CallPage Review: Revolutionize Your Calls with AI-Based Tool

As someone who has extensively analyzed CallPage, I can attest to its effectiveness in enhancing customer engagement. This review dives into how CallPage seamlessly integrates with websites to offer instant callbacks to potential clients, thus optimizing lead conversion rates. My examination covers its user-friendly interface, robust analytics, and how it streamlines communication. While exploring its features, I also discuss any limitations and compare it with other similar tools, aiming to provide a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to improve their customer interaction.
CallPage Review

Just like marketing, the concept of sales is also gradually evolving. In this time and age, sales emphasizes more on approaching suspects and prospects in a more personalized fashion. If you don’t contact the buyers with relevant messaging and offerings, there is no way they would be interested to buy from you. Period.

Gone are the days of “cold calling” – well, almost! Sales teams in organizations, across industries, now channel all their energy and efforts in nurturing the leads first to not only achieve conversions but also to add value to their business through knowledge-sharing.

Today, people want to learn. They want to consume information first organically and then take a call on whether or not a certain company can help them scale or support in any way!

But from where do these so-called leads come?

Certainly not through those outdated data lists! A website is the biggest source for mining potential customers. Unfortunately, a lot of companies don’t realize the amount of information that can be extracted from the website performance.

Did you know every website visitor is a potential customer?

Yup – no wonder there are so many marketing tactics such as push and exit intent to stay engaged with the visitors! Marketers are consistently finding new ways to grab the buyers’ attention but now it is time for the sales teams to directly leverage from websites.

Callpage review - offers ease of use and get insights from sales calls of a website visitor.
Callpage Capterra review

Introduction to CallPage

Based out of San Francisco and Krakow, CallPage is a startup that believes that human conversation, when combined with technology, has the power to change the world of sales. In fact, the change is pretty visible and CallPage is merely assisting in speeding up the process!

CallPage is backed by leading European investors, including Startup Wise Guys. The idea behind CallPage is to enable immediate callback to the consumers who have shown some sort of interest on a particular website. CallPage focuses on two major elements and they are speed and user experience.

If a consumer comes to your website and spends some time on it, it is obvious that he or she has some interest in your offerings. This automatically makes the consumer a prospect – someone who may (or may) not purchase your products or services but is worth approaching.

In order to engage website visitors and possibly convert them into customers, CallPage helps in providing immediate response from your company’s sales team – provided the visitor has clicked on the “call back” button on the website.

callpage-callback-widget - СallPage Review a tool that helps you get insights from sales calls and sales recording

CallPage works towards increasing the website conversion rate and inbound calls by up to 75%. It is a big claim but this product lives up to its reputation. Its setup does not take more than five minutes, so even if you have a novice tech team, they will be able to figure out the operations bit.

Therefore, whenever a prospect comes to the website and clicks on the CallPage button on your website (with a CTA of your own choice), it will ask him or her to enter the phone number. Once that is typed in, the system automatically notifies your sales rep to call the prospect.

The sales rep then connects with your potential customer through a mobile phone, SIP or landline phone within 28 seconds! This way, your business is not only able to generate an authentic lead organically but also act on it at the earliest.

This website call widget actually makes it very easy for sales managers to do business because they don’t have to go chasing prospects. Instead, the interested ones come to them and make it easier for the reps to engage and convert them because they are already interested!

Why making calls is important in relationship building

No matter how many different marketing tools we implement, nothing can beat the personal touch. In fact, everyone loves to be treated special and now that 1:1 hyper personalization is so big across industries, one can’t really escape it! I believe unless and until a consumer doesn’t speak to the sales rep of a company, the level of credibility of that business is going to stay low.

This is the reason why talking on the phone is also important. Although cold calling is not recommended at the first stage of the sales funnel, calling does matter in sales, so you must not ignore that at any cost but before that, learn to engage the prospects.

As mentioned earlier, the art of doing sales is evolving and how. Technology has made it easier for sales reps to connect and communicate with potential customers from all across the globe thanks to tools such as Skype, Slack and GoToMeeting.

website-widget- СallPage Review that offers ease of use and help track your website visitors via phone call and phone numbers and call recording

This is where the concept of inside sales call centers the picture. In simple words, it is described as the act of calling a prospect from within the premises of the office or home office. Inside sales is also called virtual sales, sales in the cloud or professional sales done remotely.

According to a research by, inside sales is growing 300 times faster than traditional or outside sales. Outside sales reps are invariably spending more time making calls and finalizing deals while in the office, rather than doing all of that face-to-face that costs big to the company, breaks the productivity flow of the sales reps and on the whole is more tiring than usual!

But thanks to technology, connecting with someone over Skype or GoToMeeting is easier than ever. The 2013 Inside Sales Market Size Survey revealed that 41 percent of the time spent by the outside sales reps now goes into conducting sales on the internet or through phones. So how can sales be left behind?

Inbound sales call is a great tool for inside sales conversion

The good thing about inbound sales is that the leads are already warmed up, and if the sales reps strike the axe at the right time, it can lead to fruitful business. Your website visitors are those warm leads. They are in your territory. They either already know about you or they are getting to know you – either way, converting them is in your hands and you can make that happen smoothly and quickly!

Since inside sales is fast, cost-effective and customized as per the needs of the hyper-educated consumers, making inbound sales calls makes sense. Thanks to such kind of selling, the consumers also get to enjoy a certain level of flexibility.

They can see a half-hour demo or presentation from the sales reps from the comfort of their office or home – without having to travel to someplace else to personally meet with the concerned personnel.

Tools such as CallPage understand this completely, and makes it easier for the consumers to get chased by the sales rep. The business, on the other hand, gets to sell its offerings to an already interested or slightly interested prospect. It’s a win-win for both the parties – and that goes without saying!

Call back your potential customers in 28 seconds

If you are marketing your website right, chances are that a lot of visitors do visit your website as the platform has a lot of info to offer. But really – how many of them exactly give you a call or take out the time to fill out your Contact Us form? 3, 5, 20? OK!

Callpage review that help you reach potential clients in a better way through and callpage helps call recording
Callpage Quora discussion

Engaging them is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is converting them which is the whole and soul purpose of running a business. All your marketing activities are a waste if they are not generating any revenue.

Your numbers may be good; they may be as per industry and company size standards but what if you had the opportunity to double your figure? There is no limit to how much your business can grow – provided you allow the scalability to happen. Of course – you will grab that chance with both hands thanks to a website call widget called CallPage.

СallPage Review in 28 seconds and callpage helps reach potential clients in a better way

It analyzes user behaviours on the website in real-time. If this website call widget sees an interested visitor, it offers a callback within 28 seconds by showing a pop-up dialog box on the screen. All the visitor has to do is leave his or her phone number in the pop-up dialog box.

The website call widget then calls the first manager and if for some reason, he or she doesn’t pick up, the widget notifies the second manager who then immediately connects with the waiting visitor. After the conversation is over – irrespective of the outcome of the call – the potential customer will receive a gratitude message.

The manager who took the call will be able to listen to the entire conversation in the CRM, and take things further accordingly. CallPage ensures effective inside sales call activities. It makes it easier for sales reps to strike at a time when the leads are warm and genuinely interested.

Success features

CallPage has some amazing features that makes it an effective addition to a business strategy. Here is a small list of the CallPage offerings:

1) Seamless website call widget setup

Yup – you don’t need to install any addition desktop or mobile apps to use CallPage. It just takes 5 mins to get the widget up and running on the system. You can even choose a catchy call-to-action – which you must – to increase inbound phone sales.

2) User-friendly mobile design

Everyone loves an attractive digital design as it helps in boosting engagement. CallPage does wonders on both tablets and smartphones. The website call widget is completely responsive and is adaptable on all mobile gadgets. No wonder so many brands have joined hands with it!

СallPage Review - offers features such as call recording

3) Customizable widget for websites and mobile webpages

Yes – that’s correct. You can add your custom text, change colors, change the background and upload your own photo. You can also change the look and feel of the website call widget using the built-in CSS editor. The functionality of CallPage is such that it allows you design an interface that matches your website design.

4) End-to-end tracking of call

CallPage allows you to do that through the dashboard. The website call widget tracks the user behaviours on the website and if it thinks that the visitor may be interested in your services, it will show the pop-up box on the website for him or her to fill in the contact details.

5) Manager call routing feature

Once the phone number has been filled by the visitors, CallPage notifies the first manager and if for some reason, he or she isn’t there to receive that notification, the widget informs the second person in duty. CallPage doesn’t make any interested visitor wait for too long!

6) SMS and call integration

Once the call gets over, the visitor gets a “thank you” message from the website call widget on the phone. I think this is a great example of customer experience. Who doesn’t love to receive messages that spell gratitude! CallPage ensures 100% positive user experience, and it is a delight to see that!

CallPage Integrations

In this age, if a tool can’t sync with other tools to create fabulous results, it is not going to survive! Fortunately, CallPage has got it all covered. There is a series of tools and apps that can integrated with CallPage.

СallPage Review and integrations that help you track your website visitors through phone numbers and phone call

Here are top 10 of these:

Facebook Ads integration

This is perhaps the biggest feature of CallPage and given that Facebook is a popular social media channel for B2B and B2C businesses, it only makes sense to have a facility that enables the business to acquire sales directly from the social channel in real-time!

CallPage does so through Facebook Ads. It ensures the following four things:

  1. Boost in conversion rate from the social media ads – that’s the point of running ads, right?
  2. Easy communication with people in 28 seconds who fill out the Facebook Lead Ads
  3. Data is saved in the CallPage panel which includes the info about the ad – from where the call was ordered
  4. Increase the direct sales and drive revenue – the main aim of any business

This particular offering from CallPage allows you to outpace competition. A lot of businesses wouldn’t think of using Facebook to directly convert suspects into leads on Facebook. But with this new technology, it is quite possible to do that and frankly speaking, super easy!

CallPage Pricing

Which are the businesses that use CallPage, you ask? Marketing agencies, consulting houses, design studios, individual sellers, entrepreneurs, IT and software companies, and others use CallPage and benefit from it. Therefore, the pricing packages are such they respond to everyone’s needs.

You can choose from any four pricing plans – Starter, Professional, Premium, and Enterprise at attractive prices. Of course, the features differ but each plan would cover everything you require at the point in time. If you choose to pay annually, you get 30% off on any plan you choose. You can do a comparative analysis of the plans here:

pricing-call-page - Review of CallPage tool for lead generation and sales calls

Just like other tools, CallPage too has alternatives. Now these tools may suit your company’s requirement, while CallPage might just be perfect for them. Whatever it is, I feel it is important to do a comparative analysis of two popular tools similar to CallPage before arriving at any decision.

GDPR and CCPA Mandate: As per the details mentioned on the CallPage website they have made necessary changes to protect all the data that they have access to. It includes data loss, improper use or modification and any other related issues.

СallPage vs. Callmaker

Similar to CallPage, this website call widget too promises to give a call back to the visitors – but in 25 seconds! If your visitor likes what’s there on the website, then all he or she has to do is fill in the phone number and wait for 25 seconds before the sales rep from the company connects.

СallPage Review and alternative that help with lead generation and sales calls with ease of use

Here are six super features of Callmaker:

1) Free phone connection

It doesn’t matter where the visitor is, free phone connections make it possible for the sales reps to have a conversation with him or her through Callmaker across the globe.

2) Claims to boost conversion by 50%

Businesses who use Callmaker can expect their sales to go high up to 50%. CallPage, on the other hand, strives to touch 75% increase in the conversion rate.

3) No lost clients ever

Once the call is ordered, the website call widget notifies the first manager. If he or she is away or don’t respond, Callmaker will notify the second manager and so on. This is exactly what CallPage also offers – nothing new! This feature is necessary to ensure the visitor gets to speak to someone in real-time. Otherwise, these website call widgets are as good as live chats.

4) Mobility of sales reps

This goes against the concept of inside sales calls and inbound phone sales where the reps make all the calls and complete the deals within the confine of their offices or homes. Callmaker doesn’t tie the sales reps and instead, allows them to receive and make the calls from anywhere and at any time.

5) Live communication

If the visitor is able to talk to the sales rep in real-time, he or she will have a better image of the brand itself, and the chances of buying from the business will become a bigger possibility. Such callbacks push the consumer further into the sales funnel, without him or her knowing what’s happening!

6) Offers complete inbound phone call reports

This is something that even CallPage offers and in fact, such reporting is necessary to gauge your sales efforts. So yeah – Callmaker gives you the right kind of statistics on each manager and call records for later use and to boost quality management.

What to choose?

Callmaker is available in 13 languages across 27 countries. If the website visitor is from a different country, it won’t be a problem for the business as the sales reps can still contact them for free! Although it may have everything that CallPage has, I still feel the latter is a better option.

For starters, Callmaker doesn’t have a Facebook Integration Ad option. You can’t convert suspects into leads through your ads page on Facebook. This is bit of a downer if your major audience is super active on the social channel.

But the hand of the clock gets stuck on “pricing”. CallPage is certainly a cheaper product than Callmaker which charges $43 per month for the basic package as compared to just $41 that CallPage charges for the same package (but with a longer string of features). Don’t believe me? You can do a comparative analysis yourself:

Callmaker pricing and СallPage Review tools for lead generation and sales calls.

Moreover, if you for an annual payment cycle, you only save 10% on the billing as compared to 30% that CallPage offers. If cost effectiveness is a major factor for you and your business, then go for CallPage, and stick to it! It offer a longer line of features at very attractive prices.

СallPage vs. Livecall

Livecall is a website call widget that allows the consumers to order for a callback from anywhere across the digital spectrum – website, landing page or Facebook Lead Ad. This tool also gives a callback within 25 seconds as compared to CallPage which takes 3 seconds more to connect.

The main market for Livecall are companies that have already established their call centres. If your business offers products and services with high margin, then it is all the more important for your sales reps to speak to the prospects, clarify their doubts and then initiate the selling process.

calllive and СallPage Review best tool for lead generation

The setup also doesn’t take much time, and this website call widget can be installed under 5 minutes. All you have to do is drop one line of JavaScript code into your website. Similar to CallPage, Livecall has a mobile-friendly widget.

There are four features that particularly stand out in Livecall – features that even CallPage doesn’t seem to have, and they are:

1) Free international calls

It doesn’t matter where your prospects are, your sales reps can give them a call free of cost! Why real-time conversation should be bounded by national boundaries – they shouldn’t.

2) Exit intent pop up

While CallPage and Callmaker don’t deliberately say this but they make use of exit intent technology to track user behaviour on the websites and once the user is about to leave the website, the widget gets activated and sends a pop up message with a CTA – asking them to order for a callback. The same thing happens at Livecall.

3) Out of office mode

This may not serve the purpose of receiving a call back within 25 seconds but it does collect phone numbers of people who have ordered a callback. So even if the sales managers are resting, they will get notified about the interested visitors once they are back in routine.

In this scenario, the phone numbers straight go to the emails. It’s a good way to capture data even when the office hours are finished. Even if you are not working, you can always be assured that your leads are getting automatically generated through this tool.

4) Training sessions

Using this website chat widget may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This is the reason why Livecall provides onboarding and responsive support to those in need. After all – it just makes the lives of sales managers a tad easier because they know the product well and can use it to its full potential.

Livecall can also arrange an individual training program for your sales reps, if you demand for it. The main aim of this widget is to help you generate leads, scale business and drive revenue in every possible way. So your business has nothing to lose!

What to choose

Livecall has a simple pay-per-use pricing model. It charges just $1 for an inbound call that is longer than 15 seconds. You can even get $10 worth of inbound sales calls for free and 50 free calls for just $50. I can’t really gauge the usability and feasibility of this kind of pricing plans but if you can estimate the number of calls you might have to make in one month, then it is not a bad deal at all!

livecall pricing and СallPage Review the better tool for lead generation

Moreover, not a lot has been mentioned about the analytics and reporting prowess of Livecall. So if your business is big on numbers and wants to be able to effectively measure the inbound phone sales performance, then you might want to stay back and stick with CallPage – which has that capability.

CallPage Review: Revolutionize Your Calls with AI-Based Tool 1
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Our experience with Callpage:

Factor Comments
What do We like?Perfect tool for building instant connection and lead nurturing.
Generate phone calls from leads.
Very easy to use.
Improves the efficacy of the sales team.
What we don’t like?Some functions are hard to locate at times.
Value for MoneyYes, it is.
Customer SupportInstant phone support
Who should use it?It is best suited for B2B, B2C and online stores.
Callpage AlternativesLivecall and Callmaker
Our Score4.5/5
Cold calling tools for lead generation and sales call to website visitors.
Best lead capture software G2 grid

Our Experience and observation:

CallPage serves more than 3200 customers including PWC, EY, Skoda, Paymax, Audi, Mobile Vikings and BMW. It is cost-effective, has a ton of features to offer and it helps boost sales and drive revenue – which is every company’s goal.

You can sign up for a 7-day trial with submitting your credit card details. If you don’t like it, you can stop using CallPage anytime you want. But if you do, you know which pricing package to buy! The point is inbound sales activities are here to stay.

Whether or not you like it is secondary because consumers are looking for hyper-personalization and they want to be able to speak to a brand rep almost immediately. Plus, you also know consumers are spoiled for choice and have poor attention spans.

So, get on the “inside sales call” program and start using CallPage to bring in more and more business. There’s nothing better than a simple tool that can get you the leads required. The sales reps just need to be close to their phones to instantly grab the call!

What purpose is CallPage used for?

CallPage is used for increasing website conversion by giving an immediate callback to a potential customer visiting your website.
You just need to install a callPage CTA button which when clicked by the prospect will ask for the number. Your sales rep will immediately know when to connect.

What are some of the good features of CallPage?

Some good features of CallPage:
Easy to install widget
Customer Behavior tracking capability
SMS and call integration that connects you with potential customers

Can Callpage help me with B2B lead generation?

Yes, it can definitely help you with it.

What is cold calling and how it helps my business?

Cold calling is the conventional system of making a phone call to potential customers or a prospect for selling your goods or services.

What is more effective cold calling or cold emailing?

Both of these methods are effective given in what right they are being used. Cold emailing is easy to do but it can often end up in spam while cold calling is more personal in nature that some may find intrusive. So, at the end it is up to you and your marketing strategy to choose the one that suits you the best to reach your potential customers.

Does cold calling help to get new clients?

Yes, cold calling is one of the oldest methods of reaching your potential clients.

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  3. Ankit, can you please throw some light on how does this particular feature works in the favor of success of the website? If possible please share some statistics about the conversion ratio that you get with on-call human interaction and through e-mails marketing.

    • Joyce, callpahe helps your customer schedule calls immediately from your website. This helps in increased conversion from the target customer.

  4. Daryl Alexander April 22, 2019 at 9:59 AM

    CallPage has been a great help to us as we operate globally and one can make calls through it for free. It has saved us a lot of time and money. Sometimes you can suffer from voice lag or report generation issues, but still, it is not that big of a concern.

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