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12 Remote Working Tools to Boost Productivity In Remote Teams

teamwork environment encourages an atmosphere in which trust, commitment, and productivity promote the spirit of innovation.

It is not that easy to boost productivity in remote teams due to limited monitoring and different time zone in most cases.

With the use of the right tool and methods, the productivity of remote workers can be measured and enhanced. 

Does teamwork boost productivity in remote teams?

Team members who work together successfully have the potential to improve productivity. Click To Tweet

Working in partnership, successful teams can decide on goals and action strategies, divide work equally, and create new ideas and concepts together to boost productivity in remote teams.

Each team thus contributes to the productivity and efficiency of organizations.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

What are three ways to increase productivity?

Here are simple and effective strategies to increase productivity while working remotely

1. Track the time you spent on projects and limit it

Project management tools will help you understand just how long you are spending on daily activities such as social networks, email, word processing, and applications and boost productivity in remote teams.

2. Set self-imposed deadlines

Try to define a time frame for yourself and stick to it for extensive research or projects. You may wonder how efficient and productive you can be while watching the clock.

3. Just say NO to unnecessary meetings

Meetings are one of the time-consuming activity, but somehow we keep doing them, attending and eventually moaning about them.

Try to achieve the same goals or tasks through your email, phone before booking your next Meeting.

Does remote working improve productivity?

Remote work allows employees to work at the rate that best fits their productivity peaks and troughs all day.

The wastage of time while commuting to the office is also saved that ultimately boost productivity in remote teams.

This extra time allows employees to boost productivity level, spend more time having fun, or even learn new skills.

How to motivate a team working remotely?

Employees have to be understanding, consistent and motivated to work effectively and boost productivity in remote teams.

Here are some best ways to motivate your remote team :

1. Check-In Often

You can communicate with your team in the form of a chat or telephone call, but also in-person video meetings.

Make sure the check-in is outside the professional discussion as well to build relations and boost productivity in remote teams.

Ask how the day goes, what you can do for help, and what resources you need to be at home motivated.

2. Encourage Clear and Casual Communication

Increase the use of direct contact by team leaders. Lack of communication might develop insecurity and stress in your remote employees.

For remote workers to communicate efficiently and achieve results, direct communication is essential.

3. Focus on Results, Not Micro-Managing

The approach to micro-management produces nervous, frustrated employees who cannot do their best under these strict conditions.

More than what they do every minute of the day, focus on the performance of the remote team. Avoiding micromanaging inspires and motivates team members always to work best while they’re at home.

Software apps and services to boost productivity :

1. Plutio

Plutio is an organization management tool built for self-employed people and small companies to boost the productivity of teams.

Everything you need in one streamlined interface – from projects and assignments to time monitoring and invoicing.

Project management14 day free trial
Proposals & contracts managementSolo Plan for $15 per month
Tasks managementStudio Plan for $20 per month
CRMTeam Plan for $30 per month
  • Project management
  • Tasks management
  • Proposals & contracts management
  • CRM  


  • Trial for Free 14 day trial
  • Solo Plan for $15 per month
  • Studio Plan for $20 per month
  • Team Plan for $30 per month
Plutio- best project management apps Reddit discussion thread

2. Stackby

Within a single new open framework, Stackby combines the best of the measured sheets, databases, and business APIs to help you boost productivity in remote teams.

The software is an excellent way for teams of every kind and size for planning, managing, and automating work.


Calendar ManagementProject Management
Video ConferencingContent Management 
Document ManagementContact Management  


  • Trial: Free 7 day
  • Personal Plan for $5 per user, per month
  • Economy Plan for $9 per user, per month
  • Business Plan for $18 per user, per month

3. Vectera

Vectera is a great way to plan and secure video conferences for up to 4 people. Create communication centres for all your customers. No download, no frustrations!


  • Collaboration Tools
  • Screen Sharing
  • Presentations
  • Live chat and Raise Meeting
  • One-Click Join Software Type


  • Annual Plan for €7.99 / month / host / Billed annually
  • Monthly Plan for €8.99 / month / host / Billed monthly

4. NiftyPM

With complex task management, Nifty automates project alerts, and resource insights to help your team stay productive.

Track the roadmap project, communicate with staff and customers, and create working papers and more in a centralized working space!

Nifty PM


Message ThreadsReal-time Collaboration
Collaborative DocumentsProgress Reporting
Milestone DependenciesProject Overview
Time trackingTask view


  • Trial: Free 14 day trial
  • Starter Plan for $49 per month, billed monthly
  • Pro Plan for$99 per month, billed monthly
  • Business Plan for $149 per month, billed monthly

5. Soapbox

Soapbox is an application designed for individual and team meetings with managers to boost productivity in remote teams.

Teams can create shared agendas, gather feedback, and determine the next steps all in one place.


  • Data archiving 
  • Progress tracking
  • Predefined templates
  • Idea management


  • Basic for Free
  • Pro for $12 per month

6. Peoplebox

PeopleBox help managers to build highly successful remote teams working in different locations with the support of an AI assistant.


  • Track productivity & feedback.
  • 1-on-1 meetings.
  • OKRs and goal management.
  • Unlimited access to 1-on-1 meetings


  • Trial: Yes
  • Free: $0/month
  • The premium for $7/month/employee/Choose an annual plan and save 14%
  • Performance for $11/month/employee/Choose a yearly plan and save 10%

7. Hubstaff

Hubstaff helps people combat inefficiency and boost productivity in remote teams.

You can track time via simple desktop, Web, and mobile apps, then manage billing and reporting using a single dashboard.

Hubstaff Capterra review


Tracking Time to Project/Task Mobile Time Tracking 
Ease of Completing Timesheets Standard Integrations
Billable Time Rate ManagementTime Tracking Administration 
Standard Integrations  User, Role, and Access Management


Free: $0/month
Basic for $7/ month/userStarts at $14. 2 users
Premium for $10/ month / userStarts at $20. 2 users
Enterprise for $20/ month / userStarts at $40. 2 users

8. Hive

With excellent email management, flexible project designs, group messages, resources and file sharing, Hive connects all aspects of your remote work to boost team productivity.


  • To-Do List  
  • Recurring Tasks  
  • Drag & Drop Projects
  • GANTT chart
  • Templates Resource Management


  • Trial:14 days of trial available
  • Basic for $12/ user / month
Hive Capterra review


Loop Email has redesigned the email experience to help you work with your remote teams efficiently and boost productivity in remote teams.

Manage shared post offices with your team members, such as information, support, and sales.



  • Free version
  • Business version for $8.74 per user per month
  • Enterprise version is a customized plan
Loop email capterra review

10. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a program for time management of team members that help the team stay productive every day.

It includes time tracking, work session recording, memories, screenshot logging, invoicing, reporting tools, integration, and much more.


  • Standard Integrations
  • Automated Reminders
  • User, Access Management, and Role
  • Performance and Reliability


Free: $0/month
Basic$7/ month/user
Premium $10/ month / user
Enterprise$20/ month / user

11. Streak-CRM for Google

The streak is an excellent way for tracking various activities, including funding, distribution, alliances, procurement procedures, recruiting and so on.

Streak also includes a robust set of email tracking tools that enable you to track the opening of an email to boost productivity in remote teams.


  • Know when you see the post immediately
  • Get updates and display monitoring information directly in your Mail folder and Inbox  
  • Send personalized mass emails
  • Schedule the time your emails
  • Easily shared library for commonly written emails 
  • Split conversations when topics branch


Free: $0/month
Solo$15 / per user / month
Pro$49 / per user / month
Enterprise$129 / per user / month

12. NetHunt

NetHunt CRM integrates seamlessly with Gmail, putting the entire CRM next to your emails and other G-Suite applications, LinkedIn, and more to support team productivity!


Product & Price List ManagementQuote & Order Management
Opportunity & Pipeline Mgmt.Customer Contract Management
Contact & Account ManagementMobile User Support


Free Trial14 Days
Professional$30/ per user / month
Professional Plus$34/ per user / month
Enterprise$60/ per user / month

An overview of all the productivity tools discussed in this post:

Boost productivity toolsPricingTools summary
PlutioThe Paid plan starts at $15/mo billed monthly. Helps with project and task management

Good for small businesses and self-employed professionals.
StackbyThe paid plan starts at $5/user/mo billed monthlyGreat software to design, automate and manage work and projects for small to large businesses.
VecteraThe paid plan starts at $8.99 euros/host/mo Helps you schedule, plan, and save video meetings with your remote clients.

 Create communication centers for your clients.
Nifty PMThe paid plan starts at $49/moHelps with complex task management.
Keep a track of how your team members are performing and track project progress.
SoapboxThe paid plan starts at $7/mo/userApp made for team meetings with managers where you share your agendas , plan the next step and gather feedback.
PeopleboxThe paid plan starts at $7/mo/employeeHelps managers built support remote teams with help of an AI assistant.
HubstaffThe paid plan starts at $7/month/user.Streamline time tracking for projects.
Manage invoicing as well as reporting.
Hive$12/user/monthConnects all aspects of your remote team.

Helps with resource and file sharing, email management.$8.74/user/moEmail management that prevents unwanted email overload.
Help you manage shared mailboxes.
Time doctor$7/user/monthA time management app to boost productivity of your team members.
Streak- CRM for Google$15/user/monthA lightweight CRM integrated completely in your Gmail inbox.
Helps you track plenty of business processes such as sales, partnerships, hiring, and more.
 CRM that blends entirely into your gmail inbox


These are the right tools to keep your work in place, improve productivity in remote teams and drive a more productive workforce.

These tools help your remote team become more productive and help your organization to serve customers better and to make business more productive.

Question asked while looking to Boot Productivity in Remote Teams:
What is a remote position?

A remote is called a group of professionals from several zones, different skills and different working culture together as a team. Remote jobs are all about doing jobs independently, away from physical office locations.

What does working flexibility mean?

Flexible work means changes in regular working hours and days of employees. It can include freelance work, reduced time, start or end hours later or earlier, compressed hours, or annualized hours, among other things.

How can we boost productivity in remote teams?

The most straightforward approach is to implement software for productivity that allows workers to clock in and out all day long, to track how much they spend on work.

What is a remote team?

A remote is called a group of professionals from several zones, different skills and different working culture together as a team. Remote jobs are all about doing jobs independently, away from physical office locations.

What does working flexibility mean?

Flexible work means changes in regular working hours and days of employees. It can include freelance work, reduced time, start or end hours later or earlier, compressed hours, or annualized hours, among other things.

How can we keep employees productive?

The most straightforward approach is to implement software for productivity that allows workers to clock in and out all day long, to track how much they spend on work.

How can you create a meaningful team building program?

In a remote working environment, touchpoints are as crucial as they are in a physical working atmosphere. It is normal to feel like socially isolated from your peers when someone’s a new kid on the block – this is the essential aspect of getting a team building program in place so that they don’t feel too far away.

What are reliable ways to maintain team morale, relationships, and cohesion?

Maintaining a relationship with the remote working team is more difficult because you don’t see your team members every day. The creative ways to keep team morale, relationships and cohesion is by organizing team building program, interaction with a remote team regularly through virtual and so on.

What are the remote work myths?

You can find several misconceptions on the internet about remote jobs. Among them, most common are lower productivity, lack of contact and corporate culture, more distractions than in office work as well as a lack of a clear distinction between work and rest.

Why is teamwork important?

Teamwork has the potential to hold up so much of what is valuable in work. Increased efficiency is one of the best advantages when working in a team as it helps your organization in moving towards a common goal or objective.

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