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Unlimited Emails for 10,000 Subscribers at $20 – MailerLite Review

As a Marketer, your every thought might just revolve around how to pull in more unique visits to your website, engage and retain them. In doing so, it is natural to scout for the best marketing tools.

Of all strategies, it is highly believed that email campaigns strive to give better results when it comes to connecting with your audience in comparison to social media sites.

When you spend $1 in email marketing, an average of $38 is gained by the business.


Hence, the dominance of email marketing tools like MailChimp and Aweber is but obvious.

We have already discussed these tools in our previous blog posts and in this article we will do a mailerlite review which is another similar tool.

There are many more such tools in the market for brands and companies, like the Self-hosted tools Sendy, phplist and so on.

There are also the SMTP gateway tools like Mandrill, Amazon SES, SendGrid and likes of such, which you can integrate with services like EasySendy or SendWithUs.

Now coming to the major highlight of this article is the email marketing application MailerLite, which is at par with the above-mentioned tools in terms of features and affordability and allows you to send emails to new as well as old subscribers.

I will discuss MAILERLITE, which has all the features to cater to small and medium businesses while offering ease of use.

Brief Overview of MailerLite

MailerLite is a UK-based company which has steadily grown within a few months of its launch. It is essentially simple and at the same time is an affordable email service.

The thing about MailerLite that drew me towards it is that MailerLite is easy to use, offers a generous forever free plan and is available in 8 languages.

Leslie Samuel, who gives insights on how to grow your online business on his Learning with Leslie podcast, shared an email exchange he had with MailerLite founder which said

We are working a lot on new features, but we still want to keep MailerLite very simple to use

True to its words, MailerLite is devoid of any complications and I went crazy for the ease of use it offers and perfect for a small business.

Reddit mailerlite discussion

Why I Like MailerLite

Intuitive Drag and Drop email Editor

  • Whether you want to create a funky newsletter or a serious one, or may be something professional, MailerLite has the easiest ‘drag and drop’ newsletter editor. All you need to do is select the design you want, drag the content blocks, pick your choice of colour and fonts, and Hola! You are done. You can upload and store as many images as you want and keep using them for your newsletters. MailerLite uses CDN which ensures that you get a speedy uploading anytime and every time.
  • The best part of these templates is that all of them are mobile compatible making it a top choice for medium and small business alike.
  • With MailerLite, you won’t need to worry about which email client your audience uses. Your newsletter will look equally fantastic when viewed in Gmail, Yahoo or any other webmail as well as Outlook, Apple Mail and similar desktop clients.
  • You can design your own newsletter template by adding your subscribers’ names, or probably the product name that goes in sync with your audience’s choice.
  • Last but not the least, you can upload your own pre-designed newsletter email template by importing your HTML in a click. MailerLite will automatically inline your CSS and host your images.
Mailerlite template gallery

Edit Images with Built-in Photo Editor

With MailerLite you do not need to shift to another software to edit your images. This application itself provided you its own built-in editor that is simple but great. Now you can re-size, crop, include text, add filters and effects, play with the brightness and contrast, add frames and do so much more.

Manage Subscribers

MailerLite allows you to easily import your contacts, either manually or via CSV, TXT, Excel files. Any duplicate or bad record is removed automatically. Not only this, it takes special care of every bounced email(includes hard bounce and soft bounce) and unsubscribes. You can organize your email campaigns, your contacts, create new fields, save email IDs, names, Companies and do so much more with the various marketing features included in the application. All-in-all, MailerLite is innovative and time-saving.

  • Get detail on new sign-ups, bounced emails, unsubscribes and spam complaints- all properly organized.
  • Include as many details as you have at your disposal about your subscribers. The more details you input, the better MailerLite works for you.
  • Separate your subscribers’ list on the basis of previous engagement, location or any other parameter relevant to your business.
  • Designing Sign-up Forms is a seamless job. Use this simple Form Builder, edit it to match your newsletter template and off you go!
  • MailerLite automatically syncs the social profiles of your subscribers. Now you can know more about your subscribers. This gives you an easy insight as to who is using which networking platform. You can target your social media activities accordingly.
  • View the average open rate and click rates, growth graphs, engagement details in form of pie charts. Using the statistics, you can do a holistic comparison.
  • Export your lists to Excel in a click to analyse and store your data. MailerLite NEVER locks your data.

Track email campaign’s activity

MailerLite provides a smart Email Newsletter Software to monitor your email campaign’s activity. You can get a clear understanding of how many mails have been opened and how many clicks have happened, who unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activities, and many such statistics that are useful in improving your email campaigns. You can have an overview of how your campaign fared as well as narrow down to every single detail of it.

  • You can dig in to see who has opened your email and have knowledge of every individual subscriber.
  • While you get to know who has unsubscribed from your mailing lists, MailerLite automatically removes the email information from the lists.
  • MailerLite has feedback loop integrations with Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and others. Hence, if any subscriber using these ISPs marks your newsletter as spam, you will be notified immediately.
  • You get to know how many of your users are reading emails from mobile devices, browsers or desktop email clients.
  • Know which links were the most popular in your email newsletter. Along with that, it tells you which user clicked on the given link.
  • MailerLite Analytics is another smart feature. It allows you to integrate Google Analytics tags on all your links so that you can monitor them better and also track all the conversions and sales happening.

Designing WebForms

I have already talked about Webforms. You can design your own webform using this form builder. It automatically directs your new subscribers directly to the MailerLite subscriber groups.

Schedule Auto-Replies to your emails

You can create and schedule automated messages like Welcome Message for every new subscriber, Birthday/Anniversary messages, reminders for subscription renewals or any other purchase, greeting and such data-oriented campaigns. This is a great way to remain connected with your users and also to let them know that you care.

iPad Subscriber App

Your iPad can now be your subscribers’ form with this App. Place your iPad wherever you want to pull in new subscriber. Customize it as per your needs using one of the 10 great looking email templates included by MailerLite, or build your own template, and get going. The best part? You don’t need internet connection to collect subscribers using MailerLite Subscriber app on iPad. Your data will be saved automatically in the app memory and will get synced the moment you connect to internet.

Quora mailerlite suggestion

Sell digital products

Mailerlite also allows you to sell digital products and earn passive income. You can easily set up payment options with stripe integrations and accept payments from more than 100 currencies. The flexible drag and drop editor will help you showcase your products in more creative ways.

Mailerlite selling products module

MailerLite is Global

Mailerlite offers support for languages like English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian.

API Support

The API support allows developers to integrate MailerLite functionalities with other applications like CRMs and eCommerce apps.


Recently, MailerLite published in its official blog about its integration with Zapier.

Zapier integration lets you sync subscriber data from other tools you use to your MailerLite account. Easy!

Zapier enables you to easily connect with web apps you use. It is a time saving bridge that connects you with everything on the web. This integration with Zapier has opened up various ways in which you can use this email marketing software. Any event that you might have triggered, is automatically completed by Zapier. In-case of MailerLite, Zapier helps in adding a new subscriber to your mailing list.

Update: Now MailerLite has 4 new integrations available: SendOwl, BookFunnel, ConvertPlay and MiloTree. These integrations can help you to sell digital goods online, deliver ebook, convert viewers within your videos and grow your email list from Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

MailerLite integrations to view all of them click here.

MailerLite vs MailChimp

As I had mentioned in the beginning that Mailchimp, one of the most viable MailerLite alternative is one of the most used email marketing tools in the market. I have also used it and honestly, it is awesome. I did not shift to MailerLite just for the sake of it. Here are few reasons why I made this shift. You can also tag it as Mailerlite vs Mailchimp!

MailChimp is a standalone and cloud-based app, while MailerLite is also a SaaS-based app with a 92.6 delivery rate with Mailchimp having only 80.2.

Also the overall rating of Mailerlite on Capterra is 4.5/5 while the overall rating of Mailchimp is also 4.5/5.

MailerLite is available many European language, Español, Português, Français, Italiano, Svenska, Finnish, Polski, Lietuviškai, Українська, Русский, and meet the local lanuguage requirement very easily.

I did not want my email campaigns to lose its design when my users open it on mobile devices. There is no doubt that people need everything on-the-go. So why make your users wait till they reach their desk?!

What is good?Very affordable and easy to use. The template repository is very powerful.
What is not good?Not for advanced analytics and reporting. Pricing model is not very supportive as your business scales.
Best forSmall businessesEcommerce and agencies.
PricingPaid plan starts at $20/moPaid plan starts at $10/mo

MailerLite pricing is Pocket-Friendly

MailerLite comes with a pricing easy on your pockets with its Freemium plan.

The Free Plan of this mailing software allows you to store upto 1,000 subscribers and send unlimited emails every month. The plan includes all the features of MailerLite and can be upgraded anytime.

Small Business Plan is an affordable plan for SMBs. With this plan, you can store 1,001-2,500 subscribers at $15 per month, 5,001-10,000 subscribers at $50/month, 10,001-15,000 subscribers at $75 per month and so on till 45,000-50,000 subscribers at $100/month. You can send unlimited emails in any and every option you choose. You can also opt for annual payment mode: 1,001-5,000 subscribers at $84/year. Check out the entire price list here.

MailerLite has special pricing structure for those who have more than 50,000 subscribers. The High Volume Plans are for those who send huge numbers of emails every month. However, High Volume Plans have limits on how many emails you can send every month. For instance, you can store 50,001-60,000 subscribers at $120/month and send 36,000 emails/month.

MailerLite provides a 30 days Free Trial which allows you to send unlimited emails and store up to 1000 subscribers. Sign up with MailerLite and make your email newsletters creative and communicative.

Pros of MailerLite

  1. The user interface is easy and intuitive.
  2. They have a really helpful blog section that makes it easy to navigate.
  3. It is super affordable where you get features like automation and segmenting
  4. a/ b split test two different versions and make sure which is the best one.

Cons of MailerLite

  1. MailerLite misses on some major complex features and you might need to use third-party tools for that.
  2. The editor can be glitchy making the addition of text sloppy.

Who should you choose MailerLite?

1.) If you are a freelancer, blogger or a content creator, then the RSS feed and video marketing feature of MailerLite is a great plus for you.

2.) If you are a new or a small business with limited money then the basic simple email automation features will serve you just right. For instance, for up to 2,500 subscribers the paid plan is $15.

Below is a Capterra after 2 years experience with Mailerlite:

Mailerlite capterra review

Who should not choose MailerLite?

Mailerlite is not for big business owner who is looking for a software tool that offers complex automations and in-depth performance metrics wanting to have complicated list management.

Mailerlite at a glance:

Factors Comments
What We Like?Mailerlite is priced reasonably and the features are good enough for small to medium-sized businesses. The interface is super easy to use and the landing page editor allows you to create landing pages effortlessly.
What we don’t like?The automations and reporting features are not that advanced. Not recommended if you want comprehensive reporting and automation features.
Value for MoneyMailerlite is a pretty good deal if you are not into complex and advanced features. It is simple to use and what it does it does well. The free plan allows you to add up to 1000 subscribers that is pretty good.
Customer SupportChat and email with prompt responses.
Who should use?Freelancers, bloggers, solopreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses.
Mailerlite AlternativesMailchimp, Activecampaign, Sendinblue and Getresponse
Our Score4.3/5
Overview of the Mailerlite tool
Email marketing software G2 grid


MailerLite is a great email marketing tool for small businesses, freelancers and solopreneurs. The learning curve is simple, mailerlite team is helpful and the designing features are quick to adapt and implement. Also, it is free up to a subscriber list of 1000 users making it an affordable.

The tool has a few drawbacks such that it doesn’t allow many 3rd party integrations and the automation workflows are limited. They also do not allow any social tracking so if you need all these then try other tools like Mailchimp and GetResponse.

If you are someone who can get away with the simple drag and drop editor with simple needs then MailerLite will fit you perfectly. It also has a good 24 7 live chat support.

Update: For customers using Mailerlite in Europe and the customers’ handling European subscriber’s data; now can follow GDPR and CCPA related practices from inside the Mailerlite account. They have released a bunch of features to help their customers, you can register an account form here and the team will guide you accordingly.

What is MailerLite?

MailerLite is a simple email marketing program that caters to the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

What are some of the best features of MailerLite?

The best features of MailerLite are drag and drop editor, rich text editor, easy to manage subscribers, file manager and popups.

Which is the best MailerLite alternative?

MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, GetResponse are some of the popular MailerLite alternatives.

How much does MailerLite cost?

1- 1000 subscribers (12000 emails) : Free
1-1000 subscriber(unlimited emails): $10
1001-2500 subscribers: $15
2501- 5000 subscribers: $30
5001- 10000 subscribers: $50

How is MailerLite better than Mailchimp?

MailerLite is better than MailChimp in some aspects such as it is cheaper than Mailchimp, they also have a generous free plan and it is mobile-friendly. One thing that MailChimp does better is in the field of automation.

Does Mailerlite have landing pages?

Yes, MailerLite does have landing pages. You can build popups and landing pages with this tool.

Which is better Convertkit or Mailerlite?

Convertkit is a great option for bloggers and content creators and at the same time is expensive. Mailerlite is affordable and offers some really good email templates.

Does Mailerlite support WordPress?

Yes, you can integrate Mailerlite with WordPress by selecting WordPress from the list of integrations.

What are some top alternatives of Mailerlite?

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Getresponse are top competitors of Mailerlite.

Is Mailerlite a CRM?

Yes, it can be used as a CRM for basic needs but if you have complex CRM needs this won’t be an apt option.

What does a workflow mean in Mailerlite?

A workflow is a pattern of steps triggered by a specific action that can involve a date, event, or any other action.

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  1. I’ve been using Mailerlite for few months and I’m highly disappointed with the functionality. Mailer lite is missing on on some serious functions which is making trouble. Duplications, reports, and much more is missing things. Will surely switch to some other services soon. 🙁

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Nimesh, what features are you exactly looking for inside MailerLite?

  2. I stay with Mail Chimp and you can coordinate it with Zapier! Thanks for Mailer lite review, A next to each other examination would have been useful. But as indicated by my sentiment we ought to utilize paid email marketing Apps instead of utilizing free programming in light of the fact that as a part of paid email administrations we are allowed to do anything, however in free email promoting programming there are restriction which bound us to do anything.

  3. MailerLite now has great Autoresponders setup. Everything is working incredible in this way. The main issue I had with them is phrasing. They took a lot of time to make a message. Same thing with the Auto responder email drips. It took me a while to make sense of what this feature is “Include another Autoreponder” implied add another email to the arrangement or grouping of emails, Other than that, no issues up to this point. Furthermore, my messages look so much preferred on phones over they did with Aweber or other drag and drop email editors.

  4. Hey,
    Last week I moved my email subscribers from MailChimp to MailerLite and it felt great.
    Thanks to you & your article which made it possible.

  5. What is making MailerLite so popular? MailerLite is an email marketing tool; you can also describe it as an alternative to MailChimp. MailerLite has created quite a buzz among the marketers due to it’s efficient yet cheap marketing services.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Kimberly, other than labeling it as a cheap solution, I would say MailerLite is great alternative to many email marketing solutions and has some features which are not available at other esps. So, uses find a great value in using MailerLite.

  6. Managing your subscribers is very important and they must be updated with any sort of changes made with the help of email. MailerLite allows its users for importing their contact in an easy way. Any sort of record that is duplicate or unusable is supposed to be removed automatically by using it.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Anne, all the list cleaning and updates take place in background for Mailerlite.

  7. Melissa Phillips Reply

    With this type of tool, I was able to track my mail activity which gave me the possibility to make precise reports for my customers. There are different tools that could be used for this kind of work but MailerLite gave me a special way of understanding these kinds of tools. So if you are a beginner, you should use MailerLite; rather MailChimp.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Melissa, MailerLite is a great tool for mailing and has many more feature under pipeline; which will be coming near future.

  8. Thanks…MailerLite does sound great for small and medium businesses. Worth a try at least since there is a free plan (which allows for storing up to 1,000 subscribers and send unlimited emails every month)

  9. Just a thought Ankit-
    Email marketing may be effective, More- Unique- Visits to your website can’t happen if your product/service isn’t great and there is a subsequent strong word-of-mouth happening. Also if you’re website is a content website (news/ information) then the content is surely the key to success. There are so many emailers that I don’t even open. And, they come from everywhere – lowgrade infotainment websites, consumer petition sites, e-commerce sites etc. So emailer is really not a formula to success, however, if it an emailer aptly used then it may produce a greater impact. MailerLite maybe a great product, but it needs to be coupled with good content or good product (whichever may be the case), and adequate social media marketing to build buzz around the content of the website.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Completely Agree to you Annie; Yes, MailerLite is just a tool and the real wonder is email content which the end business send to their subscribers. So, email content and email list list plays far more role compared to the email marketing tool.

  10. Thanks for the great article. I just signed up for the free plan of MailerLite and looking forward to use it for my new blog I have just started.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      That’s great to hear Puneet. Yes MailerLite is a great tool, which will help you to automatically send emails to your subscribers.

  11. Virginia Miller Reply

    Hi Ankit! Good Article. You must review services such as Mailerlite. It is a pleasure reading about them and also very inspiring. Do you think as good about it?
    Pretty Affordable @ $10 per month for small businesses. Is there a free version?

  12. Jack Walker Reply

    For free coffee in their own coffee shop in Vilnius office…its totally worth it! Quite a fun site to look at.
    They say “Everybody is welcome to come… We guarantee good coffee & fast Wi-fi & great atmosphere. And it’s all FREE!”
    They started off as a web design and development agency but later got into email marketing and as they put it, they fell in love with it. The features of Mailerlite are amazing and I really liked browsing its website, all thanks to you, Ankit.

  13. Roger Martinez Reply

    Hi Ankit! is $40 cheaper than Mailchimp, why wouldn’t it be a hit in the market? Mailerlite is a game changer in the market.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      MailerLite already making their good number of customers.

  14. MailerLite is the most optimal newsletter distribution system for It’s easy to operate and it’s constantly updated, effortlessly improving your productivity and performance. We choose to use MailerLite because of the great balance of features and the reasonable pricing. Also, we are very satisfied with the response from the support team – it seems that the company has the same values as us, and puts the customer above all else.

  15. David Diaz Reply

    Using Mailerlite has helped me to manage the emails and the newsletters in a much easy manner. Mailerlite is an application for email marketing which comes with all the needed features for serving both medium and small enterprises. I got attracted to it due to its ease of access and because it was devoid of any complications. Mailerite provides the correct analysis of how many viewers are actually going through the mail from different devices.

  16. The email marketing application of Mailerlite helped me in creating both serious and funky newsletters but both of them had a professional touch. I was happy to find out that all the templates were compatible with the mobile platforms. One can also get the option of designing his own template of newsletters by adding the name of the product that will sync with the choice of the audience.

  17. It is very much cheaper that Mailchimp and works absolutely fine. They have a number of templates to choose from with a bit of customizing limitations. The customer service is super fast thus making the overall experience quite delightful.

  18. What I liked about mailerlite: The best thing about mailerlite is that it is super easy to setup and implement. The automation features provided by it is also great.

    What I didn’t like: You cannot easily customize the opt-in and e-mail templates. It will require editing of the HTML code which is not that easy for everybody.

  19. Mailerlite lack the ability to attend to customers. I have signed up with them but their algorithm keep turning my account down after filling the necessary forms required of me. I have written severally to them for manual approval but to no avail. I have equally tried using the online chatting service, but always offline. I am really disappointed in them. I do not think they put customers first in their business.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Ezekiel, Mailerlite and any ESPs expect you to use their system with disciplined marketing practices. The moment you break this; none of them will attend to help you on getting them fixed. So, so learn about the best practices and then apply them for a profitable use.

  20. If you own a WordPress website, then it is easy to integrate it with MailerLite using the WordPress plugin. It also has an intuitive GUI that makes it easy to create engaging landing pages and pop-ups. The pricing model is also very affordable because you get to have landing pages and pop-ups at the cost of email marketing which in other tools is quite expensive. Other than that they are pretty agile in introducing new features from time to time and make it a point to keep the pricing stable.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Katherine. Mailerlite has quite close integration with WordPress.

  21. Doris Carter Reply

    The best thing about MailerLite is that you get upto free 1000 subscribers and you do not have to pay anything when you just start building the list. I guess it is very good thing especially when you are new to the business.

  22. Ashley Brown Reply

    Does mailerlite offer affiliate links now? Like back in 2018 it did not allow to do so. It is a problem for people who rely on other users list for their product sales.

  23. We can have all of our clients in one profile because we handle multiple accounts. Mailerlite platform is easy to use and provides different solutions for different businesses.

  24. It’s easy to use MailerLite. I would rather spend my time writing than struggling with technical things. ML’s easy to use platform makes it easy to create effective emails campaigns to send to my fans. The drag and drop feature makes it very easy to create emails. The plans are affordable for new authors. It is topnotch.

  25. Mailerlite doesn’t have features that could help you integrate your ESP into other areas of your business. I suggest a more complex tool if that is your goal. I would like the option to have separate profiles within my mailerlite account, which would be convenient for me as a email marketing freelancer. MailerLite is more than enough for begginers that want an ESP that is easy to use and use.

  26. Kathryn Caldwell Reply

    I was one of the first to sign up for MailerLite. It was the reason I could see the future potential. It’s the most affordable platform and it has more features. It is a valuable tool because of the integrations offered with other services. I need nothing else to ensure that my email and marketing campaigns are successful because MailerLite has replaced many other apps and services. They have continued to honor their obligations to me as an early member and have always helped. I will be using MailerLite the rest of my life.

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