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Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts

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With the number of websites built on WordPress increasing exponentially, the scramble for which is the best WordPress managed hosting solution is getting amplified.

For a successful website, the traffic can go up in numbers by the day, and more the number of real-time users there are on your site, higher are the chances of performance issues. As a website owner, you need to stay on top of your website’s performance, continually optimizing it and ensuring that a surge in traffic does not crash it down. User experience is what proves to be the ultimate differentiator between successful and unsuccessful websites. It is for these reasons that the website hosting solution you opt for is the absolute best and does the job for you with hassles.

We all know about the two famous WordPress hosts Kinsta and WP engine so this post is all about comparison of Kinsta vs wp engine to see which one is the better pick.

For the longest time, WP Engine has served to be the go-to solution for those looking to host their websites, such as those on WordPress. I love using WordPress for it helps in me in ‘n’ number of ways in content marketing. The engine ensures the site performance stays up to the mark. It is a seasoned player in the market, and on this date, WPEngine hosts millions of websites. This hosting solution proves website owners with an array of features and benefits that have led it to be highly sought-after in the web community.

Why WP Engine is Popular Among Webmasters

Let us begin with our first candidate i.e., Wpengine to continue with our wpengine vs kinsta comparison.

WP Engine has helped a lot many businesses establish a reliable online presence. Deploying a new website in short turnaround time and optimising performance for the increasing number of footfalls comes easy on WP Engine. Once a business starts growing, it becomes highly reliant on its website, and over the years, WP Engine has proved to be a stable hosting solution that keeps your site up and running with the excellent user experience.

WP Engine offers solutions to all type of businesses as shown in the following snapshot:

Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 1

Let us walk through some features of WP Engine that give us helpful insight into why website owners hotly pursue this solution all across the world. It will also help you to compare Kinsta vs WP Engine by the end of this article.

  • When it comes to hosting up a website on WP Engine, the best part is that you don’t need to be a technical expert. For even those who are not very tech savvy, WP Engine makes it easy, since it does not require you to maintain different codebases on different servers.
  • WP Engine also makes sure that every time a webmaster runs into some site issues, there are Support guys to handhold them and resolve the problems. That said, WP Engine is a robust and reliable solution that takes care of the fact that your website does not suffer from downtimes too often. This is a critically important factor since it determines your website’s reputation. Too many downtimes can impact the user experience, which goes on to create a negative impression about the site among users. So with WP Engine, the outages are very few and far in between.
Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 2
  • WP Engine also gives you the facility to keep your website responsive so that it adapts to the varied screen sizes and platforms available out there. On this day and time, you can never pinpoint one kind of device or platform where most of your users land from or access your website. There is considerable diversity regarding the operating systems, smartphone sizes, desktop versions, browsers, etc. when it comes to general internet usage. You would want your website to be responsive to all platforms. This not only creates a healthy user experience but also puts you in the good books of Google. There are serious SEO benefits of having a responsive website, and WP Engine gives that to you.

Now, having briefly gone through the benefits of hosting your website on WP Engine (we will cover more in the subsequent sections of this document, where we compare WP Engine with Kinsta), the natural question may arise – why even bother looking for alternatives? Or to be more specific – how does Kinsta make any difference. The answers to both the question are worth exploring for.

How Kinsta is Emerging to be a Great Alternative

There is no doubt over the sheer amount of feature-rich quality and flexibility of WP Engine, but that does not mean it is the best in every regard. There are some seriously good alternatives like Kinsta that have taken the game to the next level. Kinsta and WP Engine are mainly on the level playing field, but there are various specifics and areas where Kinsta does manage to outscore WP Engine, even though it is a relatively new and less known brand. An elaborate detail of this tool will help you to find which is better when you compare Kinsta vs WP Engine.

Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 3

One glance at the product features and it does make you take notice. Kinsta is also being adopted rapidly by small to medium- to large-sized businesses, across a multitude of industries. And these businesses have, more or less, great things to say about the Kinsta hosting solution.

The experts in the internet field love doing experiments, and hosting trials is an exercise that we get to hear about a lot. The influencers with no biases or prejudices against or for a specific brand take up different tools and platforms that are launched in the market and run a thorough analysis on them, testing each feature as an end-user to see how comfortable and productive a layperson will find using the tools. Likewise, Kinsta has seen its fair share of experimentation by experts. Its features and quality of service are compared continuously with WP Engine and a host of other solutions. If you are somebody contemplating on whether you should opt for Kinsta, this document will provide you sufficient details and a thorough comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine. But before you segue into that, it is worth knowing that Kinsta has mostly gotten thumbs up from the WordPress community.

On a side note, you can also check out our Kinsta vs Siteground comparison blog post to know how good Kinsta is against Siteground– another hosting provider.

Now that we have taken a brief look at Kinsta and WP Engine let’s see how they fare head-to-head.

Comparisons Between Kinsta vs WP Engine

As mentioned earlier, both these products have certain advantages over each other. Let us take a closer look at those:

The cost

While one wants a technology that gives them the room to spread their limbs and try out different things with their websites, not everyone has an indispensable budget. And it’s not just small- and medium-sized businesses that have budget constraints (in fact there is enough evidence to suggest that they spend whole-heartedly) it is the multinational brands too who allocate precise budgets to projects.

So, how do Kinsta vs WP Engine fare on the cost metric?

WP Engine is expensive. It is costly up to the point that it becomes inaccessible for website owners who do not have deep pockets. A much lot is comprising of webmasters who want to buy WP engine services but are deterred by the prices.

The cheapest plan by WP Engine starts at $22 per month, and while it may still suit a lot of business users, this package lacks some very critical features, like the 24/7 ticket support or the customer success management facility. The next cheapest package starts at no less than $86 per month. Now, this is the kind of price that makes you glide over WP Engine without paying any notice, because the price tag is too overwhelming and clouds everything else. Even at this price, the only relevant thing you are getting extra is imported SSL certificates and 24/7 phone support.

Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 4

The packages of WP Engine go up to 828 Dollars per month, followed by a custom package. But that’s not the end of it. WP Engine has a limited geographical presence.

Where does Kinsta stand in this regard? Ahead, just slightly. Kinsta hosts your websites over the Google cloud platform. What this does is that it makes hosting sites a far reasonable exercise that is easy on your pockets. Of course, it also means that your website is running on a large hosting platform, but we will come to discuss this benefit in later points.

While the Kinsta packages are not very reasonable, the cost is saved by Kinsta having a vast global presence, which currently stands at having data centres in 17 cities around the world. So whether you live in hotshot cities like London, Sydney, Mumbai, Frankfurt or California or you live in lesser known parts of the world like Changhua County or Hamina, you can avail the Kinsta services without any additional cost.

Check out the pricing details for Kinsta and WP Engine in the below images:


  • WP Engine is a pioneer in web hosting, and when it comes to the performance metric, you can rest assured that hosting your website on WP Engine means running a site that operates on high performance.
  • Kinsta does not lack in this regard either though. By it running on Google Cloud, the shortcomings that are typical of the usual hosting services are not to be seen here. It further makes it optimised for high performance, which also means that you may be drawing in a massive amount of traffic, but you won’t notice so much of a blip in a website’s performance. Google Cloud is too powerful for that kind of a thing.
  • If you dig deeper, the Kinsta website informs that for each site hosted on their platform; they make use of the LXD managed hosts and orchestrated LXC software containers. This ensures that your website is not sharing its resources with other sites. Essentially, Kinsta does not offer shared hosting – a reason alone to trust their promise of high performance.
  • Coming back to WP Engine, they provide their hosting services over a large platform that WP Engine is. You get an entire server dedicated to your website, and multiple VPS nodes are working in tandem for delivering service to your site. The combination of this feature ensures that there are minimum downtimes and even the surge in traffic is not affecting your website in any way. WP Engine also provides cloud hosting where if there are glitches, they are spread across multiple servers, so the effect is minimised. That said, the cloud services do cost a fortune.


  • WP Engine has become a brand over time. This is the first resort for developers all across the length and breadth of industries. Over time, as WP Engine has evolved and grown stronger, it is armored with a considerable array of tools and customizing options that are aimed to make the life of a developer easy. While that is true to a certain extent, all these tools have also made WPEngine a kind of platform that can confuse the workflow. While there is no end to the features and accessibility options in WP Engine, the same features and opportunities seem to be a little more developer friendly in Kinsta. As for the specific features that both these platforms provide, they include SSH access to developers. There are different plans for Git on Business too.
  • Kinsta makes it furthermore comfortable for developers by allowing them to make use of custom setups such as Bedrock and Trellis. WP Engine makes it easier for users with its staging environments that aid the developers in implementing the modifications residing in the staging environment to the production environment. All with just a few clicks whereas Kinsta scores are in the fact that it does not make things confusing for developers unlike WP Engine that offers two staging environments: legacy version and their new version. Their legacy staging environment also has some shortcomings that developers have a hard time finding a workaround to.
  • To talk more about the staging environment feature, developers can use Kinsta to run a different version of PHP for each a website that is in production and the site that is in the staging environment. But there is a drawback with Kinsta where WP Engine scores, and it is worth knowing more details of. Other than the features mentioned, the staging environment in Kinsta is pretty basic. To be specific, when a user wants to migrate from staging to production, they have to migrate everything.
  • Kinsta does not provide the user with the choice to migrate only the files or the database to production.  This proves to be a bummer when a site owner only wants to make minor modifications to the website or just a couple of significant changes which do not have an impact on other individual elements. They will have to pick the complete versions, make changes, and migrate the entire version back again. This is a significant hassle. As opposed to this, WP Engine enables migration on the file or database basis. If you have just a few changes to be made, you can make those tweaks and get them migrated, without having to migrate the entire site again.
  • Also, Kinsta provides users with the enabled-by-default feature for the post and page revisions, as this give users the choice to keep them turned off or on. Some add-ons ensure the search feature works with a lot more speed and efficiency than the one in other platforms.
  • The threat of data loss looms large over any form of business. And because we are living in a business environment that is driven by data, any kind of data loss can be catastrophic to the given company. This is the chief reason why backups came into being. Now while most platforms provide the feature to take out your website’s backup, the automatic restoration may be missing, or if that is provided, you may not be able to restore the backup to both, the production as well as the staging environment. But WP Engine and Kinsta provide the website owners with this very feature. So data loss fears can be bid goodbye once and for all.


When you compare WP Engine and Kinsta, security will always play a vital role. Security is one aspect which you want your hosting solution to pay special attention to, and for very apparent and historically discussed reasons. The internet world is rifled with stories how intrusions on the web have demolished businesses beyond repair or even in the case of companies that recovered from such an event, the loss in millions made their progress staggeringly slow. This is where WP Engine stands out.

Make no mistake about it – Kinsta takes the security aspect very seriously. It has a robust platform in place that makes it hard for anyone to break through, but WP Engine’s security game is on another level altogether.

  • There is a risk of malicious code that often manages to leak in by writing to the file-system of a given website. What causes is the fact that the theme or plugins installed in a site is often vulnerable to the code injection. WP Engine protects your website by restraining the processes that enable the write to disk feature. Also, every time something gets written to the disk, it is logged so that the tracking code and the possible malicious items on it is possible.
  • Both Kinsta and WP Engine have system scanners in place which ensure that you are not installing compromised plugins. These plugins when detected get disabled automatically.
  • The fact that WP Engine and Kinsta provide dedicated environments to websites also make sure that your website is not in the vicinity of vulnerable websites. That said, this feature has more impact on the performance of your website since it ensures your site is not sharing processing power, memory, disk space and other essential resources with any other websites.

Below is a small snapshot of how Kinsta takes care of the security of websites hosted on its platform:

Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 5


When marketing has achieved its objectives, and leads have turned into customers, the next critical step in the funnel is to serve and delight the customers. For a product like a website hosting solution, this last step becomes even more critical. As this article is Kinsta vs WP Engine comparison let us see how they fare in this field.

Whether a website owner is a greenhorn who just set up a website through a friend’s help or is a technically sophisticated individual, everyone needs the after-sales support services for a variety of reasons. And when we compare Kinsta and WP Engine none of them disappoints on this front either.

That said, the support facility works in different ways for each. WP Engine has different representatives for different support levels. The whole support process is organized systematically, and for different kind of issues, you are redirected to the relevant support level.

Kinsta keeps the support team structure flat from a caller’s perspective. It is structured so that there is not a lot of redirection and back and forth. Whether it is basic level queries or more advanced issues associated with highly functional WordPress websites, both companies’ support teams are equipped with a bunch of competent and helpful professionals who resolve problems in the quickest turnaround time possible, also making sure there are minimum hassles along the way.

Quality support is at the heart of the support services of both the companies and as a website owner, there is a minimum scope for disappointment.

Content Delivery Network

While there is a host of applications and other infrastructure that Kinsta and WP Engine deploy to guarantee high performance, their Content Delivery Network partnerships further elevate the performance standards of the hosted websites. It is always a great idea to get the load off the server and let CDN receive and relay all the requests coming in from the browser, and this is where both these service providers deliver an ace.

Kinsta is using the services of KeyCDN; it is a highly reliable HTTP/2 content delivery network that caters to the need for speed of websites and delivers on it. Kinsta also provides as part of their offering free bandwidth, the offer that stands valid across all their plans. The elements like high throughput and low latency make the network even stronger and reliably fast. In effect, the content of a website gets delivered from 33 POPs spread across the planet.

Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 6

The CDN provider for WP Engine is MaxCDN, and they have a pretty solid reputation in the market as well. There is a difference though – as opposed to 34 locations of Kinsta CDN, WPEngine only has 19 locations, missing out on a few regions.

Comparison of Kinsta vs WP Engine WordPress Hosts 7

GDPR and CCPA updateWordPress community has introduced GDPR and CCPA compliant plugIn and WP Engine WordPress Hosts and Kinsta both being a part of it is automatically enabled with it.  This plugin is a core part of all the WordPress related platforms which allows users to add checkboxes and make changes as per the new data protection laws.

Wrapping Up

Hope you have complete context on the two hosting solutions now. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to write-in.

Questions related to comparison of Kinsta vs WPengine:
Which is better- Kinsta or WPengine?

Kinsta is a better option as compared to Wpengine. Some of the reasons are security, customer support, and more pricing options.
With Kinsta you will not have to worry about the site performance or other hosting related issues.

How much does WPengine cost?

Wpengine is available in 4 plans:
Startup: $25
Growth: $95
Scale: $241
Custom: Custom

What is the use of web hosting service and how can it improve my website?

Web Hosting services help to improve the user experience by providing better performance of the website. You have plenty of options to customise your website at your will. It ensures that with a sudden surge in the traffic your site doesn’t crash down also you get enhanced security.

Is there any free web hosting platform?

Yes, you may find some free or dirt cheap web hosting platforms. But, they are free or available at such a low price for a reason and that is they lack the services and quality that you need.

What are the basic differences between Kinsta and WPengine?

The major difference between both tools is pricing. Kinsta is available in various plans while WPengine offers just 4 plans.
Secondly in terms of support Kinsta doesn’t have phone support but WPengine provides 24/7 phone support.

Why do I need a managed WordPress hosting service?

A hosting service helps you to customize your website as per your needs. It also offers greater security and enhances site performance.
It will also ensure that your website is always prepared to handle a high surge in traffic without crashing.

Part-time blogger and photography freak is what defines Connor in free time. As a full-time Content marketing manager, Connor loves to write about contemporary technologies which are still getting into practice by businesses in marketing.


  1. Kathleen Flores Reply

    Wp engine is good but I think it won’t fit in everybody’s budget. But, in terms of quality that you get and the WordPress specific features the price you pay will not disappoint you. So, I will only say if you have the money then it is absolutely a try.

  2. My vote is always for the evergreen Kinsta.I guess that is the daddy of its department and it is tough to find something that can be better than this pick.

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