10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons

This review explores ten practical alternatives to RescueTime for time tracking and productivity analysis. The guide details the features, usability, and pricing of each tool, catering to different business needs. It's a valuable resource for professionals and businesses seeking efficient time management solutions, offering options ranging from basic free tools to advanced paid versions. This comparison assists in finding the right fit for optimizing time tracking and productivity within various work environments.

Time monitoring offers valuable insights to businesses, organizations, and people to schedule, anticipate and improve cumulative job performance. To track time efficiently, you need to find suitable time tracking software like Rescuetime, TimeDoctor, etc. This guide will discuss all the rescuetime alternatives, features, use cases, and pricing to help you choose the best one for your business.

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Whether you are a self-employed or a business owner, you need to keep an eye on each project's time. Share on X

People track time for various purposes, like building customer invoices, monitoring employees’ productivity, etc.

Regardless of why you watch the time, you need to use a reliable time-tracking tool to make time tracking easy and precise.

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The Benefits of Time-Tracking

As discussed above, employee monitoring provides management essential knowledge and insights into organizational operations and the dynamic of success in teams. Moreover, time tracking and management have advantages for each employee’s efficiency.

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Let us see some of the common advantages of tracking time:

Transparency and clarification

Time tracking gives you accurate and readily available timesheet info. 

Both data traceability

You can check and summarise data on time tracking tools quickly in the studies. The software makes it easy to use with expense or time justification.

Improved methods for calculating

It is easier to make projected predictions more reliable by comparing set timelines and forecasts with real data.

Enhanced workflow forecasting

Timesheet information helps detect and avoid accidental time leaks, bottlenecks in the process, and over-staffing issues.

Precise payroll & billing details

With detailed descriptions of the amount of time spent on the proposal, you can avoid unsatisfied clients’ usual issues.

However, it is not sufficient to have this much data. To draw the right conclusions and decisions, you need thorough research. The summarised statistics demonstrate the total picture of our time, efficiency, and workday costs. It is easier to understand critical patterns and look at job processes by comparing related data for present and previous times.

This data helps to clarify potential vulnerabilities and increases competitiveness and performance. 

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 4

In respect to productivity, tracking working cycles tends to enhance individual outcomes. Here is a list of its crucial output effects.

  • Beat the fall. Being mindful of your everyday activities and items that divert you from your job is an excellent boost to getting away from significant disruptions. It’s not a challenge. When you discover how much of yesterday’s expenditure on Facebook and YouTube, it is much better not to search on social media every 10 minutes and watch funny videos on the internet. 
  • Your efficiency perception. Timesheet data is the most significant source of knowledge for efficiency, success, and work outcomes measurement and interpretation. In the digital economy, productivity indicators are generally vague, but work-time figures are the most transparent and intelligible aspect.
  • Keep the progress track. Time tracking is an effective way to boost efficiency, particularly for self-employed people who identify themselves and encounter serious productivity difficulties during the workday. Have you ever asked what helpful stuff to do other than watch TV shows and YouTube videos? There are so many of them – we’ve even researched this.

RescueTime Features and use:

RescueTime is a time tracking software that gives consumers many features to help handle and track their workers' resources. Share on X

You can get rescuetime for different platforms like the rescuetime app for Android or rescuetime mac for IOS devices to make time tracking easy and convenient.

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1. Tracking time automatically

It helps users track and eliminates the time and commitment to the position in hours manually. RescueTime monitors and records how long you spent on a range of things like blogs, papers, apps, and more, so it is automated. 

2. Comprehensive review and observations

You can analyze your working patterns and take the measures you need to change them accordingly if you collect comprehensive review and observations.

RescueTime also provides you with knowledge about sinks you might have encountered during working hours, and lets you set targets to do further. This purpose is useful to increase the time, but with more intelligent approaches. 

3. Websites and advertisements are blocked.

People take their jobs longer due to the disruptions that can arise in many ways, like blogs and advertisements that distract. The RescueTime (FocusTime) mechanism block these pages; it can also restrict such apps and services to everyday life to ensure that no additional time is lost.

4. Real-time alerts

In real-time alerts, this tracking software will help you know what you did with your time, as RescueTime warns you that you have spent more time disturbing you than making. You can achieve it by setting everyday targets that provide you with input on your performance. 

5. Integrations

RescueTime gives consumers everything they need in terms of time tracking, work progress tracking, and capabilities as a standalone tracking solution. However, with other integrations, like Calendar and Slack, you can enhance the framework. You can benefit from greater competitiveness in other aspects of the market by linking more apps to RescueTime.  

RescueTime Benefits

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 6

Rescuetime users can get benefit from a range of intuitive resources and capabilities. Some of the features that make rescuetime more powerful than rescuetime alternatives are:

1. Ability to monitor

First, RescueTime is a time tracking tool that assures your time’s proper monitoring through its functionality and resources. This tracking solution tracks the cumulative time spent in significant project areas, such as the framework, the database, or the text. Furthermore, it works well to analyze your daily patterns and the reasons for keeping you from being effective. 

2. Enhanced efficiency

RescueTime allows us to understand how long you need to perform a job or spend time on a project. It is useful to know when to do your most, mainly if RescueTime keeps you from getting interrupted quickly. Moreover, the deliverable is more straightforward, and you can set those reminders to warn you of stalling or remaining idle on a job. You can make use of each minute of your working hour to enhance efficiency.

3. Flexibility and scalability

RescueTime adapts to your company criteria and offers versatile solutions for special data formats to boost your performance and productivity. You may, therefore, obtain useful perspectives through simplified resumes and detailed analyses. These features allow you to realize what you can do to remain profitable. 

rescuetime alternatives

4-5 professionals who have used time tracking apps to benefit their work

Example 1:

Ricardo C, Source: G2.com

“The best of its kind.”

I live its capability to handle time on a busy day efficiently. For example, if you forget to register your break, there is a button, Add a break. You should apply the latest tracking retroactively as it begins, and all you can change all the overlapped entries whenever you forgot about adjusting tracking when you ran from one meeting to the other.

Example 2:

User in Computer Software, Source: G2.com

“Marketer experience with TMetric time tracker.”

I’m a Single Marketer, and I take orders from other firms.

Thus my customers know about my job when I add TMetric. I now have greater confidence and have plenty of new ventures.

Example 3:

Administrator in Information Technology and Services, Source: G2.com

“A Streamlined and Efficient Time Management System”

Like other small organizations with scattered employees, we wanted a system for managing projects and time-related data collection. While other applications do, they typically needed costly installations to control complicated project billing systems, or they were cheap and couldn’t do so. In integrating Everhour with a project management framework and using explicit metadata, we can effectively measure our time and allow our team to use their project management technology to support them better. Frankly, this performed much better than other (much more costly) commonly known methods for handling time in industries.

Example 4:

Ray A, Source: G2.com

“Fantastic Solution!”

Insight into my project management and the ability to quote and reliably account for tasks. Another cool thing I want to be able to see where I have spent my entire day. Since remote teams are tomorrow, this gives me the knowledge I have to make a decent product.

Example 5:

Angela G, Source: G2.com

“Excellent time management system with excellent integrations.”

You can use it for Pivotal Tracker convergence. It had made it much easier to monitor time through projects than when we joined the organization for the first time. My time now is insufficient to prepare papers. In the periods that I set up quickly, I would collect updates of notifications for tasks and team members to keep up to date with the project schedule.

A saver for real-time!

Cons of RescueTime

RescueTime is the best management software for time management and boost performance. It helps boost your productivity by tracking your machine’s use and following you when and how active and busy you are. Unfortunately, rescuetime has some set of cons that sometimes make it less superior to rescuetime alternatives.

Some of the cons of Rescuetime:

  • Useful for frequent reporting applications only, may not have a routine or a plan
  • No records of attendance
  • No supervision of programs and customer service
  • No screen images
  • No costs or fees
  • No project members can access individual employee records
  • Additional premium systems in contrast with other goods due to the functionality they lack

1. TMetric

TMetric is a cloud based time tracking tool that provides a decent user rating and many implementation possibilities over other rescuetime alternatives. This management tool is accessible on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Its features include time monitoring, time-capture software, employee database, time-keeping, various payment patterns, overtime measurement, time-tracking offline, etc. 

TMetric is a perfect rescuetime alternatives that help users schedules projects and track time to maintain effective regulation. The reporting facility provides export options for PDF and CSV, period formatting, etc. With this employee monitoring software, time monitoring is feasible for both private and public ventures. If you are looking for a cloud based solution then it is one of the best rescuetime alternatives to consider.

rescuetime alternatives


Timesheet management Billing and Invoicing Offline Time Tracking
Multiple Billing Rates Employee Database Automatic Time Capture
Time Tracking Billable & Non-billable Hours Leave Tracking (Vacation)
Overtime Calculation Mobile app

Use cases:

Marina T, Source: G2.com

“I can effectively check the progress of my team and projects.”

I wanted an application that offered a quick summary of buyers and ventures, which would help our company and take too much time unpaid or would not pay. TMetric helps me with this work. Furthermore, detailed time monitoring allows one to hold the specified time. It is available, helps allocate workloads accurately, and provides patrolling. I want to point to the PTO module in the particular-my team isn’t big, but juggling holidays and sick holidays is inconvenient.


TMetric pricing begins at $5.00 a month. TMetric has two plans:

  • Professional at $5.00 / month.
  • Business at $7.00 / user / month.
  • TMetric also has a restricted Free Package.

2. Chime

Chime is one of the most popular rescuetime alternatives that offers both the mobile app and the online desktop version. It is an easy to use employee tracking application that helps all employees connect in real-time to communicate, integrate, and execute tasks with ease. 

rescuetime alternatives


Add people on the go View who is where
Easy configuration Authorize timesheet
Clock in & out Take site notes

Use cases:

“Chime: A better way to track.”

In the span of months, this helps me to determine my overall working hours. It is essential because it gives me an idea of how each student spends on testing and assignments leads to each student’s success. I used this to address student affairs concerns in real-time. It also helps me see how I spent overtime in a student in comparison with others every month. The graphic display gives me a simple visual way to measure the time break within the company.


  • Basic: Free, 4-week free trial 
  • Premium: starts from £ 3.49 per month per user
  • Enterprise: talk to the Vendor

3. WorkSnaps

WorkSnaps is a management software that helps you to monitor a person’s work hours. It is one of the most popular rescuetime alternatives, particularly useful for freelancers or other hourly employees. It is beneficial if the team members of a boss or supervisor are in remote areas. It is a dynamic time tracking rescuetime alternatives that records how the pictures, mouse clicks, and keyboard strokes work.

It also offers verifiable facts, rather than just a boring work record. 

rescuetime alternatives


  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Verifiable and Accurate Recording of Operations
  • Invoice generation
  • Extensive Charts and Reporting Features

Use cases:

Dan O., Managing Director, Used the software for 2+ years

“Best In Class Time Tracking Software”

It enables fast-tracking and production of invoices for contractors. The GUI is straightforward and encourages integrity, honesty, and completeness of the working hours. The price of the subscription is reasonable and equal. 


  • WorkSnaps provides all customers with a free 30-day trial. It also provides its consumers with various products at varying prices.
  • It has four plans for its’ Regular Kit, including Pro, Plus, Lite, and Free, which costs $60, $30, $15, which $0 per month.
  • It also offers WorkSnaps at $30 a month for Basecamp, Freshbook, and Harvest.

4. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is one of the best rescuetime alternatives and a cloud based time tracking software. You can install this easy to use the software on Mac, Browser, Android, iOS, etc. The SaaS edition is also available. This employee monitoring software is an all-in-one tool, as it incorporates many features like budget accounting, management, payroll, scheduling, project management.

TimeCamp consists of features like a time clock, time monitoring, and charging. It also provides device monitoring. It is known as one of the best alternatives to rescuetime as it gives data-driven reports and services for invoicing.

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 7


Billing and Invoicing Employee Monitoring and Database management
Multiple Billing Rates Leave Tracking (Vacation)
Mobile Time Tracking Billable & Non-billable Hours
Timesheet Management Automatic Time Capture
Overtime Calculation Offline Time Tracking

Use cases:

Jakes v, Source: G2.com

We have tried plenty of tools, and Timecamp’s integration, simplicity, and shortlist of functions discern and pay for this method. It integrates with a range of devices, such as our home project management apps, our customers’ project management tools, and accounts applications. You pick a job one of our customers has already generated in something like Asna, monitoring our time and then selecting the invoice and submitting it to Xero and our customers from there when it is time to charge.


The TimeCamp price begins at $7 / month per consumer. There are two related strategies for TimeCamp:

  • Basic at $7.00 / user / month.
  • Pro at $10.00 / user / month.

TimeCamp provides a restricted Free Account. You need to create an account to access the free version of the TimeCamp tool.

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 8
Timecamp Capterra review

5. Webwork

WebWork is one of the best rescue time alternatives for employees. This time tracking app keeps you updated on what your workers do at a given time by randomly following your employee’s screen and telling you how long they were active during work hours. WebWork Tracker measures the time employed, tracks the operation level, and catches the screenshot (optional). 

Users can get immediate updates at varying times (weekly, monthly, etc.) immediately. WebWork offers five user-form choices, each with different permissions and responsibilities. Users may also define behavior during the time management process. You may also edit these definitions to meet the user’s needs.

rescuetime alternatives


Employee Database Billable & Non-billable Hours
Mobile Time Tracking Automatic Time Capture
Offline Time Tracking Calculate the time spent on each task
Multiple Billing Rates Timesheet Management
Billing and Invoicing Overtime Calculation

Overtime Calculation

Use cases:

Source: G2.com

“Best time tracker.”

The free account takes a timed snapshot, and you can see all information with every click. You should introduce a team to track work and time. The team must pay each account. It is quite an excellent app. web monitoring browser to verify all details.


The price per customer per month starts from WebWork Time Tracker at $2.99. There is a single plan for WebWork Time Tracker: $2.99 per account per month WebWork Time Tracker.

6. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is the best rescuetime alternative for employee behavior research. It helps employers with the capacity to track what their workers do and how long they spend. On monitored computers, the application is invisible and does not even appear in the job manager. It makes ActivTrak the best tracking platform to ensure workers use their IT services.

Sincerely. This tracking feature help managers find precise data on how their workers are spending time on jobs. Also, ActivTrak has incredible configurable settings that enable employees to decide how the software can function.

Indeed, if there is no longer a need, they might choose to avoid tracking one or more machines. In general, ActivTrak is the best, vigorous monitoring device.

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 9


Alerts / notifications Productivity tracking & monitoring
Vulnerability protection Employee monitoring
Find Usage reports Security event log
Find Real-time data Real-time activity tracking

Use cases:

Logan B, Principal, CEO & Project Manager, Retail, Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

ActivTrak provides an incredibly user-friendly and robust GUI. Simple to access with specific facts. For a year before I ordered, I was on the “free” edition – this is a better alternative, and I will update.


  • Freemium: $0, 3 Ids
  • Advanced: $7.20 / User / Month with Annual Contract
  • Add-ons Contact Vendor, Pricing Varies / Add-on

7. EverHour

EverHour is one such rescuetime alternatives with features like online time monitoring, cost control, management of projects, project management, invoicing, and accounting. Online, iOS, etc.

A user-friendly app to track and manage employees and other areas like work hours, vacation/leaves, etc. without any trouble. More than one billing volume, timesheet control, smartphone time monitoring capacities boost its usefulness. It is a cloud-based tracking tool with the best features like online invoicing, project billing, hourly charge, contingency billing, and personalizable invoices.

Everhour has the potential to report/analyze. Everhour give users everything they need to manage employees’ productivity.

rescuetime alternatives


Mobile apps for time tracking Billing and Invoicing
Multiple Billing Rates Employee Database
Billable & Non-billable Hours Leave Tracking (Vacation)
Timesheet Management Overtime Calculation

Use cases:

Jan S, Source: G2.com

You want to keep things easy. And the entire Asana and Chrome incorporation. You can right-click on a task and detail the job. If you like, you can change the definition. The time back can be applied. Tap on the tab for all this. You can turn to various activities or stop doing things in Google Chrome extensions while going to lunch. In the report you want, you have everything. See Logged in detail on logging in time. Asana has a regular timesheet summary, and, if necessary, you can set the time quickly.


The price of Everhour starts at $7.00 a month, a customer. Everhour has two separate plans:

  • Team at $7.00 / user / month.
  • Solo at $8.00 / month.

Everhour also provides a limited-feature Free Package.

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 10
Everhour G2 review

8. Jibble

Jibble is one of the best resucuetime alternatives that is highly helpful to HR employees. It is the cloud-based software that is being used very well with Android and iOS. You can follow the project or company correctly, charge customers correctly, gain access to automatic schedules, and benefit from the sound monitoring facility. This technologically intelligent app features biometric authentication, which helps you verify through using passcodes and selfies. It also produces information to provide more precise and broader insight into employee results and generate reports. 

rescuetime alternatives


Billable & Non-billable Hours Overtime Calculation
Multiple Billing Rates Offline Time Tracking
Timesheet Management Mobile Time Tracking
Employee Database Billing and Invoicing
Automatic Time Capture

Use cases:

Source: G2.com

“Jibble puts it all in the fast lane.”

The GUI of Jibble is very intuitive, and everyone can collect it, irrespective of their programming abilities. The simple way for users to log in and wrap up their hours avoided first trying to perform every job. The precision of the recording has also generated an equity community.


starts at $2 / user/month. Jibble has two different plans:

  • Attendance Pro at $2.00 / user / month.
  • Desktop Pro at $4.00 / user / month.

Jibble also has a limited Free Package.

9. Fanurio

Fanurio is popular name in the list of best rescuetime alternatives for its intuitive interface, compact timer, and detailed invoice output as time management and billing tool. Whether you’re a self-employed person or work with a team, you find this cloud-based software best to track time, handle projects, and get paid for your work.

Fanurio is one such rescuetime alternatives that run on macOS, Windows, and Linux. The best part of this task management software is that you can use the same license to use Fanurio on all platforms. There is no need to have specific permission for each forum.

rescuetime alternatives


  • Set up your work per client with assignments
  • Idle time identification for the whole time
  • Mark as cheap (flat rate, hourly rate) or non-b the job.
  • Build limited project invoices at any time
  • Switches invoice models of your designs
  • Import consumers into a CSV film from other applications
  • Export and import data into a CSV format in Excel or another one
  • Build backups of your details 

Use cases:

Shlomi Lavi

Fanurio uses all manner of resources to help you keep track of your time and build evidence about your customers. The feature package is extensive, so you need additional time, especially if you are a novice, to digest your details.


Starting: $59

Pricing Type: Single Time License

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 11
Best time tracking tools Quora answer

10. WeeklyTimelog

WeeklyTimelog is an excellent software for task management and one of the popular rescuetime alternatives, with features like staff scheduling, booking control, budgeting, and invoicing. It is the first automatic activity tracker that makes validation and submission time fast. The app is compliant with all the most popular sites like Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Jira, Asana, Trello, Hangout, and Google Drive.

For groups of up to three users, the weekly Timelog is free. You will find this software easy to use and don’t dig a hole in your pocket.

rescuetime alternatives


Fast and Free time tracking software Track time of developers with ease
Customize reporting and integrations Branding
Automatically tracks time Employee timesheet
Max performance Monthly fee
Full-featured time tracking Work timesheet

Use cases:

User in Banking, Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)

Review source: G2 Gives Campaign

“A friendly way to track our development time.” Weeklytimelog ‘s simple GUI supports our time monitoring. 


  • Free Trial
  • For more: Contact vendor

An overview of all the tools discussed in this guide:

Rescuetime alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
TMEtricPaid plan starts at $5/mo/userWhat is good?
One of the most affordable options available.
Helpful customer support feature.
What is not good?
Very basic in nature.
ChimeThe paid plan starts at 3.49 euros/user/moWhat is good?
Add people on the go.
Take site notes.
Easy configuartion.
WorksnapThe paid plan start at $20/moWhat is good?
Helps you track hours making the invoicing process simple.
Good tool to manage a remote workforce.
ActivTrackThe paid plan starts @ $7.20/mo/user.What is good?
Ease of use.
Quick to deploy.
What is not good?
Interface is sometimes not that intuitive.
EverhourThe paid plan starts at $7/month/user.What is good?
Seamless integration with Asana and Clickup.
What is not good?
No Gantt chart views.
JibbleThe paid plan starts @ $2/user/month.What is good?
Easily integrates with Slack.
Easy management of remote working teams even in different time zones.
What is not good?
Some people may find a bit hard to setup.
FanurioThe pricing starts @ $59/moWhat is good?
A lot of features to work on and explore.
A single time payment license.
Best tool to track time for individuals as well as teams.
What is not good?
Doesn’t work for large businesses.
WeeklytimelogContact the vendor.What is good?
Helpful support teams
Makes it easy to track time.
What is not good?
Integrations are not that smooth.
An overview of the tools discussed in this guide

Our Experience:

That’s all about rescuetime alternatives you need to know to a suitable buy time tracking software for your business.

10 RescueTime Alternatives & Comparisons 12
Best Time tracking tools G2 grid

Above, you will find a detailed knowledge about the most popular rescuetime alternatives available in the market.

There is no doubt that rescuetime is a top-notch and web-based time tracking software. However, the other rescuetime alternatives are not less than rescuetime and surely deserve a look.

We hope the above comparison guide of rescuetime alternatives will help you know more about the popular alternatives to rescuetime. Some of these time tracking tools also offer a free trial or free version.

Before buying any of these time tracking apps, make sure to use the free version to check its suitability for your organization.

Over the years, the time tracking has developed from the most straightforward and most widely understandable means of measuring work amounts to a vital data source bordered by business intelligence. There are several different resources that you need to manage and maximize the time-tracking process. It facilitates data collection that is beneficial for all stakeholders: everyday staff, administrators, and clients.

Questions asked while looking for RescueTime alternatives:

What data are obtained by time tracking software, and how are they to be stored?

Software for the time tracking gathers data, which is useful only to track time and nothing else. Your computer protection and privacy criteria follow a successful time monitoring framework. Data storage functionalities include data encryption, password authentication, safe link, different layers of data access, and automatic database archiving. You don’t need to worry about your data’s safety as time tracking software is secure and encrypted.

Is it easy to use the time monitoring software?

Be mindful that not all of the workers can know how time tracking apps function when picking one. You need to have a straightforward and easy to use software that is best for your team and according to your budget. The time tracking app you choose can interrupt workflows, trigger time reporting error, and adverse productivity if it is not user friendly or confusing. 

Can someone who edits time reports monitoring time software?

Technology for the time monitoring helps you see who has modified the files and the date using usernames and login names in real-time.

Which reports produces software for time tracking?

You can tailor time tracking reports to suit your company’s needs. Your employees can assess features like Login names, device names, schedule time, time spent on and off the machine, days, performance records, etc. You can also access reports in real-time anywhere in a matter of minutes.

What is the cost of RescueTime?

The RescueTime price begins at $6.00 a month. RescueTime has two plans and both are competitive than rescuetime alternatives:
1. $6,00 a month for RescueTime Premium
2. $6.00 a month for Orgs RescueTime
RescueTime also provides a limited-function Free Account.

For which other frameworks does RescueTime integrate?

Rescuetime is known as the world’s best software that is easy to use and track time. You can integrate this software with tools like API, BugHerd, Visitor Tracking Metrics, Cyfe, Gmail, LeadMaster, and more to track time more efficiently.

What service is provided by RescueTime?

Rescuetime software help people track time and come with features like FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Phone Support, Video Tutorials. If you are looking for a software similar to rescuetime, you can take a look at different rescuetime alternatives.


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