6 Best Trello Alternatives to Manage Projects

This guide is an invaluable resource for those seeking Trello alternatives. It provides a comprehensive analysis of various project management tools, comparing their features, usability, and integration capabilities. The focus is on how these alternatives stack up against Trello in terms of functionality, ease of use, and adaptability to different project needs. As someone who has deeply analyzed these tools, I find this article essential for businesses and individuals looking for efficient project management solutions.
Trello Alternatives

Trello began life as a product of Fog Creek Software in 2011 and became a separate company before being acquired by Atlassian in 2017. Trello is one of the most intuitive kanban apps you’ll find. Several Trello alternatives provide mighty kanban boards, plus a wide variety of features just like Trello.

In this guide, we will be discussing features, services, use cases, integrations and pricing of Trello software and some of the most popular Trello alternatives.

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Trello uses a board interface similar to Jira. The significant distinction is that Trello is built explicitly with task cards that provide much more depth than Jira and other Trello alternatives.

To begin with, Trello provides a free level with an appropriate feature set and can then be updated with two payment rates when required. Continue to work on your tasks and activities every day by creating note boards.

You can use this as a journey planner, a side project, a community newsletter, an event, or an idea repository. On Trello cards, you can list assignments, suggestions and track the progress.

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Trello cards can be sorted and organized according to their categories. You can connect digital documentation and applications to the cards as well. Before discussing the Trello alternatives, let us see the pricing, feature and integration of Trello software.

Some of the Trello features:

Trello software offers a team collaboration platform to manage tasks. With Trello management tool, managing project is easy, intuitive, and visually pleasant.

There are hundreds of integrations that you need if you opt for extra functionality such as reports, monitoring tasks, or live team chats.

Trello is an open-source platform that is ideal to use with Kanban due to its user-friendly visual interface. Click To Tweet
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Here are some of the management features that Trello offers:

Task scheduler and prioritization: 

To plan and prioritize tasks with due dates and labels, Trello uses a kanban board s-ystem.

Its is a perfect tool for content teams, marketing projects, customer support tracking, sales pipelines, HR tracking, and manage an agile project.

Shared team calendar:

Trello provides the “Power Up” (or Trello app) add-on options for the integrated team calendar display. This view displays each project, tasks, the dates, and the right owner.

Dashboard for Trello - project management  tools  - development teams and projects - apps like Slack and task lists - google calendar - create custom apps

Time tracking:

As an additional ‘power-up’ option, time monitoring is available.

You can do the real-time search with this feature, either give customers that time or use it as an aid to implement project execution improvement.

Documentation features:

Each card in Trello includes an attachment button to access and link files and images to other platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

trello alternatives - keep track of time spent - multiple boards - assign comments and reporting features - best free fledged project - track time similar to trello

Collaboration features:-


On the bottom of each Trello card, you can insert the files, add other people, add emojis, or even connect other Trello cards.

File sharing:

As previously mentioned, the connection button and a file upload option is available in each card statement for each Trello card.

Trello file sharing - open source trello - project status - software developers - every team - work management - calendar views - view tasks - social media - simple kanban - power features

Team dashboards:

The whole main page of Trello works like a team guide, which includes the assignments and the scope and the nature of their work.

Some of the most useful services that Trello offers

Trello is an amazing tool for project management that keeps track of everything from the critical information to the minute details.

Well-Organized Board & Card System

Trello is a fantastic project management tool and task management.

The visual Kanban boards in Trello software are flexible, shareable, and let help you pack a ton of information into each card.

trello -  social media - simple kanban - powerful features - dashboard view - add custom new projects - makes team eye view - list view -  get things done

There is minimal chance of confusion, as all tasks are in order and can be tracked by specific performance lists with a board for each project and a card for each job.

Smooth Editing

The goal of Trello project management tool is to maintain structured control, and it means that you can assign tasks and change lists of tasks inline using the most basic method of drag and drop.

You can adjust the plans or team members to your needs and use automated notifications to keep track of any changes.

Team Collaboration

Trello is, in essence, a collaboration tool that is readily justifiable due to the various team functionality in the device.

With this tool, you can encourage the whole team to engage in meaningful community and single chat conversations, submit diatribes and documents, exchange information, manage projects.

team collaboation - code documents overview - switch calendars - integrated resources - price market - compare checklists - definitely entire notes - planning pages

You can access files directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Reasonable timeframes

You can render tasks with shorter time frames by using the Trello Power-up schedule, last-minute assignments, and display them according to their rank.

However, you can trigger your current calendar app to produce your iCal feed and import tasks already allocated.

Searchable database

In the case of a data breach, project management in Trello ensures that all relevant discussions and corporate data are stored elegantly in the system for further use.

A variety of labels and search plugins are available to assist you in locating the desired file in less time.

trello alternatives - beyond familiar - priority person - supports dashboards - download and subscribe - discussions and license - collaborative workspace


You need not be worried about exchanging confidential data of projects in Trello because the program is built to follow high safety requirements and uses a protocol for bank encryption to ensure that the data is never in the wrong hands. 

This one is another advantage over Trello alternatives.

install client - written grid efforts and permissions - links and report estimates - edit your plan - currently articles - digital industry - week - inbox - class


Trello works with the public developer APIs so that you can link it to any app/system, extension, or plugin, literally.

Mobile Optimization

Trello mobile app is what all you need to tackle your plans and projects while on the go using practically open data from all apps, including Android and iOS operators.

trello mobile app - internal private breeze - future insights - searching and relatively entry and excel - could host and invite - extensive options

Trello Integrations

You can integrate these apps for Trello :

PastelAdobe XD

Here are some more Trello Integrations:

1. Create Trello cards for new Jira issues

Teams are productive and better when all of them are on the same page.

So, monitoring your tasks, collaborating with others, and testing each new problem in Jira with a card at Trello is simple.

So for every new issue on Jira, you don’t have to build a card manually on Trello.

2. Create New Trello Cards from Rows in Google Sheets

With this Google Sheets and Trello integration template, you can transfer data from Google Sheets to your Trello card.

Only sign in and trigger Bot with your accounts in Automate.io. In your Trello card definition, you can also map the Google Sheets areas.

3. Add Tasks from Your Trello Board to HubSpot

trello alternatives - inbox - no bug - even default - assigning preferences - project's mark - streamlined course - generate transparency - methodology - keep waste quality

This sophisticated automation from Automate.io now takes care of you not to spend time to keep both your tools of task management synced.

Once this automation is activated, each card added to your Trello list in HubSpot can create a job.

4. Send new Trello archived cards to Google Sheets as rows.

It may be not easy to find cards that you have saved in the past, even if you are a daily Trello customer.

All your archived cards can take a long time to find the one you want.

5. Create Trello cards from new Google spreadsheet rows

trello alternatives - repositories pipeline and agencies - want every startups  - behind tracks and freelancers - bill premise line - call - dedicated - weekly - properly

Sheets is a very versatile tool for Google. You can use it for maintaining a contact list, managing tasks, collaborating with others, etc.

You can also list your jobs on a Google chart, but Trello can be useful in tandem.

6. Create a Trello card on a New Record in ServiceNow

You need to work with your colleagues on a project to ensure that they are up to date with the latest projects.

You can map fields from ServiceNow to Trello, based on the ServiceNow list. You can automatically create a new record in ServiceNow whenever you add a new Trello card.

7. Create a ServiceNow record when a card is moved to a Trello list

To track the progress of your projects, you might use Trello.

But can there be times in which your development, QA, and support teams want them in a robust, personalized database? That is why the ready-made prototype for migration of Trello to ServiceNow comes in.

Your projects can look much more efficient with this workflow set up.

Simply connect your Automate.io account with your ServiceNow and Trello account, activate this Bot, and finish!

Is Trello for free?

Most of the management features of Trello tool that makes it better than Trello alternatives are available for free.

Two-step verification is an exciting aspect of the free tier.

It is not common in free software, so it is good to know that you can trust the reliability of Trello over other Trello alternatives at any price level.

The free version of Trello tool offers the following features- 

Unlimited personal boards, complete cards, infinite lists, 10 MB of file attachments limit, ten team boards, one power-up of each board, 50 automatic controls are running per month, authentication of two factors.

Trello Business Class – $9.99/user/month – 

All previous functionality, 250 MB per file attachment limit, priority support, backgrounds of the custom board, unlimited team boards, custom areas, calendar view, app integrations, 1000 automated monthly commands, advanced admin allowances.

Trello Enterprise – Starts at $17.50/user/month – 

All previous features, unlimited commands, restrictions on the attachment, power-up management, personalized onboarding.

Trello’s pricing is quite competitive with other simple task management and softw- are collaboration.

trello alternatives - move figure and language - created correctly - design really makes you understand - five featured and sharing tool - although issues

Some of the users of Trello software:

Around 11,866 enterprises use Trello to organize and prioritize projects in a flexible, and rewarding way.

Firms use this tool more commonly in the US and the computer software industry. The software is preferred over Trello alternatives by enterprises with ten to fifty people and revenues of $1 M to ten million.

Some of the businesses using Trello :                    

Which is better Asana or Trello?

Asana is one of the reliable Trello alternatives that takes a task-oriented approach and workflow functionality.

Trello is a better alternative than Asana and incredibly flexible as you can use Asana and Kanban together to get the benefits of virtual teams and a tool that does the communication for you.

Trello is completely configurable, and the creation of a program and technique that works for you simply is up to you. You can use Trello for anything from project management to real-time tracking of projects to managing tasks.

Asana is a Trello alternative that offers similar features as Trello with a slightly longer list of features as compared to Trello.

Some of Trello’s outstanding feature is to switch assignments from one vertical chart to the next. When a project is complete, you can move it to the next level.

Asana screenshot - alternatives to Trello - know issues and almost popular yet - going hard - nice roles - anyone check years - day able - expensive flexibility

It is an incredibly satisfying step – you can see the research advancing practically. It is an extremely straightforward but effective way to view the project progress.

Thus, we can say that Trello is one of the best alternatives when projects frequently move between different stages.

Asana tool is most suitable for larger projects, and the device is available for free up to 15 members.

Some of the features offered by Google Keep are:

  • Google Docs is easy to copy
  • Cooperate and share with others
  • Keeping the widget: always alive
  • Transcribe picture text
  • Have your stenographer
  • Place the recalls
  • Check Filter

Is Monday better than Trello?

As project management software, Trello and monday.com have some overlap.

Trello is known as a visual project management and team collaboration tool that offers a Kanban system, lists, and cards.

However, if you’re searching for project management software with Gantt charts, then Monday will not be suitable for you. We can say that Monday is a better Trello alternative.

Who can use Trello?

Trello is a kanban project management tool that is ideal for marketing, customer service, distribution pipelines, and human resources monitoring projects.

trello kanban board - already fast around - long two working and moving - become high - come adding tool - would might take away

It provides a free personal usage package, which contains essential core features and its top-level services by Adobe, Foot Locker, and Spotify.

Trello has limitations: there are no built-in consumer invoicing, and in-house initiatives are more fitting.

Big, large-scale programs, including software development, are also not robust because they are deficient in native financial capital and specialized monitoring capability.

Find other alternatives to Trello if you want this degree of accessibility.

Who can use Monday.com?

Monday.com can arrange projects using Kanban, but it also provides other options.

monday.com screenshot - alternatives to Trello - do not  lack  features

The advance functionality of Monday goes beyond Trello. monday.com is likely the most versatile management tool you’ll find.

The software is one of the best alternatives to Trello that has a unique organizational approach, colour and placement to help manage a team at a glance.

Now we can say that Monday.com is one of the most reliable Trello alternatives. Monday.com provides more functionality which makes it very convenient, while for those new to work in the cloud, Trello is the best option.

1. Clickup

 ClickUp is one of the best cloud-based Trello alternatives for all forms of users.

ClickUp provides an agile board view, which helps you in one board to track each role on your team.

You can track activity progress with this alternative to Trello in percentage form and either “resolved” or “in progress” can be labelled.

A Gantt chart table allows you to view activities through a group or person in a calendar, inserting notifications automatically.

trello alternatives -  clickup


Synchronous EditingAll features of a project management toolTask Management featuresGroup Calendars
Project ManagementContent ManagementHandles Kanban methodsResource Management
Project ManagementBrainstormingDocument ManagementTime & Expense Tracking
Chat (Messaging)Discussion BoardsContact ManagementIT Project Management


ZapierTime Doctor


Unlimited$5 /User/Month
Buisness$9 /User/Month
Enterprise$17 /User/Month
trello alternative reddit discussion - alternatives to Trello

Trello alternative Reddit discussion
ParametersTrello vsClickup
What do we like? Very easy to use and works well for small projects. Pricing plans vary widely to accommodate a wide range of teams
Advanced features and customization options.
What we don’t like? Not very feature-rich
Not apt for complex needs
The learning curve is steep.
PricingPaid plan starts at $97/moThe paid plan starts at $5/user/mo
Best forSmall projectsBest for small teams

2. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is one of the most reliable, web-based Trello alternatives for managing tasks and projects with online Kanban boards.

The methods for coordination include analysis, marking, forecasts and control of the schedule.

The software helps you create an efficient team using Teamwork’s project management software, help desk, document management software & CRM.

The software enables you to track workflows in real-time and Kanban Boards.

trello alternatives - teamwork - project management software


Requirement ManagementTime & Expense Tracking
Kanban BoardProject Templates
Recurring Task ManagementMilestone Tracking
Task ManagementPercent-Complete Tracking
Feature of Teamwork Projects


Dropbox BusinessPercent-Complete Tracking
Integrations of Teamwork Projects


Free Forever: FreeFree
Pro$9 /User/Month/Billed Yearly
Premium$15 /User/Month/Billed Yearly
Pricing of Teamwork Projects
ParametersTrello vsTeamwork Projects
What do we like? Very easy to use and works well for small projects. A powerful project management tool loaded with features.
Friendly User interface.
What we don’t like? Not very feature-rich
Not apt for complex needs
Customer support needs improvement
PricingPaid plan starts at $10/moPaid plan starts at $10 per user per month.
Best forSimple and small projectsBest for all team sizes
Comparison of Trello vs Teamwork

 3. ProofHub

ProofHub is one of the most useful ,cloud-based Trello alternatives that helps you collaborate with your business managers and customers to reduce timescales.

It allows users improve work process and get better visibility across tasks using Kanban boards.

ProofHub enables you to stay in ultimate control of your projects even when you are on the go. It is a SAAS based software for managing project with automatic time tracking feature.

That means you can track time spent on different tasks without logging into it manually. 

trello alternatives- proofhub - project management tools


Real-time tracking of projectsBudget ManagementProject Templates   
Requirement ManagementResource Management   White Labeling
Task Management    Milestone Tracking   Kanban Board   
Portfolio Management   Issue ManagementTime & Expense Tracking   
Manage tasksIdea Management   Status Tracking of projects


  • Freshbooks


  • Free trial: yes
  • Essential for $45 /Month/Billed Yearly
  • Ultimate Control for$89 /Month/Billed Yearly
proofhub quora - project management tools
Proofhub quora review
ParametersTrello vsProofhub
What do we like? Very easy to use and works well for small projects. Main USP is their proofing tool.
Flexible task management.
What we don’t like? Not very feature-rich
Not apt for complex needs
Integrations are slightly limited.
PricingPaid plan starts at $10/moPaid plans start at $89/month
Best forSimple and small projectsBest for growing businesses

4. NiftyPM

Nifty is an open-source project management tool used to plan, organize, and track your daily workflow.

Unlike the Kanban-style, users can sort task lists vertically to offer more value by including sub-tasks. NiftyPM help users manage feedback and deadlines using Kanban view and also provides context to tasks.

Trello alternatives-NiftyPM

It’s one of the best Trello alternatives that support platforms like Windows, Mac, Mobile Android, and iOS.


Percent-Complete TrackingIssue ManagementResource Management    
Portfolio Management   Percent-Complete TrackingProject Templates
Project Planning Budget ManagementRecurring Task Management
Requirement Management   Task Management   Kanban Board   
Milestone Tracking   Idea Management   Gantt chart


Monday.com   Basecamp   Intercom    
JiraAsanaHubSpot CRM 


Pro$79 /User/Month/Billed Yearly
Business$124 /User/Month/Billed Yearly
niftypm G2 review
NiftyPM G2 review
ParametersTrello vsNiftyPM
What do we like? Very easy to use and works well for small projects. The tight feature set at competitive pricing.
Easy to learn and get started
What we don’t like? Not very feature-rich
Not apt for complex needs
The platform can be slow
PricingPaid plan starts at $10/moPaid plan starts at $39/mo
Best forSimple and small projectsBest for all business sizes

5. Hive

Hive is an AI-based project management tool and one the best Trello alternatives for teams of all sizes. It integrates well with the app like Zapier, Slack, Hubspot, Zoom, etc. 

The tool offers flexible views including portfolio, calendar, table Kanban, Gantt and summary view. 


Real-time expense TrackingAssign tasks
Drag and dropPercent-Complete Tracking
Version Control Create personal Task List  
Audio-Video Conferencing Collaboration Tools  
Discussion Boards for team members  Chat (Messaging)


 Zapier    Intercom 
Salesforce   Slack 
GitHub   Zoom


  • Trial: Yes
  • Professional: $12 /User/Month/Billed Yearly
6 Best Trello Alternatives to Manage Projects 1
Hive Capterra review
ParametersTrello vsHive
What do we like? Very easy to use and works well for small projects. A lot of customization options.
Plenty of useful integrations such as with Zapier and Slack
AI features
What we don’t like? Not very feature-rich
Not apt for complex needs
Slightly slow for nested tasks.
PricingPaid plan starts at $10/moThe paid plan starts at $12/user/mo
Best forSimple and small projectsBest for all SMB’s

6. Wrike

 Wrike is an all-in-one project management platform that lets you quickly and flexibly manage your challenging projects.

It is suitable for managers, mid-size businesses, and corporations to collaborate with team members and know as one of the reliable Trello alternatives in the market.

You can help handle collaboration and finish the job with Wrike’s coordination apps and configuration tools.

trello alternatives - wrike


Drag and drop feature  Predefined Templates   
Project TemplatesFile Management System
Time trackingCreate personal Task List  
Real-time project planning Annotation and Markup Tools
Percent-Complete TrackingPortfolio Management  
Gantt chartsDue Date Tracking   


Tableau   MediaValet   
MediaValet   Google Drive 
Salesforce  Jira  


Professional9.80$ Monthly / User
Commercial24.80$ Monthly / User

Trello vs Clickup

Let’s agree that Trello is a fantastic product for managing projects that cover the essential Kanban tool and features.

No special qualifications or prior experience of this software are needed and suitable for teams that require additional features like WIP Limits and Control Charts.

With its project boards, progress columns, and assignment sheets, Trello’s structure makes it an accessible and convenient tool for someone familiar with the Agile process.

trello dashboard

For its flexibility and ease of use, small teams like Trello in particular. Trello also provides lots of power-ups at a cost. Trello has its drawbacks, however. 

Clickup is open-source software for project management with a complete set of features that are easy to use.

You can take ClickUp into account if you have a large team and need software that performs more than just time tracking and managing tasks. You get the add-ons and more in the main package with ClickUp.

6 Best Trello Alternatives to Manage Projects 2

The calendar involves preparing the activities and goals, making deadlines to meet the due dates, seeing how you are going and what you want to do next.

ClickUp offers additional features that you need to manage your Kanban workflow and create a Kanban board.

ClickUp has a capacity of 100 MB plus a great board view, list view, and box view – all is forever open. You can say that Clickup is a useful Trello alternative for managing projects.

Trello vs NiftyPM

By making note cards on your dashboard, Trello organizes your tasks and daily activities.

Users can make use of this tool for creating task lists, travel planning, as a side project, as a group newsletter, an exhibition, or as a forum for ideas.

On the Trello cards, you can list tasks and suggestions. These cards can be categorized and arranged according to categories by the customer.

trello cards

A simple description of the cards is shown on the front and helps users, for example, checklists, due dates, comments, attachments, etc. to delve into more detail.

Users can add a success meter to the to-do list by inserting a checklist. Documents and media files can also be attached to cards.

Nifty is an easy to use collaboration tool and Trello alternative to schedule, coordinate, and monitor your workflow every day.

Nifty’s Kanban board empowers you to organize, collaborate, and prioritize tasks while managing projects.

nifty kanban

Join the team and project partners with instant communications, group chats, various meetings, and post the new information in the same workspace.

Develop road maps to visually reflect the milestones and the planned dates of project completion at a given time. A platform like Windows, Mac, Android smartphones, and iOS supports the tool.

Our observation of all the Trello alternatives discussed in this guide:

Trello alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
Nifty PMPaid plan starts at $39/moWhat is good?
Tight feature set at competitive pricing.
Easy to learn and get started
What is not good?
Platform is slightly glitchy and slow.
HiveThe paid plan starts at $12/user/moWhat is good?
A lot of customisation options.
Plenty of useful integrations such as with Zapier an d Slack
AI based project management tool
What is not good?
Slightly slow when a lot of nested tasks are there.
ClickUpThe paid plan start at $5/user/moWhat is good?
Good option for small teams
Pricing plans vary widely to accomodate wide range of teams
Advanced features and customisation options.
What is not good?
Learning curve is steep.
ProofhubPaid plans start at $89/month (flat fee with unlimited projects , unlimited users and 100gb storage)What is good?
Main USP is their proofing tool.
Flexible task management.
What is not good?
Integrations are slightly limited.
TeamWorkPaid plan starts at $10 per user per month.What is good?
A powerful project management tool loaded with features .
Friendly User interface.
What is not good?
Customer support need to improve.
WrikePaid plan starts at $9.80 per user per month.What is good?
Robust platform that allows to manage large projects .
Good for large organizations.
What is not good?
A lot of features make it hard to understand and get started with.
It is expensive

Our Experience:

So, these are some of the reliable and best Trello alternatives available in the market.

6 Best Trello Alternatives to Manage Projects 3
Best project management tools G2 grid

Trello is a web-based Kanban-style list-making application and one of the most intuitive kanban apps.

There are a multitude of Trello alternatives out there and choosing the best one can be a little bit tricky. To ease your search, we’ve put together a list of the best project management tools above.

These alternatives vary based on Kanban system, Gantt charts, pricing, integration and much more.

You can choose the Trello alternative that best suits your budget and size of business.

Questions asked while looking for Trello Alternatives:

Can you work offline with Trello?

Yes. Mobile devices allow offline sync, which ensures that whatever job you do on a phone or laptop without Internet access occurs when you re-connect. At the moment, the Trello online edition may not allow offline synchronization. However, it will soon!

How do I get my Trello data? 

Trello does not want to “lock you in” by making it difficult for you to access your content. Since Trello is still new, Trello even doesn’t have an export option, but in the future, it might have.

Is it possible to send an email to a Trello board?

On the Trello board, you can send the Email. There is a single FWD email address for each Trello board and card. Here is a thorough overview of the email-to-board function, with examples of use cases. See also the support guide for more detail on e-mail-to-board.

How can I handle a team with Trello?

A Trello app provides a wide variety of management functionality to ease the operation of the team. To make your team: you can add your badge, design the profile of your team, and keep it new. You can add/remove team members as well.

What’s Trello or Asana is a better option?

It is a subjective query, whether Trello or Asana is good. Trello works easiest when tasks often switch between levels, but when hundreds of functions are involved, it becomes challenging to tackle.
Asana is Trello alternative that is ideal for more significant tasks, but it still fits very well with small teams, with up to 15 participants free of charge.

Can Trello integrate well with Asana?

Asana is also a Trello alternative. To integrate Trello with Asana, you can use the Unito software. It is a paid app with a personal schedule beginning at $10 / month.

Do you need ClickUp as the Trello alternative?

It’s up to your targets. ClickUp app includes a traditional job streamline approach where you can manage jobs, due dates and much more. Trello’s card-based perspectives could be more suitable for teams to merge many initiatives. You can use Clickup as a reliable and better Trello alternative for managing projects.

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