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Agorapulse Review – Turnkey Social Media Management Tool

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest that social media is at the front and center of the digital marketing and advertising industry.

And keeping up with the ever-changing trends, digital marketers have a host of powerful tools for social media at their disposal.

These tools have made the task of marketing through social media channels extremely rewarding and less complicated.

Among the most sought-after tools in the last few years, some names that would make it to most lists are Sendible, SocialPilot, Hootsuite, Buffer and many more.

Let’s talk a bit about these tools before beginning with our Agorapulse review.


Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 1
Arguably one of the fastest growing and highly popular social media tools, Hootsuite serves as a powerful weapon in any marketers arsenal. Click To Tweet

The sheer capabilities it has to offer truly justify the fact that it has been lapped up with such eagerness my the online marketing industry since the day of its inception. 

Now, while there are brands who are yet to establish their presence on the different social media websites, there are also B2C as well as B2B businesses who have their brand pages operating on multiple websites.

However, since one can only find so much time to cater to the diverse audience on the different platforms, it becomes challenging for small businesses to keep up and keep all their social accounts active and running.

You can see it all around you – small businesses who are very active on their Facebook and Instagram pages, publishing multiple posts a day but end up ignoring other accounts on Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.

So while they may be getting decent traction from Facebook, they are losing out on a valuable audience that would have come in from the other platforms, particularly if it is a kind of brand that has a larger volume of its target audience on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook Twitter or Pinterest.

This is where Hootsuite steps in and proves to be the social media savior for a business. Using Hootsuite enables you to set up queues for different posts to go out and then basically have them run on autopilot.

The entire process of drafting a post to adding it to a queue becomes seamless.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 2

Not just posting updates, but Hootsuite also helps you monitor the brand mentions on the different platforms, reply to comments, and basically have enhanced engagements with your users.

We have published a comparison post of Agorapulse vs Hootsuite to help you gain a better insight into these tools. 


Sendible would be a great social media marketing platform that can help brands engage with their audience across multiple social media profiles at time of their choice.

Sendible enables you to sync up all your social media profiles so that it becomes a far easier job to schedule and post updates that go live on the different accounts simultaneously, in just one click, and without you having to open the different accounts individually and then repeat the posting process.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 3

As a business platform, it empowers marketers to get a handle on how they can increase their social media reach through monitoring features, analytics feature, reporting capabilities and much more.

Irrespective of the size and scale of your business or the industry that you belong to, Sendible is a tool for anyone who wishes a seamless way to manage multiple networks

A detailed Sendible review will help you to understand this tool in a much better light. 


Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 4

SocialPilot is one more the most powerful and advanced social media marketing tool that is designed to enhance growth and effective brand engagement through the use of modern and user-friendly tools and capabilities it offers.

While writing a blog post about SocialPilot I came across a number of features that made me quite interested in this tool. 

SocialPilot is integrated fully with a host of social networks that helps users to schedule posts, engage their customers,keep track and monitor ROI, use advanced reporting feature – all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

agorapulse review

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are many more that have gained prominence in the realm of social media marketing.

But there is a new player in the market that, in spite of all the existing competition, is making heads turn. That tool goes by the name of Agorapulse.

A new kid on the block – Agorapulse

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 6

As discussed earlier, the market is filled with social media management tools already. If a product offers X features, the competitor analysis of products offer X+1 features.

That said, Agorapulse is emerging to be the kind of product that is giving all-round capabilities to marketers by ticking all the boxes.

It is a robust social media management tool that serves as a perfect asset for your business in the cut-throat competition world of online marketing.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 7
Agorapulse g2crowd review

Launched in 2001, Affinitiz (think Agorapulse 1.0) was a community-oriented B2C focusing on family, friends, associations, alumni, and passions.

Let’s begin with our Agorapulse review and have a glance at the various Agorapulse features this social media management software offers and user’s experience with AgoraPulse

Boosting user engagement

It’s one thing to have a sizeable number of fans on your social media page, and another to keep them engaged, having them indulge in conversation with you or each other about your brand.

This is where Agorapulse truly scores and one of the best social media management tools.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 8

The notifications feature of Agorapulse is a social media tool that is highly resourceful feature that keeps you on top of every comment or message you receive from your followers.

If you have a huge fan following, you can rest assured that this feature can help you cut through all the clutter and find a semblance of sense among the chaos.

The content calendar flowing in from all the accounts is combined and contained at once place so that you do not find it hassling when replying, reviewing or reading out all the messages.

Get everything at One place

As mentioned earlier, it is a challenge to keep sync between the different social media channels that any business has created in order to be able to reach an audience scattered over different platforms.

But Agorapulse unifies your efforts by providing the facility to schedule and publish content across all the social channels from just one place.

So you can close all those multiple tabs on your browser and use this multiple-platform management feature to get the message across seamlessly and effectively.

Listen in to the conversations about your business

Social media management software is not fully utilized by a brand that believes in either one-way communication or pays attention to the conversations solely happening on the platforms owned by it.

When it comes to pitching yourself for best results online, you have to listen in to what your potential and existing customers are talking about in context to your brand.

This is the best way to pick on your audience’s mind and get the most honest feedback possible.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 9

Agorapulse helps you achieve this by giving you the capability to monitor every hashtag, trends within your industry, what influencers are saying, etc.

When you get to know the one thing about your product or service that delights your customers or leaves them fumed, there are a whole lot of ways you can use that insight for improving your services.

Collaborate seamlessly and effectively

All the technological and financial capabilities aside, one platform efficiency rule that will never cease to matter is teamwork.

When people within and outside the team collaborate on a task or project with team members, the efficiency is multiplied by several orders.

Agorapulse enables flexible and real-time collaboration with individuals within your team as well as those from the other teams that work closely with you.

And it’s not just within an organization; you can also collaborate with your clients social or outside agencies.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 10

To talk more about the real-time collaboration, what happens is when you log into your account, you have the view of who from your team is creating or reviewing a piece of content at the moment.

Like you may have done with Google Spreadsheets, you can track every change or addition made to a post by team members.

Measure metrics that truly make a difference

The reporting feature in Agorapulse is on the point and yet elaborate. There is no denying the fact that professionals in any business spend a lot of hours collecting reports, fully knowing that this one time could have been utilized performing core functions.

Agorapulse frees professionals from the reporting responsibilities through its intuitive and instant reports.

When the time comes to show the return on investments to your client, don’t be concerned with having to work around a complicated reporting setup.

You can view the report in your browser with just a single click drag and drop. The feature is also provided to export the report to PowerPoint.

Target the right audience and divide it into segments

Agorapulse empowers you to turn a group of disparate strangers into a well-knit community of followers who trust you and who you can trust.

With any scope or scale of a marketing campaign, targeting the right audience enhances the results and gives more purpose to your campaign.

By choosing the very specific audience that should receive your content, you are ensuring your posts are not shown to people who are not a good fit.

With any form of marketing  – online or offline – what matters the most is that you understand the audience that you are marketing your products to.

With Agorapulse, identifying this audience and getting a clear-eyed idea of their behavior becomes easy.

Agorapulse helps you deep dive into analysing your audience and understanding them fully, to ensure that your campaigns are tailor-made for them.

You can then proceed to segment your campaigns based on the characteristics identified with respect to this audience and social media management tools- like their demographics, the user-behavior, the stage on the sales funnel they are at, their annual spend, etc.

The best outcome of using this feature is that you can build a great relationship with your customer, enhance interactions with them, show them that you care by adding more personalization to the nature of your communication.

agorapulse review


Let us move forward with the pricing part of Agorapulse software review. As feature-packed as Agorapulse is, it comes at great prices and free trial plan.

Note that, you need to sign up for the free trial if you want to taste the water first. Every package supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram LinkedIn and YouTube.

The pricing plans for Agorapulse come in two forms – monthly billed plans and annual billed plans.

For both forms, there are four types of plans:


Agorapulse Monthly plan at $49 per month and Annual plan at $39 per month. It is fit for small businesses of 1-10 employees

Businesses that are starting on a very small business scale or individuals who are promoting their websites to a sizeable audience can use this most economical plan that comes with attractive features, like the facility to manage 3 social profiles, with capabilities like publishing features, report monitoring, Chrome extensions, Social CRM, etc. As per the plan, only one user can work on the tool at a time.


Agorapulse Monthly plan at $99 per month and Annual plan at $79 per month

Under this plan, users can manage up to 10 social profiles.

In addition to the features provided under the Small plan, Medium plan also offers 6 months of data retention, Advanced Sync, Ad comments mentions monitoring for up to 10 comments, etc.

Small business owners can get great value for money with this plan. It supports collaboration up to between 3 users.


Agorapulse Monthly plan at 199$ per month and Annual plan at $159 per month

As the name suggests, this one is a plan bigger in both cost and scope. Touching the 200 Dollar mark for the monthly plan, this package allows you data retention for up to 24 months, ad comment monitoring for up to 40 comments, Team Workflow and all the features that are part of other packages.

Looking at the features and price range, this plan sounds perfect for agencies that can manage up to 25 profiles with this plan, which supports real-time collaboration up to between 6 users.


Agorapulse Monthly plan at 299$ per month and Annual plan at $239 per month

Organizations with large-scale operations catering to a huge audience can buy the Enterprise plan that caters to all their social media management needs in a manner most efficient.

With the ability to manage up to 40 social profiles, the Enterprise plan allows up to 12 users to work collaboratively and lets ad comment monitoring for up to 100 comments.

Agorapulse Reviews from Existing Users

Mauro G., Social Media Account Manager ,Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology and Services 1-10 employees

“Reliable, easy to use with solid streamlined approval-by-customer process.”

Overall: I believe when you create social evergreen content professionally you need a solid, reliable, cross-platform tool. Agorapulse provides all that with no frills and at a reasonable cost.

On top of that, it has an outstanding customer service and a community of users who share feedback and tips.

  • Ease of Use- 4/5
  • Customer Service- 5/5
  • Features- 4/5
  • Value for Money- 4/5

Reply from Agorapulse customer service team

Thanks so much for the review, Mauro! I’m delighted to hear how well all the post scheduling features are working for your agency.

I hear what you’re saying about the mobile app.

We’ll make sure that we’re clearer on stating what the mobile app can do v. the desktop app.

Warm regards, Lisa Kalner Williams Product Marketing Director Agorapulse.

Fiona L., Online event facilitator and host, Small Business(11 50 employees)

Ease of use has to be number one. It’s so user friendly, much more so than many other products I’ve tried and I love the calendar.

It lets me see everything schedule at once and so easy to have team members submit and leave for approval.

Part of my work is managing events and it means team members often change, and with Agorapulse the learning curve is super low due to its intuitive features.

Reply from Agorapulse customer service team:

Response from Lisa Kalner Williams of AgoraPulse

Hi there Fiona,

I’m absolutely delighted that you’ve found Agorapulse to be an easy to use tool for social media publishing features, engagement, and reporting! Aren’t the new shared calendars super helpful in collaborating on social content? let me know

Warm regards,

Lisa Kalner Williams

Product Marketing Director


Review Source-

Adam H.Co., Founder Automotive, Company size- 1-10 employees

“The Best I Have Used, But Always Room To Grow”

Overall: Very, very positive experience with AgoraPulse. The couple of times that I have needed help with something the staff was there immediately and helped.

Also, when COVID first hit Agora was more than willing to forego a month’s payment until we knew what was going to happen to our company.

Zero pushback, zero arguing. That speaks VOLUMES of the kind of company you are.

Ease of Use-4/5

Customer Service- 5/5

Features- 4/5

Value for Money- 5/5


Reply from Lisa Kalner Williams, Agorapulse team:

Hi Adam, Thanks so much for this review. It’s fantastic that you’ve found our publishing scheduler to be next-level.

As far as the Instagram API goes — oy, don’t get me started 🙂 I also hear what you’re saying about editing for different time zones. I’ll talk to my product team about this one. Warm regards, Lisa Kalner Williams Product Marketing Director Agorapulse

  • There are certainly some hiccups in operation at times, occasionally failing to post or struggling to find the right account when mentioning other companies.”
  • “The restrictions on the amount of users is a bit difficult for an Information Technology organisation as we are. Because we are non-profit it is hard to find the ‘room’ to upgrade.”

Alexa B., Social media associate Retail, 201-500 employees

Other Agorapulse reviews-

Overall: Generally easy to use but not as advanced as we would love.

Pros: The listening tool is easy, including the IG API.

Cons: That you cannot separate facebook comments mentions from ad comments.

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

So looking at the features explained above, one may have had an idea how resourceful Agorapulse is as a social media tool, but what well and truly makes it stand apart from the competition is the range of its free social media marketing and advertising tools.

These tools take the usability and resourcefulness quotient of Agorapulse several notches higher.

If you are someone looking to get maximum returns on minimum efforts, these tools are perfect for you.

Facebook Barometer

agorapulse review

With this tool, you can deep-dive into your Facebook stats to understand the pulse of your audience and track the reach and engagement levels on your Facebook page, without having to work your way through the tedious spreadsheets.

The Facebook Barometer tool serves as a perfect resource for you to measure up your performance against your competition and thus get an insight into what works better for them, what gets you bigger results, and what is it that you can try to replicate on your page.

Twitter Report Card

The Agorapulse performs largely similar functions as mentioned above on Twitter. Using Twitter Report Card, you can hold up your tweets against those from the competition and analyze who among you are getting more traction – you or your competition.

This way, you can figure out the messaging that should go out through your tweets. It is useful to understand what will drive your target users to perform an action you want them to perform, which drives more engagement from them, what gets more likes and retweets, etc.

Facebook Page Contests

Contests on Facebook pages are powerful tools for any brand which has a large audience on Facebook. But designing and implementing contests is a job that requires elaborate setup and knowledge of the market.

Eventually, you are spending hard cash, so you wouldn’t want to design a campaign that is not pitched to generate a lot of interest.

With this feature by Agorapulse, creating contests becomes easier. You get to choose from a variety of templates, for different kinds of contests – whether they are photo contests, quiz, sweepstakes or anything else.

It’s not just easy to design and create Facebook Twitter contests, but you can easily filter through the entries and decide who is the winner.

Agorapulse integrations 


AgoraPulse is a social networking and moderation-friendly platform designed to help organizations monitor their social network profiles.

It comes with a range of features such as a standardized social inbox, advanced analytics, and personalized publishing.

This enables the user to seamlessly publish new, engaging articles on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Twitter, etc., and easy to read messages from their social media accounts.

The platform has also tools to help users accumulate important data such as reporting and statistics that can be used to gain insight and to create a working social media campaign. 

The provider is currently offering the following AgoraPulse integrations:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

How Agorapulse alternatives matchup

After highlighting all the features in our Agorapulse review our next section will cover how it matches up with its counterparts.

Social media management remains a mode of online marketing that is expanding, and so there are many players out there that are providing marketers the options to choose what suits them best.

So apart from the expensive tools like Hootsuite, there are many other tools that pack a powerful punch without digging a hole too deep in your pockets.

One can say that they are decent alternatives to Agorapulse, but before one gets to decide on that, let us see a side by side comparison between Agorapulse and review best alternatives available.

Agorapulse vs Loomly

Previously known by the name Calendy, Loomly is a very useful a social media management tool for marketers to create and schedule posts to be published on the different social platforms of a company, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The user-friendly interface of Loomly is very user-friendly and features are very inventive. As a user, you can really find great value in features that help you analyze and approve or reject comments, run ads on certain posts, track the performance of posts, preview the posts before they go out, and so on and so forth.

When it comes to comparing it with Agorapulse, both can be run on desktop or as mobile app. As for who these tools are for, whether you are just starting out with your business or have a huge enterprise and multiple social media accounts, both Agorapulse and Loomly can add great ease and value to your efforts as both of them are amazing social media management tools.

Some of the difference between the tools that can be highlighted here are is that unlike with Agorapulse, Loomly does not offer you the gamification feature, which can be a highly engaging feature in context of your followers and keep them engaged with your page.

Loomly also lacks the Geolocation feature of Agorapulse, and this limits its segmentation capabilities.

As a marketer, you want to be on top of how users from different locations view your posts. Geolocation is a very important aspect of marketing segmentation.

Loomly also scores over Agorapulse in certain aspects, like it allows for email integration and enables other email-centric features like email alerts, reminders, and invitations, etc.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 11
Loomly Capterra review

Agorapulse vs Sendible

While we are doing our Agorapulse review it is important to know how it fares against Sendible. Let us begin our comparison.

Sendible, as mentioned and explained earlier, is another highly recommended social media management tool.

The fact that it can sync up all your social media profiles, which makes it easy to schedule and post content across the different social media accounts owned by your company is something that every business user wants.

On comparing Sendible with Agorapulse, because both the tools have a huge user base, there is the scope to compare reviews. As per the comparisons drawn up by G2Crowd, Agorapulse trumps Sendible in a variety of ways.

The ease of setting up Agorapulse is much more than with Sendible, and same goes for the ease of use parameter. Identifying the influencers in your relevant circle is an exercise that is more rewarding with Agorapulse as compared to with Sendible.

On the parameters such as social listening, social analytics, social measurement, and social ads, Agorapulse again edges past Sendible.

Two of the very important features that are missing in Sendible but present in Agorapulse are activity tracking and click through tracking.

However, one of the chief areas where Sendible scores higher is the reporting feature.

Sendible offers greater reporting customization. And that’s not it; the integrations of Sendible with other tools get better reviews from users.

Agorapulse vs SocialPilot

As stated in the beginning, SocialPilotis a fast-growing and an all-inclusive social media marketing tool that can be used by individuals as well as huge businesses.

When it comes to user engagement, while both Agorapulse and SocialPilot have the respective capabilities, Agorapulse makes it easy to engage with the page followers or track their engagement.

The segmentation feature of Agorapulse also stands tall in comparison to that of SocialPilot.

It gives you better actionable insights since you are able to get a good grasp of who your audience is, thus making you more equipped to design campaigns that are suited to their preferences and conversion-oriented behavior.

In short, it empowers you to nudge users to take a sales-focused action with ease of use.

Agorapulse also makes it a more worthwhile exercise to measure and track the performance of your social marketing efforts through a more robust reporting feature.

One advantage of using SocialPilot over Agorapulse is the cost savings you make.

SocialPilot comes with a free plan, which they call SocialPilot Lite, and their basic plan is also priced at a far lower number than is the case with Agorapulse.

Agorapulse vs Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a cloud-based software that enables the communication between companies and people. It also helps to streamline contact between firms, enthusiasts, and even prospects with their customers.

Its three functions, research, publishing, and interaction can enable companies and people to develop social communications effectively.

Sprout Social provides users the ability to create and sustain their community management by providing them a streamlined way of initiating, interacting, and tracking social conversations.

It helps them to build a better relationship with their customers by offering quick answers to their questions and concerns.

The app also provides a wide range of features to easily function on and refine your social media campaigns.

Lastly, it enables you to increase the return of clients to social media channels and use a single tool to handle the entire portfolio.


The main features of Sprout Social are:

  • Mobile
  • Publishing
  • Smart social Inbox
  • Monitoring
  • Social CRM
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
  • Account Structure


Social media analytics is the main advantage of Sprout Social. In order to enhance goods and customer support services, it offers valuable insights.

More information about its advantages here:

The app has a number of useful features.

However, it remains untrammeled thus enabling companies and persons to interact with target people and create a stronger relationship.

Sprout Social gives user’s rewards for their social media analytics.

The resources are given also to help them handle social care and social media activities effectively and efficiently. 

Become part of everybody’s lives, social media has also influenced conventional marketing. It is no wonder.

This software makes business simple for consumers to receive genuine input from clients, which can help them improve their goods and services.

Sprout Social also makes it easy to build a better and deeper customer relationship.

Another advantage that this software provides is that users can quickly recognize and engage their customers. It also offers a well-organized dashboard that allows users to divide into six parts required issues: activities, communications, feed, discovery, reports, and publications. These parts can help you decide where customers and prospects can stand.


The following Sprout Social integrations are currently offered by the vendor:

  • UserVoice
  • Zendesk
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Agorapulse vs later

Later, a forum for social marketing integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and an Agorapulse alternative. It was called Latergramme in 2014.

The software was originally developed to handle Instagram accounts, as the name implies. It became famous when its services were extended to other social networking sites.

Due to its valuable, realistic assistance and ease of use in streamlining the social media profiles of your consumers, the marketing platform has an existing brand. 


  • Signing-Up

The website of the latter offers rapid registration. For this software, you need to press the login button on website. Afterward, a valid email address and password can be redirected to the Build Account tab.

You can also alter the timezone of your website.

This makes it easy to prepare your posts. Later, then, the registration process is straightforward.

  • Usability

Then there is a modern interface that appeals to all users. Furthermore, the software provides interactive tutorials to help you surf the platform.

You can learn the various resources available on the Later website through interactive guides. It has a superb and simple interface, suitable for new users.

  • Scheduling Tool

Later on, before connecting to your Instagram account, you must download the application or scheduling tool. Fortunately, the software is available for cross-platform downloading on Android and iOS run computers.

The framework allows you to log in with a registered email address when the software is downloaded. After this method, you can now set up social media posts and stories with your smartphone. The website doesn’t permit Instagram to be automatically posted.

You need to design an ad later on and the system can inform you of the daily posting of the ad. You must copy the image and text to your Instagram account manually after getting warnings.

  • In addition to scheduling, platforms offer other tools for reaching your target market.

Later contains, for example, a bio connexion feature, You can create landing pages with the tool. You can create more effective marketing campaigns for your subscribers and followers with this feature.

It should be noted that Hootsuite does not sell a similar instrument. Therefore, the benefit of later when landing pages is considerable.

Agorapulse vs social report

Social Report is a cloud-based social media management software for social media managers and marketing agencies , an amazing alternative to Agorapulse.

Automatic publishing, brand tracking, multi-user collaboration, monitoring, and analysis of social media, content management, and client engagement are the key features.

The social report provides users with tools to schedule and post content on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook Twitter, Google Plus, and Instagram. It also makes communication between devices and networks easier in real-time. 

Social report tools help marketers conduct brand monitoring and analyze social data to collect information on particular subjects, hashtags, and influencers.

Social reporting tools the solution also helps users to automate specific tasks in social media profiles, including flagging and commenting on Twitter users, and more. 

Applications are available for mobile phones android and iOS. Services are provided monthly and support via telephone and e-mail is available.



There is a place where several social channels (like Facebook Twitter , LinkedIn) are tracked and other networks, such as Yelp, Meetup, Google Analytics and more can be accessed.

Social Report has also added Foursquare, Gowalla, Bebo, Tumblr, and more in beta, and soon the release is scheduled. One tool to track it all.


We have discussed the power of export extensively. While most tracking tools can export data, we’ve recently expanded our features, enabling you to retrieve not only all your social networks, but your global searches, contacts, and more. You can create your own reports and it is great to own your data.


Discovery is a pillar of sound social media marketing. However, it can be difficult to find influencers, interactors, customers, and even detractors.

Social Report performs unlimited searches worldwide while other search charges. The fact that these can be global searches outside your network is even better than searching.

And even if you don’t choose to use this feature, Social Report still finds and indexes conversations for you. Discovery is the extra mile we’re going for.


How do you know if your campaigns work? Naturally, measurement. You can measure the receptiveness of your audience with a social report. Are they acting? Do you purchase them?

How do you follow this effectively, efficiently, and accurately if you do not use the Social Report? It is important to obtain all the information you need to determine the ROI and make the correct changes as needed. Properly measure, act accordingly.


Any marketing staff can tell you that while it is the final effect of a swan who graciously maneuvers the waters of social media, these feet are paddling under the waves, which requires organizational coordination.

There are excellent features in the social report that enable you to manage team access and project roles. Social reports have white label skills as well and our tool allows you to easily administer the whole process. Coordination is the core of any successful campaign for social media marketing.

Agorapulse vs Buffer

Buffer is an online application designed to simplify the management of social media content management and an alternative to Agorapulse.

Its main function is to share content across various social networking platforms, popular in the digital world today. The app provides users with easy access to content and is easily connected to social media profiles.

In addition, it makes creating and scheduling posts on social networks even easier for users.

You need not log on to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other accounts individually. Buffer can do everything at once. In addition, Buffer makes it convenient to create and upload posts.

It includes a browser extension to allow you to integrate the app easily with Chrome, RSS, WordPress, and other sniffing tools.


The main features of Buffer are:

  • Social profile sharing
  • RSS feeds connectivity
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • Multiple posts and tweets
  • Informative social analytics
  • Analytics and insights
  • Profile management
  • Standard buffering
  • Agency/business planning
  • Stats comparison
  • 2-step account login
  • Customized scheduling
  • iOS and Android support
  • Team collaboration (via administrator rights)


Buffer’s main advantages are saving you time in managing the social media profiles of your business, in planning jobs, and in providing you with critical marketing analyses with ease of use. Read more about the advantages of the product.

Buffer contains an organized layout that easily updates all social media accounts. Its automated functions streamline posts schedules and user interface with options to add social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Besides, it also gives you the ability to write “tweets” and status updates. The option of scheduling posts may be displayed on various social platforms at the same time.

Your posts can be immediately published or you can select the button Add to Buffer to allow the app to decide when to create posts.

Buffer also provides a Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browser extension for sharing content on various web pages.

The icon is added to your browser, enabling you to share the link on the current web page using a buffer.

It also proposes texts which can be linked together. There is the option of instantly posting or creating a post via Buffer.

Buffer analytics can determine whether your content and scheduling decisions are effective or not.

Its embedded analysis provides an assessment of whether you are a homeowner or a small business owner.

The data it provides can be useful to describe how many clicks, retweets, mentions, and possible reach of your posts are carefully laid down and not tediously processed.

Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 12
Social media tools Reddit discussion


The vendor currently offers the following buffer integrations:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

An overview of Agorapulse and its features:

What do We like?Easy to use and intuitive.
The inbox feature allows you to view and take actions from one unified space.
The reporting and analytics are quite good.
What we don’t like?No blog scheduling and lacks Pinterest integration.
It is a pricier tool where the starting plan is priced at $99/mo.
Value for MoneyThe starting plan is expensive that will suit businesses.
The features are good enough for the price you pay.
Customer SupportChat support and email.
Who should use it?Big businesses and agencies.
Agorapulse AlternativesSendible, Buffer, and Hootsuite
Our Score4.5/5
Agorapulse Review - Turnkey Social Media Management Tool 13
Best Social media management tools Crozdesk market radar

To wrap up

As an online marketer, the question that you are asking yourself is this – Which is the best software for me?

By the end of our Agorapulse review we have taken an in-depth look at multiple tools, exploring their individual features, considering each and every pro and con, we can conclude that Agorapulse comes out as a tool that outshines other competing products on the most critical parameters, such as such as social listening, seamless collaboration, and precise targeting.

You would love this tool for the kind of visual ease and appeal it offers. Do give it a try though before signing up.

Questions related to Agorapulse Review:
Which is the best social media automation tool?

Some of the best email automation tools are Sendible, SocialPilot, Agorapulse.

How much does Agorapulse cost?

Agorapulse offers four plans as below apart from free trial:
Medium: $79
Large: $159
X-Large: $239
Enterprise: $399

Is there a free plan with Agorapulse?

No, Agorapulse does not offer a free plan but they have a 28-day free trial period.

What are some of the features for Agorapulse?

Some of the features of Agorapulse is the Notification feature that keeps you on the top of your comments game. The reporting feature of Agorapulse is on point and small business owners can get instant access to these reports.

For whom is the Agorapulse best?

It is a great tool for social media managers, small business owners and digital agencies.

Which is better: Agorapulse or Sendible?

Both the tools are good and more or less offer the same deal of features for large and small business owners. But when it comes to integration Sendible integrates with more number of applications as compared to Agorapulse.

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  1. Mary Morgan Reply

    I have used AgoraPulse and I never had any problems except for the interface that gets a bit slow. Also, It doesn’t support LinkedIn meaning to say if you want to tag a company or a name you cannot do it with AgoraPulse.

  2. Sandra Alexander Reply

    While using Agorapulse one feature i wish they really had was power to search through message inbox. It would have been wonderful if I could easily search through my inbox without hassle.

  3. Agorapulse is going to lead because of the features it offers. I haven’t used this yet but after reading this bog i’m sure to try this. Thanks for sharing this information. Keep updating with more such posts.

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