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Using Google Tag Manager for Marketing Data Collection

Last year, Google released the “Google Tag Manager” tool. Since then it has created quite the buzz in the Tag Management System (TMS) World. Previously, I had used Tagman for simplifying the tag management which I used for Marketing Data Collection.

google tag manager

The benefits for “Tags” can be seen across the organization from the Marketer to the Programmer and to the Business as a whole.

This is an immensely useful tool for marketing professionals who constantly have to approach and convince their programmers to add tags into their website. With a one-time setup, the marketer like us can then have the freedom to implement Tags on the website pages to track events and not affect the integrity of the website code.

Introduction to Google Tag Manager:

This is useful for your programmers as it can help keep the code clean. No more complications to the codes when adding tags for the marketing efforts. All “tags” for analytics, event tracking, AdWords, and more are handled by the business through the UI without messing with your code.

tag manager analytics

To start using your GTM account, you must first integrate it into both your website and with your Google Analytics account. If you have activated the Google Universal Analytics, then you can follow the tutorial by Peep Laja, on Migrating Universal Analytics with Google Tag Manager.


You can also take a deep dive into the course provided by Udemy for “Google Tag Manager: Speed up your Tracking installation“, which I feel would be quite useful for the beginners.

If you are already known to the world of tag managers and used other existing systems like Tagman or Tealium, then, I hope migrating and tracking events with Google Tag Manager, a complete tutorial from Alessandro Martin at Moz must be useful.

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  1. Maria Alexander Reply

    I was longtime user of tealium; now I find GTM is taking all over the world. Good knowledge for marketing team. I find tag manager very easy to use without disturbing any software development team people.

  2. Jessica Gray Reply

    Why do you need Google tag manager exactly? I am new to this field and I certainly do not know what it is all about and how important it is.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      To manage your scripts and tags which you are using to track user behavior on your website. With GTM you can manage the scripts and tags easily.

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