21 Tools to Build a Freelance Management System

This guide offers a detailed walkthrough on building an effective freelance management system. It highlights the importance of organizing client information, project details, and financial records for freelancers. The guide provides practical tips and tools for creating a system that streamlines project management and enhances productivity. It's an essential read for freelancers looking to optimize their work processes and manage their projects and clients more efficiently.

Working on a project on your own to provide services to a company/client which pays you to complete that work can be called freelancing. Freelancers can work on multiple projects and clients at the same time.

That would lead to raising several invoices, making edits, finding new clients, virtual meetings with a few existing clients to complete the pending discussions, and a few other tasks in between the actual work.

Handling all these tasks along with actually working on a project can get overwhelming and lead to losing some precious clients or ending up with some low-quality submissions.

freelance management system
A freelance management system helps freelancers and companies to communicate, collaborate, and automate their work/ tasks. Share on X

A freelance management system helps freelancers to automate their tasks, raise invoices, virtually meet the clients, schedule edits and discussions, and market themselves through email marketing and find new clients.

Freelance management system enables companies to manage their contractors/ group of freelancers that work on multiple projects.

Working with freelancers and remote teams has been made possible with tons of software tools that make video conferencing, screen sharing, scheduling, emailing, invoicing, and many other tasks with ease.

Upskill, offer additional services, considering log term/ large projects, marketing, build a good relationship with the existing clients, and build a network of fellow freelancers are some of the ways to stay successful and develop your freelance business online.

Working on multiple projects and managing tons of details at the same time can make you lose sight of your goals.

While persistence and opportunity have helped many using the right set of tools to stay on top of things can play a vital role in achieving success for freelancers.

Influencers in freelancing

Upton Sinclair, Hunter S. Thompson, Cameron Crowe, Chase Jarvis, and Aline Brosh McKenna are some of the famous freelancers that made it big in their freelance career.

Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair started freelancing at an early age. He wrote joke books and dime novels to pay for his college.

At the peak of his freelancing career, Sinclair wrote pulp fiction books with up to eight thousand words a day.

Fourteen years later he wrote a book called “The Jungle” which he intended to expose the poor working conditions for workers in the packaging industry.

However, the book became famous for bringing out the substandard goods in the meat products industry.

Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter started his career of writing with time as a copyboy who typed Hemingway and Fitzgerald novels in the night to learn their style of writing.

He did not make it big with freelancing. Hunter published his first feature in the magazine “Rogue”.

His big break was when he spent a year with the motorcycle gang to write a story about the Hells Angel’s motorcycle gang.

After this big break, he began his feature writing career with many other famous magazines.

Cameron Crowe

Cameron started his freelance career at the age of thirteen by writing music review for ” The San Diego Door”.

Later continued his freelance career with the Rolling Stone magazine.

He also interviewed many famous artists like Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. His first novel was at twenty-two.

Chase Jarvis

Chase originally had plans to apply for medical school.

His grandfather left him a camera that ignited his interest in photography. He began his professional photography journey with REI licensed photos that let him start his shop.

Chase Jarvis planned to apply medical school after college, but right before he graduated, his grandfather, who was a photographer, died and left Chase one of his cameras.

He succeeded in his profession and worked with some of the biggies and is now the CEO of an online education company called Creative Live.

Aline Brosh McKenna

Aline is a Harvard graduate who began her freelance writing career with a women’s magazine in New York.

She also took a screenwriting course and soon got an agent for one of her scripts.

She got her first movie break after eight long years and became famous for her movie Three to Tango. Aline says persistence is the key to success in a freelance career.

Freelance Management Software Tools:

Freelancing can prove to be lucrative if you use the right software tools to market, work, earn, and build your network. There is a variety of freelance management system that offers web application software available in the market. Each of them provides a variety of features and different pricing plans.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice ninja is an open-source invoicing app available for free online and works best for freelancers and small businesses.

Task automation, invoices, expense tracking, and much more can be done with a few clicks making it one of the best freelance management system.

freelance management system - invoice ninja


Payment gateway integrationsRecurring auto-billing invoices
Customized URL linkTime Tracking
Customized invoicingTask/project automation


  • Online invoicing and integrated payment gateways enable clients to view billing and make payments effortlessly.
  • Customized templates, fonts, and colours help in brand building.
  • Time tracking helps in raising hourly billings
  • The auto-billing features help in recurring invoices and save time.
  • The open-source platform is improved based on the review of end-users


Brand building, invoicing, to improve customer relations, and automating tasks are all made possible on a single platform with the help of invoice ninja.

Top Customers

HuffPost, SMART, and a few other leading companies and freelancing individuals use invoice ninja.


The free forever subscription covers up to hundred clients & unlimited invoices, auto-billing and invoicing, up to four customized templates, up to forty payment gateway integrations, set up recurring invoices, payment alerts, Google Analytics support, automatic currency conversion, and a few other features.

The Ninja pro plan offers a fourteen-day free-trial and costs $10 per month. Two months free if you pay annually.

Up to ten customized invoice templates, customized URL can remove the watermark, bulk emailing, password-protected client end portal, reporting, and auto-reminder emails are a part of the pro plan.

The enterprise plan costs $14 per month and offers a thirty-day guarantee.

All the features available in the free and Pro subscription is available along with additional user permission, attach third party files to invoices, branded client portals, and customized templates.


Hive, a cloud-based freelance management system works well for teams of all sizes.

Hive enables chats, file sharing, automated task management, and much more on a single platform, making it a complete freelance management system.

Planning, executing, communicating, and project monitoring is all made possible with a few clicks when you use Hive.

freelance management system - hive


Gantt chart, multiple views, chat, file sharing, analytics, project tracking, group communications, collaboration, Kanban board, and integration with Slack, Google, Dropbox, One Drive, and other platforms enable effortless project management.


  • Improves project flexibility
  • Automated action templates
  • Multiple views on real-time status
  • Enables communication and collaboration
  • Analytics helps to make data-based decisions


  • Enables centralized communication
  • Dashboards for work monitoring
  • Kanban board and Gantt charts for transparent project management
  • File sharing helps multiple team members working on the same project to share and stay connected.

Top Customers

Smartsheet, Flow, Liquidplanner, Boston College, DELL, Mountain goat, Starbucks Coffee, and many others are the leading companies using Hive.


Hive charges $12 per user per month and includes features like chat, project layouts, summarized views, automated workflows, meeting notes, and dashboards.

Enterprise plans work well for large organizations and cover the basic features and also allows add-ons like proofing, resourcing, time sheets, external users, and enterprise security is available for $4 per month.

Analytics is another add-on that costs $6 per month per user.

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Hive Capterra review


Every business, freelancer, and the team works with email. Workflow, team collaboration, real-time chats, and much more is made effortlessly with loop.

The loop email enables teams to work with shared mailboxes, split conversations on email as per discussion and much more with ease.

freelance management system - intheloop.ip


  • Signature Management
  • Canned responses
  • Email monitoring
  • response management
  • task management
  • real-time editing


  • Improved team productivity
  • Conversations for each topic is available in one place.
  • Response management helps in improved client management


Sales and support teams

Top customers

Hemptouch, CEED Slovenia, Sutton, Delnorth, and a few other leading companies use the loop.


The studio plan costs £7 per user per month and enables teams to collaborate on email. This subscription plan covers upto ten users and teams, and three shared inboxes.

The business plan costs £12 per user per month and covers unlimited teams, dedicated support, up to fifty users, and twenty shared inboxes.

The enterprise plan can be customized on request and covers unlimited users, unlimited teams, unlimited shared inboxes, 24/7 on-call support, and automated rules.


NiftyPM is an excellent freelance management tool that enables task management, communication, collaboration for both freelancers and remote working teams.

Nifty apps work well on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms.

freelance management system - nifty pm


The tasks features cover drag and drop, to-do lists, mass updates, assignment creation, task prioritization, and recurring tasks management.

The projects feature cover project planning map, GANTT, calendar views etc.,

Dashboards for project monitoring


Idea sharing, workflow collaboration, delivery deadline reminders, improves team productivity, and collaboration with remote teams.


Agile Development, digital agencies, marketing teams, client management, product teams, and legal case management.

Top Customers

Verizon, Periscope Data, VMWare, IBM, NYU, and LOREAL are some of the top brands using NiftyPM.


All plans are available for a fourteen-day free trial, free cancellation, upgrade, and downgrade available anytime.

The starter plan that costs $39 and is an excellent fit for freelancers and small teams.

Ten team members, hundred GB storage, ten active projects, and unlimited guests and clients are a part of this plan.

Google Single Sign-on, tasks, docs, files, team chat, milestone dependencies, portfolios, and recurring tasks are some of the features covered under this plan.

The Pro plan works best for small and medium teams and costs $79 per month.

Twenty-five team members, five hundred GB storage space, unlimited active projects, and unlimited guests and clients and all the other features covered under the starter plan.

The business plan costs $124 per month and is an excellent fit for medium and large teams. Fifty team members, one TB storage, and unlimited projects and clients.

Open API, Google Single Sign-on, priority support, team workloads, customized fields, budget tracking, team workloads, and cross-project overviews, and the other features available in the Pro plan.

The enterprise plan offers fully customized solutions with advanced features.

Unlimited – team members, active projects, clients, and customized storage capacity are a part of this subscription.

Dedicated success manager, On-Premise hosting, and Microsoft Active directory, and all the features available in the business plan are a part of this plan.

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Plutio is one of the best freelance management systems that offer a one-stop solution for all the project management challenges.

Plutio enables freelancers to work closely with the customers and collaborate with teams across the globe.

Plutio provides a single platform which is easy to use and offers a reliable solution for every step of the project, starting from task assignment to billing/ invoicing.

freelance management system - plutio


Invoicing, CRM, Calendar, Time tracking, tasks management, project management, and proposals management.


  • Streamlined communication
  • Powerful CRM
  • Easy to use
  • Time tracking


  • Inbox
  • Public API
  • Forms
  • Automation
  • CRM

Top Customers

Workzilla uses Plutio, and tons of developers love Plutio.


The Solo plan costs $15 per month and is most suitable for individual freelancers. The Solo plan covers all the necessary features.

The studio plan costs $20 per month.

The studio plan is an excellent fit for freelancers with multiple clients and requires collaborating with several clients and teams. This plan covers all the necessary features and enables you to invite clients to the client portal.

The team plan costs $30 per month. You can invite clients, contributors, and also work on all the features available.

White label is an add-on available for a $9 per month.

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Plutio Reddit discussion


Shopify project management is best suitable for ecommerce activities.

Freelancing individuals/teams looking to optimize their productivity and to time track their teams working remote must try the Shopify – e-commerce project management system.

freelance management system - shopify


StorefrontStore management
24/7 supportAnalytics
Mobile AppMarketing & CEO
Shopping Cart


  • Application integrations
  • customer support
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Marketing tools


Ecommerce automation, B2B ecommerce, Ecommerce automation, and multi-channel ecommerce

Top Customers

Let’s hug it out, Triple T Studios, Eliza Lu, and a few other brands use Shopify.


Basic Shopify costs $29 per month.

Online store, unlimited products, Sales channels, 24/7 support, discount codes, Free SSL Certificate, Gift cards, and abandoned cart recovery.

The Shopify plan costs $79 per month. Professional reports, along with the other features in the Basic Shopify plan.

The advanced Shopify costs $299 per month. Advanced report builder, third-party calculated shipping rates, and all the other features available in the Shopify plan.


This time tracking app enables individuals and teams to stay organized with their daily work schedule.

A freelancer or a business looking to communicate and collaborate with individuals/ teams from different locations then time doctor would be an excellent fit for you to manage work with the communication tools, integrations, reporting tools and much more to operate and improve overall productivity.

freelance management system - timedoctor


  • Employee activity monitoring, task management, time zone tracking, calendar management, reporting/analytics, employee scheduling, overtime calculation, self-service portal, screen activity recording, browsing history, productivity analysis, employee activity monitoring,
  • Mobile access, payroll management, sick leave/ vacation tracking, online punch card, timesheet management, workstation tracking, and salaried employee tracking.
  • Mobile time tracking, offline time tracking, automatic time capture, billing & invoicing employee database, overtime calculation, and multiple billing rates are some of the best features of Shopify.


  • Accurate time tracking improves productivity
  • Time Use alerts
  • Security features
  • easy setup


  • Time tracking software features enable billing for the exact time spent on a particular project.
  • The accurate details of leave tracking help in payroll management.
  • Prioritization of tasks is much easier both for managers and teams.
  • Remote team management is a lot easier.

Top Customers

Comparakeet, Complitech, 2nd office, GoMoment, KPMG, Mokriya, and many others are using Time doctor.


The Basic plan costs $7 per month and is fit for a single user.

Activity tracking, time tracking, tasks & projects, and unlimited screenshots are some of the features covered under this plan.

The standard plan costs $10 per month and covers payroll, up to forty integrations, and tracking apps & URLs along with the other features available in the basic plan.

The premium plan costs $20 per month.

It covers VIP support, unlimited groups & data storage, client login access, video screen captures, and concierge account set up along with the other features available in the standard plan.

All the plans offer a free trial.


Mailerlite works well for all types and sizes of business.

It is user friendly. A great way to manage / edit content helps in reporting and enables better data-driven decisions with its statistics.

freelance management system - mailerlite


Popups, landing pages, drag-and-drop editor, built-in photo editing, campaign reports, file manager, newsletter design template, rich text editor, user permissions, click maps, email automation, and integrations.


  • Best for small businesses to manage their email marketing.
  • Mailerlite enables social sharing along with tons of editing tools.
  • Reporting enables to make the data-driven decision making.
  • The mobile app improves your subscription.


Top Customers

GitLab, Buffer, Dollar Flight Club, Onthegosystems, Automattic, and BestSelf are some of the top customers of Mailerlite.


A free trial is available

The forever free plan covers limited features and up to a thousand subscribers.

The small business plan costs $15 per month and includes up to two thousand five hundred subscribers.

The large business plan costs $260 per month and includes all the features and covers up to sixty thousand subscribers.

You can also call and get a more customized plan that works best for large enterprises.

mailerlite reddit thread
Mailerlite Reddit discussion thread

Hippo Video

A personalized video editing and distribution platform that enables companies to achieve their marketing and sales goals.

freelance management system - hippo video


Create and edit videos with annotation, images, recording, GIFs and much more for video testimonials, sales pitch, audience demography, lead generation, and branding.


Remote Work, Personalization, Video making, video marketing, and video management.


Enables screen recording for gamers, freelancers, you tubers, and customer service teams

Top Customers

Freshworks, Tailwind, Chargebee, Hearsay, Essilor, and a few other companies use Hippo video.


The free plan covers features like hundred GB bandwidth, unlimited video hosting and creation.

The starter plan costs $15 per month and covers quick editing suite, integration, sales dashboard, and GIF creation along with the other features in the free subscription.

The Pro plan costs $29 per month and covers features like clone videos custom branding, integrations, and video campaigning.

The Growth plan costs $49 per month and covers features like premium customer support, email campaign, dedicated account manager, and shared team folders along with other features available in the pro plan.

hippo video quora
Hippo video Quora


SoapBox is the easiest to use freelance management system that enables managers to conduct meetings, take notes, and integrate with other platforms in a single click.

Recording, editing, sharing videos on various platforms, split-screen view, and screen sharing are some of the things done effortlessly.

freelance management system - soapbox


Screen sharing, split-screen view, sharing/exporting videos on social media platforms, text overlays, looping GIFs, and customized video thumbnails.


One-on-one meetings, team meetings, team management, better customer relationship and a few others are the primary uses of SoapBox.


Task assignment and team management

Top Customers

Netflix, Hubspot, Wealthsimple, Foodora, and GoDaddy are some of the top clients of SoapBox.


The free plan covers meeting rating, shared and suggested agendas/ items, private notes, and search history for the previous thirty days.

The Pro plan costs $12 per month and covers everything in the free plan along with assigning next steps, unlimited search, and adding deadlines.


Toggl enables remote team management with its easy to use tools like time-tracking, project planning, hiring, and other daily workflow activities.

freelance management system - toggl


Time tracking – Background-tracking, Calendar Integration, and Auto tracker

Reporting – Saved reports, Time rounding, and scheduled reports to email.

Project dashboard, billing, and project estimation enable project & revenue tracking.

Team dashboard, email tracking reminders, and time audits help companies and freelancers to manage projects without any hassle.


  • Detailed Reporting
  • Data backup
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Easier time tracking through a secured cloud-based web application.
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Team management
  • Remote Work
  • Remote hiring

Top Customers

Boloo, CodeCraft, Dlabs, Sizebay, ROI Hunter, and CyanCor are some of the top customers of Toggl.


Up to five users are allowed in this plan.

Best suitable for freelancers looking for a time tracking & reporting tool. Idle detection, Pomodoro timer, timeline, time-tracking, auto-tracker, and up to a hundred integrations.

The starter plan costs $9 per month and works best for small teams.

Tasks, project templates, calendar integration, saved reports, billable rates, and time estimates are some of the features covered along with the other features available in the free plan.

The premium plans cost $18 per month and enable multiple teams to collaborate consistently.

Insights, project and admin dashboard, time audits, time tracking reminders, and Add & lock time entries are some of the features covered along with those in the starter plan.

The enterprise plan covers priority support, expert training and assistance, and customize able solutions are some of the features available along with the other features available in the premium plan.

Desk Time

DeskTime can follow employee activity tracking on mac and PC with the websites, apps, and programs.

freelance management system - desktime


Leave tracking, time tracking, billing & invoicing, reporting & analytics, idle time monitoring, and screen activity recording.


  • Automatic time monitoring
  • Maximized productivity
  • computer usage monitoring
  • Mobile monitoring
  • coordinated time off


Manage team, manage project, boost productivity

Top Customers

Mindwo, adverbum, Delonix, Diversity travel, Sixt, and a few others are the top customers of desk time.


The lite plan is for free and covers mobile and app tracking, and automatic time tracking.

The pro plan costs $95 and covers URL tracking, idle time tracking, project time tracking, and productivity calculation are some of the features available in the pro plan along with the features in the lite plan.

The premium plan costs $124 per month and covers shift scheduling, offline time approval, IP restriction, absence calendar, and automatic screenshots along with the other features available in the pro plan.

The enterprise plan costs $190 per month.

It covers unlimited – data history, tasks, and projects, customized API functions, VIP support, and personalized onboarding along with the other features available in the premium plan.

The free plan requires you to sign up, and a free trial is available for all the other subscription.


People box enables building and engaging high-performance remote teams. People box helps managers to perform check-ins, provide feedback, and to manage distributed teams.

freelance management system - peoplebox


Performance, engagement, one-on-one meetings, automated survey, and anonymous messaging.


Better work relations, productivity & performance check-ins.


The automated survey, Engagement insights, and anonymous messaging

Top Customers

Pindrop, Zendrive, Walmart labs, Linkedin, and Optimizely, are the principal customers using People box.


The free plan works best for small teams with up to four users/ employees and covers features like one-on-one meetings, productivity tracking, and team check-ins.

The premium plan costs $6 per month per user.

Unlimited access to previous one on ones, Goal management, and other features available in the free subscription is a part of the premium plan.

The performance plus engagement plan costs $10 per month per employee.

Multiple teams, automated engagement surveys, dashboard, anonymous messaging, and monthly engagement reports along with the other features available in the premium plan.


The intelligent capturing, retrieving information, conversion of meeting content into saved knowledge for the meeting management lifecycle is managed by adam.ai effortlessly.

Adam.ai works well for startups/ large enterprises, senior management, and managers supervising multiple teams.

freelance management system - adam.ai


Track meetings, record meeting votes, quick meeting setups, file sharing with multiple apps, and team accountability are some of the essential components of adam.ai


  • A great time saver for managers looking to manage multiple teams at various timezones
  • Enables to keep discussions on record.
  • The recorded material can be a knowledge library for future use.
  • The quick meeting setups across time zones improves accuracy and enables optimum usage of time.


Works best for managers, teams, and individuals.

Top Customers

Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Cisco, Accenture, HP, The University of Tennessee, Pepsico, Dell, and many other leading companies use adam.ai


The free plan enables up to five users with a five GB storage of meet place. The unlimited meeting, up to three projects, live chat & tickets support are a part of the free plan.

The Pro plan costs $4.99 per month per user and covers up to fifty GB storage space.

A thirty-day free trial is available for this plan. Unlimited integrations, Zoom cloud recording, customized branding, minutes approval, and dedicated decisions page are a part of the pro plan.

The enterprise plan enables users to manage up to a hundred users with advanced customization.

All the features in the Pro plan are available in this plan. Customized integrations, Single sign-on, unlimited storage, onboarding sessions, importing past meeting minutes, and 24/7 premium support are all a part of the enterprise plan.


Eyeson is a video meeting software that enables you to chat, conduct meetings, screen share, and much more with a click helping remote working with multiple teams a breeze.

freelance management system - eyeson


Screen sharing/ file sharing, unlimited meeting time, can add up to twenty-five participants per call, permanent meeting room links, quick join link, chat on desktop meetings, ticket support, and PDF presentation available with a click.


  • The simple to use features saves time.
  • Bandwidth to cover large teams
  • Customization allows to use it as required
  • Mobile apps let users stay connected on the go.


  • Team meetings
  • Secure Meetings
  • Top Customers


The basic plan works well for individual freelancers and small teams.

This plan costs $9 per host per month, and a free trial is available. Add-ons like integrations, conference, storage, and streaming is available.

The corporate plan is suitable for large teams, and a free trial is available.

Dedicated customer success manager, domain licence, basic plan with selected add-ons and a few other features are general for customization with the corporate subscription.

Great vidoe tool
Eyeson G2 review


Spreadsheets, integrations, APIs, and other work tools that facilitate the entire project lifecycle works excellent as a freelance management system.

freelance management system - stackby


  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Gantt Charts
  • Resource management
  • task tracking and scheduling
  • Batch access and permissions


  • Process automation
  • real-time metrics
  • Remote collaboration
  • Reminder setting


  • Sales and business development
  • Marketing and communications
  • Remote work
  • Projects

Top Customers

UCLA, Shake digital, Black & White real estate, Alchemy digital media, Tomorrow Capital, and a few other leading companies use Stackby.


The personal plan works best for an individual freelancer and costs $5 per user per month.

The subscription covers single users, unlimited guests, up to ten stacks, up to four GB storage, up to five MB file upload limit, thirteen weeks of history, and five API integrations.

It also includes features like Grid, Kanban, Templates, and imports from Google spreadsheet.

The economy plan costs $9 per month per user and works best for small and medium organizations.

All the features available in the personal subscription and also covers twenty-five stacks, up to ten integrations, and allows twenty-five guests.

stackby capterra
Stackby Capterra review


Meeting clients, scheduling appointments, document annotation, and much more are all made possible virtually and useful for both freelancers and businesses to manage their client relationship and work in sync with their remote teams.

The features also enable users to keep track of tons of meetings and appointments effortlessly.

freelance management system - vectera


Interactive video meetings, Intelligent scheduling, audio & video conferencing, screen sharing, co-browsing, recording, integrations, time zone detection, and many more features are a part of Vectera.


  • Vectera improves client relationship with dedicated meeting rooms.
  • Scheduling meetings with time zone detection helps save time.
  • Integrations enable sharing data on multiple platforms in a single click


  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Customer support
  • sales teams
  • Trainers

Top Customers

TOCO, Athlon, MediaHuis, Schipper, and Optimizely are some of the leading companies using Vectera.


The Vectera Free plan covers all the features required for a freelance management system.

The free plan covers features that enable full-time employees and freelance workforce to work with ease.

Screen sharing, meeting schedules, waiting rooms for clients, whiteboarding sharing, and workable in the browser are some of the features that enable freelancers and full-time employees to stay on top of their schedule and keep track of multiple deliverables.

The Vectera Pro plan costs $8.99 per host per month.

Unlimited meetings, Integrations with Google drive, CRM, and dropbox helps the workforce to work and share effortlessly. The Cloud-based and local recording helps the workforce to manage work and keep track of deliverables.

The Vectera customized plan covers all the features available in the Vectera Pro plan along with API access and Single Sign-on.

The cost for this customizable plan works well for companies that work with both freelancer workforce and full-time employees.


Hubstaff is another freelancer management system that enables freelancers to manage their billing and track work.

Hubstaff is not only useful as a freelance management system but is also helpful for full-time employees.

It helps to manage their timesheets and enable companies to understand any productivity issues making it an excellent management system for all kinds of the workforce.

freelance management system - hubstaff


  • Remote work and collaboration
  • GPS tracking, asset tracking, billing & invoicing, employee monitoring, time tracking, and biometric recognition.


  • The time tracking tool helps companies and freelancers to manage their workforce and projects effortlessly.
  • A company with remote teams benefits most from this tool.
  • Reporting enables companies to make the data-driven decision making.
  • Time management enables the freelance workforce to optimize and prioritize their time.
  • Companies can track their employee’s productivity and optimize the work schedule of both their freelance workforce and full-time employees.
  • Efficiently manage employment termination payments, streamlining financial processes when parting ways with freelancers or employees.


Construction, healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, and landscaping.

Top Customers

ENC Construction, LinkUp Studio, Rise, Emsisoft, Terran, Tallyfy, and Epic Coders are some of the leading companies using Hubstaff.


The free plan covers one user.

Time tracking, activity levels, and limited screenshots & payments are a part of this plan.

The Basic subscription costs $7 per month per user.

One integration, per-user settings, and twenty-four hours support are available in this plan along with the other features in the free subscription.

The premium plan costs $10 per month per user and requires a minimum of two users to start.

The premium plan covers all the features available in the basic subscription.

Mobile GPS tracking, expense tracking, invoicing, time off, client/ project budget, payroll, time sheet approval, and fleet management platform tracking, are some of the features covered in this plan.

These features make it a complete package whether you are a company and a freelancer if you are looking for management software that covers all its needs to track their remote teams and freelancer workforce.

The enterprise plan costs $20 per month.

It covers VIP support, unlimited job sites, concierge account setup, higher limits on public API along with the other features available in the premium plan.

Streak – CRM for Google

Streak-CRM enables a freelancer to view tracking, send personalized emails, schedule emails, split conversations on email, and much more, making it an excellent freelancer management system.

It works as management software for your CRM and inbox integration and also works as a connector to all your other Google applications.

The Google connect, and the integration works great for both companies and as a freelancer management system.

freelance management system - streak crm for google


Customized view of the pipeline, easily export/ import(built into GMail), quick access through mobile, view tracking and integrations.


  • Track emails enable who clicked what content thereby improving sales/ lead generation.
  • Using Streak-CRM improves work automation/ business process.
  • Improves the hiring process
  • Increases sales


Sales, Business Development, Fundraising, real estate, and project management.

Top Customers

AffiniPay, The Medically, KBS Network Builders, Llano Media LLC, and many other leading companies use Streak-CRM for Google


The free plan works as an excellent freelance management system for an individual and covers up to fifty mail merging, basic CRM, and email tracking.

The Solo plan costs $15 per month per user.and covers up to five thousand basic CRM, and up to eight hundred mail merge.

A free fourteen-day trial is also available for this plan.

The Pro plan costs $45 per month per user and works well as a CRM solution for a small or medium-sized business.

Shared pipelines, advanced CRM, and up to a thousand five hundred mail merge is available. The Pro plan also has a fourteen-day free trial.

The enterprise plan costs $49 per month per user and works best for a large-sized company looking for data validation and customization.

Customized permissions, priority support, and data validation is a part of this plan.


If you are an individual with a freelance career and is looking for a CRM tool that blends well with the Gsuite to keep all your work connected then Nethunt is an excellent fit for you.

It enables email capturing, saves customer interaction, manages deals, and helps with pipelines making it available with your emails.

freelance management system - nethunt


Call logging, meeting notes taking, deal/contact management, data import/ export, email link tracking, personalized email campaigns, Gmail chrome extension, and campaign analytics features makes it a perfect freelance management system. Email signature generator is also a useful function that must be included in email automation


  • Improves customer relationship management
  • Enables collaboration between remote teams
  • Streamlines sales processes
  • Helps to create personalized marketing strategies.


Financial services, technology, Retail, Photography, Biotech, Landscaping, education, and construction.

Top Customers

iplan, Xorcom, Momenzo, Universal Genetics, Agave Lab, and many other companies use NetHunt.


The professional subscription costs $24 per month and saves 20% when billed annually. The plan offers a fourteen-day free trial.

Email campaigns, manage customers and leads, organize contacts, and build pipelines are some of the features covered under this plan.

The professional plus plan costs $28 per month per user and offers a rebate of 20% when billed annually.

Email sharing, templates, team/ task management, team performance tracking, reporting, forecasts, collaborate, and integrations are some of the features available in the professional plus subscription.

The enterprise plan costs $48 per user per month and offers a rebate of 20% when paid annually. You can get a fourteen-day free trial.

Customization, CRM, automated workflow, integrations, advanced filters and views, and custom development are some of the top features covered in this plan.


Promo.com is an easy to use app that helps in boosting sales, improving marketing strategies, and enables personal branding.

freelance management system - promo.com


  • Video creation and editing with animation, 3D effects, audio tools, brand overlay, and drag & drop.
  • Customized branding 
  •  collaboration tools 
  • Closed captioning, bulk uploading, and analytics for video management.


  • Professional quality video for branding.
  • Customized promo ads
  • Image and music library for video editing


Marketing videos, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, Facebook videos, and promo videos for Business, Travel, marketing, real estate, and e-commerce.

Top Customers

Bluecross Blue shield, Techpoint Solutions, Blitzmetrics, and Optimize Online are some of the ultimate happy customers using promo.com


The annual basic plan at promo.com costs $39 per month.

This subscription works best for freelance individuals and small businesses. Unlimited video downloads, no watermark, and up to thirty-six premium clips per year are a part of this plan.

Licensed music, image library, text animations, multiple video formats, video templates, collage maker, and social media calendar are some of the features available in this plan.

The annual standard plan costs $69 per month and is an excellent fit for unlimited video clips, and premium video download.

Customized fonts, one brand, and the personalized watermark is a part of the plan. The features available in the annual basic plan is also a part of the yearly plan.

The annual pro plan costs $249 per month and works well for medium and large size companies.

White label sharing, reseller rights, unlimited video downloads, and the unlimited premium clip is a part of this plan. All the features available in the annual standard subscription along with priority customer service is a part of this subscription.


Invoicely works well as a freelance management system with its invoicing, time and expense tracking, and online payment accepting tool.

Invoicely is a one-stop solution that enables a company or a freelancer.

It works as an excellent management system that allows users to automate workflow, manage clients, track time, raise invoices, and accept payments. A freelancer can also use it for vendor management/ client management.

freelance management system - invoicely


  • Effortless invoicing, Invoice estimation, customize invoices
  • Time & expense management
  • Branding
  • Accepting payments


  • Hassle-free work schedule
  • Saves time with recurring billing
  • Enables accepting payments
  • One platform for the entire project lifecycle


  • An online record of sales
  • Small business accounting

Top Customers

K Glyphics, Envato Tutsplus, Conscious comms, and a few other freelancers, love to use inovicely.


The free plan covers five monthly invoices, three saved clients, a bill in any currency, limited branding, and payment acceptance through PayPal.

The basic plan costs $9.99 per month and covers a hundred invoices, twenty-five saved clients, recurring statements, and time & expense tracking along with the features covered in the basic plan.

The professional plan costs $19.99 per month and covers all the features available in the basic plan plus two hundred and fifty monthly invoices, up to ten members, and a hundred saved clients.

The enterprise plan costs $29.99 per month and covers all the features available in the professional plan plus unlimited – saved clients, monthly invoices, and up to twenty-five team members.


The web monitoring enables a company to manage its workforce both full-time and freelancers.

Freelancers can use it for discovering influencers in their niche and monitor competitors. The boolean alerts, reporting, sharing, and other management tools available in a single platform helps both a company and a freelancer.

freelance management system - awario


Unlimited monitoring, analytics, social selling, boolean search, organized workspace, and white-label reports.


  • Predictive insights
  • Immense coverage
  • Influencer leveraging


Social media monitoring, Influencer marketing, hashtag tracking, and social selling

Top Customers

Michael Ruiz Consulting, UpJourney, Content Amplified, Geekwise academy, and a few others are the leading companies using Awario.


The starter plan costs $29 per month and is an excellent fit for individual freelancer and a small company looking for brand monitoring.

Up to three topics monitoring, one team member, boolean search, five thousand stored mentions per each topic, and up to thirty thousand new mentions per month are a part of this subscription.

The pro plan works well for the small and medium-sized company and costs $89 per month.

Data export, shareable reports, fifteen topics monitoring, and three team members are available in this subscription along with the other features available in the starter plan.

The enterprise plan costs $299 per month and is an excellent fit for a large company with multiple brands to monitor. API, account manager, white-label PDF, HTML reports, fifty topics to monitor, and ten team members are a part of this plan along with the other features available in the enterprise plan.


NordVPN offers protection, high-speed servers, excellent data encryption, and unrestricted internet for businesses that are big and small.

NordVPN works on all major platforms and can work on a minimum of six devices simultaneously.

freelance management system - nord vpn


Next-generation encryption, Cybersecurity, automatic kill switch, smart play, streaming support, dedicated IP address, VPN apps for various devices, and 24/ 7 customer support.


  • Security and privacy
  • High-speed internet
  • Double protection with double VPN
  • Up to five thousand servers in fifty-nine countries.


  • YouTube creators
  • Top Customers
  • The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Yahoo Tech, Cnet, Forbes, and a few others are some of the companies using Nord VPN.


  • The one year plan costs $5.75 per month.
  • The six months plan costs $9 per month.
  • The one month plan costs $11.95 per month.

An overview of all the tools mentioned in this guide:

Freelance management toolsPricingFeatures Summary
Nifty PMPaid plan starts at $39/moAn affordable project management tool that helps you manage small teams.
HubstaffThe paid plan starts at $7/user/moA time tracking application that helps virtual teams to keep track of their work progress.
HiveThe paid plan starts at $12/user/moHive is a productivity platform that helps small businesses to easily communicate and control their projects and tasks.
InTheloop.ioThe paid plan start at $8/user/moA tool that helps you manage your emails and inboxes while preventing any loss of important emails due to inbox overflow.
PlutioPaid plans start at $15/monthA project management tool that specifically caters to the needs of freelancers and small businesses. It makes a perfect between complex and simple operations.
TimedoctorPaid plans start at $5/user/monthA great tool to track the productivity of team members while also being pocket -friendly.
SoapboxPaid plans start at $7/month/userA tool for managers that allows them to discuss projects and other tasks . The entire process of organizing virtual meetings becomes simple.
PeopleBoxPaid plan starts at $7 per employee per month.An AI-powered tool that helps managers to manage their remote teams.
DesktimePaid plan starts at $7 per user per month.Allows you to keep a track of all the information related to meetings in one place so whenever you need it you can easily access it and never miss anything.
TogglPaid plan starts at $9 per user per monthA time tracker tool that helps you track how much time you are spending when and where. For individuals, it is a free tool.
Adam.aiPaid plan starts at $4.99 per user per month.A meeting recording software that covers all the aspects of a meeting lifecycle. So, meeting content is converted into a helpful knowledge base .
EyesonPaid plan starts at $19 per month.A tool that helps you connect with your customer quickly via screen sharing.
InvoiceNinjaPaid plan starts at $19 per month.An invoice creating tool that help freelancers to quickly generate invoices and share it with their clients.
MailerlitePaid plan starts at $15/moAn affordable email marketing tool that comes with a generous free plan and helpful features.
ShopifyPaid plan starts at $14/moAn ecommerce platform that allows users to sell online and take care of all the aspects of the online shopping space.
HippovideoThe paid plan start at $5/mo/user.A video-making tool that helps you create videos for tutorials, social media, and advertising.
VecteraPaid plan starts at $8.99 /month/userAllows you to meet your clients online and organize an online meetings for up to 4 people.
StackbyPaid plan starts at $5/user/monthA business process management tool that offers a centralized space with databses, spreadsheets and more.
Nord VPNPaid plan starts at $4.91/moA tool that allows you to connect to wi-fi networks available while you are moving or traveling.
AwarioThe paid plan starts at $29/mo
A social media monitoring tool that helps you establish your brand presence by letting you know about the important discussions related to your brand online or related services.
NethuntThe paid plan starts @ $24/mo/userA CRM service that integrates completely with your gmail inbox.
InvoicelyFreeA free online billing service that makes it easy to send, receive and manage your invoices.

Our Experience:

Whether you are a freelance individual, small/ medium/large company, an entire project management life cycle requires a management software that covers all aspects of the management system.

A freelance management system software usually covers task automation, reminder setting, online audio and video conferencing, team meetings, time and expense tracking, time sheet management, monitoring, email/ chat, invoicing, payment acceptance, and all other steps of the project management cycle.

There are several top-notch management software available in the market with a variety of features and pricing policies. While each one of them is great with the features, they offer there is no perfect tool.

The features and pricing suitable to a freelancer may not be ideal for a small/ medium-sized business.

Thorough research about the features offered, the pricing plans available, its benefits, and other details about some of the best web application tool has been discussed in this guide to enable freelancers and businesses to make the right decision.

Questions asked while looking for Freelance Management System:

What is a freelance management system?

Companies and freelancers use software that enables them to manage the complete project lifecycle, and this software is called freelance management system.

Can I use Freelance management system for free?

Most providers offer a free trial and free forever plans with limited features.

Is there a limit on the number of clients?

Some of the providers offer a limited number of clients for a free or basic plan. However, an enterprise plan covers unlimited clients.

Is there a discount available on the subscription plan?

A few software providers offer a discount on annual billing payment of the subscription.

Can I cancel the plan?

A few software providers enable users to cancel plans, upgrade, and downgrade as required. It would be best to read the details before signing up on a subscription plan.

Can I get some help once I sign up for a plan?

All the software providers offering freelance management system provide on-call, live, 24/7 support along with trainings, demo, and webinars to helps users.

Can I use my FMS on the go?

Most of the providers offer their software in mobile apps, chrome, and web-based applications.


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