zapier integrations

Hosting and security

It is also providing seamless hosting for your website: With high class hosting and backup available for your course and student data, you don’t have to worry about losing any content.

Data ownership: You remain the owner of all your course content on Teachable.

Automatic upgrades: Whenever a new upgrade is available, you don’t have to do the work manually. Instant, automatic upgrades save you the time and effort.

Secured payment: Teachable makes sure that payments are made and received in a safe and securely paid online environment. Also, it supports multiple gateways like Paypal and Stripe.

All these features and capabilities make Teachable’s platform not just good but an excellent option for those who are looking for an online course builder.

The kind of ease of use that it provides is something that is unmatched, and the functionalities of Teachable are also at par with any tool that is meant for businesses and entrepreneurs instead of individuals.

Benefits of using Teachable

Teachable is the easiest way to set up hosting, build web sites, use a content management system, or plugin eCommerce functionality using another system.

You may not want the Tech Headwear you carry when it comes to your online course even though you have experience with all this.

If you don’t want to build several systems together, set up a WordPress LMS plugin, the money would be worth as a learning platform such as Teachable.

Teachable hosts your courses (video hosting included) and all contents of your class together. You can start with this tool easily without worrying about any of these aspects.

This platform is perfect for those who like, but don’t want to handle, the benefits of an associate program. Within their course platform, you can offer a payment solution and even pay affiliates.

All student payments in a teachable account can be approved, and every 30 days you are paid. Or you can incorporate your Stripe or PayPal account (for upgraded schedules) and payout more easily.

If you want to do business and looking for an easy to use app that provides and help you build online classes, the Teachable’s platform is a good option for business owners.

Why Teachable?

Teachable is ideally-suited LMS forum for trained professionals and specialists who want to share their expertise without thinking about technical aspects such as hosting and design of the website.

Teachable choose to use - looking for options to set, build and sell different courses - comments
Online teaching platforms Reddit discussion

The following benefits and skills can be used to start designing and handling your online courses:

Cloud-based platform

Teachable provides a range of different features, explicitly developed to complement the implementation process, as a cloud-based learning management system.

Some of these features are intended to make a host learning solution more efficient and stable. From your customized online training courses and contents to your sales pages, the service can host everything.

Since it is a cloud-based solution, consumers do not have a need to use advanced tools for the installation of the service on their computer or mobile device.

All can be accessed online via the website and portal Teachable. Educators and small and medium-sized businesses with registered accounts can log in and manage their learners at any time.

Support for different file formats

Teachable supports a broad range of file formats that are needed to provide a respectable and highly accessible online course. The majority of video, audio, pictures, text, and PDF files are included.

You can also access content from various third party tools from this LMS platform, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and even from your computer or mobile device.

You may use the Teachable framework to synchronize these storage apps.

The drag-and-drop builder

You can see a tidy, well-designed user friendly interface with Teachable’s design and layout.

Users can switch through various courses by drag-and-drop, manage Teachable Pricing packages, drop any picture or text they see relevant on your homepage, and quick and productive organization of your sales.

Advanced editing tools

Teachable has advanced editing tools that allow users to quickly and efficiently manage their websites and learning courses.

You may not need to have specialised coding skills or programming expertise to develop, run and market Teachable training courses.

The platform provides a wide range of models for your course development. You can simply upload your content and add text, pictures, and other materials to your pages using the editing tools offered. 

Sales/landing pages

For sales and marketing campaigns, building good landing pages are critical. You need competent, well-designed sales/landing pages options to make money out of your teachable courses.

Sales pages are available with Teachable. The platform offers a wide range of models built and tested to boost conversions of lead.

You just need to adapt the page design and do customization to fit your branding and your courses.

Some more user-friendly Benefits

Teachable is targeted at a vast range of experts and practitioners, trainers, consultants, bloggers, educators, organizations, and SMBs, whose experience and expertise is to be shared between the public and economically.

This means that the selection of Teachable as your principal cloud-based solution, including There is a range of obvious benefits.

A user-friendly platform

Just beyond the doorstep, Teachable provides its design considerations a learning management tool that is easy to use.

One of the key objectives of the learning management systems is to deliver a comprehensive and feature-rich platform to professionals, through which they can simply share their expertise, without wasting time designing and running a corporate website.

You can use all the templates, easy to use editing tools, drag & drop feature to begin building your website, create your course, share your courses, and make money.

To start your online training and manages recruitment/learner right away, you don’t need an experienced coach.

Powerful customer support

Teachable offers its users profound tutorials addressing almost every regular customer support issue regarding the this LMS solution.

The key contact tool for providing customer support service is email.

Viewable and responsive across multiple devices

Teachable is designed such that all computers, screen sizes, and orientations are responsive, user-friendly and one can navigate through them easily.

The interface maintains the architecture and navigation scheme that suits whatever device you have whether you open your Pages on your laptop, tablet or mobile. This refers to the registered customers as well.

You have control over your payment solutions

You can manage most of your payment solutions through teachable. This means that you can decide how you can accept payment for the courses on the platform.

UpdateTeachable is GDPR and CCPA ready and their site clearly mentions all the steps they have taken to ensure the compliance. Here is a walkthrough of some of the steps taken by Teachable to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliance:

  • Updated their terms and policy agreement to ensure the GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • Review of the contracts with sub-processors to ensure that they are GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  • A procedure for the EU citizens where they can request the deletion of their records.
  • Addition of email address opt-in boxes to a course’s checkout pages.
  • With Thinkific, there is no way to collect EU VAT from your students within the platform.

Comparing the two – Thinkific vs. Teachable

thinkific vs teachable - thinkific offers things like instant payouts - one on one comparison

Before we take up a one on one comparison, there are a few things like this that you must quickly read through to understand these two platforms better.

Teachable and Thinkific are no course marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare.  Your audience will not find a digital catalogue when you’ve created a course on Teachable or Thinkific.

Both Teachable and Thinkific platforms offer you the freedom and flexibility to set your own pricing. This is again something platforms like Skillshare doesn’t offer.

Payout will be faster if you are using Thinkific because the funds will go directly to your account. If you use Teachable, it allows you to charge EU VAT on top of your course price.

Thinkific and Teachable both have Private Facebook Groups for their online tutors, which they can use to connect and engage in creating interesting courses.

Coming to the clear-cut differences:

The first and the most significant difference between these two platforms is the target audience or user base of both these platforms offer:

Thinkific offers a platform for those who want to create professional courses for businesses. Its customers are speakers, coaches, subject matter experts, mid-sized companies looking to learn about business growth,  etc.

Teachable platform, on the other hand, is for anyone who wants to teach something. Their idea is that anyone is capable of sharing knowledge by teaching it online, and profit from that specialized learning.

Making part-time money or turning your interest into a full-time teaching job is extremely simple with Teachable.

Another point of difference is that Thinkific offers a free plan. On the other hand Teachable doesn’t includes this option.

thinkific vs teachable - thinkific site pricing - use payment gateways to make payments for paid plan - pricing plans  thinkific

However, if you think then the pricing Thinkific offers are more expensive in the long run as you’ll require more and more features over time.

As far as features are concerned, both these products offer a list of features like course creation, marketing, and selling courses. However, if you dig deeper, there are a number of differences in both.

Thinkific, for example, has a smart coach feature that allows pulling out best-practices on course creation. Teachable site doesn’t offer this feature with its plans.

thinkific vs teachable pricing - pay with credit card - basic plan @ $29/mo - great tool for business owners - sell course online - no trials

Thinkific doesn’t give you any feature related to blogging space or scope. Teachable, on the other hand, has inbuilt blogging capability for things like learning as well as sharing knowledge.

With Thinkific you can create prerequisite courses. This means you can prevent students from skipping chapters or levels without going through them, by making them the prerequisites for your course. Such an advanced setting and feature is not something that Teachable environment offers.

Also, Thinkific allows you to opt for group sales, which means in case there is an organization willing to purchase your course you can sell them your course at a group package rate or deal.

However, the maximum number of people you allow your group sales for depends on the sort of package or deal you are offering on your course. In Teachable this feature is not available.

What we personally love about Thinkific’s the kind of onboarding experience that you have with the tool as soon as you register.

They send you video tutorials to get started with your content. They have course templates with demo content, which you can take cues from. It is easy to learn how to use this product with the kind of guidance that is provided for course creators.

One of the drawbacks of Thinkific that only those who’ve used it quite extensively would know is that Thinkific doesn’t have a feature to allow you to set custom cookie length, or use affiliate marketing capability on external landing pages. This isn’t the case with Teachable.

Another drawback of the Thinkific platform is that they don’t have a mobile app. Unlike Thinkific, Teachable has an awesome mobile app, which makes it a smarter tool that can be accessed and used from anywhere.

An overview of Thinkific and Teachable features:

What We LikeReporting and analytics are well detailed.
Integrations have always been a strong asset for Mailchimp
Their free plan is really good.
Easy to use with plenty of customization options.
Pay your affiliates directly when sales are made.
Take care of VAT taxes.
Comes with an iOS app.
What We don’t LikeList management is not very easy to do.
Automation lacks visual workflow making things slightly complicated.
Transaction fees.
Not many pricing options.
Selling bulk courses is a task.
Value for MoneyWhen you have fewer contacts Mailchimp is good.
But it is not that value for money when you scale up.
Slightly expensive but more marketing and sales features.
Customer supportEmail supportEmail support on all plans and Live chat support on premium plans.
Who should use it?If you have a niche kind of audience.If you are a beginner or want to reach out to a wider audience.
Our Score4.4/54.5/5

Our Experience:

Now coming to an end of our Thinkific vs Teachable platform comparison it’s tough to choose between Thinkific and Teachable.

As both these platforms have their own set of benefits that overdo one another but there is one thing that sorts out this decision for you is whether you are a business or an individual.

The kind of ease and the feature set that Teachable platforms offer is perfect for individuals who don’t have the time or the resources to think about how to use the tool.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that if your requirements include reaching out to a wide variety of audiences then teachable should be your go-to option.

I believe that those who have a niche sort of an audience might want to consider Thinkific instead.

What is an LMS?

LMS, known as a learning management system helps for course creation, administration, tracking and delivery of online educational material. The course creation and learning management system is a product of the e-learning system.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online e-learning platform that helps to create and cast online courses on your own website. With this tool course, creators can create courses to educate your customer or to earn revenue or promote your brand.

Which is the better tool amongst Thinkific and teachable?

Thinkific’s said to have better customisation and help you reach a wider audience. Teachable platforms are very easy to use so anybody can start using them without getting entangled in technology issues but offer limited customer service.

How much does Thinkific cost?

There are 4 paid pricing Thinkific offers with one-time payment and the free version is one thing that users really love about Thinkific.
Free plan – $0 for unlimited courses and limited to 10 students.
Paid plans: with unlimited students
Basic plan: $49 per month
Pro: $99 per month
Premier: $499 per month

Who should use Thinkific and Teachable?

Thinkific is great for beginners or individuals who do not have much money to invest. Teachable on the other hand has more tips to offer in terms of sales and marketing. So, these platforms have differences in certain ways but when you compare both the tools Thinkific is slightly better than Teachable. Another benefit is that their customer service team is available instantly on the phone whenever you need them.

How much does Teachable cost?

Teachable doesn’t offer a free plan but a free plan to get started with 10 students with no credit card details needed.
Plans Teachable offers are:
Basic: $29
Professional: $79
Business plans: $399

Biswajeeta Rath
Biswajeeta Rath

Biswajeeta here and I am a customer experience and community management leader with over 9 years of hands-on expertise. As a guest writer, I provide authoritative insights on #uxresearch, #designthinking, #businessanalytics, #customercentricity, and #communitymanagement. With a data-driven and ever-curious approach, I help clients become more customer-focused through research, strategy, and technology implementation. I have deep knowledge across SaaS testing, social media marketing, influencer engagement, and operational improvements. I leverage skills in user research, market research, design thinking, data analysis, and stakeholder management to elevate customer centricity. My experience driving end-to-end community engagement for brands gives me unique perspective on customer needs and pain points. I am passionate about continuous learning and translating research into actionable strategies that create meaningful customer experiences. With my mantra "do whatever you can with whatever you have," I solve complex challenges with creativity and an analytical mindset.

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  1. Thinkific is good and very useful but the free plan is very basic. If you actually want to understand and make use of most of its features you will have to upgrade that I find a bit uncomfortable.

  2. I would like to ask you that I own a small training firm and I want to create some programs for my students online. I am quite new in the business and I do not have a lot of investment it would be great if you can suggest me the best one.

  3. There are many LMS available but for me I think Thinkific is a good pick. It is easy to use and I can put up courses quickly. You can add anything ranging from text, pdf to presentation with full ease.

  4. Teachable simple and pretty for students to see everything they sign up for. Teachable is a great platform for lead generation. The ease of use is the best part about Teachable. Everything is pretty easy to do without any special coding knowledge.
    We can add things like quizzes and text to each lesson by uploading videos and PDFs.

  5. With Teachable, you can get your course up and running quickly, and potentially make sales fast. I like that Teachable has lots of resources for every level of entrepreneurs to ensure they have the best chance to publish their content and share it with their audience. I like how easy it is to create courses. It’s fun and easy. You do not have to be tech savvy.