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This guide explores various alternatives to GoToWebinar for hosting webinars. The guide highlights Demio as a notable alternative, emphasizing its user-friendly interface, compatibility with multiple browsers, HD streaming, private chat options, and ease of setting up webinars. Additionally, it discusses Demio integration with CRM and automation tools, superior analytics features, and its focus on marketing elements, positioning it as a strong competitor in the webinar platform market.

Webinars is the buzzword of today, and for a good reason. Of all the ways to reach out to your target audience and engage with them, webinars are unarguably most effective. The live sessions prove to be highly effective when it comes to broadcasting your information and then answering the questions posed by the participants.

Now, finding the ideal webinar solution requires a complete understanding of your requirements and then figuring out if the available options fit those requirements.

GoToWebinar certainly ticks most boxes and thus is highly sought after by businesses across the board.

However, at the time, there are plenty of other alternatives which provide not just additional features but also draw your attention towards the challenges that you may run into while using GoToWebinar.

Among such options, Demio is one of the alternatives to Gotowebinar that is making a lot of heads turn and is worth looking at

gotowebinar alternative - demio

As a webinar platform for marketing, Demio makes it easy to generate more leads and customers by virtue of an impressive line of features.

This is among the very smart webinar platforms that pack impressive set of features for conducting online events, having interactive training sessions, providing a very easy to use platform for different teams to collaborate, and so on.

The folks looking to set up sessions can do it in very quick time and without any hassle. It can be a great platform for engaging, communicating, and building relationships with not just the existing customers but also with the prospects and the overall target audience in general.

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Webinar platform discussion Reddit [01]Webinar platform discussion Reddit

Let’s first take an at-a-glance look at what Demio offers to its users:

gotowebinar alternative

No heavy-duty software required: This alternative to Gotowebinar

Demio makes it a seamless exercise to join a webinar. All you need to do is to click in your browser or a single tap on the Demio app in your smartphone.

This is unlike a lot of existing solutions that require you to download and install heavy files that not only adds to the steps to perform to start or join a webinar but also adds to the system overhead.

Compatibility with multiple browsers: Demio is compatible with a wide range of browsers, which ensures that a user doesn’t have to look for and install a specific browser in order to be able to join or host a webinar.

HD Streaming with zero lagging: If you want to create the best impressions and make the interaction feel totally in-person, Demio makes it possible with HD streaming and no delays in broadcasting.

Sessions run on high quality, real-time streaming.

Private chat: It’s always great to be able to send private messages to the event coordinators for clearing up certain doubts or asking for additional information.

Demio provides this feature. Also, users can send public messages too that are visible to all. 

Webcam sharing: Demio allows a presenter to share webcams with other co-presenters as well, which proves instrumental in building personal relationships.

Customizable sharing screen: With Demio, a presenter has the freedom to the entire desktop or just keep to a single window on the computer

gotowebinar alternative
  • Uploading presentation slides and videos:  Another feature that adds to the usefulness of Demio is that you can upload the presentation slides and videos directly through the product.

The features listed above make it clear that Demio is a serious contender for the best webinar solutions out there in the market.

But then, you can’t come to a firm conclusion without comparing the Demio’s features head to head with those of the competitor product’s.

And like mention earlier, GoToWebinar has already established itself as the go-to tool for setting up webinars.

Another option, that we won’t, however, be discussing here is Getresponse. But you can read its review here.

Demio has made all the required changes to make its platform GDPR and CCPA compliant.

You can check the details on Demio website here.

gotowebinar alternative

How does Demio score as a GoToWebinar alternative

Setting up a webinar is a quicker exercise with Demio or GoToMeeting?

Demio does it with no bells and whistles. The whole process to set up a webinar is fuss-free, as already touched upon earlier.

To set up an event, all you have to do is setting a title, choosing a date and time and hitting the Continue button.

This isn’t to imply that you don’t get to play around and customize, but all of that doesn’t have to be part of setting up the webinar.

Just log into the webinar room to start running it.

As a presenter, you don’t have to pitch another application for the user to download. Other participants can simply click the links in their respective browsers to join in.

As opposed to this, GoToWebinar provides an army of options for the user to go through before setting up the webinar.

There are a lot of boxes to be ticked and options to be selected or rejected.

While the variety is appreciated, it can also get messy, considering that there are only so many right options.

gotowebinar alternative

With Backstage, Demio provides the option to hide tools when not needed

Not just a webinar tool, but any high function product that helps its users to accomplish important tasks also brings along with it a fair degree of complexity.

The bigger the scope of the tool is, the greater are the number of features on offer. And that’s what leads to the increased complexity.

GoToWebinar is such a force to reckon with because it has made the art of hosting webinar a seamless one.

It equips presenters with such powerful features that they can customize the user experience the way they want.

Be it having the custom landing page forms or sending email notifications, using live chat, polls, etc. to engage the audience more, GoToWebinar has it all.

gotowebinar alternative
Snapshot of gotowebinar features ; view the full details here.

But with all that baggage, the one thing people have to deal with is having too much to choose from when the time is less.

Every presenter has an idea in mind about how they are going to set up their webinar, and for that, they need very specific tools.

GoToWebinar provides everything as, for lack of a better word, a pile on. It is hard to sift through all the available options when you know what exactly you need.

Now, Demio itself is a feature-rich platform that provides users with an equally engaging array of tools.

But unlike GoToWebinar, it does not make it tough for the user to find the exact tool they need.

The Backstage feature of Demio makes it possible for you to hide the tools when not needed and open them at the right time.

They go a long way in establishing a smooth connect with the audience.

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Demio G2 review [02]Demio G2 review

Integration with CRMs and other automation tools

This can be a nightmare on most occasions with most webinar solutions.

When it comes to integrating your webinar platform with, let’s say MailChimp, marketers have found themselves struggling and wasting away a lot of time because there are just too many things to take care of and too many steps to perform.

Even adding registered participants to a CRM is a task fraught with complications. Folks using GoToWebinar can testify all of this.

A lot of attention to detail is needed when integrating GoToWebinar with automation tools, and just one misstep can lead to highly digressing results.

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With Demio however, things have been made far easier. The Demio makers have publicly said that they created Demio keeping in mind the marketing and sales verticals.

So they made sure that linking Demio with marketing automation tools becomes a very easy-to-perform task that also happens to work seamlessly at the same time.

Some of the integrations that Demio has been.m with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Drip, MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, and MarketHero.

demio integrations

Another feature that adds to the integration friendly nature of Demio is that this product has full API with Zapier, this makes it possible for users to integrate Demio with a whole range of applications.

The process to add your API key is straightforward, through a very user-friendly interface.

After a user integrates his or her account, half the job is done. They can then proceed to add the registrants to the lists created beforehand.

Demio also provides the feature for segmenting the registrants based on an array of rules within the platform.

Data above all

Sure, we live in a dynamic age where technology trends change every passing day. What is topping the buzz today may turn obsolete three days from now.

But one thing that has remained constant and is likely to remain so for the next foreseeable future is the reliance on data. Over the past decade or so, data has replaced expert opinions and best practices, across all industries.

To truly understand your audience, you don’t have to look for an online or offline expert who would give you their own two cents on what probably worked for them.

What you need is very specific data about your own customers, or in our case, the webinar audience.

Demio is one tool that seems to understand it more than any other tools, going by its analytics feature.

The details that are available at the very granular level make it easy for you to assess your audience and make customizations as per their behavior, rather than by your preconceived notions.

demio analytics

The Webinar Analytics proves to be a handy tool for your self-assessment as a presenter so that you know where tweaks have to be made.

But more importantly, the data tells you how the audience is reacting to your webinar, in terms of parameters like who were the attendees, who left the webinar midway, who registered but did not show up, and who sat through the entire session.

These are important stats, and with this capability to segment your audience in such a distributed yet precise manner, it can really guide your next webinar in a fashion most poised for success.

How does Demio score as a WebEx alternative

WebEx is another popular web conferencing platform. Its popularity can be owed to the set of unique and very useful features it brings to the table.

To begin with, the user interface on this tool is modern and very sleek, especially when you consider the rival products.

It is also customizable and is used a lot by users in sync with Outlook and several calendar applications.

UpdateWebEx is fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA so using it won’t cause any GDPR and CCPA related concerns.

They have taken all the considerable steps to make their system compliant with the new GDPR and CCPA guidelines. So, if you are dealing with EU customers then feel free to use WebEx.

User-friendliness of Demio vs. WebEx

Using WebEx, you can perform functions like sharing a file with video and audio conferencing through just a web browser, a feature that tells you how simple WebEx makes it for us to set up webinars.

As a presenter, you don’t have to invest a lot of time starting the webinar sessions or even the product performance launches.

You can start conferences directly from the home page, can have around 100 people in a meeting in the Premium package, having seven feeds run simultaneously and connect over VoIP or phone call.

When you compare this feature with Demio, there is not much to choose here. Demio also makes it possible to start a web conferencing session by just a single click in your browser.

So as far the user-friendliness parameter goes, it really is hard to choose one over the other.goto

Compatibility with third-party tools or media file types

The famous alternative to GoToWebinar-  WebEx enjoys compatibility with all frequently used media file types and the tools like the PowerPoint application. But where it lacks is the integration with marketing automation tools.

In today’s age and time, marketing automation plays a huge role in reducing the manual job of keeping a record of each and every customer and manually sending them emails and other forms of communication.

At the end of the day, a webinar platform has the basic purpose of enabling businesses to reach out to their customers and engage with them in a detailed manner.

But with WebEx not lacking in this department, the presenters find themselves struggling with enjoying the wide-ranging benefits.

WebEx as a whole has not been created as a very webinar marketing friendly platform.

As opposed to this, Demio surpasses not just WebEx, but most other webinar platforms when it comes to integration with marketing tools.

There is a whole suite of third-party tools that you can integrate using Demio, and that takes your marketing game to the next level.

This is the prime reason why marketers are increasingly leaning towards Demio.

As a Video Conferencing Suite

WebEx ensures that the video conferencing is carried out in great video quality and real-time streaming. It has the screen capture feature too that makes it further possible to make the most out of the webinar.

One of the differentiators of WebEx is that breakout room creation.

This feature truly makes WebEx stands out, for it enables the participants of a meeting to divide a large meeting into multiple private meetings.

gotowebinar alternative
A webex conferencing page

As for the video quality, Demio does not lag behind. This platform also ensures top class quality and streaming that happens very much in real-time.

One of the standout features in Demio is webinar replays, the feature that goes by the name of Like Live Replays.

Presenters can automate webinar replays, and in combination with the multimedia and interactive capabilities, they make Demio as the leading contender for the best webinar platforms.

Building relationships with users

The end goal of a webinar is to build a sound and profitable relationship with your audience. And for that, instant messaging proves to be a great asset.

WebEx has the instant messaging feature where you can have one on one conversations with your audience and discuss all things important in the context of your webinar.

You can help them by clearing their doubts and educating them so that you are seen as a credible figure, as a thought leader who they would want to keep visiting through such webinars.

Demio has a similar feature with its private as well as public chat feature.

You can have more one on one chats with the participants as well as brainstorm ideas over the public chat, where anyone can drop in with their questions and suggestions.

The two-way audio and video feature further makes the sessions interactive and fruitful.

The ideas that can spring out of these sessions are alone worth the price of admission and fulfill the purpose of having webinars in the first place.

real time chat - conversations - demio

In closing

The world of online meetings and events is getting bigger as more and more brands realize the power of marketing.

At its core, this is what webinars are – a powerful marketing tool. And this is where Demio has the edge over the competing products – established and the new entries.

Demio webinar software has been designed keeping in mind the marketing element that resides at the core of webinars.

While it is a comprehensive product that serves a perfect mix of features needed to make webinars successful, it also delivers a special focus on the marketing element.

In comparison, WebEx falls short in this department since it is primarily focused on being the video conferencing software that makes online sessions lively and engaging.

Make no mistake about it – WebEx is hard to beat at its own game.

It stacks right up with the best of webinar tools, no matter how many years they have been in the market from or what their price tag says.

But the lack of focus on marketing aspects can hurt its chances because such features are sorely missed by presenters wanted to keep on reaching a wider audience and give a boost to their marketing endeavors.

On the other hand, GoToWebinar comes across as an all-encompassing webinar tool.

It has been a market leader for a while now and ensures that as a user, you are never short of options.

The quality of running a live webinar or ease of sharing the recordings with the participants are great features.

Other features like being able to create custom landing pages, send email notifications, using analytics to keep track on the webinar performance, having features like polls, chat, etc. really add to the usefulness of this platform.

But when you compare the platform as a whole with Demio, one thing that truly stands out is that user-friendliness is an aspect that has been missed out on in GoToWebinar.

The problem of plenty rears its ugly head a lot often when setting up and running webinars.

As touched upon earlier, there is a lot of steps to be performed before choosing a certain theme or feature to be used while starting an online event in GoToWebinar.

All things considered, Demio is emerging to be the numero uno webinar platform riding on a very diverse feature set making it the most sought alternatives to Gotowebinar.

As part of the herd of webinar tools, it has made tremendous leaps in efficiency, engagement, and user-friendliness of webinar hosts and marketers.

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Best webinar software

Quick round up of some other Gotowebinar alternatives:

1.) WebinarJam

WebinarJam is one of the oldest Gotowebinar alternatives that calls itself the most compatible webinar platform.

This webinar software is compatible with Android, iOS, and, ofcourse, the browsers. The one feature that stands out is the JamCast broadcast engine, which allows you to stream your webinar on any social media platform wherever your attendees are.

Pricing of WebinarJam

  • Free trial version– $1
  • Basic plan– $475/year
  • Pro plan– $780/year
  • Premium plan– $997/ year
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Webinarjam – Quora discussion

2.) WebinarNinja

The second of the several Gotowebinar alternatives is the cloud based WebinarNinja that is a hit amongst B2B marketers.

This webinar platform offers plenty of pre-built templates that help you create professional looking webinars in no time.

It also offers advanced screen sharing capabilities , time setter to schedule messages in chats and other features to drive more sales.

Since the webinar software is cloud based there is no hassle of downloading and installing. If you are a business or a marketer who have under 100 attendees then this webinar platform is worth a try.

GoToWebinar Alternatives: Start Your Free Trial Now 6
WebinarNinja Capterra review [03] WebinarNinja Capterra review

Pricing of WebinarNinja

  • Starter: $39/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Plus : $99/month
  • Power: $199/month

You will get a 14-day trial with each plan.

webinarninja pricing- Gotowebinar alternatives

3.) Clickmeeting

Clickmeeting is another of the Gotowebinar alternatives that is a web based webinar software.

It is known for its easy to use interface which eases out the entire webinar creation process. If the attendees join the webinar before it actually begins then the waiting room feature comes handy.

This special feature can be used by the organizers to share extra bonus information about the webinar or any other interesting topic they want to cover.


You get a 30-day free trial for 25 attendees with Clickmeeting webinar software.

  • Live plan: $30/month
  • Automated plan: $45/month
  • Customized plan for enterprises.
clickmeeting pricing-gotowebinar alternatives

An overview of all the Gotowebinar platforms discussed in this guide:

Gotowebinar AlternativesPricingFeatures Summary
DemioDemio offers three plans: Starter:$34/mo
All pricing is based on annual billing
What is good?
 Demio is easy to use without technical onboarding.

The interface is very intuitive and the free plan is good enough.

What is not good?
Demio might feel expensive to some.
WebinarJamWebinarJam offer 3 plans: Basic: $499/year
Professional: $/699/year
Enterprise: $999/year
What is good?
Setting up a webinar is super easy

 Pricing is quite affordable.

What is not good?
Lag issues are prominent

Customization options for form building are restricted.
WebinarNinjaWebinarNinja offers 3 plans:
Pro: $79/mo
Plus: $/129/mo
All the pricing is based on annual billing
What is good?
 It is an affordable webinar solution

Easy to use and offers good customer support.

What is not good?
The interface is clunky that compromises the audio and video quality.

Doesn’t offer advanced marketing automation features.
ClickMeetingClickMeeting offers 4 plans:
Free: Free for 30 days
Live: $/25/mo
Automated: $40/mo
All the pricing is based on annual billing.
What is good?
Features that help with engagement and marketing.

 It also has advanced surveys feature with intuitive interface

What is not good?
 Need time to learn

 Screen sharing option is glitchy.

Questions asked when looking for GoToWebinar alternatives:

How good is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is a great tool for  creating webinars as it offers an intuitive user interface. You can create your webinars quickly without getting involved in a technical hassle.

Which are the best GoToWebinar alternatives?

The best GoToWebinar alternative is Demio. As GoToWebinar offers a plethora of features it may get a bit overwhelming sometimes. But with Demio you will be able to manage everything much easily.

Why should I check GoToWebinar alternatives?

Demio is a great tool as it is at par with GoToWebinar and also comparatively cheaper. It can be confidently added to the list of best alternatives to Gotowebinar.

Are GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting the same? 

GoTomeeting provides you a chatroom kind of functionality where all the participants can share their ideas and involve in a discussion. While GoToWebinar is more about an online webinar hosting platform where you give a presentation and doesn’t allow discussions.

Can you use GotoWebinar for free?

GotoWebinar doesn’t offer a free plan but it does offer a 14-day free trial.

What is the difference between Zoom and GoTowebinar?

GoTowebinar is all about promoting and planning webinars. Zoom is an all-in-one communication platform that provides conferencing team messaging, voice calls in addition to webinar capabilities.

Does one need to register to attend a webinar in Gotowebinar?

Yes, to be able to attend a webinar on Gotowebinar the attendee needs to register.

Should I be worried about safety when using Gotowebinar?

GotoWebinar is completely safe to use where all your webinars, training materials are protected with standard encryption techniques. All of its solutions are backed by SSL and 128-bit advanced encryption standards.

How much does GotoWebinar cost?

GotoWebinar is available in three plans that are:
1.) Starter : $89.00 /organizer/month
2.) Pro : $199.00 /organizer/month
3.) Plus : $429.00/organizer/month


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  2. I have been using goTowebinar for the past 2 years and as of now I am not looking for any replacement. I am really impressed with their features and do not feel that any other alternative can work as well as Gotowebinar. Although, your article is wonderful and maybe sometime in the future will think about using some of the above mentioned alternative.

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