Top 10 Best Western Union Alternatives [Instant & Secure]

Every aspect of the business has gone global. The number of people moving from India to different countries has also been surging.

With more people moving to other foreign countries, international fund transfer has peaked. Money transfer happens for a variety of reasons.

Friends, family, investment in the home country, tuition fees, gifts, vacation, and shopping are a few reasons people do money transfer worldwide.

While there are several ways to send money to someone in another country, several factors are considered, like time, transaction fees, interest rate, and a few others.

Cash-to cash transfer, Bank-to-Bank transfer, Account-to-cash transfer, Prepaid Debit Card, digital wallet, and credit-to-credit card/ debit-to debit card are some of the best ways of money transfer.

western union alternatives

Western Union and western union alternatives offer tons of features that help transfer money online from one country to another. TransferWise, MoneyGram, Xoom, PayPal, World Remit, Bitcoin, Ria Money Transfer, Remitly, Skrill, Transfast, and a few others are some of the best western union alternatives.

Western Union allows you to send money, Pick up cash, track transfer, pay bills, and perform many other tasks from one country to another.

One can transfer money with the western union online or by visiting their branch physically.

Filling out a form with name, address, amount sent, and preferred mode of payment along with the recipient details like full name, address, and contact details.

Depending on the speed and type of transfer, the fees vary up to 10%. The tracking number provided after the completion of the transfer allows the recipient to claim the cash.

Features of Western Union

Send for cash pick up and flexibility in it.Mobile wallet
Membership programMultiple payment options
Track your transfersPrepaid cards
western union alternatives

Advantages of using western union


The transfer enables the recipient to receive the money in a few minutes and is an excellent choice for someone looking to make an emergency money transfer.

An identification card is the only requisition to receive fast cash, and home delivery is also available in selected city branches.

Multiple options

Western Union allows money transfer to several locations across the globe since it has multiple branches in almost every county, enabling money transfer to recipients in a matter of minutes.

The branches of the money transfer providers are usually open during weekdays office hours and on weekends too.


Western Union is an established service provider in the money transfer business, and it does not require users to take up a membership card.

It also offers conversion from dollars into a preferred currency with a current exchange rate, making it a transparent conversion provider.

Western Union is reliable, trustworthy, and has been there for decades. 

Disadvantages of using Western Union


While using Western Union is safe and can manage the faster transfer, some countries like the Philippines are charged high for the remittance.

The exchange rates are not favorable to senders, especially when the Philippine Peso is lower against the dollar.

Disclaimer challenges 

Western Union has a disclaimer clause that does not make them responsible for the condition of the goods received, making it a very challenging situation for the users.

The agents may sometimes get negligent and deliver goods in lousy shape.

Erroneous transactions

Wrong currency exchanges, calculation differences, and cash delivery to the wrong recipient are among the few challenges that users have faced.

The customer support team at Western Union is not the best making it even more difficult for users to track and get their issues corrected.

Fraudulent transactions

Western Union allows recipients to collect cash with a mere transaction number and identification card leading to scammers claiming the money wrongly.

What are some of the western union alternatives?

Speedy cash delivery through multiple trustworthy channels is the strong suit of western union.

However, miscalculations, scams by fraudsters, and higher transaction charges are some of the users’ challenges.

Western Union is not exactly the best money transfer service provider for users with different requirements.

OFX, Pay Pal, Ria, MoneyGram, Xoom, and many other providers in the market offer a variety of easy to use features with reasonable charges.

Who are Western Union competitors?

TransferWise, Fly Wire, American Express, PayPal, MoneyGram, and Ebury are a few Western Union competitors. Exchange rates depend on market fluctuations.

However, if you are a user looking to make money transfer often, then opening an account with multiple providers.

Making a list of companies, visiting their company website, comparing fees based on the desired method of transfer, and check the minimal amount of transfer allowed by the company are some of the things to evaluate before making the final decision

Which is the safer option between PayPal and Western Union?

Western Union offers money transfer in a matter of minutes and is an excellent choice during an emergency.

However, it is also a favorite among scammers since it requires only an identification card and transaction number.

PayPal, in comparison, is a safer option since it enables users to register their email id and enables them to make the transfer effortlessly without worrying about leaking their bank account information to fraudsters.

Which is the cheapest money transfer, service provider?

There are tons of money transfer service providers like western union, and all of them enable users to make international money transfers effortlessly to many countries.

However, users always consider competitive exchange rates, transfer money internationally with multiple currencies, transfer fees, and a few other factors.

There is no cheapest or best option.

Users can open multiple accounts with different money transfer service providers and always consider the transfer amount, country of the recipient, options of bank transfers, fees, and a few other points before making the transfer.

If you are a user looking to make transfers to or from countries like U.S, Australia, South Africa, and Europe, it would be a great idea to compare the conversion rates and transaction fees per transfer with multiple providers.

The conversion rate of dollars, pound, and a few other currencies are fluctuating in nature.

Money transfer across different countries happens for multiple reasons ranging from sending money to loved ones from purchasing online.

Western Union is an excellent choice for a user looking to make an emergency transfer and has a few disadvantages if you are a regular user.

There are tons of western union alternatives in the market that enable international money transfer that offers different exchange rates, transaction fees, and so on.

However, choosing options that are best suitable for individual situations would be a good idea.

7yhqTransferWise, Currency Fair, Ria Money, Remitly, MoneyGram, OrbitRemit, Paysera, InstaReM, Xoom, and OFX are some of the best western union alternatives in the market.

Here are some similar sites to Western union :

We will discuss the features, charges, time duration for transfers, and comparisons of these western union alternatives in detail:


Through Transferwise, users can send money abroad, receive payments, receive international money transfer in up to twenty-eight currencies worldwide, and spend money internationally.

Transfer Wise enables users to send money easily and quickly without any hassles.

TransferWise transfer charges are much cheaper than the banks making it a favorite among the users.

western union alternatives - transferwise


  • Hassle-free bank transfer from one bank account to another
  • International money transfers
  • Lower exchange rate
  • A multi-currency account that enables users to transfer and spend money in multiple currencies.


  • Currency conversion costs 0.35% – 3%
  • 0.2% direct debit charges for adding money to your account
  • Opening an account, holding multiple currency balances, and receiving money from different currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, and EUR is free.


  • Ordering a debit card from TransferWise costs $9
  • Up to $250 ATM withdrawals are free, and 2% charges for more than $250 withdrawal.
  • Spending converted currency charges 0.35% – 3%, and spending the currency in its origin is free.

Time Duration

Transferwise takes two working days for conversion money transfer and one working day for regular money transfer.


  • Transfer wise money transfer takes plan in two days. If you are converting from USD to EUR, the mid-market rate for $1 would be 0.846550 and 10.48 transfer fee, and the recipient receives $837.68 per every thousand dollars.
  • Xoom offers money transfer in one to two days with 0.834680 as the exchange rate for 1 USD into EUR. The recipients receive $834.68 per every thousand dollars making the transfer fee as free.
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If you are looking to make money transfer alternatives to western union with unlimited transfers and cheaper money transfer rates, then Currency Fair would be a great choice.

western union alternatives - currency affair


  • Convert/transfer money into multiple currencies
  • Use a transfer money service that offers a fair rate for your currency exchange
  • Get exchange rates alerts on email for multiple currency exchange
  • Earn rewards by referring a friend to make money transfer


  • Users are paying 0.45% per transaction. The rates decrease based on usage. The more people using Currency Fair, the cheaper the pricing gets.
  • A live currency conversion calculator is available, and users can get a higher conversion rate and match it for their transfer.
  • Users pay €3 per transaction.


Users pay 0.25% – 0.3 % for the total transfer amount depending upon the transfer of currency.

Time Duration

  • Euro payments take two business days.
  • GBP and CHAPS offers transfer on the same business day
  • All other currencies take up to five business days.


  • Currency fair offers 1 = 0.8426 exchange rate for $10,000 with a €3.00 transaction fee leading to the recipient receiving €8,423.00
  • A typical bank offers 1 = 0.8211 exchange rate for $10,000 with a €30.00 transaction fee leading to the recipient receiving €8,186.37
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3.Ria Money

RiaMoney is one of the quickest, safest, and most convenient money transfer services provider to one hundred and forty-nine countries.

RiaMoney is an excellent choice if you are looking for western union alternatives and is also one of the world’s top best money transfer companies.

RiaMoney has extended its network to more than three hundred thousand locations, making them a top choice in accessibility and convenience.

western union alternatives - ria money


  • Price calculator through improved functionality.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Quicker money transfer
  • Money transfer tracking on the go with mobile apps.
  • Ria near me features helps users to track the nearby location.


Competitive exchange rates.

The transaction fees depend upon the currency, transfer, payment method, and the recipient country.


The transaction fees depend upon the currency, transfer, payment method, and the recipient country.

Time Duration

A debit card or credit card transfer takes up to fifteen minutes to deliver. Mobile deliveries are instant, and bank transfer takes up to four business days.


  • Ria money transfer takes three to five business days for delivery, and western union makes delivery between the same day to five days plus.
  • Ria Money offers transfers through the bank, debit card, and credit card. Western Union provides money transfer services through the bank, cash, debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, and home delivery.
  • Ria transfer allows up to a thousand dollars of a maximum limit of money transfer services, and wester union allows up to five thousand.
  • Ria money transfer charges depend on the amount, location, and method of transfer. Western Union money transfer services charge very high transfer fees.


Remitly is among the best international money transfer companies that enable users from U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and Eurozone to send money with lower transaction fees and great exchange rates.

western union alternatives - remitly


  • Daily Transfer limit
  • Economy speed takes three to five working days with a higher exchange rate and lower transaction fees.
  • Express speed takes a couple of hours to reach the recipient and has higher transaction fees and lower exchange rates.
  • Debit card and credit card transfers available.


  • The transaction fees are dependent upon the choice of payment and money transfer receiving option.
  • Debit card and credit card transfers are allowed. However, some of the credit card companies in the U.S. charge 3%, and Canada charge 1% of transaction fees since they consider it to be cash withdrawals.


  • Real-time exchange rates.
  • Transaction fees depend on the amount and delivery speed.
  • Promotional rates for new customers.

Time Duration

Economy money transfer takes three to five days, and express money transfer takes a couple of hours to deliver.


  • Remitly offers easy to use online interface. Western Union provides a vast network of agents in more than five hundred thousand locations with agents enabling cash pickup that allows users to send and receive money from over two hundred countries.
  • Remitly charges $1.99 per transaction, and western union charges $20 per transaction. Remitly offers money transfer delivery in one to two days, and western union offers money transfer in three to five days.


If you are looking for western union alternatives that allow direct bank deposit and delivery through agents, the MoneyGram is a great choice.

MoneyGram is a transfer money service that has more than three hundred thousand agents across the globe.

western union alternatives - money gram


  • Send money
  • Receive money
  • Pay bills
  • Find a location
  • Earn rewards


MoneyGram has a transaction fee for $50 to $900 with a flat rate of $11.50. Greater than $900 costs 2%. Transaction fees for up to $50 cost $5 or lesser.


  • Money transfer through credit and debit cards also has separate charges from the card companies.
  • If you are making a transfer of $1000 from the U.S. to India, it costs $2.99 per transaction.

Time Duration

If you are sending money online, agent, bank account, cash transfer, and international money order, it takes a couple of hours.


6.Orbit Remit

If you are looking for a cost-effective and fast transfer money services, Orbit Remit is a great fit. Sending money anywhere is made simple by Orbit Remit.

It is one of the best, fastest, safest service provider that helps you send money across the globe.

western union alternatives - orbit remit


  • Spot Contract
  • Recurring Payment
  • Cash Pickup


  • The transaction fee cost £4
  • 0.43% of the overall cost for low, medium, and high-value transactions.


Charges are the same for a transaction worth $60 to $9900. The costs vary depending upon factors like the origin and destination of the transfer.

Time Duration

Most of the transfer happens in twelve to twenty-four hours and can be as late as five to seven business days.


  • Orbit Remit offers pay-in and payout through bank accounts. The western union provides inbound and outbound through bank accounts, cash, credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, home delivery, and cash card.
  • OrbitRemit offers money transfer in one to two business days, and western union offers money transfer in five-plus business days.
  • OrbitRemit requires users to transfer at least $50 and a maximum limit of $10000. Western Union requires users to transfer at least $1 and a maximum limit of $5000.


Mobile wallet, online banking, local & international transfers, instant transfers, credit card and debit card linking to a bank account, Q.R. code payments, and transfer templates offered by Paysera make it one of the best western union alternatives.

western union alternatives - paysera


Currency exchangeIntegrations with SMS, QR codes, and other solutions
Money TransferSplit bill feature
Event ticket selling.Payments with Q.R. codes


  • Transfer between Paysera accounts is free.
  • International transfer to SEPA countries costs €7 for swift transfers.


The company does not specify details on charges.

Time Duration

The time duration for international transfer usually takes a couple of hours and, at the maximum, take one to three business days.


  • Paysera offers money transfer with a minimum of $30 and no maximum limit.
  • TransferWise offers money transfer in one to two business days and online fees of $40.
  • Currency fair offers money transfer on to two business days and online fees of $5.


InstaReM is the best among the western union alternatives and is an excellent choice for easy to use, faster, and cost-effective international money transfers for individuals and businesses.

InstaReM offers a mass pay platform to large corporations to make bulk payments to multiple beneficiaries in multiple currencies.

western union alternatives - insta rem


  • Delivery times
  • Transaction restrictions
  • Lower transfer fees
  • Bonus support


  • Transfer fees between 0.25% and 1%
  • Best rate for currency transfer.
  • No hidden charges


  • No hidden costs
  • Higher exchange rates than the other western union alternatives
  • Competitive transfer fees

Time Duration

  • Most of the transfers happen within one to two business days.
  • The duration can increase depending upon the receiving bank.


  • Western Union transaction fees start with as low as $0 and cost $10 for standard transfers. However, the prices for specific receiving destinations for a credit card transfer may exceed $100. InstaReM has a transaction fee ranging from 0.25% to 1% based on the amount of transfer and the currency of transfer.
  • InstaReM offers transfer in one or two business days, and western union offers money transfer in a few minutes.
  • InstaReM offers bank transfer in more than fifteen currencies. Western Union provides bank transfer in up to ninety-five currencies.


Through Xoom, users can send money anywhere anytime. The money-back-guarantee/ SMS alerts enable users to make transactions without any hassle.

Xoom offers faster bank deposits; mobile reloads, SMS for tracking alerts, payment of bills, and much more in a few clicks.

western union alternatives - xoom


  • Send money through bank deposit, cash pick up, and door delivery through an agent.
  • Faster delivery
  • Anti-fraud verification system
  • Tracking through SMS alert


Xoom provides an upfront fee calculation where users can enter the transfer details like transfer origin and receiver currency and get the exchange rate.

Xoom offers 1 USD = 72.7156 if you are looking for a money transfer from the USA to India. The conversion calculator is available for users to get the exchange rate upfront.


Xoom charges a transaction fee based on the currency users need to convert and the country of transaction.

$5.99 is charged for transactions up to $999 and $9.99 for transactions higher than that.

Time Duration

Xoom requires two to three business days if the transaction is made on or before 4 pm PST. Because Xoom first settles the amount with the sender’s bank.


  • Western Union transfers money to more countries when compared to Xoom
  • Xoom offers a lower transaction fee when compared to western union.
  • Xoom provides digital transfer and western union offer cash transfer and in-person transfer at its agencies.
  • Xoom provides door delivery of cash transfer in selected locations.


OFX is a money transfer company that enables users to transfer money worldwide with no transfer fees with a small amount of markup on the exchange rates, making it a favorite of a regular online money sender.

western union alternatives - ofx


  • No Transaction fees
  • Exchanges rates that are higher than the banks by at least 3 – 4 %
  • Quicker fund delivery
  • Secure money transfer


OFX does not charge transaction fees from its users for any international money transfers if the amount is more than $10000/ £5000


OFX charges an exchange rate of 0.6% to 2%. The rate slides down as the number of exchange increases.

Time Duration

Usually, the transfer of funds happens in one to two business days. For a few exotic currencies, the transfer time maybe three to five days. OFX operates 24/7.


  • Transfer Wise charges on the total transfer amount. There are no transaction fees for traditional bank transfers. Debit card/ credit card transfers cost 0.3% to 2%. OFX does not charge any transfer fees.
  • Transfer wise charges a standard mid-market exchange rate without any margin/markup. OFX offers lesser charges for a higher amount making it the best exchange rate provider in the market.

An overview of all the Wester Union alternatives discussed in this post:

Western union alternativesFeatures Summary
TransferwiseWhat is good?
Lower exchange rates.
International money transfers with transparency of fees.
What is not good?
Large transfers are slightly limited
CurrencyFairWhat is good?
Allows you to earn rewards for referring others to use this gateway.
Low transaction fees where most transaction processed at flat fees of 2.50 GBP
What is not good?
Supports only 20 currencies
RiamoneyWhat is good?
Very quick to transfer money.
Instant cash transfer available
What is not good?
Costs may vary depending on where you are.
RemitlyWhat is good?
Offers better exchange rates that vary largely on the kind of transfer you are making.
Online calculator to find the actual rates and good option for smaller transfers.
What is not good?
Not all transfer methods available in all the countries.
Transfer fees is not fixed.
MoneygramWhat is good?
Direct bank deposit and money transfer through agents.
Available online as well as offline.
Good choice for urgent transfers.
What is not good?
Transferring to some countries can be expensive.
OrbitRemitWhat is good?
Helpful and easy to use app and website.
Flat fees and exchange rates are competitive than most providers.
What is not good?
Can only send money from three countries that is Australia, UK and New zealand.
PayseraWhat is good?
Cheap global transfers.
31 currencies supported.
SEPA and IBAN accounts.
What is not good?
Card only valid for Europe.
InstaRemWhat is good?
Specialised features for small and medium sized businesses.
Transparent pricing so you will know how much you pay.
What is not good?
Offers services only in Asia and Australia.
XOOMWhat is good?
Send money through bank deposit, cash pick up, and door delivery via an agent (in Mexico and Philippines)
A number of transfer options to Latin America.
What is not good?
The exchange rates are not transparent.
OFXWhat is good?
One of the best for large transfers where you get online as well as offline service.
Good customer service.
What is not good?
Not a great option for small transfers.
An overview of all tools discussed in this post


Workforces from companies across the world are moving remote.

With a significant number of people moving towards freelancing, moving countries for work, and exploring various opportunities globally, the mode of payment/ money transfer has also been changing from the traditional bank transfer methods.

With the highest number of users worldwide, Western Union is the most frequently used and the oldest international money transfer company.

Western Union offers money transfer services worldwide through mobile wallets, bank transfer through mobile, in person, and phone.

It also enables its users to choose multiple payment options, track their transfer, pay their bills online, opt for cash pick up, membership programs, and global access to over two hundred countries.

While the western union is known for being the fastest means of money transfer around the world with multiple options, disclaimer challenges, erroneous transactions, and higher transaction fees result in users looking for western union alternatives to transfer their money around the world.

TransferWise, CurrencyFair, RiaMoney, Remitly, MoneyGram, OrbitRemit, Paysera, InstaReM, Xoom, and OFX are some of the best western union alternatives.

Western Union alternatives offer some features that make them the best money transfer company around the world.

Zero hassle bank transfers, international money transfers with a mid-market exchange rate, enabling users to transfer money worldwide in multiple currencies, recurring payment, cash pick up, faster delivery, and exchange rate alerts few of those features.

However, the minimum and maximum limit of money transfer, exchange rates, time to deliver, and transfer fees vary from one provider to another.

While some of them offer mid-market exchange rates, the others provide a real-time conversion rate.

There is no best money transfer company because while one user provides faster delivery of cash through agents, the other provides a higher exchange rate, and so on.

Choosing the right money transfer company depends on numerous factors. It is essential to choose a provider based on the reason for money transfer, frequency of money transfer, and the receiver’s currency to get the best service and features.

If you are looking to transfer money frequently to your loved ones, you would want to consider the provider offering a higher exchange rate and a reward system.

But large corporations looking to make massive transactions might be looking for western union or western union alternatives for a variety of other reasons.

If you are a one-time user looking to travel for pleasure and want to consider a provider with a reasonable exchange rate for once in a while transfer/debit card transaction, then your criteria of selection would change accordingly.

Thanks to the numerous western union alternatives in the market, there are tons of options suitable to choose from for both individuals and businesses for a variety of money transfer services.

We have discussed the features, delivery duration, charges, and comparison of western union and its alternatives in detail, enabling users to understand the variety of features and charges by each of them to choose the best provider that is most suitable for their requirements.

Questions asked while looking for Western Union alternatives :

What is a money transfer?

Money transfer means moving money to different bank accounts/ individuals in the same or different geographical locations that may or may not require currency exchange.

Can I make a money transfer to a different country in twenty-four hours?

Western Union and some of its alternatives offer instant money transfer, enabling users to make the transfer within a few minutes or a couple of hours. However, the receiver bank timings, bank holidays, and a few other factors play a vital role in money transfer duration.

What are the western union alternatives?

Transferwise, CurrencyFair, Ria Money, Remitly, MoneyGram, OrbitRemit, Paysera, InstaReM, Xoom, and OFX are some of the best western union alternatives in the market. Each of them offers different features like exchange rates, transaction fees, faster delivery, door-to-door delivery, and much more.

Which is the best money transfer company?

There are numerous money transfer companies in the market. Zero transaction fees, lower charges on the exchange, cash pick up, anti-fraud policy to safeguard their users, disclaimer policy, and many other different features offered by them make it difficult to term one of them as the best. Considering the factors that suit individual/ business requirements of money transfer would be a great way of choosing the most suitable/ best money transfer company.

Can I get a higher exchange rate than the banks from these providers?

Yes. Xoom and a few other money transfer companies offer real-time exchange rates with a very tiny markup/ margin making it the best exchange rate for their users.

Can I use Western Union for my frequent money transfers internationally?

Western Union offers the fastest money transfer across the globe. Higher transaction fees and erroneous/ fraudulent transactions are some of the challenges that you might face with a western union if you are a frequent user.

What are the factors to be considered while choosing a money transferring company?

Transaction fees, anti-scam policies, higher exchange rates, and reward policies (if you are a frequent user)are some of the factors to be considered while choosing the money transferring provider.

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