Podbean Review: GPT-Based Podcast Hosting and Monetization Platform

In this review, I delve into Podbean, a user-friendly and efficient platform for podcast hosting and monetization. The review highlights Podbean simplicity for beginners and its robust features like website building, reliable cloud hosting, unlimited storage, and SEO optimization for podcasts. It also discusses its support for iTunes and Android, making it a comprehensive tool for podcast creators of all levels, aiming to enhance their reach and monetization opportunities in the podcasting world.

Podcasts are in vogue these days. Along with the traditional content and visual marketing, communicating via an audio-centric platform is slowly becoming a norm for businesses.

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In this guide, I am going to talk about PodBean account – an easy and powerful tool for podcast hosting and also Podbean alternatives.

It is a tool specially designed for executives who have no prior knowledge about coding or any technical aspects.

This 2020 PodBean review will help you to know is podbean a good platform for podcast hosting or not.

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PodBean app allows you to create professional podcasts in minutes without the need for any technical knowledge.

Features of PodBean

Before I dig deeper into that in the PodBean review, here’s what you should remember:

PodBean app is one of the most unique podcast hosting platforms that is focused on publishing and monetizing podcasts.

It gives you a community where they make sure your podcasts are listened to.

If you have a podcast and are looking for what is the best platform for podcast hosting, you shouldn’t look beyond PodBean account as it takes care of your end-to-end communication requirements of podcast host.

The following features are going to enthrall you for sure with its ease of use:

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Any website builder needs to be helpful for big and new businesses alike. Small businesses find it incredibly tiring to build their websites.

But not with PodBean podcast app.

PodBean makes the process of building websites seem like a piece of a cake. In fact, the software is designed in such a way that it makes the process trouble-free and fast.

If you are a noob who is still struggling to learn about podcast hosting, you will become a pro in no time with PodBean. That’s my guarantee to you.

As far as the features are concerned, many tools track particular metrics to produce reports to let you be familiar with how the website is performing.

After all – one can’t only build a website and leave it to fate. Then there is the security feature that keeps the site safe and Podbean doesn’t reveal any critical information.

The ease of use and setup is something to second to none.

And my PodBean hosting review would have been incomplete without mentioning this.

2) Reliable cloud podcast hosting for the podcast host

The cloud podcast hosting provided by PodBean combines power, reliability, and scalability with good user interface.

It make sure that your media downloads quickly from anywhere in the world. PodBean is powered by Amazon Cloud Networks, and hence, it has one of the best cloud podcast hosting services available ever.

similar to Podbean

You can be assured of a fantastic service every time you host a podcast in PodBean. Are you as excited as I am?

3) Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Contact the team regarding this in case you do intend on using their web podcast hosting services.

Using more than the average resources could land you a penalization notice. This PodBean review isn’t to scare you but to let out all the little details and secrets that often get left out.

Therefore, it is important to get clarity on the unlimited storage and bandwidth.

4) iTunes and Android play store support

podbean review

With the app support, you can instantly stream or download podcasts to play offline. You can receive notifications of new episodes so that you can stay updated.

You can become more organized with playlists, playlist history, number of episodes and favorites.

similar to Podbean

PodBean has focused much on giving a fantastic experience to the users. It has taken care of all the little things that are otherwise often overlooked or ignored.

That is why it is such a beloved tool amongst all kinds of users, companies and more with user friendly interface.

5) Search engine optimization for all podcast hosted pages

PodBean provides networkers the perfect opportunity to gain new listeners through Search Engine Optimization.

Through this, PodBean is changing the way podcasters can find and attract listeners.

Podcasters can now find new listeners through internet searchers by customizing each link of the podcast episodes.

What better than users visiting your website or web pages through a user friendly search engine check? Any tools that help you boost your Google rankings is worth a try.

I had to cover this particular feature in this PodBean review because I want you all to know that.

6) Adding your domain

You can instantly send your podcast to people fond of listening to the audio recording and using their code you can promote your podcasts on websites, blogs, and even social media.

PodBean also comes with its community channel where you can find new listeners and increase your subscribers.

You can customize the fonts, colors, and layouts and integrate it with your branding. It is easy to own a domain or embed own players on the site.

There is too much to play around with users from all levels of expertise. If you want to learn more on how to improve your branding check our related blog post here.

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I would like to add in this review of PodBean that it is a unique podcast hosting service that is focused on publishing and monetizing podcasts.

It has a user friendly interface which makes it easy for users to create, publish and manage podcast platforms within a short period.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a marketing executive or a Vice President – Podcast fulfills requirements of all kinds of personnel in an organization.

Podcasts are the bomb, and PodBean is one such platforms that makes your job easier. Do you think this review is helping you to decide is Podbean a good platform for podcast hosting or not?

PodBean monetization opportunity

1) Advertising

The tool provides PodBean Advertisers Market – a solution that is unique to podcasters and businesses to connect with and get into mutually agreed sponsorship deals.

But to make that happen, you need to follow the following steps to secure advertising:

a. Log into the advertising account:

You can click on any campaigns to get detailed information about the ads. The dashboard is straightforward to use.

b. Apply for campaigns:

Click on ‘Apply’ button for a particular campaign. Select the number of podcast episodes that you want the ads to run in within the select period.

It’s straightforward especially if you had no prior experience with running paid ads.

c. Interaction with advertisers:

Once the advertisers have okay-ed your ad application, you are then requested to upload a sample audio file for consideration.

d. Approve the ad agreement:

If the advertisers want to place ads on your podcasts, they will send you an ad agreement.

If you need any changes, you can write back to the advertisers.

e. Publish podcast with ads:

After you and the advertiser sign an agreement, you will have to record the advertisement and place it in your podcast episode.

Then click on ‘Add Published Episode’ on the campaign page to submit the incident to the advertiser.

f. Receive payments:

Once the episode is approved, funds will release to your credit card. Simple, isn’t it? The PodBean review would have been incomplete without it.

podbean review

2) Premium content

It is super convenient to access the premium content on PodBean. Once on the website, the user will have to log in using those log in details.

He or she will find all the premium content under the ‘Premium Content’ tab.

3) Crowdfunding

Patron campaign is the best way to raise funds.

Crowdfunding through PodBean is an easy way to manage and earn donations – whether you have a podcast hosting account with PodBean or not.

This is a standalone platform only for crowdsourcing.

All you have to do is follow the following steps for the right results:

a. Add a tagline: It is a call to action for people to support your campaign. It shows your logo and remains the same for the shares on social platforms.

b. Include a video: It is the best way to record your voice.

Get personal about your story and the cause. Create a human connect, an emotional account to engage more and more people.

c. Share a great story: Talk about yourself, what you are going to do with all the fan support.

Hold the listeners emotionally, make them feel to be a part of your journey. If you can do that correctly, you will have no problem raising funds for your cause.

Always remember – PodBean is just a platform for you to let the world hear your story. Therefore, make the most of it.

PodBean pricing

The pricing starts from $3 to $99 providing packages to people based on the scale and need.

They provide services from anyone who just started with the Podcast starter pack to big businesses with Podcast for the Business pack.

The minimum storage space that you can get is 100MB. For $9, $29 and $99 pricing packages, get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited audio space.

As far as the bandwidth is concerned, the primary pricing plan will get you 100GB and is unmetered for the remaining of the packages offered by PodBean.

Though most of the essential features are available to all the packages, premium packages get access to more features.

Though it is not needed for most, priority support is available for Business subscriptions only.

Podbean doesn’t offer custom design, premium domain and the flexibility of mapping your field for the initial package.

is podbean a good platform for podcasts

But you need to sell out as less as $9 to get hold of these features.

Are you willing to do that for your business? I think this PodBean review has convinced you enough. I am sold!

Either which way, whichever package you choose will provide you with all the benefits necessary to carry on a task; which is the most viable solution for you and your business? Let me know.

PodBean clients

If you start using PodBean, you will join the league of top-notch companies that are not only using PodBean but also enjoying it a lot.

Many top stations host their podcasts on PodBean. The clients come from various professional activities such as news, chat shows and more.

Some of the most significant clients are of PodBean are BBC, CNN, NASA, and ESPN.

This clearly shows that world-famous brands are not only making use of the tool but also greatly benefitting from it.

Otherwise why else would a company like BBC even think of using PodBean?

What are your thoughts?

PodBean Advertising

PodBean offers effective advertising to their consumers.

The PodAds (yup, that’s what they are known for) connect you to engaged audiences and target your podcasts to different types of audience sizes and geographies you want to reach.

Podads is a advertising management system with dynamic ad insertion capability. 

You have total control over your budget so that you can decide how much you want to spend and set up targeted campaigns.

You can set up daily budgets, targeting combinations, CPM rates, and ad slots – and run the campaign how you like.

I think it was necessary to cover this point in PodBean review.

podbean review

Competitor comparisons

Look, PodBean isn’t the only tool in the market to offer those services that it does.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to give a fair chance to other similar devices out there in the market.

My PodBean review has included six other alternatives to Podbean currently being used for a purpose identical to what PodBean does.

Let us have a look:

1) PodBean vs. Soundcloud

podbean review

The first Podbean alternative on our list is an online distribution platform, SoundCloud founded in the year 2007 with only one objective – to allow its users to record, upload and share their initially produced music and sound bites.

Sounds great, isn’t it? I think it is pretty cool. Check out it fares against PodBean.

Package: SoundCloud’s minimum kit comes for free, but the minimum package for PodBean costs $3. I think the latter may cost you, but it will give you more benefits to enjoy.

Embedding: This Podbean alternative doesn’t support embedding, whereas the problem doesn’t exist for PodBean users.

You can easily embed your PodBean podcasts on any website you like. It works just like how you would integrate with a social media post on a WordPress blog.

Ease of creating a webpage: PodBean scores high here as you can create beautiful web pages very quickly. SoundCloud doesn’t offer that functionality at all.

Podcast Hosting: You can host everything on your domain name with PodBean.

This service is not available on SoundCloud. Please use PodBean if this feature is something you can’t overlook.

Reputation: SoundCloud, in a general sense, is seen as a platform to share music. It is a more individual-driven podcast site. But not PodBean.

That is not how it is perceived. Moreover, the tool is used mostly by businesses that want to run podcasts for brand awareness and lead generation.

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2) PodBean vs. Stitcher

Stitcher is a radio service. It is an on-demand internet radio service, focusing on news and information on podcasts and radio programs.

Founded in 2007 with an aim to broadcast news through the audio medium. It is available on iOS and Android both.

Check out it fares against PodBean.

Offline listening: PodBean allows you to download files to listen to offline, the same isn’t possible with Stitcher on Kindle.

And that is not cool at all! If you are looking for a Podbean alternative then this is something that you will definitely want.

Pricing: Stitcher premium is available for $4.99 a month, whereas PodBean gives premium services for $9 a month.

But PodBean has many more features for the amount, so there is no competition between the two tools.

Web page quality: PodBean offers variety in customizing your webpage as compared to Stitcher which has limited options for webpage customizations.

I would like the flexibility to make custom changes. What about you? Are you like me or not?

Podcast Hosting: PodBean offers users to create their domain so that all the content can be available in one place.

Stitcher is not that advanced for sure, and if you want to have your field, PodBean is the best choice for you.

3) PodBean vs. Podcast Addict

There is a mobile app on Android that manages all the podcasts on the app.

This mobile app consists of simple features such as bookmarking, note-making, and sorting out un-played podcasts lists and more.

You can play Series like “Couples Therapy” on Podcast Addict. Let us check out how it fares against something like PodBean.

review of Podbean

Design: UI design is hugely cluttered in Podcast Addict mobile app whereas PodBean gives a clean design that the user can customize very quickly, on their own.

What more does a user want?

Price: There’s a free version of Podcast Addict mobile app that is available to the user, but it comes with ads.

The minimum amount of the package for PodBean as we have mentioned earlier in the review of Podbean is $3 per month.

Customization: The level of customization in PodBean is higher than Podcast Addict. And you really can’t fight that.

Can you? In this time and age, everybody needs a little customization.

4) PodBean vs. Overcast

Founded in the year of 2014, Overcast is an iOS app to download and play podcasts. Used by many journalists, it has been named as the best podcast listening app by the likes of

The Verge and The Sweet Setup.

You can play Podcasts on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Check out it fares against PodBean.

similar to Podbean

Support: Overcast is iOS only. But as far as PodBean is concerned, it is available for Android as well as iOS users.

No matter which device you are using, PodBean will never let you down; you will always be satisfied with the services it offers. So on that note, it is not that similar to Podbean.

UI: The UI design of overcast is not organized and visually speaking – not all that great. PodBean offers an excellent UI design that is simple and makes it easy to maneuver.

But we have said this before, haven’t we? Using it will be like a cake. You will enjoy PodBean thoroughly.

Queueing: Queueing of your favorite songs is a tiring process with Overcast. PodBean makes it easy to queue up your favorite songs. Which tool will you finally choose?

5) PodBean vs. Pocket Casts

podbean review

Often described as the best podcast for Android, Pocket Casts lets the user listen and share up to 3,00,000 podcasts in the spectrum.

It has a robust search option that enables you to discover the podcasts easily. There is also a plethora of dark and light themes offered by Pocket Casts.

Check out it fares against PodBean:

Sync: Pocket Casts doesn’t sync with Google Reader.

Such problem doesn’t arise with PodBean that lets the user sync with the Google product rather quickly.

Queuing: Queueing isn’t possible in Pocket Casts. You can queue your favorite podcasts easily with PodBean.

I don’t think I need to tell you that it is definitely not similar to Podbean in that case. Now you know which tool you should finally pick up.

Location: You can switch the position in PodBean, but Pocket Casts doesn’t allow you to do that.

PodBean is more flexible than this tool will ever be. It looks like we have a clear winner. What are your thoughts on this?

6) PodBean vs. CastBox

CastBox has the most straightforward UI out of all the podcast sites you may have come across.

Just like Pocket Addict, CastBox also helps the user in discovering new podcasts quickly on the app itself. VB, Tech In Asia, Entrepreneur, Observer and more use CastBox. Check out it fares against PodBean.

Exclusive Content: CastBox doesn’t contain any exclusive content and not a massive selection of music is available on CastBox.

But PodBean offers all kinds of content – keeping in mind its diverse user base.

Pricing: Where CastBox does have a free package, it doesn’t contain many features. The most basic kit from PodBean comes for $3.

And I think it is not a significant amount to avail the plethora of features that the latter offers.

Themes: Castbox offers you only four items. PodBean provides you with a variety of subjects for you to choose from.

My PodBean review would have been incomplete with me telling you this. What are your thoughts? I think PodBean is the right choice here.

An overview of Podbean and its features:

Factor Comments
What do We like?Very simple setup and beginner-friendly
In-built options for monetizing.
The free plan is generous.
What we don’t like?The templates and podcast customization is limited.
The Refund and cancellation policies are vague.
Value for MoneyYes, it is one of the most affordable podcasts hosting options available.
Customer SupportSupport is through call and email
Who should use it?Anyone looking for simple options to host podcasts.
Podbean AlternativesSticther, Podcast Addict and Pocket Casts
Our Score4.5/5
Podbean Review: GPT-Based Podcast Hosting and Monetization Platform 4
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Our Experience:

PodBean allows you to create professional podcasts in minutes without the need for any technical knowledge.

It provides a bunch of beautiful themes to choose from that will enable you to customize your domain in your way. What more do you want?

Moreover, when it comes to analytics and security of the domain, PodBean is second to none.

If you are looking forward to starting a podcast, you should not see beyond PodBean as it is a complete package of performance, looks, ease of working and comfort of setting up, analytics, advertising and just having the flexibility to run podcasts quickly and hassle-free.

If you have a podcast and are looking for a reliable platform, go for PodBean as it takes care of your end-to-end communication requirements.

So, what are you waiting for?

What is a podcast and how is it useful for my business?

A podcast is an audio file in a digital format that contains information pertaining to a particular subject. It is in a downloadable format and is available in series or installments automatically available for subscribers. It is of great value as it is cost efficient, easiest way of communication and portable.

What are other alternatives to podbean that can be used?

Some of the podbean alternatives are SimpleCast, Spreaker, LibSyn, PodoMatic and ZenCastR.

How to promote my podcast through podbean and my blog?

The best way to promote podcasts is through social channels. LinkedIn, Twitter are the platforms that should not be ignored. Also, the content should be available at all the platforms where you find your right target audience.

What is the best podcast hosting platforms?

Some of the popular podcast hosting platforms are LibSyn and Podbean. These platforms offer a dynamic ad insertion option too.

Is Podbean free?

The Podcast site starter pack is free that offers 100 GB monthly and 5 hours storage for podcast host.

How much does PodBean app cost?

The Podcast site starter pack is free that offers 100 GB monthly and 5 hours storage for podcast host.
How much does PodBean app cost?
Podbean comes in 4 plans:
Basic: $0 per month
Unlimited Audio: $ 9 a month
Unlimited Plus: $29 per month
Business: $99 per month

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  1. Do you really think Podbean is as good as it says it to be or there are some hidden downsides that I will come across later? What about the stats and their spam filters that I have heard is not that great?

    • Daniel, you should check more latest reviews and go ahead with their trial plan; it will take care of all.

  2. A great post and very much helpful to gain an insight into how to use podcast with so many options available. I am finding overcast quite an interesting option to look forward to but I am not very sure if it will serve my purpose.

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