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What Kind of Websites use Google Analytics?

Recently, eConsultancy released a new report titled Online measurement and strategy 2012 (pdf).

The report has over 84 pages and has over 700 survey respondents answering questions about their web analytics and usage on the internet. Well, the respondents are primarily from UK (very few from Germany and US).

Coming down to Section 6 in particular talks about Google Analytics (GA). In 2009, 23% of companies used Google analytics exclusively. Today that number is 47%. 40% use GA in combination with other tools. Only 14% don’t use GA.

Which means close to 90% of survey respondents have GA.

What are they using it for? Primarily for web reporting, and over 50% use it daily!

I myself tried to figure this out in detail and hit from where I found there are 1.6 Million (2011) internet domains in India. Of them, 800k are active web properties.

I ran a script to test the top 10K website from India and 63% of them had Google analytics. The top 3 types of websites by category include Media and Blogs (includes news sites), followed by personal (individual) website and then by eCommerce sites, WooCommerce Websites hosted on WP Engine.

You can get the latest data on Google Analytics Usage Statistics and Websites using Google Analytics.

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  1. Craig Simmons Reply

    omg…theres lot of website using google analytics. little old, but, stats are good, useful.

  2. Yogender Singh Reply

    Yeah the no of sites are using Analytics are huge because everyone wants to monitor their readership and improve

  3. Pamela Powell Reply

    Here are the few metrics that you can determine with Google analytics. You can find the demographic location of the visitors which bring in the maximum traffic for your website and also discover what is it that most people are looking for on your site. Locate the pages that are worst performing, and with the help of the goal funnel, you can see the page where your visitors abandon the shopping cart. Lastly, find out if your website needs a mobile version or not by checking the statistics of how many people access your site with their smartphones.

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