5 Exclusive CRM for Freelancers – Best-in-Breed

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools tailored for freelancers. It emphasizes the importance of managing client relationships effectively to enhance business growth. The guide compares various CRM options, focusing on their unique features, ease of use, and affordability. It's an essential resource for freelancers who want to streamline their client management processes, track interactions, and maintain efficient workflows.

A regular workday of freelancers is very complicated. Freelancers also have to work on various projects concurrently, as they need to make new arrangements for new customers. Also, an old customer might always contact you to check and extend your work on any existing project on which you were working.


In such situations, you need CRM for freelancers that helps you stay at the top of managing project. Hence, we can say that freelancers must use an all-in-one platform that is useful in managing leads, email, sales, clients, and much more.

These are the advantages of using CRM for freelancers:

More and more freelancers are continuing to use Software for managing projects and leads. The key feature of these CRM for freelancers is to ensure the ball is not lost. After all, as a freelancer, the time limits and credibility for your payment are solely up to you.

Time is a coveted asset in the freelance business. The CRM for freelancers is to fulfill specific user-friendly criteria. Its intuitive interface helps users, even in the more challenging tasks with multiple tasks and task dependency, to build projects from scratch in a few minutes.

You may also use project models that you can edit and use with your specifications. You can see how long you worked on a project and keep track of your entire project life-cycle in just a look.

Time Tracking can Increase Your Efficiency.

A CRM for freelancers comes with time monitoring applications. With access to this feature, you can grow your leads’ faith, mainly when you charge an hourly rate.

When you trust the client, he knows how much you have invested in the job, and he can verify that he is correctly billed.  Share on X

In comparison, accessing a time management application keep you encouraged to work on the job. You can see how long you have done on each assignment after completion of the job.

Keep Clients Happy with Instant Reports

Easily Create tasks 

There are several types of customers. Some are convenient to do; some like to see daily updates on the condition and development of projects. It takes time and effort to prepare reports and send them by email from your productive hours. As an individual, you need a CRM for freelancers to help you produce and submit reports in a few seconds in less effort.

Fortunately, you can be doing this job with the easy and best CRM for freelancers. It produces an in-depth report which summarises the project status selected. Keeping customers happy and then collecting their positive reviews boosts credibility. Proven by the example of how Flatiron School Reviews helped them disrupt the industry.

More importantly, for a freelancer, happy customers act as fish baits for the new potential customers. And nothing makes a customer more happy than monitoring all the activities and getting served what he asks for.

Billing Clients is Much Easier

Some clients expect you to give an invoice before they pay. It’s uncomfortable if you have to abandon what you do to do so. You can set up the checkable number for each job separately after performing a task inside the Software. The program then summarises all statistics and produces an invoice automatically. The invoice is ready for delivery to a client.

collaboration software

Collaboration is Made Easy

Any freelancers’ jobs are more complex than others. Sometimes, the more complicated projects need you to collaborate with other freelancers working on the task.

Perhaps the client even wants to get an insight into the success of the project in real-time. It is all possible by using a management tool or tools designed for freelancers. It ensures you can retain in the cloud all the project documents, where anyone can contribute. Which, you must admit, is far more efficient and straightforward than juggling documents through email.

More Working, Less Managing, and Tracking

You may thereby define the type of activity in which you lack productivity, knowledge, or experience, to create a strategy to improve your abilities. You become more competitive in the independent market with little effort.

There are critical reasons for the attraction of freelancers for CRM tools. The whole method of work is simplified by these methods, as you can see.

You get help for monitoring, and creating invoices on request is also a valuable addition, which allows you to concentrate on essential tasks. It seems very evident that project management apps endorse productivity improvement when adding up all these factors.

Freelancers using CRM across the world to manage their work

In the end, you get more time on your job using a CRM platform when all monitoring and control takes place automatically. Whenever you like, you can review a specific task status, and because these apps are mobile-oriented, you can do so on the go.

Efficient freelancers worldwide, including freelance authors, virtual assistants, freelance developers or engineers, graphic designers, bookkeepers, and freelance photographers, use CRM to boost their efficiency and keep track of productivity.

Next are the situations where you use CRM the most in freelance business:

Being a freelancer, you might need to work more than regular working hours. When your free company goes further than one point, it’s a waste of your precious time to treat CRM manually.

Interacting with clients or promoting a company is an excellent opportunity, so the CRM tool can allow you to re-direct your high-value tasks as per your requirement.


In your ‘Call me later’ list, you have more than five options. As you know, at that precise moment, any choice you talk about is not ready to work with you. Therefore, without updating the schedule, you need an easy way to establish daily contact with them and email the next day.

The best CRM for freelancers automates a prompt to make clients and prospects responsible for their work in the future. 

The procedures should be consistent. We all get to benefit from our corporate strategy systems. The systems may be your mates, whether it’s an easy onboarding method for new clients or a smarter means of completing your sales activities. 

Many freelance CRMs allow you to standardize the distribution process so that the whole life cycle can be visible at one time. In your pipeline and clients, you want more exposure. You need more clarity in the backlog at a certain level to appreciate how the distribution process functions.

You won’t know your conversion rate, your win/loss rate, or some other business number without a sound CRM system. These statistics are crucial more than ever to help make you profitable.

You want to strengthen your interaction with your clients and opportunities. It’s all around. Due to your task order, budget, or the time limit, if you’re busy, you find any of your clients in the backburner. And, you forget what you’ve said, because, when you meet them, you claim the stuff you’re debating, their (and your) time is wasted!

Freelancers have a lot to do in a limited period. Therefore, you have to get an automated software to reduce human intervention and utilize your time.

Some of the best CRM for freelancers:

1. Plutio

Plutio is a popular CRM for freelancers with features that let you perform various tasks single handily. This freelance CRM is designed to help consumers in project management and time monitoring, request making, and invoicing.

You can quickly handle your tasks concurrently with the aid of this app.

Plutio lets consumers remain coordinated and focus more on their activities. You can log your time from anywhere and keep track of other people using a powerful timesheet. When submitting invoices to clients, users are charged easily by PayPal and Stripe. You can also send emails from the Plutio dashboard.

With the integrated Plutio drag and drop editor, freelancers can create enticing business proposals through the app. The Software’s integrated email and EMS features allow a person to connect with others in the organization.

You can invite people to work with efficient Plutio CRM. Users may use the Public API to connect Plutio with third party applications or create their integrations. 

plutio features
Plutio features list


IT Project ManagementPortfolio and task management
Status TrackingBudget handling
Email marketing

Use cases:

Layla; Source: trustpilot.com

I use Plutio for the client’s tasks every day, and I love it. The simplicity of the configuration makes it intuitive for consumers who do not want to manage complex arrangements.

The Plutio team is very receptive and continues to improve the tool and add great new features. Fantastic group on Facebook as well.


  • Integromat
plutio integromat
Plutio integromat


The prices begin at $15.00 per month for Plutio. Plutio has three specific plans and offers a 14-day free trial:

Solo$15.00 / month
Studio$20.00 / month
Team$30.00 / month

2. ConvergeHub

ConvergeHub is an end-to-end CRM for freelancers. It enables freelancers to engage the ROI, email campaigns, and close deals to tailor the sales process. Track your company’s goods and services. Freelancer CRM combines sales, marketing, and service to help businesses win customers and boost sales.

crm for freelancers


Contact ManagementLead ScoringEmail marketing features
Customer SupportCall LoggingQuotes (Proposals)
Referral TrackingManage sales and leads
Manage salesProduct Catalog

Use cases:

Michael B, Source: G2.com

I just began to use ConvergeHub, and I love what I saw so far. The integrations of Piesync & Zapier function well. They help us to synchronize data with the rest of the tool stack.

I have just the ability to dig into the CRM & Marketing Software. ConvergeHub is exceptionally rich in features. In contrast to other platforms I have used, I’m impressed by how stable this framework is.

ConvergeHub is fast, and the hubs interact with each other (CRM, marketing, etc.). I firmly suggest aiming at ConvergeHub.


Office 365GoToMeetingDropbox Business
ZapierPieSyncRingCentral Office
crm for freelancers


Trial14-day, Free
Starter$9.00 / user / month
Pro$29.00 / user / month
Premium$59.00 / user / month
project management apps reddit discussion
Project management apps Reddit discussion

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is a simple, cloud-based CRM for freelancers with client management features. With ClickUp, you can use all the features required for simplifying and streamlining your operations, including leads, purchases, sales, and architecture.

ClickUp provides an agile view of the Board, which helps you track each task on your team and delegate tasks to different team members.

You can easily manage the job and mark the percentage and the individual as “resolved,” “in progress,” or your clients may even conform to their task’s performance level.

You can display your assignments timely on a Gantt chart by list or individual and apply updates in real-time automatically. ClickUp is the best CRM for freelancers that hierarchically organizes job scheduling and helps you to sort tasks by priority.

This freelancer CRM helps you get better and manage efficiency to organize your tasks in various divisions by assigning assignments to groups and organizing certain groups. Slack and related applications can be incorporated seamlessly with the program through Zapier. The Software’s machine learning ability supports project management to have reasonable task completion timelines and allows teams to complete their work before their deadline.

You can create tasks and send emails in ClickUp right from your Gmail inbox.

crm for freelancers


Document ManagementContent ManagementContact Management
Leads managementChat (Messaging)Brainstorming
Group CalendarsTask ManagementManage sales
Synchronous EditingCooperative WritingDiscussion Boards
Version ControlProject Management

Use cases:

Laura C, Source: G2.com

The design of ClickUp can be customized to suit your brain’s function perfectly – even though it features with various tasks differently!

I am glad you can adjust each area’s look and feel, create several lists in every folder, and see everything on the platform. It keeps me up to date and active. 

crm for freelancers


Toggl TrackHarvestZapier
Time DoctorTimelyLoom


The price per user begins at $5.00 / month for ClickUp. There are three separate proposals for ClickUp:

Unlimited $5.00 / user/month
Business$9.00 / user / month
Enterprise$17.00 / user / month

With minimal features, ClickUp provides a free package.

clickup reddit discussion
Clickup Reddit discussion

4. Hive

Hive app is a collaborative platform for project management and a useful CRM for freelancers.

You can use this app to handle tasks and send emails to stay in touch with your client base. Submit applications to obtain information from clients.

You can work together, map the workflow, sales, and follow leads all at one place using this CRM for freelancers. With Hive, you can engage your customers better and sell more with using Email marketing.


Email marketing featuresManage sales and leadsPortfolio Management
Timeline ViewResource ManagementTargeted email campaigns
Status TrackingTask ManagementPercent-Complete Tracking
Requirement ManagementKanban BoardMilestone Tracking
Time & Expense TrackingProject TemplatesLeads page

Use cases:

Brad A, Source: G2.com

Relatively new to Hive, so it was significant support. I enjoy the opportunity to display my to-do list in my tab and to take a peek and see the whole squad. Color coding helps to illustrate activities, too. Hive is a perfect forum for review and project updates to be shared.




The price per user per month for Hive starts at $16.00. Hive has only one paid plan, and free trial is available:

  • Free trial
  • Free trial and free forever plan
  • $16.00 per user per month for a trainer
hive capterra review
Hive Capterra review

5. Salesflare

Salesflare is a small business owner specialty product and a freelancer CRM that runs on a B2B platform and acts as a complete CRM tool for small business owners. It contains the information that members need for sale to spend more on their core features. It increases their effectiveness by providing them with any follow-up moment automatically. Users can communicate quickly on opportunities and in previous meetings or calls, manage leads, all in one place.

Salesflare is a CRM for freelancers that integrate into the current technical environment with other resources. Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, PieSync, and Zapier are the leading programs and networks that the tool can combine.

Users can benefit from fully automatic communication and business details as the platform can automatically capture that information through addresses, email signatures, social media, etc.

Once you finish a task, Salesflare records them automatically by signing in to calendars and cell phones.

crm for freelancers


Product CatalogContact ManagementManage Lead Scoring and sales
Client List ManagementEmail marketingCall Logging
Marketing AutomationCustomer SupportDrip Emails
Quotes (Proposals)Referral Tracking

Use cases:

Administrator in Facilities Services, Source: G2.com

Excellent CRM that combines Google and Gmail effortlessly. Enable our team to map prospects and never lose contact with significant leadership.

The summary of the “opportunities” provides a glimpse into all our potential customers’ present position.

crm for freelancers


PieSyncStory Chief


The price per user per month for Salesflare begins at $35.00. A unique strategy applies to Salesflare:

$35.00 per user per month Salesflare.


An overview of all the CRM tools discussed in this guide:

CRM for freelancersPricingFeatures Summary
PlutioThe paid plan starts at $15/moWhat is good?
Specially designed for freelancers. Simple feature set that doesn’t feel overwhelming.
What is not good?
 Slightly buggy at times.
SalesflareThe paid plan starts at $29/user/moWhat is good?
The perfect balance of features and customisation for solopreneurs and freelancers.
Build around your email inbox so your sales activities are always up to the date.
What is not good?
Doesn’t offer in-depth customization for Enterprise grade team.
ClickUpThe paid plan starts at $5/mo/userWhat is good?
Very efficient dashboard view.
ClickUp is powerful enough and works well for both businesses as well as solo preneurs.
What is not good?
Comes with a learning curve.
ConvergeHubPaid plans start at $11/month/userWhat is good?
Very easy to use where you just need a drag and drop to get things done.
Doesn’t have a learning curve.
What is not good?
Customer service is hard to get in touch with.
HivePaid plan starts at $12 per user per month.What is good?
A cloud collaborative tool and affordable with a decent feature set.
Allows you to track projects and at the same time communicate with your team.
What is not good?
Time tracking needs to improve.
It might be hard to use Hive for people who are just starting out with a productivity tool

Our Experience:

We hope you are now aware of different CRM for a freelance business, its features, pricing, and integrations. Several great CRM for freelancers is indeed available for companies that help users manage leads and boost sales. However, not all are suitable for your business.

Remember to get the one that fits best for the corporation — and don’t indulge in it for the whistles and bells. You have the option of choosing CRM for a freelancer or small business depending upon your business type. Being a freelancer, you have to get a CRM that is designed specifically for freelancers.

Regardless of your company’s requirements, a CRM for freelance business can help you maximize your revenue, boost your productivity, and keep track of your work, and make the most of the data you have already.

Being a freelancer, you have to get a tool that manages everything right from sales to sending an automated email to managing leads.

Questions asked while looking for CRM for Freelancers:

Can a CRM be adjusted?

For different organizations, there are multiple parameters. Many CRM for freelancers on the market today are tailor software modules to suit your needs by customizing it. You can adjust the CRM Software according to sales, leads, email marketing needs, etc. If you are a self-employed person, you have to get a specific CRM for freelancer.

What can I do with CRM?

A CRM framework enables you to understand and respect your clients and prospective customers and adapt instantly, accurately, and reliably to their needs. It helps you the map, manage, and use details to make the experience more interactive and personalized. If you are into freelance business, then you need a CRM for freelancers to manage tasks.

Can my team use CRM?

Ensure that everybody’s CRM systems are intuitive and straightforward, and easily accessible. CRM must always illustrate the importance of using the method.

Will the system evolve with my company?

Ensure that technology can quickly scale up and serve many distributor sites. Also, recommend that ongoing repair costs, service charges, and licensing costs not be raised during the agreement’s initial period.

Does CRM cost a lot?

Traditional CRM systems are more costly than Hosted CRM solutions, especially given conventional methods’ overhead IT. Traditional CRM systems need advanced process management device hardware, program implementation, and maintenance. The subscription costs are the only costs for the business client, provided that the host CRM solutions are already managed, updated, and approved by the CRM provider. 

Why do corporations want CRM?

Every corporation turns to CRM software, but most people ask what it’s all about. Well, the program recognizes that the critical strategic assets of customers are essential. Businesses tend to know their customers’ actions and desire better than ever to strengthen their client relationships.

What other applications do CRM apps integrate?

The most popular resources associated with CRM systems are sales and marketing add-ons. Tools are also standard in controlling and measuring. Data sharing among the CRM, the OS, and other applications are typically linked fastest, with third-party integrations.


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