Discover 7 Powerful AI-Based Ringcentral Alternatives for your VoIP Setup

In our comprehensive exploration of RingCentral alternatives, we've discovered several options that offer robust VoIP solutions. Each alternative presents unique features, pricing plans, and advantages, tailored for diverse business needs. Our analysis covers the strengths and weaknesses of each option, providing insights into how they compare with RingCentral. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our guide aims to assist you in finding the ideal communication solution that aligns with your specific goals and challenges.
Ringcentral Alternatives

RingCentral enables communication and collaboration between employees and clients. One platform to connect through any device through a secured network to call, message, and video. RingCentral a trusted communication platform for business. Messaging, calling, and video are the basic features of RingCentral. However, the current pandemic scenario has made RingCentral features work like remote central enabling connecting with clients and teams, video conference meetings, work automation and much more effortless.

Business communications are made easy with integrated phone, video conferencing, and messaging.

The team messaging, the collaboration of files/ tasks, video meetings, screen sharing, and cloud phone system enables employees to work from anywhere.

ringcentral alternatives
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Customer engagement through digital engagement, proactive sales and outreach programs, and the collaborative contact centre is all made possible with the customer service products of RingCentral.

Products and solutions offered by RingCentral enable communication and collaboration between your clients and employees to improve work relations, share knowledge, and boost productivity.

Retail, manufacturing, education, construction, legal, real estate, healthcare, financial services, and a few other industries.

If your business requires features like remote work, remote team collaboration, analytics, global expansions, integrations, remote customer service, and much more then RingCentral is your one-stop solution.

RingCentral alternatives/ competitors

Vonage business, Jive communications, Nextiva, 8X8,, Mitel Micloud, Shoretel Sky, Ooma, Grasshopper, and Five9, are a few other RingCentral alternatives available in the market.

ringcentral alternatives

What is the best alternative to Vonage?

Vonage has been doing great for decades as a residential provider. However, they have recently announced about moving on to take over the enterprise market.

But there is no perfect solution for every business.

There is a variety of Vonage alternatives in the market, and each of them offers a variety of features and pricing plans.

VoIPo, Ooma, PhonePower, ViaTalk, magicJack, ITPVoIP, 1-VoIP, netTalk, Axvoice, and BroadVoice are some of the best alternatives to Vonage.

OpenPhone is another VoIP option that suits solo, small, and big entrepreneurs. OpenPhone is easy to use and works anywhere with internet. OpenPhone offers a variety of features, excellent call quality, and affordable prices, making it the best alternative to Vonage.

Multiple phone numbers tied to a single account, excellent audio quality, and coverage anywhere in the world makes it a great choice. Toll-free numbers, automatic response to text/calls/voicemails, mobile apps available on iOS & android, and excellent customer support are some of the features that make OpenPhone the best alternative to Vonage.

What is the difference between RingCentral and Zoom?

RingCentral is more of a phone category and works as a cloud-based communication system.

Its features enable companies to communicate and collaborate easily with a single phone system globally. Zoom, on the other hand, is a software used for video and web conferencing. Screen-sharing, muting of audio/video, background change, gallery view, and much more is available for zoom users.

Both RingCentral and zoom are from different categories and have tons of features that make users life easier.

RingCentral app

What are the three RingCentral plans products?

The essentials plan by RingCentral costs $19.99 per month, offers message & phone and covers team messaging, document sharing, unlimited business SMS, voicemail-to -text, allows up to twenty users, and unlimited calls within USA / CA.

The standard plan involves a phone, message, and video for the cost of $24.99.

All the features in the essentials plan are available in this plan—unlimited usage of audio conferencing, internet fax, and users.

Video meeting with up to a hundred participants, integrations like Slack, Gsuite, Office 365, and a few others along with 24/7 support are a part of the standard subscription.

The Premium plan covers message, phone, video, and an open platform. All the features in the standard plan are available under the premium plan. Single sign-on, hot desking, multiple site admin and management, CRM integrations, automatic call recording, and a few other features are available under the premium subscription.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a voice calling technology that is enabled by broadband connections.

A landline with an analogue phone adapter is sufficient to make these voice calls.

Lower recurring expenses for hardware and operational cost enables repurposed human resources, helps teams to work in remote set up, and allows scalability.

Companies in the US and Canada work with team members/clients in a global environment.

They have been extensively using the products and solutions offered by RingCentral to scale their voice call processability.

Let us discuss the features of RingCentral, its benefits, and disadvantages on large businesses.

RingCentral Pricing

Features of RingCentral

Auto-receptionist, cloud PBX, call recording, call forwarding, audio/video conferencing, internet fax, extensions, collaboration, online meetings, mobile & desktop apps, voicemail and greeting, and third-party integrations (like Google, Salesforce, and a few others) are some of the RingCentral features.

These features cover the entire gamut of activities for a business making it one platform for all the communication and collaboration challenges.

Benefits of RingCentral

The integrations, cost-effectiveness, and functionalities make RingCentral a great fit for large businesses. The top RingCentral benefits are:

Ringcentral enables effortless transition of the company’s existing phone system into a cloud-based one.

Ring central features do not require technical expertise to manage and maintain it, thereby enabling companies to save a lot on cost, time, and resources. Share on X

Unlimited calling, mobile app, text, and fax make office set up phone systems easy to use.

Google, Zendesk, Salesforce, Desk, Box, Microsoft, Dropbox, and a few other popular business apps can be integrated with RingCentral to make it a great fit for companies looking for a one-stop solution to address it’s communication and collaboration needs.

Whether it is for setting up a contact centre or a cloud-based collaboration setup RingCentral offers tailor-made solutions.

Business scalability is easier with additional extensions, users, lines, and locations. Physical and biometric security, 24/7 monitoring, and tier-one data centres for cloud hosting help businesses to stay secure with enterprise-level security.

Disadvantages of using RingCentral:

  • Lack of direct Linux support and no customization of the greeting message in the conference call.
  • Internet connection is a must to operate the VOIP and can disrupt work schedule with low connectivity or lack of it.
  • Choosing a bad service provider can result in a lack of security and mean that the voice calls, texts, and other means of communication can be compromised. These challenges may get companies thinking about data privacy complications.
  • Every software has its demerits, and the provider works best to improve customer experience, and it creates an opportunity for other businesses in the same space.

RingCentral Alternatives

Let us discuss in detail on the RingCentral alternatives, its features, advantages, and pricing:

1. PhoneWagon – Strong alternative to RingCentral

PhoneWagon is a great RingCentral alternative that is simple, easy to use, and best suitable for small businesses.

PhoneWagon enables users to use the features with no limitation, offers a fourteen-day free trial, and enables users to create marketing campaigns in less than thirty seconds.

Small businesses like marketing agencies and others in the field of medical, wellness, accounting, legal, and home services are some of the industries that use this RingCentral alternative for a variety of purposes.

ringcentral alternatives - phonewagoon


Phone numbers that are international, toll-free, local, and existing number porting are all done instantly.

Simultaneous ring, greeting messages, call recording, call-tagging, automated text replies, advanced reporting, Google Analytics & Adwords integrations, email summary, and email call alerts are some of the uses provided by phone wagon across all plan.


  • PhoneWagon is easy to use and quicker to set up. Amazing customer support and phone system make it one of the best phone service.
  • The local phone number provides a trustability to potential customers.
  • Call tagging, automated response, and a few other phone service makes it a great fit if you are looking to set up a contact centre.


  • The starter plan costs $45 per month and covers five numbers and five hundred minutes of calling, making it a great fit for the small businesses.
  • The pro plan costs $130 per month and covers twenty numbers and two thousand minutes of calling.
  • The agency plan costs $299 per month and covers fifty numbers and six thousand minutes of calling, making it most suitable for businesses of different volume.
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2. CallRail

If you are a business that considers inbound leads as a yardstick to measure success, then CallRail would be a great fit for you.

Data generation from forms and calls to generate intelligence and view the quality of the digital marketing efforts is made possible with this RingCentral alternative.

Marketers that measures data with the success of lead generation through digital marketing campaigns and PPC keywords would like to use the CallRail phone system.

Callrail enables companies to track the entire visitor journey and to use it to improve ROI.

ringcentral alternatives - callrail


Adwords call tracking, quick setup, website call tracking, call recording, local and toll-free numbers make setting up and using of CallRail easy.

Call-follow up, email notifications, analytics dashboard, call scheduling, interactive menu, visitor timeline, call follow up and many other features of the phone system enables companies to set up call centre and a business phone system effortlessly.


  • Improvement of sales and employing marketing campaigns are the best benefits to reap from a business phone system.
  • Generating traffic is the most important marketing challenge that can be managed by CallRail.
  • The digital world enables both businesses and their customers to stay connected always, whether it is through social media, email, or messaging apps.
  • Collecting, analyzing, and utilizing the data enables businesses to stay on top of their game and set them apart from their competitors.
  • Improved conversion on sales.
  • Business phone system with call tracking helps in improved budgeting and time management.
  • Interactive menus, routing calls, voicemails, and customized greetings based on caller location enable excellent customer experience.
  • Caller data, caller journey, and conversation keywords identification enable the sales team to work effectively and efficiently.


The starter plan costs $30 per month.

It covers features like- up to ten local numbers, five hundred local minutes, live dashboard, hundred text messages, conversational intelligence, visitor monitoring, keyword tracking, call recording, Google Ads and Analytics integration.

The Pro plan costs $130 per month.

It covers features like live call monitoring, premium integrations, white-label subdomain, customized logo & branding, up to twenty local numbers, five hundred text messages, and two thousand five hundred local minutes along with the other features available on the starter plan.

The customized version of the Pro subscription is also available.

It is best suitable for businesses that are high volume and requires a contact centre/ auto attendant, unlimited calling and many other such features like these. Dedicated account manager and Invoice & PO billing are a part of this plan.

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3. Ringostat

Ringostat is one of the best RingCentral alternatives that offers calling, messaging, analytics, and call tracking.

Ringostat would be a safe bet to use if building an effective communication system with your existing and potential customers to increase sales is your goal.

Ringostat offers a phone service that enables companies to improve their sales, communication, and analytics through a single platform.

ringcentral alternatives - ringostat


Ringostat enables phone number management with the portability of existing numbers, toll-free numbers, and local phone numbers.

Offers tracking through multi-channel calling, visitor & keyword tracking, and dynamic number insertion.

Helps businesses to manage call routing with IVR, call scheduling, and geo-routing

Analytics with call recording, advanced reporting, call data, and conversation intelligence is easier.

Privacy, security, compliance, performance, and reliability are all managed with the administration features.


  • Ringostat enables companies to improve their lead generation with the help of analytics features and intelligence tracking.
  • The call source identification enables the sales team to understand the geographical location of the customer and convert accordingly.
  • The callback feature helps to not miss out on a potential customer.
  • Smooth linking is possible with the humongous data to churn out.
  • Call monitoring enables performance improvement


Ringostat products are a great alternative to RingCentral and enable businesses to boost sales and marketing effortlessly with a fourteen-day free trial program for all its subscription plans.

  • The Virtual PBX 2.0 plan costs $39 per month and provides a cloud-based business phone system with up to five workplaces included. Integrations, missed call SMS, email notifications, and inbound/ outbound communication are some of the features available in this plan.
  • The call tracking product costs $59 per month and helps companies to drive customers through ads. Reporting, integrations, substituted numbers are all covered in this plan.
  • The callback plan costs $39 per month and offers integrations, detailed reports on the callback, online forms processing, up to fifteen call back design options, and customized widget shape.
  • The analytics plan costs $39 per month and helps companies to calculate the ROI on the effectiveness of the ads.

Integrations, up to five hundred sessions per day, manual import from external systems, and customized time decay is a part of the plan.

The smartphone plan costs $39 and is one of the best plans. Calls, messages, customers insights through the browser is available in this plan.

Messenger, integrations, calls in the browser, and up to three workplaces are all a part of this plan.

4. CallTrackingMetric

Call tracking is helpful for tons of business purposes and more so if it has some excellent metrics to make decisions from it.

CallTrackingMetrics is allowing unlimited free chat licensing for thirty days in September.

Contact centre automation, ROI from marketing campaigns calculated through analytics, automated call flow, chat tools, phone, text, online forms, and many other features offered enables companies to improve the performance of their sales, services, and marketing teams.

ringcentral alternatives - calltrackingmetrics


  • Phone number/ call management through toll-free numbers, local phone numbers, and portability
  • Visitor and keyword tracking and dynamic number insertion through tracking feature.
  • Advanced reporting with call data and call recording are the analytics features.
  • Reporting and dashboards are admin features.


Ease of use helps in lesser lead time for employees to set up and use the system.

Call management with call monitoring helps in making strategic decisions in the sales and marketing teams through the call monitoring feature.

Analytics features enable companies to offer a humongous amount of data with a variety of parameters and help in improving client performance.


The business plan is most suitable for you if you are getting started with call tracking and attribution.

The billing is every month as per the usage. Google and Bing integrations, basic call routing, call and text tracking, call recording, scoring, and tagging, and live phone, email, and chat support are some of the features covered in this plan.

The marketing plan works best for you if you are a digital marketer or agency.

The plan is billed as per usage and covers unlimited sub-accounts, conversation analytics and automated scoring, and integrations with Facebook and Hubspot.

Tracking unlimited web forms, security with HIPAA/ GDPR compliance, and live chat widget is part of this plan along with the features available in the business plan.

The contact centre plan is most suitable for companies looking to improve their workforce communications.

Billing is based on usage and covers all the features in the marketing subscription: thirty-day free chat licenses, integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, and Microsoft dynamics.

Automated outbound calls, live agent performance reporting, softphone system for remote employees, team chat to improve the internal communications, and onboarding support are some of the features that are a part of this subscription.

The build your plan is great if you are looking for a customized plan and covers features like dedicated account manager, 24/7 technical support, and service-level agreements.

Customization of platform guided porting of the phone number, personalized training, phased migration approach for efficient implementation.

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5. CallPage

Call page is an excellent RingCentral alternative.

A cloud-based business phone set up that improves lead generation, increases sales call conversion, and enables employees and clients across the globe to stay connected.

ringcentral alternatives - callpage


  • Activity dashboard, auto-dialer, call recording, contact history, conversion rate optimization, customized branding, Lead capture, distribution, generation, and scoring. Mobile integration, performance reports, rich text editor, widgets, traffic reporting, and website integration are some of the salient features of call page.


Convenience, time, increased sales, analytical capabilities, mobile apps, improved customer relationship, time-saving, and a better understanding of customer needs are some of the benefits of using call page.


The basic free version works best if you are a business that has more than a thousand visitors on your website per month.

This plan covers features like an auto call back, lead generation outside the business hours, customized widgets, and much more.

  • The professional plan costs $119 per month: Call recording, call tracking, call queuing, IVR, personalized SMS, voice messages, integrations, the thank you greeting to potential customers, and automated lead detection are a part of this plan.
  • The premium plan costs $284 per month: Advanced features for lead detection and personalized SMS along with the other features in the professional plan are a part of this subscription.

6. CallHippo

Callhippo is a great fit for small businesses that are looking for a robust system to set up their customer support call centre.

Callhippo is also a cost-effective choice to generate more sales. callhippo is one of the best RingCentral alternatives with its local numbers and features that enable companies to improve the quality of their team communication and collaboration.

ringcentral alternatives - callhippo


Voicemail, working hours per user, shared contacts, automated call distribution, call forwarding to cellphones, contact management, email support, and customized messages are some of the vital features of callhippo.


  • Virtual phone numbers and local phone numbers to improve the performance of sales, marketing, and support teams.
  • Virtual phone system enables better engagement of existing customers and prospective clients.
  • Effective and efficient communication and collaboration between teams within the organization is made possible with callhippo.
  • A great call management tool since all the call features are available in one platform.
  • Performance monitoring and hassle-free movement to a different phone system enable users to understand the employee performance/ training needs and can retain the same phone number, respectively.


  • The bronze plan costs $14 per month per user and is a great fit for outbound sales calls. This plan covers features like the free number, voicemail, SMS, call recording, and Teams.
  • The silver plan costs $18 per month per user and an excellent fit for small businesses, marketing, and sales teams. Internal communication, call feedback, reporting and analytics, call reminder, holiday routing, unlimited incoming calls, and other features in the bronze plan is all a part of the silver subscription.
  • The platinum plan costs $30 per month per user: Power dialer, three-way calling, app blocking, customized caller ID, call transfer, routing to an external number, and the other features available in the silver plan are all available in the platinum subscription.
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7. CallTools

CallTools is a great alternative to RingCentral with its complete package of a contact centre solution.

Small business catering to call centres, customer service centres, and sales teams, might benefit from the power dialer, outbound predictive dialer, and real-time analytics.

These vital features are very helpful for generating leads and improving sales revenue. Live call transfers, live agent monitoring, built-in CRM, and other features play a vital role in the performance of the sales team.

ringcentral alternatives - calltools


  • The call centre features cover call logging, call recording, call scripting, campaign management, inbound call centre, IVR, queue management, predictive dialer, progressive dialer, real-time chat, reporting/ analytics.
  • Inside Sales features cover call recording, campaign management, dashboard, auto-dialling, lead scoring/ capture/ distribution, performance and data management.
  • The business phone features cover call monitoring, auto dialer, call centre management, IVR, and VoIP.


  • One platform for both inbound and outbound sales calls helps managers to maintain a unified dashboard.
  • Dail metrics assessment results in Improved performance tracking and KPI progression.
  • Single platform usage enables reduced software and training costs.


Calltools has a quotation based pricing.

An overview of all the Ringcentral alternative discussed in this guide:

Ringcentral alternativesPricingFeatures Observation
PhoneWagonPaid plan starts at $45/moWhat is good?
User interface is great.
Call recording feature and sending out automated response emails is very helpful.
What is not good?
The cost may be expensive for some.
CallRailPaid plan starts at $30/moWhat is good?
Generating traffic is easier with CallRail.
Integrates with Google analytics making it easier to set up goals .
What is not good?
Support is not good.
RingoStatPaid plan starts at $39/moWhat is good?
Improve lead generation with analytics and intelligence tracking.
Call source identification feature.
What is not good?
Interface is not very intuitive.
CalltrackingmetricPaid plan starts at $39/moWhat is good?
Very easy to use and setup.
Easy to learn and implement
Impressive reporting features.
What is not good?
Not a cheap option.
CallpageThe paid plan starts at $119/moWhat is good?
Improve the performance of sales team.
Generate phone calls from leads
Good for lead generation
What is not good?
Some functions are hard to find on dashboard.
CallHippoThe paid plan start at $14/user/moWhat is good?
Great option for small businesses
Robust platform and cost effective
What is not good?
Basic feature set
CalltoolsQuotation-based pricing.What is good?
Unified dashboard for inbound and outbound sales.
What is not good?
Steep learning curve.
Overview of the tools discussed in this guide

Our Experience:

Ringcentral and RingCentral alternatives offer features for a phone system to enable communication and collaboration for sales, marketing, customer support & service.

Calls, messages, analytics, integrations, voicemail, online meetings, call menu, call tracking, auto-receptionist, call recording, call scheduling, and interactive menu enables businesses to perform.

The integrations with platforms like Zendesk, Google, Salesforce, and others are all some of the features that companies use for setting up both customer support/ customer service centres and sales/ marketing teams.

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Best VoIP provoiders G2 grid

Ringcentral and RingCentral alternatives offer a variety of features that are cloud-based and otherwise.

These providers offer subscriptions plans that are charged based on per user and per month.

Features like auto-attendant, voicemail transcription, and many others are very useful for sales and marketing teams in both small businesses and big agencies. The call features work best for customer service centres.

Whether it is voicemail transcription or any other interactive call menu features, businesses use this software to set up their call centres and teams.

Cloud-based business phone systems used by business users utilize tons of features to increase lead generation, improve conversion, enable customer satisfaction, better employee performance, helps to make data-based decision making, and much more.

If you are looking for a robust business phone system, there are many RingCentral alternatives in the market.

None of them offers the same features or plan and can lead to a humongous amount of data comparison, which can get overwhelming.

Instead of comparing the existing features and plans, it would be a great idea to choose a set of features most suitable to individual business requirements and discuss a suitable plan with the providers accordingly.

There are many competitors to RingCentral each of them offers tons of useful features. Choosing the right plan is vital for the success of the business, whether it is for a sales team or a customer service set up.

While RingCentral is one of the best platforms, it may not be suitable for small businesses. Choosing a plan with the required set of features is vital for the success of a business.

Questions asked while looking for RingCentral alternatives:

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral offers a business phone system that is cloud-based and helps companies to communicate and collaborate between employees and clients.

Can I use RingCentral for free?

You can get RingCentral meeting account for free, but users are required to get a paid subscription to use a range of its features.

Can I use RingCentral for video conferencing?

You can use video conferencing with RingCentral. ScreenSharing, integrated chat and many such features are also a part of RingCentral.

Is ringcentral HIPAA compliant?

Ringcentral is HIPAA compliant and implements the best security measures as per the standards.

What are the uses of RingCentral?

RingCentral works well for businesses that are looking to improve its sales conversion and lead generation through its call menu, SMS, and much more.

What are the top RingCentral alternatives?

Vonage, Nextiva, Grasshopper, Jive, and a few others are the top RingCentral alternatives.

Do RingCentral and its alternatives offer the same features?

Not all vendors offer the same features. Every provider offers its own set of features with a variety of subscription plans.

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