8 [Accurate] Harvest Alternatives you Should Use

In this comparison guide, I have explored effective alternatives to Harvest for time tracking and productivity management. The article examines each alternative's features, ease of use, and pricing, making it suitable for a variety of business needs. It serves as a valuable resource for organizations and individuals seeking more efficient or cost-effective time management solutions than Harvest, presenting options that range from free to premium services.
harvest alternatives

Harvest is a cloud-based time management software for organizations of all sizes.

The timetable and invoice functions are useful for individual firms and small business needs. Click To Tweet

Users can use their various parts, including project management, timetable, time tracking, billing, time, costs, and team management. Team members can log into a one-go timesheet throughout their week hours or prefer to document them as they work.

In this guide, we will do a detailed comparison of various Harvest alternatives to help you choose the one that is suitable for your business.

harvest alternatives

You can convert timesheets to informative graphs for the project and team knowledge using Harvest.

It is easy to use for everybody and makes task management easy for everyone.

Harvest also tracks project time, and harvest time tracker even lets users know where your team is investing time and project.

Use of Harvest :

Harvest time tracking helps teams track working hours to ensure that you reach the deadline. The most critical software applications are :

  1. To track Time: It is Harvest’s main feature that makes it the best management tool. As mentioned above, users can enter their time in one go for the week. Otherwise, as the clocks run in the to-do list, they can start and end. You can use Harvest to monitor the Time users spend and provide notes to particular tasks and consumers. 
  2. To track the team: Harvest software helps administrators see how the staff works and controlling time. It is a web-based application that is easy to use and helps decide what tasks take a long time for a participant and detect irregularities in time monitoring. Managers may also use allow-and-don’t checkouts to determine the best items for a team in real-time.
  3. To make invoices. Harvest allows invoicing by translating the meantime and expenditures instantly into invoices or encouraging users to generate free-form invoices. With a few taps, users can send invoices online and see if the vendor opened them already. With Harvest, administrators can provide a summary of both sending and receiving invoices that need follow-up.
  4. To forecast. For others to see potential tasks, you can connect the Harvest should to the outlook planning a team’s timetable. If this occurs, the administrators find the participants overbooked and worry about recruiting new staff. It also allows teams to determine if they are willing to tackle new tasks to see who can. 
harvest alternatives

Some of the most useful features of Harvest:

Harvest is a simple way to track time that companies and organizations of all sizes can use.

And if they are using the internet browser, a Mac Device, a chrome patch, or an iOS or Android smartphone app, they have an intuitive interface that is easy to use and understand.

Aside from monitoring hours, it can track expenses, produce detailed reports, create invoices, track time, set up an approval mechanism for team timesheets, and more.

harvest alternatives

1. Time and Expenses – Harvest is a time tracking software and one of the most popular among business owners.

You can also use the timesheet to input your hours manually. You can manage time for particular consumers, projects, and activities. Attach reminders and facts to know what you have been working.

You can check what you monitored during the week by taking a weekly view. You can also log hours all at once on a weekly schedule.

You may transfer Time from Project to project, or Time from task to task in bulk.

You can track expenditures by taking photos of a receipt, adding information, and then deleting them, as it operates on mobile devices.

2. Team and Projects – This time-tracking App provides a feature that helps you control your staff’s activities and see overall hours, who monitor the activities, and who is overworked.

You can also see the time it takes and how long it doesn’t take.

To avoid overwork of team members, equate the capability with the real recorded time using this easy to use time tracker.

The simple team functionality lets you discover patterns on which tasks or the days on which they work.

Fast editing is possible to remediate defects, timesheet acceptance, and automated timesheet reminders.

You can also place tasks and team members at the top of the page so that you can only focus on a single project or individual.

The Pending Approval Page now has a new filter to allow you to organize and approve timesheets by team positions, vendors, or pinned tasks and employees.

You can translate timesheet entries into visual reports with the project. Reports put in one put hours, schedules, quantities due, expenses, and figures uninvited.

You can break your data in different formats such as Excel, CSV, or PDF by a person or task or export your data.

You can also get a new dedicated contractor report to verify your contractor’s resources, display the aggregate costs, and submit or export a complete description.

3. Scheduling, Invoices, Integrations, Apps, and more – Users can also build a free form invoice manually for additional power using this simple time management tool.

Stripe and PayPal integrations make online purchases possible and then automatically give thank you notes after online payment. Users can see all the invoices sent and can import the information.

This task management software also facilitates months and years that you can apply to the repetitive invoices.

The forecast is an application that integrates with Harvest and allows users to coordinate visual preparations for a project.

It enables users to plan out their potential ventures and to distribute intellectual resources. A Mac Web app and Chrome Update are available for both native iOS and Android smartphone users.

This tracking software also contains online and Xero for QuickBooks. Users are recently able to link Harvest to Google or Outlook.com to add calendar activities to the schedule.

The Cons or Disadvantages of using Harvest:

Every coin has two sides, and Harvest is not different. Many users complain that there are often inconsistencies between the web app and the site. Some cons of Harvest:

  1. Failure to incorporate income tax: Many consumers want Harvest integrations for automatic sales tax as tax filing is necessary. This tracking tool contains integrations with other functions but not for taxation.
  2. Failure to delegate hours for multiple workers: Harvest has the lack of batch time capability. Added or deleted hours on actual timesheets is no concern since you can accomplish this quickly. However, where many workers are working on the same job, Harvest can force supervisors to join individually.
  3. Minimum billing modification options. Currently, Harvest requires users to select 6, 15, 30 minutes, and 1-hour intervals. However, many users will like to have additional options such as 10 minutes rise as available in the harvest alternatives.
  4. User miss notification when the timer is left ON: Mac users are currently informed when the timer is on and how long it runs. However, this is not yet available for other platforms and browsers.
  5. In the past, Harvest’s poor smartphone customer care has switched to by-appointments instead of Harvest’s real-time phone service. 
harvest alternatives

Harvest alternatives in sequence: 

1. Hubstaff 

More than 10,000 teams around the world try to do more are leveraging Hubstaff project management tools.

You can use this simple Time tracking tool to monitor working time, pay staff members, invoice consumers, access comprehensive reports, and more through laptops, smartphone devices, and online dashboards.

It is one of the best web-based alternatives to Harvest to manage and streamline projects.

We can say that Hubstaff is a simple yet all-in-one software to track your employees at the ease of a few clicks.

Even you can run Hubstaff in the background while you are working and tracking your time and location. This is what makes it a useful Harvest alternative. 


Automatic Time Capture Mobile Timesheet Management
Billable & Non-billable Hours Offline Time Tracking
Employee Database Multiple Billing Rates
Time Tracking app Billing and Invoicing
Leave Tracking (Vacation)Automatic Time Capture

Users review:

Karen B

Source: G2.com

The Hubstaff platform is straightforward to use and has excellent and useful applications.

Its screen capture is very efficient, and recording images allow me to monitor other behaviors of employees, whether they do unrelated things. After every 10 minutes, it takes three photos, which you can combine with other apps.


Hubstaff pricing begins at $7.00 a month. Three separate proposals for Hubstaff:

  • Basic: – $7.00 / month / user.
  • Premium: – $10.00 / month / user.
  • Enterprise: – $20 .00 / month / user.

Hubstaff also provides a restriction Free Account. Free Service.

2. Time Doctor 

You can use the Time Doctor tool on Linux, Android, and iOS for time monitoring and one of the best alternatives to Harvest.

It is perfect for small business needs. Automatic time logging allows users to accurately monitor the time of different projects, billing, and invoicing scopes for separate projects.

Users can log non-checking and checking hours, other charging times, monitoring leave, etc. in this software.

You can also use it as employee time tracking software with behavior tracking, recording activities, browsing history, time & attendance, etc.

It is a simple time tracking tool for remote workers as one of the best alternatives to harvest for managing projects.

harvest alternatives


Employee DatabaseBillable & Non-billable Hours
Billing and Invoicing Multiple Billing Rates
Time Capture Timesheet Management
Overtime Calculation Offline Time Tracking
Leave Tracking (Vacation) Mobile Time Tracking

Users review:

Sam Harris

Source: trustpilot.com

Good AppApp. Great Customer Service!

It is simple time tracking software for time control and very helpful. I used a lot of apps, and it’s the best. After completing the trial, they began to bill me for my account.

Since I did not need it, I begged them to cancel and repay me for what they did. It’s fantastic because I didn’t ever want them to. If it was in these corporations!!!


Time Doctor pricing begins at 49.00 USD a month. Time Doctor has two plans:

  • Business at $49 / month.
  • Enterprise at $99 / month.

3. Clockiy 

Clockify is a time tracker with a free time management feature that helps teams control working time across tasks.

Clockify streamlines time and scheduling review, meaning you don’t need to fill out, copy, or stock paper timesheets anymore.

If the consumer registers as an enterprise, limitless users on the board can support it.

This tracking software is one of the best alternatives to Harvest that includes a time planner and timeline for monitoring participation, performance, and check hours.

By measuring how much time you have spent on multiple tasks and evaluating where the bulk of the hours you have finished, the consumer can calculate and increase effectiveness.

By testing how long each project takes and determining if they charge enough, users would increase their productivity using this software.

Users can decide whether or not the project was worth the trouble. Team management capabilities help you keep track of your participation and look at the members’ progress on different projects.

For optimal privacy and protection, users may use Clockify on their servers or their private cloud. This software operates on both computers, meaning that users can conveniently monitor time from anywhere.

harvest alternatives


Employee Database Automatic Time Capture
Timesheet Management Multiple Billing Rates
Offline Time Tracking Billable & Non billable Hours
Overtime Calculation Mobile Time Tracking
Leave Tracking (Vacation) Billing and Invoicing

Users review:

Daniel Gorodowienko

Source: trustpilot.com

It does the job I need it.

I switched from Toggl.com because team entries do not have a section to compare my varied lifestyles.

It means that Clockify can be categorized by category or names, for example. A plus plan is an explanation at the project level and the activities at the Time of the Project.


Prices start at $9.99 a month for Clockify. Clockify has three separate plans:

  • Plus for $9.99 / month
  • Enterprise at $9.99 per user/month
  • Premium at $29.99 / month

Clockify also has a restricted Free Service.

4. Toggl 

Toggl is a cloud-based time monitoring system that includes a clock and group automation application for employee monitoring.

The app can be operated on the Mac, Windows, and Android and iOS computers and is platform-independent and one of the best alternatives to harvest. 

It provides versatile and comprehensive monitoring capability, staff records, various billing rates, browsing history of employees, interactive punch cards, etc.

You can use significant technical assistance in billing and invoicing. Checked & not checked hours can be monitored.

harvest alternatives


Employee Database Automatic Time Capture
Timesheet Management Multiple Billing Rates
Offline Time Tracking Billable & Non billable Hours
Overtime Calculation Mobile Time Tracking
Leave Tracking (Vacation) Billing and Invoicing

Users review:

Faisal N

Source: G2.com

Best for time manage management

The best thing is to find synchronization with the mail client I use (outlook) and the work tool you can do to sort, as I can see how much time you have spent on each job.

It has helped me realize whether I’m mistaken in calculating the budgets by calculating the time-client / project spends correctly.

It seems cool to me to quickly track the mini timer. I want to add it to the windows bar because there are no windows that interrupt it.


The price per customer per month starts at $10.00. Toggl has two plans:

  • Starter at $10 / user / month.
  • Premium at $20 / user / month.

Toggl provides a limited-function Free Package. They often offer a business strategy for their offering.

8 [Accurate] Harvest Alternatives you Should Use 1
Best time tracker apps for freelancers Reddit

5. TimeCamp 

TimeCamp is a cloud activity management software that you can install on various systems as an alternative to Harvest.

You can set up the software on Mac, Window, Android, iOS, etc. This project management software version is also available in SaaS.

The software is a one-stop-to-one solution for managing expenditure, managing businesses, managing payrolls, scheduling, and managing projects as it includes many functions.

TimeCamp consists of a time clock, time logging, billing, and invoicing capabilities. An easy user interface comes with the TimeCamp task management app.

TimeCamp + Asana integration: Track time of projects • Asana


Employee Database Automatic Time Capture
Timesheet Management Multiple Billing Rates
Offline Time Tracking Billable & Non billable Hours
Overtime Calculation Mobile Time Tracking
Leave Tracking (Vacation) Billing and Invoicing

Users review:


Source: financesonline.com

Beneficial platform

My vulnerability is time control, so I want an efficiency boost.

I accomplished it with incentives such as automated monitoring, internal chatting, and budgeting through TimeCamp.

It is the most economical on the market and useful for exchanging progress reports with my customers. It is genuinely a robust monitoring time platform.


TimeCamp pricing begins at $7.00 per customer per month. TimeCamp has two plans:

  • Basic at $7.00 / user / month.
  • Pro at $10.00 / user / month.

A Free Plan with minimal functionalities is available from TimeCamp. They often offer a business plan for their offering.

6. Everhour 

Everhour continuous-time tracking provides many applications related to online time tracking, cost control, schedule scheduling, project management, invoicing, and accounting.

Options for deployment include the Internet, iOS, etc. It’s an easy-to-use app and one of the best harvest alternatives to conveniently track cheap & non-checking hours, holidays/leaves, etc.

You can enhance the utility’s value by using multiple pricing rates, time table monitoring, and mobile time monitoring capabilities.

This project management software’s additional benefit is online invoicing, task charging, billing at an hourly rate, flexible billing, and customized invoices. Everhour has the potential to report/evaluate and keep track.

The users can manage salaried workers and hourly workers without spending much time. 

harvest alternatives


Employee Database Automatic Time Capture
Timesheet Management Multiple Billing Rates
Offline Time Tracking Billable & Non billable Hours
Overtime Calculation Mobile Time Tracking
Leave Tracking (Vacation) Billing and Invoicing

Users review:

Administrator in Information Technology and Services

Source: G2.com

An efficient and structured time system

It is a simple, robust time management framework that adapts to diverse project systems and combines seamlessly with our project management software.

The reporting tool is excellent and makes it easy and practical to set up exports for company accounts and invoices.


Everhour pricing begins at $7.00 each month per device. There are two related proposals for Everhour:

  • Team at $7.00 / user / month.
  • Solo at $8.00 / month.

Everhour also provides a limited Free Package.

8 [Accurate] Harvest Alternatives you Should Use 2
Everhour Capterra review

7. Timely 

Timely is a Salon Tech cloud-based time tracking solution to maximize your company solutions and intelligent appointments.

It is one of the best harvest alternatives to manage reports using dashboards in real-time and track device efficiency.

harvest alternatives


Multi-Location Scheduling Resource Scheduling
Online Scheduling Multiple Billing Rates
Payment Processing Group Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling Automated Scheduling
Employee Scheduling Class Scheduling

Users review:

Chris J

Source: trustpilot.com

Fantastic software, fantastic support! 

These guys can’t compliment enough, brilliant tech and excellent service. While the market to Salons, we are not a related business, but it works quite beautifully. Timely, thank you.


Timely rates begin at $15 a week. Timely has four plans: 

  • Basic at $15 / month.
  • Build at $20 / month.
  • Elevate at $30 / month.
  • Innovate at $30 / month.
8 [Accurate] Harvest Alternatives you Should Use 3
Timely Capterra review

8. Hours Time Tracking

HoursTimeTracking is one of the best harvest alternatives that help you track time as a person, a company, a consultant, an officer, or a team member.

Enable a quick timer to chart the time spent, use the optical clock to correct the error, or use the timesheet entry to construct an after-service timesheet.

This best time tracking app’s flexibility allows you to keep track of all your hours on particular projects.


  • Flexible and easy invoicing

Factoring hours make payment simple. Speed up your invoice, add your hours, and even add time notes from our helpful GUI.

  • Reports, re-imagined

Slice and dice your team’s data and collect new ideas by strategically crafted photographs that display the data in ways you never saw.

  • A bigger and better timeline

The routine makes every hour painless. Find errors and make corrections by dragging a time block’s start or end time.

harvest alternatives

Users review:

“The perfect app for iPhone time monitoring” – Forbes.

“Surprisingly good to use … well-considered GUI” – TechCrunch

“The best way to chart your time around the planet” – 9to5Mac


  • Hours Pro Monthly $7.99
  • Hours Personal Yearly $19.99
  • Hours Pro Yearly $59.99

An overview of all the Harvest alternatives discussed in this guide:

Harvest alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
TimeDoctorPaid plan starts at $19/moWhat is good?
Clean UI and affordable
Good reporting and invoicing features.
What is not good?
Some people may find reporting to be lacking.
EverhourThe paid plan starts at $7/mo/deviceWhat is good?
Some very helpful integrations such as that with ClickUp and Nifty.
Very intuitive interface.
What is not good?
Interface has categories that may take time to understand.
HubstaffThe paid plan starts at $7/user/moWhat is good?
Intuitive UI with powerful reporting features.
What is not good?
The drag and drop feature is slightly fiddly.
TogglThe paid plan starts at $9/user/moWhat is good?
Effective free plan with simple to use features.
What is not good?
A very basic tool doesn’t serves complex needs.
ClockifyPaid plans start at $9.99/month (flat fee)What is good?
Very easy to use where you can run the timer in the background and track time spent.
The starter plans are afffordable.
What is not good?
The dashboard and navigation is not very good.
TimeCampPaid plan starts at $5.25 per user per month.What is good?
Create parent and child tasks for better functioning.
A free trial is good enough.
What is not good?
Mobile apps not working perfectly.
TimelyPaid plan starts at $15 per user per month.What is good?
Comes with a memory tracker plugin.
Easy to use and comes with an AI mechanism.
What is not good?
Limited integrations.
HourstimetrackingPaid plan starts at $7.99 per user per month.What is good?
Affordable and cheaper than most of its competitors.
Works well if you just want to track time.
What is not good?
Very basic and limited integrations.
An overview of all the tools mentioned in this guide

Our Experience:

8 [Accurate] Harvest Alternatives you Should Use 4
Best time tracking tools G2

Often it can be a huge struggle to find a credible time tracking software that doesn’t only fulfill your needs but also includes your budget limitations.

We hope this comparison guide will help you find a suitable time tracking software that offers better usability to harvest apps.

With the above guide’s help, you will decide the reasonable alternatives to Harvest as per your business needs.

Remember that project management software should be according to your team size, budget, and usability. While searching for alternatives to Harvest, make sure that you choose the one that is similar to Harvest.

Before you start using Harvest alternatives:

What is the usage of Harvest time tracking?

Harvest is Software for Time Tracking. Harvest contains the following features:
Leave Tracking (Vacation)
Automatic Time Capture
Track Billing and Invoicing
Employee Database
Billable & Non-billable Hours
Multiple Billing Rates
Mobile Time Tracking
Overtime Calculation
Timesheet Management
Offline Time Tracking

How much does it cost for Harvest?

Harvest rates begin at $12 / month/consumer. A single schedule for Harvest: Pro version at $12 / user/month. Harvest also provides a limited Free Option.

What is the time Tracking application?

Time tracking software is a computer application, which lets you calculate the time for jobs and tasks correctly. It is generally useful for many various categories of organizations across the globe.

Why Use Time Tracking application?

Once you track the time spent on various tasks, you have valuable knowledge, like where the benefit and expenditure are. What ventures give you a more significant margin for profit and invest the right amount of time and money on them instead of less lucrative? What customers do you approach more frequently?

Is the device Time Monitoring Work?

If you try to boost your job performance, it is tough to produce what you need if you have selected a preparation software. Secondly, can you have the best functionality? To see meaningful outcomes, you should keep your company priorities insight. To take the example mentioned above, it would be beneficial to link to data such as work time, time-scales for effectiveness, and even software and websites to satisfy the need to increase performance.

Is time tracking application Safe?

In the broader context, these applications are perfectly stable. E.g., the records and files or device configuration are not changed. You may be confident that you can do just what you want this lightweight software to do and keep your data secure during this phase.

What kind of reports does time tracking software generate?

You can tailor the reports for time monitoring as per your company’s needs. Username name, device name, time spent on and off your device, days, visiting files, etc. can be shown with your workers. And best of all, in just a couple of minutes, you can access real-time updates everywhere.

What details are saved by time tracking software, and how are they going to be held?

Technology for tracking time can only gather data that is necessary to follow time. A time tracking device serves your privacy and protection needs. Data storage can provide data encryption, password authentication, safe links, different forms of information access, and automatic archiving of databases. The database should be well maintained, backed up, and archived.

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