Top 10 Meetup Alternatives in 2024 with Great Community

The guide discusses ten alternatives to Meetup in 2024, highlighting their unique features, advantages, and suitability for various purposes like event management, networking, and community building. It provides a detailed comparison of these alternatives, including pricing and use cases, to help users find the best fit for their specific needs in organizing and managing events or communities.

Creating groups of like-minded people required them to meet up physically.

Thanks to the software, it is now possible to create groups, manage meetings, tickets, and an event effortlessly with a few clicks.

While the virtual meetings and events have been increasing, there are tons of software available in the market that enable launching and managing an event. Click To Tweet

What is Meetup?

Meetup is an online platform that allows users to get creative, explore a city, build a career, and do much more with a group of people with similar goals/ interests.

meetup alternative

Creating a support group for your weight loss goals, inspiring healthy habits with a like minded group of people, teaching music, learning art, building the network, and much more is possible with Meetup.

Meetup offers tons of exciting features that can be used by professionals and event management companies for a variety of purposes.

At the same time, Meetup is a great fit to create groups and manage events.

A few disadvantages that lead users to pursue the other meetup alternative available in the market.

Network management, Advanced analytics, communication tools, and branding are a few features offered by Meetup that enables professionals and organizations.

Meetup features would allow organizations to simultaneously create multiple meetups, create shareable templates, track events with RSVP’s, and create branding with logos on social media pages.

Meetup also works well for individuals looking to organize events/ gatherings with common goals/ purposes. Meetup also enables businesses to create brand awareness and improve consumer lists.

Launching products, holding training, and enhancing brand awareness can all be managed with Meetup’s help.

Companies can use Meetup for various purposes like improving outreach, planning & managing events, recruiting talent, initiating new deals, and learning about the market developments.

Benefits of using Meetup

  • Brand building and networking
  • CSR and other branded events
  • Enables to generate sales
  • Creates online visibility

Disadvantages of using Meetup

  • Since there is no ownership, it would be a good idea to create a community with known people.
  • Event competition
  • Limited analytics
  • No real value addition.

Top Meetup Alternatives in 2024:

1.Heysummit  : Strong alternative to Meetup

Heysummit is an excellent meetup alternative if you are looking to create/ manage an online summit without technical skills.

Heysummit is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and brands. Heysummit offers East to use a virtual summit platform with tons of organizational and marketing tools.

It also allows users to plan live and pre-recorded virtual events.

Talk series for people with similar interests, create events on social media and other sites enable them to develop online courses, spread knowledge, and showcase their products.

meetup alternative - heysummit


Landing Page BuilderReporting
Attendee registrationTalk management
Speaker DashboardIntegrations


  • Enables to repurpose content
  • Improve outreach
  • Increase visibility
  • Boost email list

Online event details

  • Not Available

Use cases

  • Professional services
  • Speaker directory
  • Non-profit organizations


A fourteen-day free trial is available.

The Basic plan costs $33 per month. Up to two thousand attendees, one active summit, unlimited team members, and 5% transaction fees are a part of this plan.

The Professional plan costs $116 per month. Unlimited team members, 1.5% transaction fees, up to three active summits, and up to 7.5K attendees are a part of this plan.

The Business plan costs $333 per month. Twenty thousand attendees, up to ten active summits, 0% transaction fees, and unlimited team members are a part of this plan.

2.Crowd cast : Accredited alternative to Meetup

Crowdcast is an excellent choice if you are looking for a platform to offer a live video for conducting conferences, concerts, courses, and more, then a Crowd cast is a great fit.

meetup alternative - crowd cast



  • Integrations with CRM
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Well-designed software for outstanding performance in webinars

Online event details

  • Webinar: Word of Mouth
  • The partnership of the Holy Spirit – Part 3

Use cases

  • Webinars
  • Q&A Community
  • Live courses
  • Summits


The Starter plan costs $20 per month. The plan enables users to invite up to fifty live attendees to an event: two-hour sessions, HD live video, and recording. Stripe integration, multi-session events, and email & chat support are a part of this plan.

The Lite plan costs $34 per month. Enables users to invite up to a hundred attendees to a single event.

Zapier integration, event & session analytics, direct integrations, and Email address & Data export are some of the features available in this plan.

The Pro plan costs $62 per month. Enables users to invite up to two hundred and fifty attendees.

Custom registration fields, four-hour sessions, allow to present up to six screens, and multi-streaming to one location along with the other features in the lite plan is a part of the Pro plan.

3.Ticket bud : Recognized alternative to Meetup

Ticket bud is an excellent meetup alternative that allows users to manage events, sell tickets, market their events on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ticket bud is available on mobile apps like iOS and Android.

meetup alternative - ticket bud


Payment ProcessingSupport
ReportingWhite label solution
Audience segmentationPromotion Tools


  • Easy to use
  • Online ticketing
  • Great support team

Online event details

  • 2020 Austin trail of lights
  • Fredericksburg Hot Air Balloon Festival & Polo Match

Use cases

  • Media production
  • Musicians
  • Event services/ Event management companies


  • 2% ticketing fee plus 0.99 per ticket is the service charges.
  • 2.9 % payment processor fee.

4.Eventbrite : Bonus alternative to Meetup

A complete package that enables users to plan events that help is saving time and increasing event sales.

Event registration, ticketing, list design, promotion, payments, fundraising, and much more can all happen effortlessly.

meetup alternative - event brite


TicketingFundraisingPrivate events
DashboardsAutomated remindersGroup registration
Event registrationListing event designsRecurring events
Event dashboardMobile event appCustom badges
Bar-code scanningOnline salesReporting and analytics
Bar-code scanningMobile event appEvent dashboard


  • No charge for free events.
  • Create, promote, and manage events.
  • Mobile apps(iOS and Android) and customization available.

Online event details

  • WBLS Circle of sisters
  • Five-day mindfulness challenge

Use cases

  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • E-learning


No charges for free events. Event listing on Eventbrite partner sites, mobile app organizers, and online help centers are a part of free events.

The essentials plan costs 2% plus $0.79 per paid ticket. General admission and VIP are available for one ticket type, and a mobile app available for Organizers.

Online help center and event listing on Eventbrite and its partner sites are all possible with this subscription.

The professional plan costs 3.5% plus $1.59 per paid ticket. All the features in the essential subscription are available in this plan.

Unlimited ticket types, customized checkout forms, sales analytics, ticket sales, reserved seating, and support through phone, chat, and email.

The Premium subscription offers custom pricing. All the professional plan features are available under the premium subscription.

RFID technology, branded community pages, payments in installments, rental equipment for box office, team access and permissions, and 24/7 phone support are some of the other features that are a part of the premium subscription.

5.Attendify : Valuable alternative to Meetup

Suppose you are in the event organizer business and looking for a meetup alternative that offers tools/ features to create and manage an event.

Attendify also offers integrations with social media sites like Facebook and a few others for creating polls, photo sharing, and much more.

meetup alternative - attendify

Attendify works like a single platform that enables people with similar interests to create a group that wants to meet for a common goal or create and manage events for small forums / big corporates with exciting features like engagement, communication, and real-time feedback, and much more.


MeetingsVendor ManagementAttendee Management
Surveys and FeedbackVendor ManagementConferences / Seminars
Sponsorship ManagementLead RetrievalTrade Shows
Badge ManagementConferences / SeminarsConventions
Social PromotionAttendee ManagementGuest List Management
Guest List ManagementSocial PromotionBadge Management


  • User friendly
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Enables to improve attendee networking, offers updates, and collects real-time feedback.
  • Works as a private network for group members
  • Social network integration for the group members/ attendees to share pictures and posts.
  • ROI tools help quantify engagement.

Online event details

No upcoming events available

Use cases

  • Event communication
  • Peer to peer learning


A free trial is not available.

Enables users to manage all events in one app. A built-in private social network is available.

Real-time analytics, instant updates on content, and a fully-featured event guide are all a part of this plan.

The Event one Event costs $1999 per event and covers all the features, including a branded app.

The Multi-event costs $3498 and also covers all the features, including a branded app.

The Basic subscription costs $250 per month when billed annually.

Live segmentation, basic integrations, advanced filtering, even data management, and up to a thousand contacts are a part of the basic plan.

The Pro subscription costs $800 per month on annual billing. All the basic plan features are available along with advanced integrations and up to five thousand contacts.

The Premier subscription costs $2800 per month when billed annually.

Up to ten Attendify app credits, ten thousand contacts, and all the other Pro plan features are a part of this subscription.

6.Aventri : Trustworthy alternative to Meetup

An excellent event management platform to create, plan and manage events. A straightforward to use and scalable platform with tons of exciting features.

Budget allocation, event planning, event registration, email marketing campaign management, and much more is possible with Aventri.

meetup alternative - aventri


Event- Floor Plan Designing and ManagementSession TrackingEmail Marketing Campaigns
Event RegistrationCheck-In/Check OutEvent Surveys
Event LogisticsSeating plansGoals and Analytics
Resource Scheduling and AllocationMobile Event AppProject Collaboration


  • Mobile event application
  • Survey poll for feedback analysis
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Project and task collaboration
  • Finance management for events
  • Event logistics

Online event details

Not Available

Use cases

  • Event management
  • Hoteliers
  • Travel companies


  • No free trial available.
  • The standard subscription costs $3000 per year.

7.Eventmobi : Professional alternative to Meetup

Eventmobi is a complete package that enables users to manage every aspect of the event, conference, or meeting that they organize.

From surveys to attendee management, Eventmobi offers a variety of customizable tools. Multi-event management with easily accessible current, previous, and future events on a single platform.

meetup alternative - eventmobi


Check-InEmail InvitationsEvent Mobile Apps
One-to-One MessagingMultiple RegistrationsEvent Analytics
Live Polls and SurveysGroup DiscussionMulti-Event Management
Activity FeedReports On-DemandDrag-and-Drop Interface


  • Performance analysis
  • Attendee engagement
  • Multiple event management

Online event details

No future events listed

Use cases

  • Training
  • Conferences
  • Sales Launch


A free trial is available.

Customized plans are available for different event sizes. You can fill the form on the website to get a quote. : Certified alternative to Meetup

An excellent online event management platform enables users to create and manage virtual events for people worldwide.

meetup alternative -


Event creationVirtual lobbyGlobal Audience
Interactive contentEvent marketingEnvironmental friendly
One-on-one networkingAdvanced reportingUnlimited use cases
Built-in webcastingUser registration processTrue Engagement


Online event details

  • Black Girls Tech Summit 2020
  • Tech Conference 2020

Use cases

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Event broadcasting
  • Summit


Not available

9.Webinar jam : No-fail alternative to Meetup

Webinar Jam enables live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting for thousands of attendees worldwide.

It also allows direct streaming through YouTube life and Facebook Live.

Live Q&A, slideshow presentations, preloaded videos, and screen sharing are all made possible with Webinar Jam.

meetup alternative - webinar jam


Active ChatSupports All Operating Systems and DevicesScheduled Webinars
Whiteboard IdeasEasy And Fast BroadcastingRemote Registration
Moderate WebinarsRun Slick Slideshow PresentationsAutomated Email And SMS
Highlight MessageAttendee SpotlightMulti-Language Capability
Polls And SurveysDirect streaming to Facebook & YouTube LivePost Event Communication
Click Registration Page BuilderOne-Click RegistrationCross-Platform Tagging


  • Presentations through Livecasting, webinars, pre-recorded videos
  • Collaboration for webinars
  • Maximum engagement
  • One-click registration

Online event details

  • Not available

Use cases


  • A free trial is not available.
  • A single payment plan costs $479 per year.
  • The three payments plan enables users to pay $189 in three installments.

10.Events by Facebook : Brilliant alternative to Meetup

Events are viewable on the news feed.

Users can create new events by filling out the name, location, date, time, and description of the event, and only the guests will be able to see it.

meetup alternative - events by facebook


  • Events in your newsfeed
  • Sharing events in messenger
  • Integrations with messenger
  • Inviting non-Facebook users to events


  • Easy to invite People
  • Suggested events and events in your network
  • Add a location for increased visibility
  • RSVP reminders
  • Attendance metrics

Online event details

  • Mocha Chocolate pudding – Free Workshop
  • McAllen Hot Air Balloon Festival

Use cases

  • Grow your business
  • Expand the Audience
  • Get Discovered


  • The cost per event response is the amount spent on the event divided by the event responses.

Our Experience

Creating an event, managing it, assigning seating, enabling payments, and much more has been made possible by online event creating software. is an excellent app that helps people with similar interests to create a group, discuss, network with like-minded people, share information, get updates, list goals, and even meet to share ideas.

While Meetup is a great app, it also has some shortcomings that are experienced by users. Thanks to the meetup alternative software available in the market GroupSpaces, hanging out with people of similar interests, making friends with people in a similar community, and much more is all made possible on a single platform.

Some of these platforms allow users to try it out for free a few others require users to choose a paid subscription.

The entire event management life cycle, like creating an event, seating, ticketing, location based invites, analytics, email automation, and many other parts of the process which previously required users to work on multiple platforms and generated a humongous amount of work for organizers.

If working on a single event involves such complexity, it is even more challenging to cope with multiple events creation and management. Meetup and meetup alternative software is extremely helpful in creating and managing events.

Every part of the process, whether a local event or a global audience, the online virtual events creation available in these platforms enables users to manage them without hassles.

While a local event may require people in the same city to pay and attend a specific location, a global virtual event may need attendees to pay online and log in to watch the event.

A tremendous amount of technology is involved in the creation and management of the event.

The meetup alternative platforms enable people to meet, make friends, search, attend events in a specific city, and pay for it effortlessly.

Allowing them to do all of it on a single platform is an excellent way of conducting an event.

A community with common goals or private groups of people with similar interests looking to hang out together Meetup and its alternatives has got it all covered.

Questions asked while looking for Meetup alternative :

What is Meetup?

Meetup is a software platform that enables people with similar interests to Meetup, create a group, exchange ideas, and create, find, and manage events of common interest. Platforms like Meetup enable users to manage the entire life cycle of an event.

Can I use meetup alternatives for free?

Most of the meetup alternative software platforms offer a free trial. Users can choose to continue with a paid version or cancel their subscription as per their satisfaction levels. A few of them do not charge for ticketless events.

How is a meetup alternative helpful?

A meetup alternative enables professionals/ companies to improve sales, increase outreach to the audience, create brand awareness, perform analytics & reporting, increase networking, and improve online visibility.

Can I create and manage an event without an online platform?

In today’s digital world, performing business without an online platform either for payment or selling products and services has become an impossible task. So you may have to choose Meetup or a meetup alternative that is most suitable to the business requirement.

Which is the best meetup alternative?

There are various meetup alternatives available in the market, and each of them offers a variety of exciting features. However, choosing the option that is most suitable for each business requirement would be a great idea.

Can I use Facebook to create an event?

The events by Facebook enables users to view, create, and manage events. It plays a vital role in increasing brand awareness, expand the audience, and improve visibility on social media sites.

Can we create any kind of event online on a paid platform?

Yes. Any kind of event ranging from Halloween virtual trick or treat to Chocolate making classes is created online for free and ticketing.

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