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Ankit Prakash in Marketing, Marketing Automation, Review

Autopilothq vs WebEngage – Multichannel User Engagement Automation

Marketers run from pillar to post to make any marketing campaign a success and to get their brands the exposure they truly deserve. The whole process is quite exciting but with lots to do, sometimes the campaigns don’t yield the results they deserve. The marketers either miss out on certain important points in the strategy …

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Ankit Prakash in Email Marketing, Marketing, Marketing Automation

Mailchimp vs Aweber – Best tool for the Professional Marketer

For a considerably long time now, Email marketing has been one of the most reliable forms of getting in touch with the customer for marketers across businesses. As you would agree, the end goal of any marketing activity is to encourage more sales, and email marketing is one impactful way to acquire new customers or …

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Ankit Prakash in Review, Sales

7 Salesforce Alternatives You Need To Check Out Now

Sales are all about building business relationships and striking meaningful conversations with a potential client to effectively turn him into a business customer. Companies today have recognized the need to sell better and contextual products to a customer’s needs, saving time and efforts for both parties. Sellers today, like to analyze their buyer before even …

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Ankit Prakash in Marketing

9 Zendesk Alternatives You Can Deploy Now

The Internet has transformed many things since its inception, most important being communication around the world. The barriers that existed before the internet have been broken down as people now are more open and connected through the internet. Another area where the internet left its impact was businesses around the world. In a transformation where …

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