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After its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown to become one of the most popular content management system (CMS) globally. Whether you are beginner or a regular blogger or doing a business, the first choice has always been WordPress. This CMS that has almost 74 million sites (according to last year February reports) using it for publishing their content every minute comes with a host of plugins and widgets, making WordPress one of the most powerful content tool.

For years, WordPress has been telling its users “Coding is Poetry“. Yes, true to its words and the debates that surrounds this quote- WordPress has everything ready. All you need to do is let your creativity flow.


Whatever be its meaning, there is no denial that you love WordPress. Many-a-times you might get stuck between and is a community driven system that allows you to download WordPress installation files, free themes and plugins. is a commercial website that runs on the WordPress software offered by
You can find a comprehensive detailing here.

WordPress runs almost 4.5% of the entire Internet

In a recent survey by codeinwp, few amazing statistics of WordPress’s use came to limelight.

  • Almost 1 million downloads of WordPress 4.1 happens in every 2 days.
  • Around 4.5% of the whole Internet is run by WordPress.
  • As of December 2014, 19.1% of Quantcast’s top 100K sites are run on WordPress.

Is WordPress Really Safe?

Despite being the most loved CMS, WordPress had its security in question. When Forbes Magazine published its post WordPress Under attack as Double Zero-Day Trouble Lands, the vulnerability of WordPress since its launch came to surface. One of the major breaches WordPress faced was the Tim Thumb Saga in April 2011. However, WordPress team was swift in action.

WordPress had published officially requesting its users to update their WordPress and also change their passwords. Those who did were safe. However, there were many who didn’t.

security of WordPress website

Updating WordPress is essential as that can help keep breaches at bay. The vulnerability of WordPress for the users doubles as soon as a new update is released. Hence, it is mandatory to keep your WordPress up-to-date.

Dr. Armeda, Co-founder and CEO of Sucuri explains

“It’s not a WordPress problem if you’re not updating your software in general. This goes for themes, plugins, modules, templates — any of those fun things that enable you extend any open source platform. Nearly 80% of actual infections across all platforms are due to some type of vulnerability in outdated software or access/password exploits”.

When you try to update the WordPress, chances are that you will face various problems with the core WP and/or plugins. So, does that mean that you make a shift to other CMS like Joomla or Drupal? Well, the answer is NO.

ManageWP for WP users, by WP users

It is not because I love WordPress that I am defending it. But purely because now you can use ManageWP created by WordPress users for WordPress users.

As it quotes for itself that it gives “you the full power and complete control in managing virtually any number of WordPress sites including powerful management, monitoring, backup, deployment, publishing and security tools”.


Launched in 2010, ManageWP is specifically designed to make your WordPress experience better. After using ManageWP, I can say managing my content, customers and my blog has been rather smooth. It not just makes WordPress wonderfully seamless, you can call ManageWP a shield effectively keeping your WordPress safe and secure “by utilizing the latest security techniques and technologies”.

How ManageWP has helped me

I am a regular user of WordPress, thanks to my own Marketing blog Sprout24, tech blog Tech-Tweak and my email marketing services EasySendy’s website.

I can manage all my WordPress sites from single ManageWP dashboard. This means that I can easily manage all updates, backups, security and much more for all my WordPress sites. I can login to whichever WordPress site I want to manage in just one click.

I get to know which of my plugins and themes need to be updated. I donot need to go to each of my sites. Rather I have it all sorted out here.

managewp update everything

Also, now I dont worry about updating each of my sites one by one. ManageWP has made it effortless completely. All my WordPress sites are automatically upgraded to the latest version.

I can monitor the smooth running of my sites, as ManageWP sends me alerts if someone links my post or if my post is doing really well or whether spam bots are affecting my site. Along with that, I am always aware when a new theme or plugin is available.


I thoroughly believe blogging has a purpose, and my purpose is to reach to wider audience. For that making my blogs SEO friendly is important. You must be thinking of some SEO package or software that I might buy, but No. I don’t need to because ManageWP comes with strong and powerful SEO analysis tool that takes care of everything related to SEO.

I have all my backups automated, scheduled and updated. Hence, there is no fear of losing out on data. ManageWp gives me total control to store my backup wherever I wish. I choose Dropbox mostly, but you can opt for Amazon S3, FTP and even your mail!

managewp-backup tasks

Any-time, I wish to change web hosting provider, I don’t worry at all because ManageWP does it without taking up much time and effort. It is wonderful that I can create my template websites using the pre-installed plugins and use it repeatedly. I use Kinsta WordPress hosting service for convenience.

Lastly, I would vouch for ManageWP any day because it allows me to post content on multiple blogs together and saves my time to a great extend. When you have multi-management tools at your disposal, you wouldn’t ask for anything else.


Along with that, ManageWp takes security very seriously. The integration of keeps my WordPress site free from malwares and other harmful viruses.


Now, I know my WordPress sites are safe and healthy, as ManageWp ensures a two-factor logon technology!

ManageWP offers a freemium model

There are three different set of subscriptions offered by ManageWP.

Standard is for individual bloggers. This includes:

  • Updates in a click
  • Login to any dashboard easily
  • Manual Backups
  • Installation and managing of themes and plugins

Price: $0.80 website/mo if taken on a monthly basis. If you opt for Annual subscription, then first two months are free, and then $0.66 website/mo. Incase you opt for Biennially, the first 5 months are free and then $0.66 website/mo

Professional is for SMBs, marketers and web developers. It includes all the features available in Standard Package, along with-

  • Scheduled backups
  • Clone Wizard
  • Client Reports
  • Google Analytics Integration

Price: $2.40 website/mo if taken on a monthly basis. If you opt for Annual subscription, then first two months are free, and then $1.99 website/mo. Incase you opt for Biennially, the first 5 months are free and then $1.99 website/mo.

Last is the Business Package for Large Businesses, SEO companies, and Web marketing companies. Along with the features available in the previous two packages, it also includes-

Price: $4.80 website/mo if taken on a monthly basis. If you opt for Annual subscription, then first two months are free, and then $3.98 website/mo. Incase you opt for Biennially, the first 5 months are free and then $3.98 website/mo.

ManageWp offers a 14 day free trial in which you can get features of Standard package. Along with that you can avail 24/7 customer support. After 14 days, you will need to pay for your subscriptions.

Being a ManageWp user and a professional, I would say ManageWP is worth a try if you use WordPress for your blogs. Make your blog or website look new and keep it secure with ManageWP. For free sign up, click here.

Connor Reynolds

Connor Reynolds

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  1. I agree with each and everything you have said about manage WP. When you are in a business, then there are so many things you need to take care of like promoting your brand, spreading brand awareness, SEO based blogs and what not. Manage WP takes into account all these factors and provide you with a single platform to manage all your WordPress sites and save you a lot of time. It is an excellent tool for individual bloggers as well as business-oriented individuals.

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