4 [Simple] Online Proofing Software Apps for Marketers

In our evaluation of online proofing software apps, we delve into how these tools revolutionize the proofing process for marketers. They offer advanced features like white-labeling, customizable email templates, live website review, and integration with Adobe CC and cloud storage services. These solutions facilitate seamless collaboration, enhance efficiency in project management, and streamline the approval process. The guide aims to help marketing teams choose the right tool for managing diverse file types and improving overall productivity in creative projects.
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The online proofing software provides an advanced alternative to conventional evaluation and approval approaches, i.e., Evidence of innovative work.

It helps creative marketing, design, and software developers quickly share and suggestions, thereby making project management more efficient and accurate.

Unorganized online proofing typically means detecting changes using integrated OS software and e-mailing, or instant message transfers. 

online proofing tool

Many online proofing tools increase productivity in design collaboration, but many lack a significant feature that can be a breakthrough later.

See how your company can get benefit from online proofing software:

1. Manage Files

As virtually every digital entity manages images, GIFs, audio, video, HTML, PDF files, and online proofing software can verify and approve every file form’s artistic content.

However, each of these files is problematic in online proofing or verifying them, regardless of how widespread they are; online proofing software should be ready to resolve complications. 

2. White Label

Online proofing and collaboration tools with a white-label feature allow the logo for the control panel and email draughts to submit for file sharing via the application.

With your logo on a control panel or email draught, you can quickly identify the source of the file to your customer and, at the same time, construct a brand callback for your institution.

Such personalization of the online proofing tool would make you and your team more relaxed and deliver the best.

3. Customizable Email Template

While an online proofing software can submit default notifications, customizing email templates and the field details you want makes it more suitable to use the cloud solution.

Online proofing software helps you customize the messages of your e-mail, enabling you to select from handpicks and to include details that you do not want to miss.  Click To Tweet

4. Live Website Review

Suppose you want to look at a live website. In that case, project management can become very difficult, mostly if the website development team and the customer work remotely.

Screenshots can be frustrating, unproductive, and the only way to share and clarify the video call changes.

You should be able to insert Web URLs to preview web pages and then view them in different screen sizes through the “Live Site Review” feature, enabling you to view and collaborate elements of web pages in real-time.

5. Shared Workspace

You should be able to groups and exchange your work with your team and stakeholders in the workspace of an online proofing software to reduce email chaos.

A shared workspace benefits primarily from using the cloud storage limit from the workspace owner’s account only.

Any team member can upload or collaborate on files.

The marketing agencies should be in a position to coordinate files for cross-team collaboration based on the projects or customers using the standard software workspace function.

6. Adobe CC Integration

You can use online proofing software to incorporate Adobe Creative Cloud – you can see the comments or feedback on Adobe’s software left on the proofing software.

For example, Adobe Photoshop reads the statement online proofing software left.

adobe creative cloud

You can opt for an online proofing tool to integrate into Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe After Effects, the most popular Adobe Photoshop tools.

In addition to enhancing user experience, Adobe CC integration removes many collaboration steps within the creative teams.

The marketing and creative teams can review updates from the Adobe software and directly upload the latest version to the Adobe software’s online proofing software.

Due to frequent switching between software, the designer cannot miss design changes.

When the workers spend less time identifying the improvements, they have more time to do excellent work.

7. Slow-motion Video Review

The best online proofing tool should have the capability to play the videos slowly so that you can look at the video frames closely before you deliver them.

When we look at the online proofing tool, it not only allows us to play video in slow motion; it allows users to run the video up to 5X at high speed.

Slow motion video

Slow-motion video analysis facilitates the review and approval process as well so that you can deliver the projects on time.

8. Versioning & Comparison

In the same revision period, online proofing software must have the ability to upload and hold many copies of a file in one place.

The commentaries left on all the file versions should be consolidated with the revision history in the same place, make the production of content faster, simpler, and more effective.

While the proofing process aims to reduce the number of design iterations, requests for modification are unavoidable.

The best online proofing should also allow you to compare versions side by side to incorporate all improvements.

The comparison between two versions of a file only makes sense, especially if complicated files such as multipage PDF documents and videos are perfectly synchronized. 

9. Guest Commenting

The comment of the guest enables others to add comments or sharing a connection available.

The guest comment makes it simple without registering to share review.

guest comment

This anonymous review characteristic opens up the canvas for former reviewers who don’t take part in a project too much or don’t want to share their information.

Also, numerous teams for each project; if you’re a creative agency that works with multiple customers – open link sharing would be the preferred function of most of your customers.

10. Unlimited Users

You must remember the number of stakeholders involved in any project while selecting any online proofing tool.

The number can vary dramatically depending on the size and complexity of a content development project.

If the number of reviewers per project is limited to the proofing program’s rigidity or if you obtain the SaaS tool per user, the price of management could be high.

If it is too late to switch to another method, you can only realize such a restriction on your program.

11. Dropbox or Google Drive Integration

You can do file analysis without transferring files from one site to another using a proofing platform.

Dropbox or Google Drive

You should have the freedom to connect your Dropbox or Google Drive to your online proofing software to make it easy to save/access the file from cloud storage.

Using this, you can save your creative projects in your cloud and review, and your team members can approve or compare the changes to help you deliver the best.

Your online proofing tool can still serve as a central point for remote team Members, even with this integration, and encourage rapid inspection.

12. Pocket-friendly Pricing

Cost-effectiveness, irrespective of scale, is a top priority for any company when it comes to any proofing or productivity software, and it should be correct.


Several studies indicate that better cooperation can lift corporate profits; it is still a perplexing case to explain paper operations’ expense.

Although several creative content software is available to test your creative projects online, not all of them have all the characteristics mentioned above.

It would help if you had innovative software with sneaky costing templates for those with all the functions you want to deliver projects on time.

You need to pay particular attention to product prices and search for a way to eliminate all roadblocks from cooperation.

Uses cases of Online Proofing Software Apps

In this digitized world, the right digital proofing tools for all marketing or creative teams are now essential than ever.

Here are some of the few use cases in which the teams use the proofing tool to automate workflow and deliver projects faster.

Proofing of design

A brand or a marketing strategy may make or break a design.

Worldwide, creative teams use proofing and collaboration tools to look more in-depth at design work than ever before.

To obtain the final review and approval from regulatory agencies, marketing teams often employ digital proofing tools.

proofing software

Proofing website

The proofing process is often continuously changing.

Marketing and creative teams always feed new websites and templates to draw more customers and allow more conversions.

Ad Proofing

Printing and digital advertising must be flawless to function as well as possible.

Robust digital proofing tools allow marketers and advertisers to review printed goods and digital advertisements. Based upon which they can improve their campaign efficiency.

Proofing artwork

Every team member needs to contribute to driving the artwork slowly into its final shape by providing feedback to help teams deliver the best.

Creative teams use interactive, proofing resources to discuss art and gain a wealth of qualitative feedback that improves work quality and automates workflow.

Proof of Email

E-mail remains the faster and common communication form in the world. Marketing teams need to build beautiful emails to share with their leads.

Professionals in the marketing field also use online proofing software to polish emails to create new data to deliver error-free files.

Video Proofing

Marketing teams find it challenging to distribute large videos or creative work and receive review and approval from parties with minimal technological expertise without a great video review tool.

Advertisers use video approval tools to quickly share large video files with teams and fasten the review and approval process to save time.


QuickReviewer is a collaborative evaluation platform for creative teams to get fewer revisions and automate the entire project workflow.

Collect review and feedback, comments, and save feedback at one place to move projects faster. Open and compare all comments, review, share your papers, pictures, content, or images to automate workflow.

Quickreviewer is famous among advertising/marketing agencies, small, medium, and big businesses to make the proofing process faster and get real-time review from teams.

online proofing software - quickreviewer


Chat (Messaging)Faster File Sharing
Compare proofsCustom Roles
Annotation and Markup ToolsEasy Status Tracking
Audit TrailProject Management
File Management SystemAdd Version Control
online proofing software - quickreviewer


DropboxAdobe Premiere Pr
Adobe InDesign CCAdobe Illustrator CC
Google DriveAdobe Photoshop CC


Prices begin at $29.00 per month for QuickReviewer. QuickReviewer has only one scheme:

  • Power $29.00 / month.

A free plan with restricted features of QuickReviewer helps you get started with the online feedback and approval process.

They also provide their commodity with an Enterprise plan to help you manage projects faster.


PageProof is an intelligent proofing platform to verify and approve the marketing, branding, and business content.

Online proofing PageProof streamlines the method of feedback and approval process in one place.

Get review from teams on projects faster, make yourself more productive, and get fewer revisions with this proofing management software to save time.

online proofing software - pageproof


Version ControlAnnotation and Markup ToolsCustom Roles
File Management SystemWhite LabelingAdd Audit Trail
Share large filesProject ManagementCompare proofs
online proofing software - pageproof


DropboxAdobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CCMicrosoft OneDrive
Adobe Premiere ProGoogle Drive
Adobe InDesign CC


PageProof prices start at $249.00 per month. There’s a single plan for PageProof:

  • Team: $249.00 / month.

PageProof includes a limited-function free plan.

They also provide their service with an Enterprise plan.


ReviewStudio is the best online proofing tool for video, images, HTML, PDF project checking, review, and approval teams.

Assign to the reviewer’s tasks and monitor their status. Offer and track ratings, recent events, pending delays, and your dashboard approval status.

Publicity companies, marketing departments, video production studios, and SMBs prefer this tool mostly for managing feedback on projects and creative work.

The best thing about this feedback management software is that you can get started with the free trial and decide based upon your experience.

online proofing software - reviewtudio


Share filesAdd Custom Roles
File Management platformAnnotation and Markup Tools
Project ManagementChat (Messaging)
Versions side ControlStatus Tracking
Audit TrailEasily compare Proof
Add White LabelingDue Date Tracking and manage workflow
online proofing software - review studio


  • Zapier


It offers a free trial. The paid plan begins at $19.00 a month for ReviewStudio. The four programs of ReviewStudio:

PRO.$19.00 / month
Team$68.00 / month
Studio$149.00 / month
Agency$289.00 / month


Ziflow is the best project-collaboration and online proofing tool for the enterprise.

The proofing tool makes it easy for users to manage the review and approval process for creating content and manage multiple projects at a time.

It supports more than 1200 file types, and users can have automatic comments and annotations to approve files.

It ensures that email threads are not lost at any time to validate input.

You can also avoid confusion and repetition as team members can analyze and respond to comments and feedback in real-time.

online proofing software - ziflow

Automated workflows are strong principles, and users can automate worldly activities such as sharing and transforming, FTP uploads and renaming easily.

The software is SOC2-compliant, easy to use, and ensures business protection. Users can also view all updates or changes in real-time, compare versions, and easily adjust user allowances and roles.

Moreover, third-party marketing technology suites allow easy integration of the software. 

online proofing software - ziflow


Add Custom RolesShare files faster
Easy Status TrackingDue Date Tracking
Proof ComparisonAnnotation and Markup Tools
Version side ControlWhite Labeling


Google DriveClarizen


It offers a 14-days free trial to get started and if you need to taste the water. The paid plans begin at $10.00 a month for Ziflow.

Four separate plans are in Ziflow:

Basic$10.00 / month
Starter$20.00 / month
Business$40.00 / month
Enterprise$60.00 / month

Our Experience

These are some of the best approval and feedback management software that makes your work easy and save time.

In your project management arsenal, online proofing tools deserve a place to make it easy for you to manage feedback, review, and maintain the workflow.

It can change the review and approval process by helping the teamwork more intelligently and bringing their work to the next level by fastening collaboration. 

The online proofing solutions can speed up the feedback and approval process by eliminating the barriers to emails’ overwhelming exchange.

If you are also looking to spend on proofing and collaboration tools for your enterprise, then make sure to get the one that suits your budget and size of teams.

You can use this above comparison guide to compare different proofing and collaboration tools to choose your team’s best one.

You can use this comparison guide to compare proofing software based upon price, features, version side, and integrations. Have you decided which one to buy? Let us know in the comment section!

Questions asked while looking for online proofing software:

What is online proofing?

Proofing means the analysis and approval process of files and projects that usually contain creative work types. People use web-based software to do proofing work and collaborate effectively with teams to save time.

How online proofing tools help teams?

Offline proofing places the team members in silos, which sometimes results in duplicate or inconsistent input. Online proofing tools automate your approval workflow and facilitate the collaboration of teams in real-time.

How online proofing tools eliminate the risk of confusion between Different Stakeholders in the Creative Process?

With an online proofing platform, you streamline the project’s approval process, capture feedback in real-time, and gain access to review history. Stakeholders can move forward without additional meetings, feedback, and conference calls as the online platform facilitate collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Dose online proofing software, streamlines the process?

Yes! Often, it takes way too long for the creative team to review and approve content. Online proofing tools make the proofing process quicker as all review and comments are visible in one place, eliminating the chances of missed changes in files. 

How online proofing software effects websites?

To maintain pace with the market, updating creative work on websites is the need of the hour. Hence, marketing and creative teams can use online proofing tools to get the website content feedback and collaborate in real-time with their team members to make the process faster.

Does the approval system become fast with online proofing software?

Yes! since all comments and feedback are visible in one place, it just takes s single click to approve or rejects the changes, add comments, feedback, and compare the new files. It eliminates confusion due to multiple projects and helps editors compare changes in real-time.

How online proofing software saves time?

Check, add proofing review, add comments, and approve projects, right where you are. You can use any online platform to manage tasks while on the go to save time and money.

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