10 Best Tools to Track Incoming Calls from Marketing Campaigns

This guide provides insights into the top ten tools for tracking incoming calls from marketing campaigns. It covers their features, benefits, and pricing, making it essential for businesses relying on phone-based customer interactions. The tools help in analyzing call data, improving customer service, and optimizing marketing strategies. This guide is especially useful for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts through effective call tracking and analysis.
Track Incoming Calls

Tracking incoming calls have changed the way businesses operate in the past decade. Tracking incoming calls enable companies to understand customers better. Tracking incoming calls helps improve lead generation, enables improving ad content, increases ROI, and much more.

A call tracking number of a local of 800 numbers is assigned to a business phone to facilitate tracking.

Tracking covers factors like a number, location, and name, making it easy for the team to work accordingly. Companies track incoming calls to improve their digital marketing efforts, customer service enables measuring online and offline campaigns, keywords based tracking, data management, analytics, and real-time data.

Companies track incoming calls for various reasons.

While a few factors help understand the customer requirements better, the others enable the companies to run successful online and offline call-based marketing campaigns.

Track incoming calls

How do companies manage to track incoming calls?

Whether you are a small, medium, or large company managing your incoming calls to improve your leads, build trust with your existing customers, and better understanding your prospective customers can be overwhelming.

The number of incoming calls per day is enormous. Also, if you are a business that relies on phone calls such as if you are a property manager, you will have to take phone tracking very seriously to improve your efficiency.

While an existing customer expects excellent treatment every time they get in touch with you, the prospective ones gauge your company by handling their calls and answering their queries.

You can hire multiple teams and struggle to manage them or set up a system to manage your incoming calls.

Setting up a call tracking system helps companies prioritize the calls based on the situation, importance, skills, and a few other factors. Click To Tweet

The trending call tracking phone system enables customers to use multiple channels like phones, websites, emails, apps, and a few others to reach out to the company.

The phone system allows companies to optimize the available resources, prioritize customer queries, and cater to the customers’ questions at the right time.

Installing the right equipment, establishing contact points, customizing, and keeping a tab on the feedback to stay on track will be very helpful to set up a phone system for beginners.

How can I track incoming calls on my phone from another phone?

GPS call trackers enable to track the caller’s location. GPS Phone, Locate any Phone, and a few other call tracking apps allow tracking the location even when the caller is not online.

Companies providing the call tracking service enable it by assigning a unique number like 800, allowing them to track tons of factors to improve their business.

While some are through software, the others do it with an individual number assignment, and a few of them even offer an entire suite of software that enables businesses to track more than just an incoming call.

Companies used tons of time and money to track incoming calls previously, and the recent call tracking software has enabled the same with only a few clicks.

How to trace a mobile number call history?

The modern technology has enabled companies to track incoming calls, call logs, trace call history of a mobile number, the location of the call, and much more with a simple assigning of a number or installing software.

The mobile providers usually offer such services. However, to track the call history of another person, you would require a call tracker application.

A mobile tracker enables you to get information about the call time, duration of the call, GPS coordinates of the calling number at the call time are all tracked.

A mobile tracker enables you to receive the received, missed, and dialed call history of a mobile number.

How can I check someone’s call history?

Tracking someone’s call history is probably on your mind, whether for business purposes or personal.

From parents to lovers tracking the call history is at an all-time high for a variety of purposes.

The mobile companies have multi-layer high-security measures for smart devices. Apart from this, cracking passwords may raise suspects! The answer to effortlessly trace someone’s call history is through remote call spying solution.

These remote call spying solutions can be done in a few minutes and clicks, saving you the stress, time, and cost.

Spymaster Pro is a software that enables you to spy on call logs, FlexiSPY allows you to monitor someone’s cell phone call log, Spy Stealth, XNSPY, and many others are a part of the list of spy software.

Call rail, Invoca, Dialogtech, Ring DNA, Call tracking Metrics, Ringba, and many other top call tracking software providers are available in the market.

Let us discuss the features, uses, use cases, mobile apps, and pricing of some of the best software to track incoming calls.

Applications to track incoming calls –


Phonewagon works well for a digital marketing agency to better understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Doing so enables them to convert leads.

The Phonewagon software is easy to use and offers tons of features with unlimited user plans.

Phonewagon also allows companies to create an online marketing campaign and check what is working and what is not, helps to record phone calls and increase lead conversions.

Phonewagon is easy to set up with simple three steps. Adding a tool-free number, search and select an area code, and configure the number.

track incoming calls - phonewagon


Toll-free numbers, local numbers, International numbers, and number porting is available for instant number setup.

Call Recording, Greeting messages, whisper messages, and customized call-tagging enables users to automate.

Email summaries, email call alerts, and advanced reporting help users keep track of various factors and adjust accordingly.

Visitor keyword tracking, Google analytics integration, Google AdWords Integration, automated text replies, and a few other features help track customer behavior and enable companies to change their strategy accordingly.

Simultaneous ring, unlimited user accounts, and client accounts are helpful for large businesses to consider it as a complete phone system


Effortless setup, Text messaging, and offers firms to utilize local and toll-free numbers.

Use Cases

Sales & marketing teams

Mobile Apps

Phonewagon is available on Android and iPhone/iPad.


Phonewagon offers a fourteen-day free trial.

The Starter plan costs $45 monthly and $39 per month when paid annually. The subscription covers five numbers and five hundred minutes.

The Pro plan costs $130 per month and is billed as $115 per month when paid annually. Twenty numbers and two thousand minutes are a part of this subscription.

The Agency plan costs $299 per month and is payable as $275 per month when paid annually. The subscription covers fifty numbers and six thousand minutes.


Callrail enables companies to track their calls, manage leads, and help plan the marketing campaigns.

Callrail also allows tracking and analytics for phone calls and web forms. The main phone number receives calls through a tracking phone number.

Call forwarding enables companies to track, forward, and answer the calls. Callrail also provides users with statistics that they can check online in real-time.

Callrail enables tracking, ROI, SEO, and offline ad campaigns.

track incoming calls - callrail


Email notificationsStatic & offline call tracking
Dynamic Website call trackingCall scheduling
SMS/VoicemailInteractive menu
Analytics dashboardSIP routing
Visitor tracking customized call flows
Call recording keywords/adwords call tracking


  • Keyword/Adwords tracking helps to understand which words drive the conversions.
  • Real-time reporting enables to improve marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced features improve the ROI of the campaigns.
  • Visitor timeline tracking enables users to understand the customer journey throughout.


Call recording, routing, marketing strategy optimization, and streamlining workflow with integrations.

Mobile Apps

Call rail is available on iPhone/iPad and Android with integrations like Salesforce, Slack, WordPress, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and many more.


A free trial is available for the Callrail plans.

Call tracking plan costs $45 per month plus an additional amount as per usage. The plan includes ten local numbers and five hundred local minutes.

The conversation analytics plan costs $95 per month plus additional charges as per usage. The subscription enables users to analyze call conversions and check the calls’ quality based on automated transcriptions.

here Call Transcription Software comes in use.

The subscription covers ten local numbers and five hundred local minutes with call tracking and conversation intelligence.

Marketing Analytics plan costs $95 per month plus additional charges as per usage. ROI proof, conversion capturing, and customer journey are possible in this subscription with call tracking, form tracking, ten local numbers, and five hundred local minutes.

The analytics Suite plan costs $145 per month plus additional charges as per usage. Analyzing leads through calls, text messages, and forms.

Call, form, and conversation tracking. Ten local numbers and five hundred local minutes are a part of this subscription


Ringostat is a platform that enables to track incoming calls through a variety of features.

Optimizing marketing campaigns, ROI, call tracking, cloud-based PBX, end-to-end analytics, and much more is possible with installing the Ringostat phone system.

Pricing plans suitable for all sizes of businesses.

Ringostat enables user companies to interact with visitors, convert them into clients, collect data, and track keywords in conversations.

track incoming calls - ringostat


APICall – recording monitoring
Access ControlCall List management
Integration and reportingCustomized reporting
campaign managementCall monitoring


  • Helps in creating a knowledge base
  • Enables to calculate ROI
  • Improves security


  • Medicine
  • Real estate
  • Automotive

Mobile apps

The mobile app of Ringo stat enables Integration with Woopra and other platforms.


The Virtual PBX plan costs $39 and offers users a cloud connection phone system covering five workplaces, email notifications, SMS on missed calls, integrations, and backup servers.

The call tracking plan costs $59 and enables businesses to drive customers with reporting covering up to thirty parameters, automated ROI calculation, and substitute numbers.

The callback plan costs $39 and enables to call from a website to cover fifteen call back options, integrations, automated processing of online forms, reporting on calls, and customized widgets.

The end to end analytics from $39 helps companies analyze ads’ effectiveness through ROI calculation with five hundred sessions per day, time decay customization, manual imports of costing, and integrations.

The ringostat smartphone plan is available from $39.

It enables to track calls, messages, and insight to customer interest in the browser with three workplaces, call tracking, virtual PBX, and Ringostat messenger.


Call tracking metrics are a well-designed business phone system that improves the growth and performance of an organization.

Call tracking metrics have features that enable businesses to track incoming calls. ROI, sales agent performance, analytics, review of marketing campaigns, and much more is possible with call tracking metrics.

Tracking a call for incoming calls and outgoing calls using the call tracking metrics features is easy.

Analytics, unique calling numbers, call recording, and tons of other features make it a hot favorite with the sales and marketing teams.

track incoming calls - call tracking metrics


Keyword tracking, smart routing, call center, Geo contact, call tracking, conversation analytics, and call management.


  • Call routing to specialized agents based on the smart routing
  • Number changing based on the client location through Geo Contact.
  • Keyword tracking helps in planning effective marketing campaigns


  • Contact centers
  • Agencies

Mobile apps

Call tracking metrics supports windows, Mac, iPad, and Android.


The business plan costs $36 and covers call & text tracking attribution, Integrations with Google and Bing, Call recording, call scoring, tagging, live phone, email, and chat support.

The marketing plan costs $83 and covers live chat widgets, unlimited tracking, unlimited web form tracking, enhanced security compliance, and conversation capture and analytics along with the other features available with the business plan.

The contact center plan costs $249 and covers all the marketing plan features plus integrations with MS dynamics and Zendesk, Dedicated onboarding, mobilization of remote employees with softphone system, and predictive dialer into automated outgoing calls.

The build your plan is a customization plan is covering all the features in the contact center plan plus phone number porting, dedicated account manager, customization of the platform as required, personalized training packages, and SLA.

Call Page

Call page enables the callback solution.

It improves sales, converts potential clients, increases lead response time, and much more is possible with the call page.

Businesses get tons of calls, and the call page enables a call back that converts potential visitors into happy customers.

Sales and support teams are the most benefited teams with the Call page features.

track incoming calls - callpage


Call & SMS settings with scheduled calls, dialing time, call algorithm, call operators, customized voice message, caller ID, call queuing, IVR, and preset working hours.

Widget settings are available with customized – styles, buttons, fields, eyecatchers, dynamic text, and personalized – text, pop-up, and tooltip.

Display settings with triggers of inaction, mobile, button, time, UTM, text interaction, AI – scoring, data auto-filling, night mode, Geo & IP trigger.

Call analytics with Call status analytics, export to CSV, full sales reporting, customizable reporting, call recording, visitors, and conversion data.

Notes, departments, email notifications, and user roles are productivity features.

IP blocking, blacklisted numbers, country blocking, and user permissions are security features.

Support features with help center access, email & live chat support, phone support, dedicated account manager, and Service-Level agreements.

callpage review
Callpage Quora review


Improves relationship with the customersTime-saving
Analytical capabilitiesImproves response time
Analytical capabilities


  • Increase sales calls
  • Capture more leads through the website

Mobile Apps

Does not support mobile apps


A seven-day free trial is available.

The basic plan is free and covers up to fifteen leads, one domain with call page widget, up to fifteen calls, two call operators, a summary and leads dashboard, an eyecatcher widget, scheduled calls, and messages the integrations available in the callpage.

The professional plan costs $119 per month and covers up to one hundred and fifty callbacks (leads) per month. This subscription works well for websites with more than five thousand visitors.

Two domains, three call operators, all the integrations, calls, and security features, along with text and pop up personalization.

The premium plan costs $284 per month.

It covers up to four hundred leads, five thousand visitors, five domains, ten call operators, and covers all the integrations, security, call, widgets, personalization, call tracking, reporting, and automated workflow features.

The custom plan covers a dedicated manager and has all the features in the premium plan.

Charges, leads, call operators, the price per additional lead, call recording history, phone numbers, and call page widgets are all customized.


Business looking to connect with customers through a cloud-based business telephone system that is easy to use, then Callhippo is an excellent choice.

The advanced features, functionalities, integrations, and reporting tools help sales and service teams engage in conversations with their customers effectively and efficiently.

track incoming calls - callhippo


Automated call distributionPower dialing
Cost-effectiveHassle-free set up
Call recordingCall monitoring
IVRInternational phone number facilitates


  • Visa services
  • Medical services
  • IT services

Mobile apps

Callhippo is available on Chrome Webstore, App Store, Google play, and Download for Windows (Beta version)


The Bronze subscription costs $14 per month and is an excellent choice for startups that may require up to five users.

The Bronze subscription covers one free number, forward-to-device, SMS Marketing, voicemail, teams, and call recording.

The Silver subscription costs $18 per month per user and is an excellent fit for small sales teams with five to nine users.

This plan includes unlimited incoming calls, IVR, Live Call, Call Queuing, Call reminders, work hours for users, internal team calling, holiday routing, and reporting/ analytics.

The Platinum subscription costs $30 per user per month and is best for small and medium business organizations with up to ten users.

This subscription covers all the features in the silver subscription.

Call transferring, three-way calling, call barging, power dialing, Whitelisting, App blocking, forwarding to multiple devices, routing to external numbers, and volume discounts are also a part of the platinum subscription.

The enterprise subscription works as a one-stop, customized solution for all the phone system needs of a business.

The features and pricing can be customized based on the discussion with the team.

Call tools.com

If you are a team looking to improve your sales productivity, then the call tools phone system with its predictive dialer, real-time performance analysis, live agent monitoring, and reporting is an excellent fit for your business.

It also aids remote working, enables workflow automation across the globe, improves sales generation, and much more.

track incoming calls - call tools.com


Call – logging, scripting, recording, Campaign & escalation management, IVR, Manual dialer, Predictive & progressive dialer, real-time chat, reporting/ analytics.

360-degree feedback, API, access control, and integration, 

Activity – tracking, dashboard, management, answering machine detection.

Auto-dialer, automatic – call & lead distribution, notifications, calendar sync, call – tracking, reporting, routing, and monitoring.

Campaign planning, chat, caller ID, data mapping, drip marketing, video support, voice mail, and visual analytics.


  • Compliance improvement
  • Useful for blended call centers
  • Intelligence-based call assignment
  • Operational costs reduction




Inbound call center

Mobile apps

Not available


Not provided


The AI-powered call tracking software enables companies to track incoming calls and will allow them to plan marketing campaigns based on real-time analytics collected from inbound phone calls.

track incoming calls - invoca


Phone number management features are local numbers, toll-free numbers, and portability of existing numbers

Tracking through features like Visitor & keyword tracking, dynamic number insertion, multi-channel calling.

Call routing features like IVR, call scheduling, and Geo-routing.

Analytics features are Call data, call recording and advanced reporting.

Privacy, Integrations, Securing, Compliance, performance & reliability are some of the Administration features. 


  • Real-time call insights
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Improved marketing reach with tons of integrations
  • AI predicted data from call conversations.


  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Advertising

Mobile Apps

Does not support any mobile apps


  • A free trial is available.
  • Contact the provider directly for the price quotation.


Mojosells is an excellent fit for sales teams and real estate companies. Mojosells enables companies to face their competitors.

It is a one-stop solution that offers both web-based and mobile CRM with a power dialer.

track incoming calls - mojo sells


Dialing features are preview dialing, progressive dialing, and predictive dialing.

Agent features like Whisper coaching, call back scheduling, call recording, and Omnichannel.

Automation features like Voice broadcasting, IVR, Call Scrubbing, API/ Integrations, and Voice detection


  • Predictive dialing cuts down call time tremendously
  • Improved efficiency with triple dialed outbound calls


Real estate

Mobile Apps

 iOS and Android apps are available with Mojosells.


The single line dialer plan costs $99.

It covers up to eighty-five calls per hour, pre-recorded answering machine, message drops, multiple caller ID broadcast, and hosted dialer with first hello technology.

The team plan costs $10 and covers user-friendly email, email template builder, caller ID letters, iPad application, advanced data management, and import wizard.

The triple line dialer costs $139 and covers two additional dialing lines, three thousand calls per hour, and faster live answer detection.

All the features in the single line dialer plan are also available.

10 Best Tools to Track Incoming Calls from Marketing Campaigns 1
Mojo G2 review


Ringba is an excellent software that enables to track a call and also provides analytics for marketers.

Ringba is a superb option if you are looking to track incoming calls through real-time call routing and reporting. 

track incoming calls - ringba


Call tracking with features like call recording & routing, CRM, Campaign attribution, caller identification, and conversion tracking.

Call center features like escalation management, call logging & scripting, and campaign management.


  • Helps to track incoming calls
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Helps to strategize marketing campaigns


  • Dentists
  • Restaurants
  • Auto repair
  • Auto insurance

Mobile apps

Ringba does not support mobile apps

ringba discussion
Ringba Quora discussion


The basic plan is free and is useful for performance marketers and media buyers.

The premium plan costs $99 per month and works well for pay per call programs.

The enterprise plan can be customized and is an excellent fit for call centers and marketers.

10 Best Tools to Track Incoming Calls from Marketing Campaigns 2
Ringba G2 review


Cloudtalk.io is a cloud-based phone support software for sales and support teams. It is an affordable option for start-ups, SMEs and e-commerce businesses. It offers more than 50 advanced features.


Voice features 

It includes various tools such as call queuing, call recording, internal calls/extensions, voicemail, number porting, toll-free numbers, etc. Apart from them, you can also manage your business hours, such as your availability, send SMS / Text messages, send personalized greetings, and many more. 

Intelligent call routing 

This toolkit allows you to route your calls to the right agent based on pre-defined criteria. It includes various features like call flow designer, automated call distribution, interactive voice response, skill-based routing, and a lot more. The tool names are self-explanatory, where you know what they are intended to do. For example, automated call distribution is about routing the call to the right agent based on previously available data. 


You can also boost the productivity of your staff and team with CloudTalk.It offers features like click to call, call tagging, call notes, call back, custom fields, a smart dialer, warm transfer, and many other features. For example, the call notes feature will allow you to add notes to a particular call for future reference. 


You can connect Cloudtalk.io to your CRM tools, helpdesk, and e-commerce solutions. 


You can also get helpful data insights with tools like call statistics that help you track the performance of all your calls, call monitoring where you have an overview of all the calls that you have made, agent reporting to see and track the performance of your agents.


  • Helps to track and monitor inbound calls
  • Features that support productivity of team
  • Useful data insights and analytics


Mobile apps

Cloudtalk.io supports mobile apps.


It offers four plans Start plan that starts @ $25 per user per month.

The essential plan is priced at $30 per user per month.

The next is the Expert plan priced at $50 per user per month.

An overview of all the call tracking tools discussed in this guide:

Track incoming callsPricingFeatures Summary
PhoneWagonPaid plan starts at $45/moWhat is good?
Great user interface.
 Call recording feature
Allows you to send automated response emails.
What is not good?
 Expensive for some users.
CallRailPaid plan starts at $30/moWhat is good?
Helps with traffic generation.
Google analytics integration makes goal setting easy .
What is not good?
Support is not that good.
RingoStatPaid plan starts at $39/moWhat is good?
Analytics and intelligence tracking improves your lead generation.
Call source identification feature.
What is not good?
Interface is not that interactive.
CalltrackingmetricPaid plan starts at $39/moWhat is good?
Very easy to setup.
Helpful reporting features.
What is not good?
Not a very cheap option.
CallpageThe paid plan starts at $119/moWhat is good?
Improve the overall performance of sales team.
Helps with phone calls from leads
Great option for for lead generation
What is not good?
Some functions are hard to find on dashboard.
CallHippoThe paid plan start at $14/user/moWhat is good?
Affordable option for small businesses
Cost effective and a robust platform.
What is not good?
Very basic in the terms of feature set.
CalltoolsQuotation based pricing.What is good?
A single unified dashoard for inbound and outbound sales.
What is not good?
Steep learning curve.
MojoSellsThe paid plan starts at $10 per userWhat is good?
Very easy to use where you can reach out to your leads quickly.
What is not good?
Steep learning curve.
RingbaThe paid plan starts at $99/moWhat is good?
Great customer support.
Allows you to customise as per your needs.
What is not good?
Has a small learning curve.
InvocaQuotation based pricing.What is good?
The AI tools of Invoca are improving over the years.
Receptive Cutsomer support.
What is not good?
Doesn’t provide detailed analysis.
voip tools
Best VoIP tools G2 grid

Our Experience:

Several providers offer software to track incoming calls in the market. Calling, call scheduling, routing, SMS, text messages, porting numbers, local numbers, national, and international numbers help the sales team improve conversions.

Keywords tracking, email alerts, automated text replies, voice mail, dynamic website call tracking, campaign management, Geo Contact, country blocking, reporting/ analytics, and many other exciting features not only enable companies to track incoming calls but also perform tons of other things that help them to improve lead generation, increase the efficiency of their marketing campaigns, allows to better understand their customer behavior, and much more.

Some of these providers offer a mobile app that helps sales teams to work on the go. Managing phone calls, tracking the caller’s location details, and much more is possible using the web or the app.

Companies need data to know which keyword drives their potential clients into customers.

Companies track incoming calls through mobile or a PBX. Most of these phone systems track the caller locations and even enable callers to call from the number with a similar location code.

Each provider offers various features that will allow companies to improve their sales, track keywords to understand what drives their customers, and strategize their marketing campaigns.

Questions asked while looking for call tracking tools:

What is call tracking?

Call tracking software enables companies and individuals to record conversations, time of call, and caller location.

Can I use call tracking software for free?

Some call tracking software providers to offer free plans while others charge. Most of them provide a free trial for a limited period.

Should I provide my credit card details to avail of the free trial?

Most call tracking software providers do not ask for credit card details when starting the free trial.

Should I pay for all the features?

No. Incoming call tracking software providers have pricing plans based on usage and features.

Can I use local numbers?

Yes. Most of the providers offer local & international numbers along with porting features.

Can I track someone’s mobile phone?

Tracking someone else’s mobile phone through a spy software that is easy to install is possible. However, you do not need an entire pricing plan for the same.

Does using a call tracker help improve the business?

The providers’ call tracking features help boost lead generation, improve sales figures, and better strategize marketing campaigns.

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