4 Best Text to Speech Voice Editors for realistic AI Voice Over

In our exploration of four leading text-to-speech voice editors, we discovered tools that offer realistic AI voiceovers, enhancing podcast marketing and content creation. These tools provide features like natural-sounding voices in various languages, integration with popular software, and customizable speech tones. Ideal for diverse users from marketers to educators, these text-to-speech applications facilitate efficient audio content production, streamlining processes and expanding creative possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.
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Video clips took the world by storm a couple of decades ago. The marketing and advertising agencies across the globe shot some of the best stunning videos for the same. The trend seemed to change from videos to words, and the bloggers finally got their time to shine.

The recent voice assistants of Google and Amazon seem to have created a trend of voice. Podcasts seem to be making waves.

“Your podcast content should not be about you, but about solving your prospects’ problems.”

The number of listeners is surging like never before, making it the most sought after medium for businesses to advertise and improve their brand awareness.

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Not all companies can hire a perfect person with significant voice modulation to suit their podcase needs.

However, once the trend catches on, there is an imbalance with the demand and supply of podcasts/ podcast creators.

The marketers decided to use the text to speech voice editors that enable users to convert various forms of content like blogs, scripts, and documents automatically into real voice.

What is Podcast marketing?

Podcasting helps companies to tell captive stories about their brands anywhere, anytime. Digital audio files of spoken words can be called podcasts.

However, this podcast content needs to be fun, quirky and filled with quick information.

Unlike videos and written content, podcasts need far more gripping content for the listeners to stay tuned in.

Recording at least three to four episodes before the launch, maintaining an outreach list of bloggers, product users, and social media followers before the podcast launch. It would be helpful since iTunes requires up to three days after submission to show it on their lists are useful tips to ensure you have a maximum outreach.

Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly podcast episodes are great, depending upon the content relevance, time, and energy.

Twenty to sixty minutes is an ideal length of a podcast episode.

Using guests, preferable with a high audience, social media promotion, convert it into a video and post on YouTube, transcribe, and run a content as a part of the podcast are some of the good ways to promote your podcasts.

Podcast marketing enables brands to build better engagement with their existing customers and help them attract potential leads.

The feedback received from one episode can also be the topic for the next one. Answering customer queries from the previous episode help to build trust.

Inviting relevant guest speakers with a good following helps in creating a broader audience. Partnering with companies/ individuals with a suitable connection improves the ROI if online marketing is a priority.

Benefits of podcast marketing

  • Improves brand awareness
  • Increases traffic generation
  • Enables brands to build a connection with their audience
podcast marketing

Why should companies leverage podcast marketing?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a few other platforms work as existing platforms for podcasts.

Among those platforms, YouTube is the most popular one where you can easily share your podcasts. So, learning how to start a podcast on YouTube can be useful if you are serious about podcasting.

Millennials, Small business owners, and large enterprises make for a significant percentage of podcast listeners. Businesses/ companies with specific audiences as their potential leads should leverage podcast marketing to improve their lead conversion and expand their audience base.

Creating a new market for their products, improving ROI, staying connected with their customers, building trust with their audience, and keeping the potential leads associated with the company/business’s updates are some of the benefits of leveraging podcast marketing.

51% of the listeners are from the U.S., making it essential for U.S. customers to leverage podcast marketing to improve their business. Share on X

Top five best podcasts in the market

Crime Junkie

With over a lakh review on Apple podcast, Crime Junkie is the most trending podcast series with over a hundred episodes.

This kind of following is due to thorough research that goes into making an episode. Crime Junkie has a weekly series with a thirty to sixty minutes duration and two hosts.

True Crime Garage

the crime garage podcast

True Crime Garage is a long-form show with two hosts and runs once a week. Guys sitting in the garage with drinking beer and discussing some cold cases is the best description for this show.

The show began in 2015 and has been on the top five of the Stitcher list with over three hundred and fifty episodes. Portraying dark topics with a few laughs successfully keeping the listeners entertained seems to be doing well for this team. 

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder podcast screen

My favorite murder is a two-host show where one of them is a stand-up comedian. Adding a comedy angle to some compelling murder stories has its following.

The show is among the top ten list since its launch in 2016 and has completed over three hundred and seventy episodes so far.

Uhh Yeah Dude

uhh yeah dude podcast

Two friends bantering can work great for the comedy genre.

It is a one hour show with new episodes every week since February 2006 with over seven hundred episodes seem to have created a connection with the audience.


The Nerdist, now called ID1oT, is a famous nerd culture show. The host himself has a significant fan following and also invites some exciting guests. The show had a ranking on the Rolling Stone’s Best podcast of the moment with over a thousand episodes since its launch in 2010.

How is text to speech voice (tts) helpful in podcast marketing?

Quality of content is the essential factor that contributes to the success of a podcast.

The audience connects nicely with a fellow human voice; however, tts technology that has a natural language setting might as well do the job.

Previously text to speech voice would require tons of equipment, cost, and technology. With a few clicks and you can create high-quality audio with your written text effortlessly using tts technology.

Time constraints and outreach are some of the top reasons for podcast marketers to use tts. Using the technology to transcribe the content into other languages like German and French is much more time saving and useful to improve the outreach.

However, diction, tone, syntax, and further details need to be perfect and natural-sounding so that tts technology can be helpful for longer forms of audio work.

The personal touch of a human voice is a reason for the fame of the radio.

podcast marketing

Speak what I type

Gboard is an app available in iOS and Android.

Gboard is an excellent text to speech voice with a dictation tool that requires users to press the space bar and hold it to dictate a lengthy sentence. It is an online tool that transcribes in real-time.

Text to speech voice is an excellent help for podcast marketers with its natural-sounding synthesis and available in more than eighty different voices.

Can you read it for me?

There are tons of Voice Aloud Reading apps. Some of these apps support a share feature, enabling the content to work well with the Android share menu.

If the user is an avid reader and has many other things to concentrate on, this is an excellent app for you.

Type what I speak

The apps recognize your speech and will type the text accordingly. You can change the settings as you like whether you need us English or U.K. English.

All the apps have a natural-sounding set that enables users to convert their voices into text. Content writers/creators love this app since it allows them to write at a much higher speed using the app.

Could you read what I write?

The TTS / text to speech app works well for a variety of purposes.

Whether you want to convert your blog into a video or a podcast, it is now possible to do that in just a few clicks.

Speech tts is best if you are looking to convert your articles/ bogs into audio with a natural-sounding tone. The tts app is also useful to convert your writings into audibles.

Say what I type

This app is available to download on Google Play and App store. The Say what I type app supports a natural-sounding standard pronunciation.

say what i type

The speed is adjustable for better listening. The app is available offline and does not need users to stay online to use it. It is a free application and is a 4 M.B. download. However, users need Google tts to use it.

The market has some of the best tts apps like iSpeech, TextAloud3, Read the words, Zabaware Text to Speech Reader, Voice Reader 15, Text Speech Pro, Audio BookMaker, Acapela Group Virtual Speaker, and a few others.

We will discuss the features, getting started with the app, examples, and pricing for some of the best text to speech voice editors(tts).

Text to speech applications list:


Play.ht enables users to create excellent voiceovers with more than two hundred texts to speech Artificial Intelligence voices from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.

This tts is available in more than fifty languages to transcribe from text to audio.

text to speech voice - play.ht


  • More than two hundred and fifty natural texts to speech voice (tts) features are a part of play.ht.
  • Multi voice support and unlimited revision
  • Podcast hosting (Publish to iTunes)
  • Voiceovers
  • Customized Audio player
  • Analytics
  • Email Subscription

Getting started

Play.ht is simple to use the app. It requires users to download the chrome extension for play. Ht.

Users can go to the drafts page and click on the “publish with audio” button and listen to your article.

best text to speech software
Best text to speech software


  • Bloggers on the medium can convert their articles into podcasts instantly.
  • Voice overs are helpful to create audibles for existing articles. Audio versions of newsletters are useful for marketing purposes.


The Blogger plan costs $90 per year and converts up to one lakh twenty thousand words into audio per year.

The publication plan costs $240 per year and converts up to three lakh sixty thousand words into audio per year.

The Business plan costs $640 per year and converts up to twelve lakh words into audio per year.


Kukarella is a powerful online app that offers both texts to speech voice(tts) and audio to text converter with its enormous library of voices in various languages.

Transcribing audio in real-time is a breeze with this app. Kukarella is an excellent fit for multiple users from medicine, education, screenwriting, and many others.

text to speech voice - kukarella


  • Transcription
  • Multiple voice effects
  • Audio library
  • Secured storage

Getting started

Enter the text in the text area on Kukarella, select the language you need the voice/ voices, apply effects if you need it for any part of the text like a whisper, and click on convert.

You can now listen, download, and share the audio mp3 file that you just generated.


  • Game developing studios use Kukarella for in-game characters and narrations.
  • Customized voice trainer
  • Augmented reality applications use Kukarella for creating Virtual assistants in different languages.


The free plan covers up to one hundred and thirty-eight voices in more than fifty languages and over two thousand characters per month for the text to speech voice (tts) segment.

4 Best Text to Speech Voice Editors for realistic AI Voice Over 1
Kukarella pricing

The audio-to-text segment is available and offers five minutes of audio per month.

The pro for creative people costs $15.00 per month.

It provides users with more than two hundred and seventy voices, a hundred thousand characters available for the text to speech voice conversion per month.

The premium for film professionals costs $35.00 per month. It provides users with more than five hundred and thirty-two voices, a three hundred thousand characters available for the text to speech voice conversion per month.

The studio plan costs $99 per month where you get 1,500,000 characters for text to speech per month, nine hundred minutes for audio transcription per month.


Notevibes is one of the best text to speech voice apps that enables users to convert text into more than one hundred and seventy natural-sounding audio voices available for free Mp3 download.

Notevibes is an excellent choice for converting text to speech voice if you are looking at creating some of the best sales/ training/ educational videos.

text to speech voice - notevibes


Natural sounding voicesRealistic Voice generatorBackground music library
Volume controlSave filesVoice mail greeting in different languages and tones.
Customized speedReading aloud text
Sharing enabledIVR voice generator

Getting started

Click on the get started tab sign in/ create id, type the text, and get the converted voice clip with your choice of language, save and publish.


  • D.J. voice creation for music tracks
  • Creating voice mail greetings


The personal pack costs $7 per month and $84 when paid annually.

The personal pack subscription covers one account license, allows MP3 download, up to twelve lakh characters pack is available per year, individual e-learning, private listening, over one hundred and seventy-seven premium voices available in up to eighteen languages.

The commercial pack costs $70 per month and $840 per year when paid annually.

The commercial pack subscription works well for commercial purposes(YouTube, broadcasts, T.V.) and covers – advanced voice editor, file storage, SSML tags support, 100% ownership of all intellectual property, and Team license for up to four members.

The features available in the personal pack are also available in the commercial pack.


Speechelo is one of the best text to speech voice software that enables users to convert their text into an excellent quality natural sounding voice in three simple steps.

Speechelo uses cloud technology and allows users to access it from their tablets, smartphone, or computer.

Users would need to upload their script, choose the most suitable natural sounding voice, and create the audio clip.

text to speech voice - speechelo


  • Text to speech voice
  • Male and female voices
  • Inflections to the voice.
  • Text to speech voice available in English and twenty-three other languages.
  • Up to thirty natural sounding voices are available.
  • Normal, joyful, and severe tone available.
  • Speechelo works well with easy video editing software like Camtasia, Audacity, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, and others.

Getting started

  • Get started with three easy steps. Paste your content,
  • choose a voice & language, and generate & download the video.


  • Freelancers, companies, video makers love Speechelo for their video making purposes.
  • Small budget filmmakers love the instant voice over to reach a broader audience.


Speechelo is currently providing a special offer with a one-time payment with a 63% discount. This offer costs $37 one time fee with no monthly billing.

Speechelo also has an unlimited basic version plan for $47 and is available @ $37 with coupons.

The Speechelo Pro version costs $37 and is not available @ 77 as a one-time fee with coupons.

The Speechelo tube plan costs $37

speecelo reddit review
Speechelo.reddit review

An overview of all the text to audio software discussed in this guide:

Text to speech toolsPricingFeatures Summary
Play.htPaid plan starts at $90/yearMultiple language support.
Helpful support team.
Good analytics and easy to use fatures.
KukarellaThe paid plan starts at $4.99/moOffers both the features i.e, text to voice as well as voice to text.
Good option for medicine, education and screenwriting.
NotevibesThe paid plan starts at $7/moGood for creating sales and training videos.
More than 170 natural sounding audio voices.
Audio clips in mp3 and WAV format available.
SpeecheloThe paid plan starts at $37/moComes with a money-back guarantee.
It allows you to create longer and extended speeches.
Upto 30 natural sounding available.

Our Experience

Podcasts are trending, and like everything else, businesses are making the most of this too. Written format, both long and short forms, has been making waves in the world of business.

Whether it is through blogs, articles, whitepapers, or social media campaigning.

Podcasts marketing seems to be the next big thing and has created many jobs with skills surrounding it like content creation, voiceovers, text to speech voice (tts), and many others.

While voiceover artists are in high demand, it is also causing a severe problem for companies looking to convert their content that is in text format into speech voices in various languages for better outreach.

Thanks to the A.I. based technology text to speech voice is now possible in a few clicks.

Providers that offer the text to speech software have tons of features that enable users to convert their text into speech in a few clicks effortlessly.

Online text conversion with the U.K. English, us English, multiple tones, the conversion is several languages, and various tones are all available for uses to select.

Text to speech voice with high quality, natural-sounding voices with different tones and languages has taken the world of podcast marketing to a whole new level.

Companies are now leveraging podcast marketing to improve their outreach to the audience, stay connected to the potential leads, improve ROI, plan their marketing strategies as per their audience choice, and create new traffic generation for their websites/ businesses.

The text to speech voice software enables companies to convert their audio content into several languages effortlessly.

Companies can save cost, time, and get rid of the hiring hassle since they use the text to speaking software to generate high quality and natural-sounding voices for their podcasts in U.K. English, U.S. English, and many other languages.

The text to speech voice software providers offer tons of voices in various languages, tones, and other features.

However, the companies keep the rights reserved for a few areas to control the original features.

Users can convert online text into their choice of speech in the tone and language they select, play, save, and publish high-quality audio content on your platform choice.

Whether it is storytelling for kids or narrating a compelling story for brand awareness, the human voice is the best.

The A.I. based natural-sounding voice has taken the next best place to the human voice.

A variety of tones, languages, and a few other customizations has made it possible for businesses to utilize the text to speech voice software for marketing purposes and save them a lot of time, cost, and effort.

The podcast marketing has enabled companies to stay connected to their audience, understand their future lead requirements, and improve their sales conversions.

The text to speech voice software providers offers various features with several pricing plans so that individuals and businesses can choose the one most suitable for them.

Well-chosen topics with extensive research enable creating in-depth, high-quality content that can keep the audience hooked.

Questions asked while text to speech applications:

What is podcast marketing?

Podcast marketing is enabling brands to tell compellingstories to build a connection with their potential customers, improve their website traffic, increase sales conversions, and ROI.

What is a text to speech voice software?

A text to speech voice software enables users to paste content in text format and convert them into an audio format in a variety of languages and tones are allowing them to make content with natural sounding voices.

Can I convert my content into foreign language audio?

Yes. All the text to speech conversion software providers offer features like more than a hundred languages, special effects, and tones that enable business and individuals to improve their outreach towards customers of various locations.

Can I use the text to speech converter software for free?

Most of the providers offer a free plan. However, a few of them do offer a free trial for users to get a feel of the software and sign up for a relevant plan after being satisfied with the service.

Can I cancel or change the plan?

Most of the providers let their users cancel or change their existing plan into a different one. It is best to check on the cancellation, plan change clause before signing up for the subscription.

How is the text to speech conversion software helpful?

The text to speech/ audio conversion software enables users to convert their text content into audio clips in real-time, allowing them to publish their content in both text and audio format for a better reach. The availability of voiceovers in a variety of languages help businesses to increase their outreach.

Can I use these audio clips for future use?

Most providers enable users to save the audio file in MP3 and WAV format in their library for a limited time and later on provide the users with 100% intellectual property rights of the audio clip.


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