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10 WordPress Gutenberg Themes with Gutenberg blocks

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WordPress keeps evolving and enhancing, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the community of developers and designers. The Gutenberg editor for WordPress is one of the recent and very appreciated innovations.

As a visual content feature that divides a post into blocks, Gutenberg can be used by a diverse set of webmasters, depending on their web design and development skills. Not only this editor makes things simpler, but those who are using it are already raving about how neatly this feature helps them organize content within a post. With its blocks, it becomes a seamless task to drag and drop the different elements within a page simply. 

Owing to its increasing popularity, more and more WordPress users are looking to install the Gutenberg-powered WordPress theme for their website. This article will highlight the best 10 WordPress Gutenberg Themes that you can try out for your website.


WordPress Gutenberg Themes

Content rules in the digital world of today. Websites that have a bend towards online and content marketing publish a lot of text on their pages, and for such websites, Contentberg comes as a great platform. The theme is built specifically to have the spotlight on content rather than fancy design and distractions. The powerful features and visual enhancement that Contentberg offers provides to be a great recipe for websites to grow their user base, which is typical of any website that provides a great user experience.

WordPress Gutenberg Themes

The content width for your articles can be set on a realistic scale in Gutenberg blocks with this theme. It is a great tool as this lets you picture how the final article or post will look like to a visitor to your blog. Make no mistake, this is a powerful capability that ends up saving tons of time and lends a visual quality to your content that is easy on eyes, thus leading to visitors spending more time on the website.


To state the obvious, The SEO WordPress theme is perfect for those that focus very heavily on having a website totally oriented around the SEO and online marketing aspects. This theme is designed for SEO professionals and agencies, digital marketing agencies, professionals in the field of online marketing, etc.

WordPress Gutenberg Themes

It is also a fantastic theme when you want to build landing pages that have the maximum chances of converting visitors to paying users.


WordPress Gutenberg Themes

One of the chief parameters for any website’s success and user retention is its speed. As a web user gets flooded with more and more information over the web, thanks to multiple subscriptions, browser hints, and so on, there is no dearth of options that an average user has when it comes to reading or buying something from the web. Therefore, when users land on a website that takes time to load, it proves to be a major dent in the user experience, owing to the ever lowering patience of the web user. The consequence that such websites have to face is a high bounce rate. And, regardless of whether yours is a blog or an e-commerce site, a high bounce rate means low engagement. Any low engagement website is not going to earn enough for its owners, especially when even Google won’t be very generous in sending the organic traffic your way.

With this being a very obvious qualifier for a potentially successful website, Pillar has come up as a theme with exceptionally fast loading times. The entire theme looks very clean and while it does not load your website with beautiful bells and whistles, the theme is a very charming one. The main focal point with this theme is the loading time, it more than scores in that department. Its color schemes blend in beautifully with the overall design and its minimalist layouts lend your website with amazing aesthetics. The best thing about this theme design is that it is diverse – you can use it to create a professional portfolio, or you can host your company’s blog, or you can even use it as a photography blog.


WordPress Gutenberg Themes

As an individual looking to take a plunge in the world of the Internet being an owner of a website that contains a ton of content around different topics, you are looking for the WordPress themes that have the features and visual design in sync with how a typical content-heavy website should look like. Launchkit is one such theme that fits the description to the T.

A theme with an optimized setup for the Gutenberg blocks, Launchkit provides a wide range of options in terms of stylized as well as minimal layouts and blog listings. There are very interesting HTML5 and also CSS3 animations that can be embedded in your pages so that you present your content in a way that is most appealing to your readers. The whole look and feel of Launchkit are very trendy and modern. Even though it keeps things interesting and creative, there is no compromise made on user-friendliness and a website powered by this theme looks beautiful and clean. The text-heavy websites can benefit heavily with its minimal vibe and it stays very easy on eyes.


Flashy, colorful, in-your-face website designs are passe. In this time and age, we are witnessing the emergence of web designs that are minimal, fresh and clean, especially the ones that can generate more leads. That’s what Leadengine is all about!

WordPress Gutenberg Themes

If you are one of those people who want their websites to be non-fussy in design and visual aesthetics, Especio comes highly recommended. It is a highly intuitive theme and you can make use of the Gutenberg blocks when publishing content.


WordPress Gutenberg Themes

If you are looking to set up a website in order to have an online portfolio for your business or for a personal profile, Pivot would be an interesting pick. This multipurpose WordPress theme consists of a beguiling looking slider option. It lets you add galleries easily and present them in the visually the most appealing manner so that all the images you add to the gallery and publish in a post come out very beautifully, and yet do not overwhelm the post as a whole.

Apart from the Gutenberg block feature, this theme also comes with a web page builder, parallax and another impressive set of features. All in all, Pivot inculcates a great set of innovations, based on the changing requirements and online behavior of the average web user. You get to choose between a lot of navigational options, just so you can add as many pages and menu items on a place on your website where it cannot be missed.


WordPress Gutenberg Themes

As the name suggests, TownPress is a theme that is designed for websites that serve as an online directory for its audience. This theme has in-built support for the Gutenberg blocks. If you plan to have a site that publishes blogs, news, lifestyle articles, etc., this is one of the most ideal themes you can get your hands on. What truly makes it a must-install is its ability to adapt to varying screen sizes or operating systems, thanks to its responsiveness. The additional features are also plentiful in this theme; you can create events using the in-built features, set up alerts and notifications, kickstart an email marketing campaign, and so on and so forth.


Enhanced to support all WordPress Gutenberg blocks and comprising of upgraded block styles, Foundry is a beautiful, simple to use and elegant theme that offers a huge range of customization capabilities to users. This theme, characterized by its minimal look and feel, is designed to run on all devices, whether it is a PC or a Smartphone or even a tablet.

WordPress Gutenberg Themes

But what stands out in this theme is its black and white hues, which ensures there is no distraction from the areas you want your users to focus on. Over the years, brands have shifted from stuffing their websites with a wide mix of colors and shiny elements to having a minimal look, with colors that are soft and not very bright. As the taste and browsing habits of the web users have evolved, this design strategy is working really well for brands. The Foundry theme encompasses everything that the web user of today expects or wants to see on a website. Its design elements are constructed in such a way that when a user lands to get some information on your website, the visual interface gives them a good reason to stick around to assimilate and share the information provided.


Among the best themes to have adopted the Gutenberg blocks, the OneCommunity theme not only gives webmasters a great tool to enhance and enrich their website with this latest WordPress offering, but empowers them to build powerful and huge networks. OneCommunity works with the latest 4.x version of BuddyPress and supports full integration with bbpress. OneCommunity is another powerful theme that can be used to build a website that does not miss out on any major or, for that matter, even minor features.

WordPress Gutenberg Themes

While the theme does pack a powerful punch, it is essentially a lightweight theme that ensures a very high degree of usability and overall site speed. The Gutenberg blocks that come with the Mae theme are diverse and provide a perfect platform to set up a website is modern and highly responsive.

Whilst we have mentioned that is a lightweight and responsive theme, don’t let that fool you into believing that there are compromises made on the creativity part. If you are a webmaster with a natural bend towards creativity and have a ton of ideas for how your website should look like, OneCommunity provides you a beautiful canvas to try out different ideas and give them a form. Rest assured, even the most creatively loaded website can work exceedingly well over Mae.

WP Rentals

wordpress gutenberg themes

WP Rentals has got just the right blend of all the features one wants or needs in a website that is aimed at publishing and offering listings in the form o properties or objects on a rent basis. It also offers responsiveness, high speed, tons of features, visually enriching layouts, and so on. Talking more about layouts, WP Rentals facilitates adding very responsive and smooth sidebars, having menu options that make your website easy to navigate and most important of all, it remains compatible with Gutenberg blocks. The websites hosted on this theme are very adaptive and can work on screens of all sizes, there are no issues to be faced on laptops or tablets or even smartphones.


With such a rich collection of WordPress themes, it can be quite a task to pick one. That said, it is a happy problem. These themes are suited to the diverse needs of business across industries and websites built on one of these can directly settle in the minds of their visitors to help the business grow.

Questions related to the selection of WordPress Gutenberg Themes:
What are WordPress Gutenberg themes?

WordPress GutenBerg is a block editor that helps to create interactive content quickly. With the help of this theme you can play a lot with your content layout.

Who should use Gutenberg themes?

GutenBerg themes can be used by anybody but be prepared for a bit of a learning curve because it will take time to learn the entire working with this theme.

What are some WordPress themes compatible with Gutenberg themes?

There are a large number of themes compatible with Gutenberg are Hestia pro, Astra theme, Divi and breakthrough pro.

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