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27 More MailChimp Alternatives for Performance Email Marketing

When we started updating our blog on a regular basis, we felt there is a need to send email updates to our subscribers on a regular basis to keep the visitors returning to our website.

MailChimp was the most heard software for what all Mailchimp offers, but we also came across a master list of MailChimp Alternatives.

alternative to mailchimp tool - landing page builder - number of contacts - drag and drop email - email marketing automation - able to send emails

Initially, we started to send updates with Google FeedBurner Email Subscriber Update feature, which is, of course, free but came with many restrictions.

Understanding the need for proper email list management software and to send updates along with some useful tips to our subscribers, we started looking out for proper software.

As I was looking for email marketing tools that allows you to create professional marketing email campaigns and do email automation, several tools such as MailChimp and MailChimp Alternatives came up; that include following-

I did a detailed analysis of each which led me to discover some cool in-built features coupled with promising price models.

These tools seemed like the solution we were looking for, and we decided to try many of these at our end. Little did I know that it was going to be a long road.

MailChimp – A Complete Email Marketing Solution for Newbie

Having realized the need of our own email marketing platform, the first try was obviously the most simple tool known to us for ages- MailChimp.

Any Start-up and beginner business discussion on email marketing never ended without the mention of MailChimp marketing tool.

Rather than any other email marketing service providers, Mailchimp is extremely user-friendly, fast, easy to access and is loved by its users for the hassle-free experience in handling it and not to forget the extensive learning material available.

Add to that, all those awesome features talked about in a variety of discussions and forums are available even in the free edition.

MailChimp offers free edition comes with 12,000 free emails per month and a maximum of 2000 subscribers.

For any new blogger or startup, these numbers are really good.

Since we had an ever growing contact list management issue within our company, that surpassed the 2000 limit, we went for the paid account which comes for $74 for 10,000 subscribers per month for an unlimited mail campaign.

Over a period of 3 months, our contact email address list jumped upto 25,000. You can calculate the amount we were paying to the Chimps to handle email campaigns.

Among one of the most convenient and easy to use email editor, we were also taking full advantage of landing page templates library , pre made email templates, A / B testing, send time optimisation , mobile app, managing several email lists to segment users based on their behavior , developers support.

Mailchimp animated logo - send to your number of contacts - like ecommerce stores - select from packed template library
MailChimp Email Marketing Tool

No doubt the flexible email campaign templates supplied were great to us but we found that for an e-commerce marketer, MailChimp did not have enough of email templates which we could make use of like other Best MailChimp alternatives.

Not to forget the feature of MailChimp was transactional emails and Mobile Responsive email templates, which is little tricky to make these days.

landing page builder - alternatives to mailchimp - send automation email included - email marketing tool - real time reporting
Hackernews Discussion

Finally, while calculating ROI of the email campaigns with MailChimp we severely failed to meet expectations and finally stopped using it.

So, now we had to start looking for a Mailchimp cheaper alternatives.

Update: Now Mailchimp is part of Intuit. This acquisition happened in September 2021. Small businesses using Intuit products will have an access to Mailchimp product platform too.

MailChimp as a CRM with AI features: 

As of now, MailChimp only provided its users with the benefits of email marketing automation tools.

But now the platform offers CRM functionality that makes it all in one marketing service.

With MailChimp sales CRM, you can manage your customers and reach out to them in a more effective way, even through social media ads!

The CRM works by bringing all your contacts & customers in one place and present you with related patterns and data to help you understand your audience better. It can quickly help you chart out plans on how to approach your customers.

Mailchimp paid plans - build landing pages  - best marketing tools - subscribe to your list - enterprise edition - created power packed solid connect

The crm allows users can study their audience insights and accordingly send out personalised messages based on user behavior, lifecycle stage and individual interests.  It is something that you can expect from this tool purchase.

You get to have an audience dashboard where the audience is segmented based on common tags, recent sources of growth, CLV (customer lifetime value). 

So, you can send the right message to the right audience at the right time and henceforth improving your marketing strategy.

Update; October 2021: Mailchimp has launched Content Optimizer, an AI tool to improve email marketing strategies for small businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs. It recommends changes to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. It’s available in English now for standard and premium users of Mailchimp. Other languages are expected later.

Mailchimp Content Optimizer improve your email marketing campaigns with better call to action language, better typography and readability, conciseness and other changes.

So now, you can fee that, Mailchimp has in-build Grammarly.

1. MailerLite – Best-selling Alternative to Mailchimp

MailChimp vs MailerLite – The 12x Cheaper

When we started looking for a Mailchimp alternative Mailerlite caught our eye. MailerLite free plan allows sending 12,000 emails per month and 1000 subscribers.

After we were failing to meet expectations with Mailchimp and keeping a check with our email marketing budget until now we had tried many alternatives.

MailerLite - alternatives to Mailchimp - tailored content unlike one size fits all

In the first impression when we looked at the price, we were quite surprised as it is one of the best Mailchimp alternatives with lots of features and email tools.

We took a look at the Demo of the visual email editor, I assumed that it is cheap because it might have a low email delivery rate.

Below are the pictures of MailChimp and MailerLite pricing that will help you with price comparisons.

MailChimp vsMailerlite
Upto 2000 (Subscribers): FreeUpto 1000 (Subscribers): Free
Upto 2500: $.30.99 /moUpto 2500: $15 /mo
Upto 10000: $78.99 /moUpto 10000: $50 /mo
Upto 15000: $135 /mo Upto 15000: $75 /mo
Upto 20000: $159 /mo Upto 20000: $100 /mo
Upto 25000: $189 /mo Upto 25000: $120 /mo
Upto 30000: $219 /mo Upto 30000: $140 /mo
Price comparison of MailChimp vs MailerLite

As I explored its features in details, I got to know the real reason behind the low price – their team said, they have kept the price low because they mostly dealt with large volume email marketing for enterprises and they have not made the product clamped up with features which very few marketers use.

This helped them to keep application affordable and reliable at a cheap price.

After this, I checked the testimonials, where they mention More than 40,000 happy customers. They included some of the best online marketers and they were all real testimonials!

Convinced with the insight, I went ahead and signed up for this Mailchimp alternative MailerLite Trial Account, which gave me access to send email to 1000 subscribed email address along with A / B testing, drag and drop web forms, email automation tools, email campaign templates for a small business like us.

After a few hours, I checked the report and the result was jaw-dropping- 55% Open Rate! Usually, this master list of 1000 email address on Mailchimp also had an opening rate of around 60%.

So, looking at the number I was completely satisfied and went ahead taking a pro account for 30,000 Subscribers.

Checkout the below Reddit comment about Mailchimp billing practices.

marketing tools - landing page builder - email marketing tool - comparison with Mailchimp - limit on subscribers - table of contents  - landing pages
Reddit Mailchimp Review Discussion

For these 30,000 subscribers, I had to shell out $1176 Only for a Year to send unlimited emails! The tool is also good for beginners.

Price Check: The price is exact 12 times cheaper than what we were spending on Mailchimp Pro account for a month!

Now we are quite satisfied with the features and the services provided by MailerLite.

The one best feature which can compete, is their visual ‘drag and drop email Newsletter Editor‘, which is quite simple to use, beautiful and very lightweight perfect if you’re a small business.

Overall you get wonderful control over creating your beautiful newsletters.

Along with this, MailerLite also gives default email templates to play within email builder.

mailerlite email block email editor is better alternative - shopify - beginner friendly and customizable - tools like Mailchimp - real time reporting
MailerLite Editor

Some other features worth exploring also included drip email Autoresponders, A / B testing, email automation tools, email list segments, unsubscribe page builder, landing pages combined with Webform & popup forms which we regularly use to send email newsletter, step-by-step for every new subscriber that we capture.

The file manager feature was also very useful as it helped us to organize our images for our different email campaigns.

In Mailchimp, we were also using Segments Feature under the mailing lists of opt-in email subscribers, which gave us the flexibility to filter those who were not opening our marketing emails.

Yes, the same feature is also present in MailerLite, which you can use quite frequently for effective subscriber list management. You can remove inactive subscribers through MailerLite segments.

You can add videos and gifs to your email templates, add more account users and teammates in your own MailerLite account. Add GDPR consent forms and checkboxes for permission compliant subscriber acquisition.

At any point when you are done with the email marketing campaign you can also use Email Campaign Report to Track everything including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment and much more.

start mailerlite email campaign- alternative to mailchimp campaigns - best landing page builder - customizable tools - drip campaigns
MailerLite RSS Campaign

We started using RSS campaign feature of the tool which enables us to send automated RSS feed campaigns for our blog posts to our opt-in subscribers automatically.

No doubt this feature again is very simple to use, user friendly and have very setup to complete and get started.

This is an alternative feature comparison from MailChimp which takes a big leap in favour of MailerLite. You can always connect with customer support if you are stuck.

Hope, this post will help you get the right software which provides you with impressive Email campaign templates at Affordable price.

You can check and try out MailerLite – The Mailchimp Cheaper Alternative from here.

Once you start using MailerLite, let me know your experience in the comment section below.

MailChimp Alternative-Free Trial

MailerLite, has also added the ability to create landing pages through a drag and drop editor. Through this, you can easily create E-Course, Invite, Webinar, Coming soon, Lead Generation, Product, E-book landing pages without any coding skill!

mailerlite block email editor - better than mailchimp - paid plans - great for small businesses - best for web push notifications - shopify chat - reach towards

Other than these latest updates, MailerLite also added some of the amazing features like Auto Resend message, Automation workflows, Click Maps in campaign reports and RSS email campaigns for publishers and bloggers.

Update: MailerLite has announced new prices for the subscriber limit. It can be found here.

So, the existing paid customer can still access old pricing structure; also, if you plan to upgrade your MailerLite plan to paid one now, then, you will continue to get the existing (reduced) pricing for a lifetime.

Update: After 25-May-2018; MailLite has added GDPR and CCPA related features which include, right to be forgotten, proof of Subscriber consent, identifying EU users, data processing agreement and so on.

You can register with ML account from here and discuss with their team on GDPR and CCPA feature and process enablement.

Below is a screenshot of the pricing plans offered by MailerLite when I select 1000 subscribers.

mailerlite revised pricing model - mailchimp competitors - good deliverability course - powerful interface in comparison to Mailchimp
MailerLite revised pricing

To view the full revised pricing list visit here. You can also join their Facebook social media community from here.

Mailerlite vs Mailchimp comparison

ParamtersMailchimp vsMailerlite
What is good?Huge template repositoryVery affordable and easy to use
What is not good?The pricing model is not very good.

No support for affiliate marketing.
Not very powerful for reporting and automation.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30/moPaid plan starts at $10/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Mailerlite

2. AWeber – Reliable Mailchimp Alternative

MailChimp vs AWeber – Offers a 30-days trial.

Aweber email marketing comparison with mailchimp - another Mailchimp competitor - integrates with a lot of options  - drip campaigns
Capterra Aweber Review

AWeber is another robust brand and one of the powerful email marketing platforms that you should know. It doesn’t offers a free plan and has a mobile app, places itself as one marketing platform. In this plan, you get access to a lot of essential features from Aweber.

The subscription starts with a 30-days trial, and the paid plan starts at $19 per month for 500 contacts only, then pay as you go above 500 contacts.

Although this plan gave us the independence of sending as many campaigns as we wanted, our increasing list made Aweber an expensive option again.

Aweber logo - beginner friendly - customizable stores and resources - affiliate marketers - collect emails

I should mention here that we used Aweber only because they are robust and well known for their mailing lists management, keeping email lists separate from each other, auto-responder, landing page templates and builder, stock photos, smart email designer, email template library, subscriber lead generation form, contact tagging features, test email campaign.

Aweber also accept small businesses including internet marketers and affiliate marketers as their user and customer.

Aweber’s interface is easy to get started with with couple of minutes and the Aweber support team provide great support in onboarding new staff through live chat and phone call in the US markets. If as a marketer your mind is moving towards trying AWeber then it is not a bad option.

ParametersMailchimp vaAweber
What is good?Huge template repositoryProvides Canva integration
Caters to the needs of small businesses.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase. Very basic features for the price .
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $20/moPaid plan starts at $16.15/mo billed annually
Comparison of Mailchimp and Aweber

3. Moosend – Certified Mailchimp Alternative

Mailchimp vs Moosend – Free forever plan up to 1,000 subscribers

Moosend- ecommerce tools - unlimited contacts - no SMS marketing - send web push notifications - integrates with so many tools
Moosend- ecommerce tools

Moosend is easy on the pocket and an ideal email marketing software brand for businesses who are looking for affordable options.

It is a comparatively cheaper mailchimp alternative, for instance, Moosend starts with a free plan and the paid plan starts at $10 for up to 5000 contacts that are cheaper while compared to $50 with Mailchimp, this comes under pros.

Then pay as you go above the contact subscribers limits.

The visual automation workflow functionality and well- tailored email builders of Moosend are more advanced and easier to use, files manager, indepth email reports and stats

They also provide pre-built email templates specifically for customer engagement, re-engagement, weather based automation and a lot more.

Moosend- Types of marketing automation workflows - create intuitive personalized workflow - track customer journey - abandonment carts
Moosend- Types of marketing automation workflows

Moosend suit is on an average 30% cheaper than MailChimp, making it easily the most affordable alternative.

The Moosend platform has beautiful emails, powerful drag and drop email editors, easy to use signup forms, email list segmentations, email list management, landing pages site, real-time analytics, and integrations with developer & APIs support.

The Moosend customer support has a wide range of knowledge base, tutorials, videos, webinar recordings, and their team support through multiple channels including email/live chat/phone. All of this make you use this tool easily.

ParametersMailchimp vs Moosend
What is good?Huge template repositoryCaters to small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Powerful features at a reasonable price.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.Moosend is not an all in one marketing solution
Limited integrations and sign-up forms are basic.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/moPaid plan starts @ $8/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Moonsend

4. ConvertKit – Brilliant Mailchimp Alternative

Mailchimp vs ConvertKit- $79 for 5000 subscribers

ConvertKit offer free plan with 1000 subscribers management.

ConvertKit might come as a little expensive alternative to Mailchimp and not amongst the best Mailchimp competitors, but the wide range of landing page builder features, Advanced automation workflows builder, a/b testing, segmentation, personalized emails, email tags, email delivery testing options, lead magnet popups and form features of this tool is better as it helps you capture more lead. 

send emails to your subscriber - do split testing - send beyond behavior based email - plenty of video options - power your startups - comment about convertkit

ConvertKit platform is perfect and an excellent value for money option for bloggers, freelancers, affiliates, marketing experts and content creators. It has complete WordPress integration plugin. You can send your targeted content at the right time using this email marketing automation and improve conversions. It also acquired FanBridge email marketing tool and now focus on creating email platform for music creators and musicians.

It doesn’t have a drag and drop editor as it claims that simple emails perform better. It provides you with a lot of landing page templates.

The advanced segmentation, contact tagging system, and subscriber management that ConvertKit offers are fantastic, and the analytics are quite detailed. 

Premium paid plans start at $79 for 5000 subscribers tier. ConvertKit social media community to join is available here.

You can also become a part of affiliate marketing program that convertkit offers and earn 30% commission for every new creator you bring on board.

Customer support service is available through email and support tickets.

ParametersMailchimp vs Convertkit
What is good?Huge template repositoryConvertkit is known for its powerful automation and segmentation features.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.Reporting and the newsletter services are not as good as other similar tools.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo Paid plan starts @ $15/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and ConvertKit

5. Automizy – Trustworthy Alternative to Mailchimp

Mailchimp vs Automizy – $69 for 5000 subscribers

Automizy offers free trial of 60 days.

Automizy is a new email marketing service as compared to MailChimp, built to level the playing field. It has some features that made us dive into and check it out.

If you are thinking about SMS marketing with email automation the Automizy has you covered.

Automizy email campaign builder

Automizy allows you to connect and all all your marketing channels, including sms marketing and uses the concept of omnichannel marketing that is a unique feature.

The other unique feature of this tool is the subject line tester which ranks your subject line compared to other similar campaigns and blocks spammy keywords. It can be a game-changer in getting better email open rates. 

Contact email segmentation, drag & drop email editor, a b testing, autoresponders, wpforms support, email analytics, web site conversions tracking, automation email series, are couple of more useful features.

Automizy has an easy to use visual email workflow builder which is super easy to use, and an interface that is immaculate and tidy. 

You can join Automizy Facebook social media community from here and get an insight into the expansive knowledge base it has to offer. Customer service team provide 24/7 support to the paid account holders.

ParametersMailchimp vsAutomizy
What is good?Huge template repositoryVery easy to use and offers plenty of functionalities.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.A restricted number of integrations.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall-sized businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo Paid plan starts @ $9/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Automizy

6. Omnisend – Professional Mailchimp Alternative

Mailchimp vs Omnisend- $20 for 1000 contacts

Omnisend offers a free plan where you can send 15000 emails/month. Apart from that, you can try each of their two standard and pro plans for free. It was launched to harness the power of omnichannel marketing.

You can sign up for Omnisend 14-day free trial without providing your credit card details.

Omnisend is quite a new player in this field that offers niche features like push notifications and SMS. Since Mailchimp no longer offers integration with the ecommerce platform Shopify, this email marketing service is a savior for online ecommerce businesses.

ominsend one marketing platform for ecommerce business - advanced features and email marketing platforms - create unsubscribe page - discount - card abandonment

The main USP of Omnisend is that it specializes in omnichannel marketing. If you are an established eCommerce business and platforms where generic marketing automation is no more supportive, Omnisend is a great Mailchimp alternative.

It allows you to personalize messages that is a primary requirement for every e-commerce business. The user experience of using this tool is also good.

Its ready-made zapier integration and plugins available with WordPress, Bigcommerce, Prestashop, Woocommerce.

Omnisend account offers several features like email designs personalization, creating instant discount codes, ab testing, customer rewards, marketing automation, web push notifications, content editor, push notifications feature, advanced segmentation, weather-based product recommendations, website tracking tools, integrations, magento and shopify store integration to name a few that are specially targeted to help you grow your online business.

omnisend cart features - focus on ecommerce solution - scale with your business growth - create powerful branding - discount code and codes - set rules to follow

Account manager at Omnisend takes care of complete onboarding of the businesses with ecommerce platforms; proactive support from the customer service & success help in timely implementation of the complete integrated ecommerce solution.

ParametersMailchimp Omnisend
What is good?Huge template repositoryA tool that specializes in omnichannel marketing.

Great for e-commerce.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.Reporting and the newsletter services are not as good as other similar tools.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesE-commerce businesses.
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The cheapest plan starts at $16/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Omnisend

7. GetResponse – Proven Alternative for Mailchimp

Mailchimp vs GetResponse- $15 for 1000 subscribers

GetResponse is another value for money MailChimp alternative that is all in one marketing platform, it offers email automation, landing page builder, popups form, multiple device friendly emails, webinars integration, advertising, prospect nurturing, built-in CRM and power-packed advanced features for automation, including Getresponse dev APIs and reporting tools.

GetResponse platform list segmentation is intelligent and better than most of the tools in the email marketing industry. When it comes to boasting of advanced features then Getresponse never disappoints and every business can benefit from it.

GetResponse offers conversion funnels and landing page features which is a great plus for ecommerce companies. As it helps to reach your target audience in a better way.

getresponse - alternative of mailchimp screenshot - great advanced automation - facebook ads - smart features - create entire webinars - rules based automation exactly

With the help of this interesting feature, you can create automated email sales funnel for a myriad of areas of your business and work on your conversion rates.

The email personalization, integration with website and stores, magento user tracking, cookies based users tracking, SMS and wordpress integrations, access to reports and email stats are useful for the GetResponse subscribers.

Another thing that is highly appreciated for GetResponse platform is its competitive pricing options, making it a great tool for email marketing and automation. You also get to create entire webinars with this tool.

Getresponse does offer a free plan forever now. This free plan includes an email marketing tool, website builder, landing page builder, and forms for subscribers upto 2000.

Nonprofit and enterprise plans are high selling with non-compromising customer service.

GetResponse has recently launched a forever free plan which can help businesses and entrepreneurs to move their business online. Going online is a necessity for businesses in today’s date and for businesses that are just starting out do not have enough capital to invest in expensive paid plans of the software tools and marketing automation platform.

Given that GetResponse has decided to offer a forever free plan instead of paid plans.

looking for mailchimp competitor - advanced segmentation - marketing automation platform - email service - number of contacts

Features included in GetResponse Free forever plan :

Free GetResponse Website Builder:

  • Build one website with up to 10 page with the help of the AI-creator or choose from the 300 industry template repository.
  • 5GB bandwidth per month
  • Connect a domain or use a free option

Free GetResponse Lead Generation Software:

  • Build and host 1 landing page
  • Signup and contact forms to get leads for your business
  • Store up to 500 contacts

Free GetResponse Email Marketing Software:

  • Unlimited emails for your contacts
  • Drag-and-drop creator to build emails
  • Access to a rich repository of predesigned email templates
ParametersMailchimp vsGetresponse
What is good?Huge template repositoryA tool that specializes in advanced segmentation and features.
Great for e-commerce.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.The list segmentation is slightly less polished.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesBusinesses needing advanced segmentation capabilities.
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The paid plans start at $15/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Getresponse

8. Sendinblue – Strong Mailchimp Alternative

Sendinblue’s free plan offers 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts.

send 300 email day - take your marketing to next level - 30 day free trial -manage unlimited contacts - email marketing services

Sendinblue ( read a detailed review of Sendinblue ) is one of the smart Mailchimp alternatives, which places itself as an all-in-one email solution for small businesses which provides email and sms messages for email marketing campaigns including transaction and marketing automation.

More features offered by Sendinblue like Sign up Forms, exit intent popups, Landing Pages with drag and drop editor, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, A / B Testing, transactional emails, sales CRM and live chat messenger support make it a great option.

In short, Sendinblue will allow you to send beautiful emails without a fuss.

send transactional emails - split testing - affordable email marketing tool for your site  - email marketing platforms stage - comprehensive tool - reach target audience
Reddit Mailchimp and Sendinblue Comparison

The best feature about Sendinblue automation tools is that they charge you based on the number of emails sent and with a free plan you can send 300 emails per day.

Sendinblue also provides access to longer support even for their free plan. Apart from English Sendinblue application is also available in other languages including Français, Español, Português, Italiano, Deutsch.

Getting started with a free Sendinblue plan and with the ability to add unlimited contacts you can send 1000 emails/day and 40,000 emails at costs of $25 per month; they are big pros over Mailchimp.

For the transactional emails; Sendinblue charges based on the emails you sent which doesn’t mean that it is expensive.

On a side note, SendinBlue is quite popular so you can find plenty of knowledge base and resources to help you get begun with it. It offers plenty of customization options for different types of companies and the pricing model is also good enough.

APIs, WordPress plugin, Magento and Prestashop plugins, fast support, reliable esps feature are unique.

Sendinblue update: Sendinblue has acquired three e-commerce marketing companies for a total worth of $47 billion that are :

  • Chatra – US-based live chat messenger app
  • Pushowl – a push notification app for ecommerce stores based out of Bangalore
  • Metrilo – Bulgaria based customer analytics and intelligent marketing platform

With the acquisitions of these powerful e-commerce marketing tools, Sendinblue plans to become a wholesome e-commerce marketing product for SMBs. In addition, it will help Sendinblue scale its existing marketing capabilities and help businesses improve their sales and make more sound strategic decisions.

ParametersMailchimp vsSendinblue
What is good?Huge template repositoryA tool that specializes in advanced segmentation and features.
Great for e-commerce.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.The list segmentation is slightly less polished.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesBusinesses needing advanced segmentation capabilities.
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The paid plans start at $25/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and SendinBlue

9. Campayn – Simple Mailchimp Alternative

MailChimp vs Campayn – 19$ plan for 15,000 Free Email for 3000 Contacts

Campayn free forever plan offers 12,500 email and 500 contacts.

Trying out various options did not deter our spirits, and we kept on trying new solutions that can help us take our business to next level.

The next in our league was Campayn- A new email service provider and marketing company (in comparison – one more alternative to Mailchimp) that promises to send upto 12,500 emails to 500 contacts per month under the Free Plan. Paid plans fees start at $19 per month only!

Campayn suite is designed mainly for micro-merchants and small businesses- Courtesy, ease of use, and helpful learning material.

Also, it has pretty good website tracking tools makes it easy to use as you can manage everything from one place.

We used Campayn but still, it was not what we were looking for. Also, Campayn quote was just a few cents lesser than Mailchimp.

ParametersMailchimp vsCampayn
What is good?Huge template repositoryCampayn is designed for micro-merchants and small businesses.
It is easy to use and is priced reasonably.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.N/A
Best for E-commerce and agenciesMicro merchants and small businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The paid plans start at $19/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Campayn

10. Sendlane – Accredited Mailchimp Alternative

Mailchimp vs Sendlane – 5000 contacts for $99

The fifth alternative on our list when we started looking for a Mailchimp alternative was Sendlane.

Sendlane is known for effective mailing lists management, ease of use segmentation options and advanced features of automation tools as compared to Mailchimp.

It is an ideal choice for digital marketers, eCommerce platforms, unlike Mailchimp, that solely caters to the needs of small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Although Sendlane is a bit expensive it is worth a try.

ParametersMailchimp vsSendlane
What is good?Huge template repositoryAdvanced automation and smooth landing page editors,
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.It is very expensive for sending emails and offers limited integrations.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesBusinesses looking for advanced automation.
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The cheapest plan starts at $79/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Sendlane

11. SendFox – Delightful Alternative to Mailchimp

Mailchimp vs SendFox – Lifetime plan at $49 for 5000 contacts

Sendfox email composer - mailchimp alternatives for 2021 - table of content to use - get premium plans - beginner friendly site - optimize your teams efforts
Sendfox email composer

SendFox offer a free forever plan with throttled email newsletter sending i.e. it may take time of about 1 email per minute.

SendFox is an email marketing solution specifically for content creators. It is created by the Sumo family who is also the creator of the famous AppSumo. So, if you are a content creator then SendFox have you covered which also provide affiliate marketing services.

The interface of SendFox is super clean to access unlike many other tools and doesn’t feel overwhelming and this was one of the features we focused on when looking for a Mailchimp alternative.

If you want to create simple & beautiful emails without including extra graphics or images, SendFox will fit perfect.

Brand creators on Youtube and Instagram don’t usually have a website and in that case, building a subscriber list is tough.

But, with SendFox, you can create a landing page sites exclusively for you and get the job done. 

Also, SendFox offers affiliate marketing where you can earn some extra bucks by referring this tool to others. It’s a great choice for content publishers and bloggers, starting with a free forever plan.

The campaigns sent from SendFox includes the logo branding in the emails you send.

ParametersMailchimp vsSendfox
What is good?Huge template repositoryOffers a lifetime deal at $49/mo for unlimited emails.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.Not meant if you want to do a lot of crazy stuff with emailing.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall Businesses just starting out building their email list.
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The cheapest plan starts at $49/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Sendfox

12. EasySendy Pro – Valuable Alternative for Mailchimp

MailChimp vs EasySendy Drip – $19 plan for 10,000 Subscribers

EasySendy Pro free forever plan offers upto 30,000 emails per month and 2,000 subscribers.

EasySendy Pro pricing plans and tiers of $19 allows sending 5 emails/sec to 10,000 contacts per month. With EasySendy Pro, email newsletters, email campaign tests, email delivery tests and email drip campaigns are made super easy.

email marketing dashboard at EasySendy Pro

The unique feature of EasySendy Pro email marketing service is that it allows integrating through a combination of email delivery API service provider like, Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailJet, AriticMail, SparkPost, and MailGun for small business brands, to send bulk emails.

This feature helped us to control our email delivery budget in check.

For example, if we were sending potential of 50,000 emails in a month, then we had to pay only $5 to Amazon SES for email deliverability and, in certain months, if the email delivery goes over 100,000 then the pricing changes and we had to pay $10 premium to Amazon SES.

EasySendy has 1 free forever plan and three paid plans; with 24×7 customer service support. It is a great tool for an enterprise level company with a lot of subscribers.

ParametersMailchimp vsEasysendy Pro
What is good?Huge template repositoryA lot of advanced features are packaged into one.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.Onboarding is slightly tough.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesBig Businesses and enterprises.
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The plan starts at $19/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and EasySendy Pro

13. EmailOctopus – Risk-free Mailchimp Alternative

Mailchimp vs EmailOctopus- 5000 subscribers for $24

27 More MailChimp Alternatives for Performance Email Marketing 1

Like MailChimp, EmailOctupus offer a free plan that allows 10,000 emails per month and 2,500 subscribers; with logo branding inside the emails you send. It is a great tool for startups.

EmailOctopus, among email marketing tools and a really great Mailchimp alternative, allows beginners users, bloggers, affiliate marketing experts to design and send emails using Amazon SES servers, which results in an overall affordable solution.

EmailOctopus offers several templates for email marketing that ease out the creation of campaigns. Another plus point of these templates is that they are responsive so one might access them on all the devices.

EmailOctopus features include, simplified & easy to use email list segmentation, intuitive email newsletter builder, simple automation builder, email campaign management and effective campaign reporting for lightweight uses.

ParametersMailchimp vsEmailoctopus
What is good?Huge template repositorySend emails through Amazon SES making it an affordable solution.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.N/A
Best for E-commerce and agenciesNew businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo Paid plan starts at $24/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and EmailOctopus

14. Constant Contact – An Excellent Alternative Mailchimp Tool

Constant contact- newsletter tools - email marketing services and email service - improve  marketing efforts of your company - personal mails providers for growth

Mailchimp vs Constant contact- $20 for 500 contacts

Constant Contact is an email marketing solution launched that caters to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

Constant Contact is an email service that offers four core features email marketing, website creation, ecommerce solutions, and social media marketing.

Store owners of any kind planning to go digital can use Constant Contact, and it can really help optimize and amp up your teams email marketing efforts.

Constant Contact will fulfill all your email marketing needs apart from just email creation. It has now got SharpSpring email automation features after its acquisition in 2021.

With Constant Contact, you get an intuitive UI, powerful email automation features, landing pages, good email deliverability rate, A/b split testing options, email design template library, multi device friendly emails and reporting features.

Constant Contact offers you to create your brands ad campaigns with Facebook and Instagram social media ads accounts to which is a bonus.

The pricing options or tiers of Constant contact is based on two plans email and email pro.

The email premium subscription plan starts at $20 per month for 500 contacts, and the email plus packages starts at $65 per month for 500 contacts. Constant Contact nonprofits and enterprise plans are high in demand.

email marketing solution- allows you to create transactional emails - 2000 subscribers - no premium plans - send emails per day

You can also try the affiliate marketing program, which pays you $5 for every referral that signs up and $105 if they pay for the account.

You can avail the Constant Contact free plan for 60 days. They offer phone and chat support & live messenger support; although the support is very proactive.

ParametersMailchimp vsConstant Contact
What is good?Huge template repositoryEvent management tools
Deliverability rates are pretty good.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.Offers very less advanced features
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/moThe paid plan starts at $20/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and Constant Contact

15. ActiveCampaign – Mailchimp Alternative with Hidden Treasures

no charge per subscriber - no real time analytics and reporting - affordable email marketing for your customers - create sales funnel - active campaign - email marketing tools

Mailchimp vs ActiveCampaign- $11.25 for 500 contacts

ActiveCampaign is one of the best and friendly all-in-one email marketing solutions launched (and well-known marketing automation platform) with a built-in CRM adopted by more than 90,000 small business customers and brands.

It goes beyond simple email creation and offers email automation, lead scoring, segmentation options, prospects & leads nurturing, creating sales funnels, email tags, web site popups, Woocommerce, WordPress stores integration plugin, ab testing, Google remarketing ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and versatile email automation.

ActiveCampaign accounts boast a powerful email automation system they are really good at it. This definitely makes it stand out from the rest.

ActiveCampaign offers email marketing services but unfortunately doesn’t have a landing page editor. But still, it allows you to send personalized text conversations with If/Then/Else logic which is pretty impressive.

With this feature, you can manage which content to show to which customer based on their activity on your web site.

Activecampaign ins another Mailchimp alternative - great tool for all business owners - tools like hubspot  offers real time reporting - autoresponders journey - seems to be a great tool

Their autoresponders are excellent and accommodate a variety of clear conditions. You can also do the automation within your CRM frequently, build automation workflow on any of your business data through custom objects feature.

More unique features of ActiveCampaign apart from their quality autoresponders include offer cms, product recommendations, lead nurturing strategies, sms personalization options so in short, you are also able to do sms marketing automation.

ActiveCampaign integrates with Facebook so you can manage how your Facebook social media ads are displayed to your contacts.

The pricing subscription plans start with a free plan and then moved into paid subscribers with limits.

The customer service team provide developer support along with well set up training process for complete staff and team onboarding.

The video tutorials and webinars session is useful for any beginner which is a big pros when compared with MailChimp.

ParametersMailchimp vsActiveCampaign
What is good?Huge template repositoryActiveCampaign has one of the best automations at a very reasonable price.

Powerful list-building tools.
Reporting is thorough and migration is super easy.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.The onboarding takes time.
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The paid plan starts at $11.25/mo
Comparison of Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign

16. iContact – No-fail Mailchimp Alternative

MailChimp vs iContact- $0 for 500 subscribers

icontact logo - get 30 day free trial - powerful email marketing tools - a b testing - $36 for emails month  - a/ b tests - share with other marketers

Like MailChimp, iContact is one of the oldest email marketing services after Campaign Monitor ( offers a world view map) and has a lot of user friendly features to offer on its plate.

This tool caters marketing tools explicitly to small businesses as well as professional internet marketers.

Like all other tools, iContact offers fundamental marketing features to manage your email marketing campaigns like drag and drop html email editor, reporting tools, email analytics, segmentation tools, to name a few.

iContact also offers good social media integrations as compared to its counterparts.

iContact comes with 30 day free trial probably a good way to check this tool and popularly have two plans ‘base and pro’ that charges you based on the number of subscribers you have.

Now let us discuss the pricing plans of iContact. The starting price tier fees is $36 per month for 500 subscribers and the next plan fee and charges are according to the number of contacts / subscribers.

facebook ads - table of contents - emails you send  personalized emails - doesn't send 300 emails per day - great option for business

Customer service provide support through tickets and phone call in supported regions.

ParametersMailchimp vsiContact
What is good?Huge template repositoryPersonalized support from the customer support team who helps you with your marketing campaigns.
Social media integrations
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase. N/A
Best for E-commerce and agenciesSmall businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/mo The paid plans start at $30 for 500 subscribers
Comparison of Mailchimp and iContact

17. Engagebay – Recognized Alternative to Mailchimp

engagebay comoany logo - intuitive and smart tool like Mailchimp -30 day emails using this tool - start at 10 and less - send friendly email

EngageBay not a long term player in this field but is an affordable and friendly solution available that offers features like sales, marketing, crm, and service tools all in one.

From one single dashboard, you will have the ability to manage and understand a lot of operations from email marketing automation to automating your key processes.

With CRM you can build stronger customer relationships.

mailchimp offers a lot of helpful tools - drag drop editor - lets you create a newsletter designed specifically for online store - send bulk emails - track customer journey

It offers plenty of landing page templates that attract customers and convert them into leads.  You can also engage with your customers in real-time with the live chat feature that is free and helps you become a reliable partner.

It is a great way to keep others updated about your new launches or services.

With SMS and email campaigns you can stick with and nurture your leads and are able to send them personalized emails based on their behavior. Segment leads based on their lead score and also find the best-qualified leads that improve your conversions.

The starting price of this software for its all-in-one plan is $8.99/user/month where you get 1000 contacts and 3000 branded emails. This price is for its biennial plan that is 40% off. The monthly plan otherwise starts at $14.99/user/month.

18. SendX – Bonus Mailchimp Alternative Tool

Mailchimp vs SendX- $7.49 for 1000 contacts or subscribers.

sendx pricing - integrates with helpful tools - allows to send bulk emails - good for startups - active campaign and sendx designed specifically - send friendly email

The last tool on our list is SendX. It is a relatively new player and not said to be as popular as email marketing giants like MailChimp. But still, this flexible tool is worth a try for its simple and easy to use features.

SendX doesn’t try to do a lot of things, so its primary focus is to provide well-rounded email marketing features. All of this is available at a lower price and offers a large number of features.

Business owners and ecommerce websites around the world who do not want advanced segmentation options but want straightforward and well designed email newsletter templates and email designs this tool is a great pick.

SendX account has plenty of list building tools for contact management and other tools with ability to manage your customer data effortlessly. It is all well suited for people who are running small businesses.

SendX also offers a range of web forms such as sign up forms, opt in forms, landing pages, conversion tracking, zapier integration, and pop-ups that you can use to expand your contact base.

The customer support experience is also good and friendly where you get an email and live chat support as well as phone support.

So it helps you via several sources of communication.

ParametersMailchimp vsSendX
What is good?Huge template repositoryA simple email marketing tool that doesn’t confuse users with complex features

Easy to create email campaigns.
What is not good?Becomes expensive as your subscribers increase.A relatively new player in the market.
Best for E-commerce and agencies Small and new businesses
PricingPaid plan starts at $30.99/moThe paid plans start at $7.49/mo for 1000 contacts.
Comparison of Mailchimp and SendX

An overview of all the tools discussed in this post:

Mailchimp AlternativesPricingFeature Summary
MailerlitePaid plans start at $15/moWhat is good?
Affordable , easy to use and one of the cheapest best Mailchimp alternatives available.
Basic level of email marketing features that suit small-sized businesses.
What is not good?
Not very powerful for reporting and automation.
GetresponseThe paid plans start at $15/moWhat is good?
An all in one package that offers email automation with a landing page builder and webinar creation tools.
One of the most affordable and powerful tool.
What is not good?
The list segmentation is slightly less polished as compared to other similar tools.
ConvertkitThe paid plans start at $9/moWhat is good?
Convertkit is known for its powerful automation and segmentation features.
What is not good?
Reporting and the newsletter services it not as good as other similar tools.
SendlaneThe cheapest plan starts at $99/moWhat is good?
With advanced automation and smooth landing page editors, sendlane makes itself one of the Mailchimp alternatives for 2020.
What is not good?
Sendlane is very expensive for sending emails and offers limited integrations.
Constant ContactThe paid plans start at $20 per month for 500 subscribersWhat is good?
A great solution if you’re a small business.
Offered event management tools that is a unique feature.
Deliverability rates are pretty good.
What is not good?
Offers very less advanced features at a high price point.
MoosendThe cheapest plan starts at $8/mo for 1000 subscribersWhat is good?
Caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs.
Powerful features at a reasonable price .
What is not good?
Moosend is not an all in one marketing solution
Limited integrations and sign up forms are basic.
OmnisendThe cheapest plan starts at $13/mo for 500 subscribersWhat is good?
A tool that specializes in omnichannel marketing and is a great Mailchimp alternative.
Great for e-commerce businesses that need Shopify integration.
With features like personalization, text editor , beautiful email templates it does it all and can help with lead generation.
CampaynThe paid plans start at $19/moWhat is good?
Campayn is is designed for micro-merchants and small businesses.
It is easy to use and is priced reasonably.
ActiveCampaignThe cheapest plan starts at $11.25/moWhat is good?
ActiveCampaign has one of the best automations at a very reasonable price.
Powerful list building tools.
Reporting is thorough and migration is super easy.
What is not good?
To get started with you will need to spend a bit of time on the number of features it offers.
EmailOctopusThe paid plan starts at $24/moWhat is good?
Send emails through Amazon SES making it an affordable solution.
Total emails that you can send per month are 10000 which is great for new businesses.
AWeberThe paid plans start at $19 for 500 subscribersWhat is good?
Caters to the needs of small businesses and has a generous free plan.
It has a lot of features and most of them are above average.
The support is great where you get live chat as well as phone support.
What is not good?
It is very basic and the price that it offers is on par with its competitors that offer much more.
iContactThe paid plans start at $20/mo What is good?
Personalized support from the customer support team who helps you with your marketing campaigns.
It offers social media integrations.
SendXThe paid plans start at $7.49 for 1000 contactsWhat is good?
A simple email marketing tool t that doesn’t confuse users with complex features
Easy to create email campaigns.
An overview of all alternatives discussed in this post

Open Source Alternative to Mailchimp:

Mailtrain and Listmonk are the most popular alternative to Mailchimp, which you can install on your server start setting up email marketing campaigns. Other legacy alternatives include, phpList, SendPortal, OpenEMM, Lightmeter, Mautic and Sympa.

You can also setup email marketing and email newsletter plugins inside your WordPress CMS, which is an open source project. Some of these plugins include, OptinMonster, Bloom by Elegant Themes, Newsletter, MailPoet, Icegram, Thrive Leads, MailOptin, Jackmail, Ninja Popups, PopUp Domination, WP Subscribe Pro, etc.

Bottomline conclusion and takeaway:

Mailchimp marketing service has really great features and is good for small businesses. So not very big businesses can definitely find this tool of great advantage. There will be something that is missing but you will have to consider what features suits your business needs the most.

For example, ConvertKit and Aweber offer affiliate marketing which you do not get with other tools.

I would consider MailerLite and Constant Contact after a lot of research as the best Mailchimp alternatives as it’s easy to use landing pages, drag-and-drop html email builder, cms, multiple store integrations also includes built-in photo editor.

time optimisation - affordable email solutions for every business - send automation emails - 10,000 emails you send per month - personal mail providers - pricing tiers - link purchase
Crozdesk competitive grid image for Mailchimp

Most importantly its pricing plan is very attractive and you don’t need to spend a lot as it’s 12x cheaper and also improves your marketing efforts.

Apart from above mentioned platforms in this post , you can also check another leader in this field that is HubSpot. You can find HubSpot Email marketing much more effective for your campaign. Apart from it, other tools are Klaviyo, Campaign Monitor, Encharge, Newsletter2go, they have great ecommerce integration, plugins, cookies based contact tracking from web site and customer journey builders.

Questions asked while looking out for MailChimp Alternatives:

  1. What is some free alternative to MailChimp?

    The cheaper alternatives to MailChimp include ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, AWeber, Sendinblue, Campaign Monitor, ConvertKit, and MailerLite.

  2. What is a better Mailchimp competitor for marketing automation?

    Good MailChimp alternatives for marketing automation are Aritic, ActiveCampaign , sendinblue , Drip, and GetResponse.

  3. What is the MailChimp pricing?

    The paid plans of MailChimp is based on number of subscribers:
    Upto 1000 subscribers : $0/mo
    Upto 2500 subscribers : $15/mo
    Upto 5000 subscribers: $30/mo
    Upto 10,000 subscribers: $50/mo
    Upto 15,000 subscribers: $75/mo

  4. How is SendinBlue better than MailChimp?

    SendinBlue is cheaper than MailChimp and has a more advanced automation system with better email marketing capabilities. A great option for marketers to enhancetheir sales and improve deliverability rates.

  5. Does Mailchimp allow multiple free accounts?

    Yes once you sign up for MailChimp free account you can invite other users with whom you want to share the MailChimp account details.

  6. What are the best MailChimp alternatives that are comparatively less restrictive?

    SendinBlue is one of the alternatives that is a great platform for reaching out to your subscribers for email marketing and automations.

  7. Best mailchimp alternatives to save time and money?

    If you are looking for a free mailchimp competitor that is easy on the pocket and offer generous free plan with powerful email marketing and automation, then Moosend, SendinBlue, BenchMark and Mailerlite are great email marketing platforms.

  8. What are other options other than MailChimp that offer Shopify integration?

    OmniSend, JustUno, AWeber, Privy and Klaviyo are some of Mailchimp competitors for Shopify ecommerce integration.

  9. Who should be looking for MailChimp alternatives?

    You should be looking for MailChimp alternatives if :
    1.) The Mailchimp pricing changes don’t fit your budget
    2.) You want complex user behaviour-based automation
    3.) Need good well designed landing page templates
    4.) You are looking for a generous free plan

  10. What are the better features of SendinBlue?

    SendinBlue charges you based on the emails you send not on the number of contacts or subscribers you have so you can have unlimited subscribers. Also, the analytics of SendinBlue is better than that of MailChimp.

  11. Does Mailerlite offers a pay as you go pricing and how is their customer service?

    No, unfortunately, Mailerlite doesn’t have a pay as you go plan. Their customer service is good and they offer priority support and dedicated account manager for $100 with add-on MailerPro.

  12. What is send time optimization?

    Send time optimization is the feature where you send emails at the most optimal times when your contacts are most likely to engage. The send time optimization is a great option as it uses data science to predict the most appropriate times that can vary based on time zone of your subscribers for sending out emails.

  13. When should I use Constant Contact?

    Constant Contact is known for some niche features such as event management so if you are looking for similar functionality then Contact contact is the right choice. Another thing that is good with Constant Contact is that it has the best deliverability rates as compared to other Mailchimp alternatives.

  14. Why are the drawbacks of Mailchimp?

    As you scale your business Mailchimp keeps getting relatively expensive as compared to other similar tools.

  15. Why are people switching from Mailchimp?

    One common reason why Mailchimp is not a favorite among marketers is their weird handling of subscriber count. For example, an email that is linked to five of your mailing lists will be treated as five instead of one.

  16. What is the parent company of Mailchimp?

    Mailchimp was acquired by Intuit for $12 bn in Sept 2021.

  17. Does Mailchimp allow automatic tagging?

    Yes, Mailchimp allow automatic tagging.

  18. Should I still use Mailchimp?

    Mailchimp does have some flaws but it is still one of the best email marketing tools out there.

  19. Can Linkedin be linked with Mailchimp for lead generation?

    You can connect your Mailchimp account with LinkedIn Lead Gen forms and sync contacts you’ve collected through the Lead Gen form with one of your Mailchimp audiences. 

Ankit is a technology entrepreneur. Founder of Aritic. Ankit loves to analyse and write in-depth software, application reviews in his free time since 2009.


  1. Kane Woods Reply

    Last year I was using Campaignmonitor and now I am regular customer of Getresponse. I am very much satisfied with it. I can’t see much of the options in Mailerlite but for my other e-commerce business, the volume email pricing looks cost saving for us over Getresponse.
    I would like to give Mailerlite a test drive, and hope it turn to be great alternative email marketing software for our company. Thanks for information.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Definitely Kane. Mailerlite can be a great try, beside Mailchimp, Contant Contact, Campaignmonitor and Getresponse. Give a try and let me know how do you feel about this?

  2. Erik Ghane Reply

    I tried Mailerlite but found that it is is missing possibility to use Checkboxes and Radio buttons. We need this in order to sort subscribers by their different interests.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hello Erik,

      Mailerlite has awesome list segmentation feature, using which you can filter your subscribers easily. You can also use “Check All” button which appear above the the email list.

  3. Patricia Reply

    Great review. Will definitely consider it. One problem I have with Mailchimp is that, not only is the same subscriber counted twice if it figures on two separate lists, there is no tool that enable extracting the subscribers figuring on more than one list.
    The only way is to check each subscriber one by one – not practical with thousands of subscribers.

    Also, do you know if mailer lite is compatible with Mandrill – I have auto responder enabled on Magento with Mandrill…

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Patricia,

      You can manually compare the email lists with in csv excel file and remove the duplicates.
      MailerLite should be compatible with Mandrill. But can you please explain me little more, so, that I can analyse the scenario, what kind of integration are you planning to have?

  4. Nicolas Reply

    How about GetResponse? Ankit, what do you think about this email marketing platform?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Nicolas,

      GetResponse is also a great email service provider 🙂

  5. Alice Jons Reply

    Great article! However, some facts are a bit different now. My update:
    – Mailchimp free edition comes with unlimited emails per month and a maximum of 1000 subscribers.
    – Price comparison is also now a bit different, you can check here:

    • Alice Jons Reply

      Oh, you are right – Mailchimp free edition comes with 12,000 free emails per month and a maximum of 2000 subscribers. I’ve thought of Mailerlite free edition which comes with unlimited emails per month and a maximum of 1000 subscribers. 😉 Cheers!

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks for the update Alice 🙂

  6. Sam Reply

    Great article with some useful tips. Totally agree about Awebber being more expensive than you initially think.

    Anyone got any thoughts on Mad Mimi? Never used it before but they seem to have a lot of integrations which makes me think it’d be worth giving a shot.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Sam, these days I am trying out Ariticmail. We have launched this service few weeks back.

  7. Chris Adamus Reply

    Great review indeed! Thank you.

    Would you mind to consider including in the next update of the article? It’s also European-based ESP cheaper than MailChimp. A free account lets you send up to 2000 messages to 500 recipients each month. Autoresponders, inbox and spam tests are included in a free plan.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for writing back to be me. Please allow sometime, I am exploring more applications.

  8. Ankit Prakash Reply

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    Great to hear about SendinBlue features and offers. Please allow some time, I will try out myself.

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  11. mark Reply

    Hi Ankit, this is a great post. I was also introduced before with MailerLite but did not go into exploring since I’m yet to setup my list building process after the fanpage has gathered audience. I’ll look into this service. Thanks.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thats great to hear Mark, do give this a try 🙂

  12. Emma Reply

    SendPulse is another affordable alternative that features advanced functionality comparable to that of the industry leaders like MailChimp or GetResponse. It is a viable option for SMBs and the like.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thats great to hear Emma 🙂

  13. Dean Reply

    In the wake of perusing this article on Mailchimp Alternatives, I agreed to SendinBlue it appeared to be so basic and simple sadly it won’t give me a chance to send a test email and after a few endeavors to get bolster I should consider other mail programs. A debt of gratitude is in order for a truly average elegantly composed article.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks Dean. Here we finally stopped at MailerLite and started using it for our business. Yes, SendinBlue is also another good alternative.

      • Ankit Prakash Reply

        Thanks for the information Emily!
        I will check Soundest.

  14. Francies Reply

    Hello! Ankit
    I really want to thank you for this very informative blogs, I like to know about some more tools apart from mail chimp that was useful for email marketing.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Francies, here are some of the good email marketing tools:,,,,

  15. Garry Reply

    After reading this article on sat I signed up for Sendinblue it seemed so simple and easy unfortunately it won’t let me send a test email and after several attempts to get support I will need to consider other mail programs like you mentioned, Mailer lite. Thanks for a really decent well written article.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks for the detail Garry; sure you should have a look through many alternatives; as there are many available online.

  16. vincent Reply

    I found Mailjet” but didnt tested yet.
    Pricing is far below all others, ~=75USD per month for 150k mails, unlimited number of contacts anybody tested it ?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Vincent, Mailjet is another good alternative to MailChimp.

  17. Chandra Paul Reply

    Hi Ankit. Great Post. While I was doing a more rigorous search, I came across which is just amazing, to be put in 1 word. It is the most advanced marketing automation platform and apparently the most affordable so far. :-). You could add it to your list. Your readers will thank you for it I am sure.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Paul,
      Thanks for the comment! I will tryout Retainly sometime; it looks like a good tool for business.


    • Domonic Mongello Reply

      This is a solid solution. There are some very cool unique features with this service. Nice 🙂

  18. Michelle Gray Reply

    Very nicely written piece and very beautifully captured journey from Google Feedburner Email Subscriber Update feature to Mailchimp and Mailchimp Alternative; which include- AWeber CampaignMonitor, iContact, Constant Contact and Campayn.

  19. Beejalen Reply

    MailChimp provides complete solutions for email marketing. The user-friendly nature and easy access make MailChimp a favorite among all. Some of the cheaper alternatives to MailChimp are AWeber, Mailerlite, Campaign Monitor, SendinBlue, and Campyn. Though MailChimp has its own mark, the other email marketing tools can also provide different inbuilt and customized features that might not be available with the others. Some of their price models are also promising.

  20. Ankit Prakash Reply

    Yes Autumn; support does matter a lot. Completely agree with you.

  21. Leverne Reply

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    Great article, the only thing I miss here is the GetResponse – tool. It’s really intuitive and their marketing automation platform is amazing!

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      Thanks for the suggestion Madilyn.

  23. Seyma Bennett Reply

    Looking for an option similar to Mailchimp where I can automate a weekly calendar email using an html page as my content (literally just provide the url of the webpage where our calendar resides). Mail chimp does not let me auto send the same setup every week, I have to set up the content/template for each week and schedule it for that particular Sunday. I would prefer to setup 1 template and just tell it to email out every Sunday. Where can I do this?

    • Seyma Bennett Reply

      I have already tried TinyLetter, SendInBlue, Benchmark Email, MadMimi, Mailchimp, and none of them can do what I want.

      • Ankit Prakash Reply

        Hey Seyma,

        What did you want to do with the application?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Seyma,

      Seems this could not be possible with any of the application mentioned in this post. Probably, you need to design this campaign in a different way.

      • Seyma Bennett Reply

        That’s what I thought! Thank you so much!

  24. George Reply

    The best one for small businesses is GetResponse that is great value for money. It has a number of features like creating landing pages, drag and drop editor, tracking, and scheduling of the webinars and others.

  25. Ashley Reply

    Ankit, Automizy is a great alternative to MailChimp where you have to pay only for the active contacts. There is no e-mail repetition and therefore you pay just once. Another option is easysendy Pro with the help of which you can send bulk e-mails in a jiffy.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks for the suggestions and your opinion Ashley.

  26. Harold Reed Reply

    I am not a coder but with the mailchimp drag and drop functionality I am able to create some great looking e-mail designs. It is super easy to use , cost-effective(for small teams) and great option for startups.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Harold, thats a great options. Nowadays all of the email service providers have this option.

  27. Dan Reply

    Thanks for the review… I’m going to try mailerlite. I’ve tried sendinblue in another blog but it lacks the integration for mailmunch and there aren’t customized templates for the forms.

  28. Diana Hughes Reply

    I signed up for Sendinblue for it is quite hard to find an email marketing service that provides automation for free. I do not own a big business, so their free plan works for me. The one thing that I found a bit glitchy is their email designer interface as Mailchimp has a much easier interface to work with. Maybe it is just me who finds it a bit disappointing otherwise Sendinblue is perfect.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Diana, that’s perfect. You can also check around applications like Aritic PinPoint, they have more complete features.

  29. Fat-hi Said Reply

    This article was really helpful. I messaged a few to try and get a quotation to see which I can work with.

  30. Samantha Reply

    Perhaps you should update this article for Mailerlite. Firstly, their system really messed up on automation last year. Every automation had to built and started again.

    Secondly, their servers were blacklisted for spam emails this year. This had a three week knock on effect where customers were told not to send emails as they would end up in spam boxes. My open rate has never recovered.

    Finally, their Facebook Page was deleted by Facebook for hate speech or something similar.

    I´m sure if you are still using Mailerlite, you will be aware of all of this as newsletter were sent out advising all customers. I´m sure you´ll want to update your dazzling review and not mislead people how great mailerlite is.

    From a very disappointed mailerlite customer.


    Hey Ankit
    Nice post. i regularly read your blog. Your blog is very useful to other newbie blogger.

  32. Jim C Reply

    Any suggestions for a service where you send emails infrequently but have a lot of contacts? I’d like to send a personal update newsletter quarterly to my ~8000 contacts, but can’t afford $200+ per year. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  33. Karen Reply

    I’m using at least 2 years especially drag and drop system is better then MailChimp.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      I will be checking it Karen.

  34. Emily Reply

    Hi Ankit! Im thinking of trying mailerlite as i am just starting a blog. I have mail chimp currently. Do you know if mailerlite allows subscriber pop-up forms to be shown on mobiles in a form other than banner form? On mail chimp they default to banner form on mobiles which i don’t care for.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Emily, Mailelite forms are responsive on all devices. So you shouldn’t worry about the display of the forms on a mobile device.

  35. Nirmal Kumar Reply

    I love using SendInBlue, the main reason is their flexibility. And, the next one is their Email Automation Feature. I have used Mailerlite in the past but did not allow me to send affiliate links in the newsletter. So, I have to leave them.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Nirmal, at most of the places direct use of affiliate links are not allowed. That’s great you found a working solution for yourself.

  36. Marie Reply

    I am using MailerLite for the past few months and as of now I don’t think I had any problems with it. Also , as I am not very keen to invest a lot of money in such software MailerLite fits the bill perfectly. I would recommend MailerLite to everyone.

  37. sidhesh p Reply

    Thanks a lot, I needed to get this in a clear and simple way

  38. Cecile Reply

    Hey Ankit, very useful info. What about SendGrid? I think they offer a free service up to 2000 contacts

  39. Martyn Reply

    Good article – thanks for introducing some alternatives. I’ve been using Mailchimp for 2 years now, but get a little tired with the custom coding and making responsive templates through HTML, so I’ve been trialling MailerLite. The only issue I’ve ha so far is that the width of the email cannot be expanded above 640px. This is proving a problem for only one client it may seem…

  40. Arsie Organo Jr Reply

    I just got a message from Mailchimp that I’ve already used up all of my free emails subscribers and now I am looking for an alternative. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the price offered by Mailchimp – so, a big thanks for your list. I will check each one of them and see which of them I can use.

  41. Debra Jones Reply

    MailChimp has captivated the market quite well and I find it hard to switch to another alternative. Thanks a lot for your detailed post as now I can easily find some of the best tools that otherwise were not known to me.

  42. Adrina winslet Reply


    Keep up providing us with more and greater articles like this one. However, from my point of view, one of the most important aspects of a successful Best Mailchimp Alternatives is an effective call to action. Thanks for sharing Best Alternatives To Mailchimp about information and glad to see that you shared a really effective article with us.

  43. Iwona Reply

    Is there not an email software for a one-time purchase? I just received an email from MailChimp that their monthly fees are jumping up significantly. Are all email providers these models – monthly subscriptions? I’d rather buy software that I own outright for a one-time fee.

  44. Francis Walker Reply

    Many people use email marketing software and are looking for top rated, user friendly solutions with manage email, surveys, and social media integration Email campaigns and templates are important factors to consider when researching alternatives.

  45. Rochelle Reply

    Mass emails can be sent in an easy and efficient way using Constant Contact. Pre made templates are easy to modify and make your company look like it. Everything can be changed. We ran into a problem a few months ago where the templates wouldn’t generate an email campaign and instead would freeze on the page. We were able to get around the problem because we went back and created a campaign, but it wasn’t showing on the front end. The issue has been resolved.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      Thanks for the detail about Rochelle.

  46. Otis Andrews Reply

    With Constant Contact you can make your company look like it with pre made templates. Everything can be altered. A few months ago, we ran into a problem where the templates wouldn’t generate an email campaign and instead would freeze on the page. We were able to get around the problem because we created a campaign again and it wasn’t showing on the front end. The issue has been solved. There are many additional features.

    There are lots of great templates. It is possible to clone an email or campaign once you have created it. You can have contacts on all the lists. Sends campaigns fast.

    Reports and statistical analysis are available. You can set up email campaigns to send to people who haven’t opened the original email. There are a lot of available integrations.
    It has the ability to build websites. It has a calendar view of sent campaigns. It would be nice if you could turn off the security feature that logs itself out constantly. It is Somewhat expensive compared to other products. Email marketing. The audience is being segmented. There are email marketing campaign statistics reviewed. When needed, archive campaigns for review.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      This is long review bud.!
      Thanks for the detail about Constant Contact.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      Thats a lengthy review Otis.

  47. Andrews Reply

    MailerLite has one of the most comprehensive UIs I’ve seen. They are quick to help with a smart answer when I have a question using one of the email blocks or pop-ups. I usually don’t need their tech support because of the amount of tutorials. I’m continually impressed by their platform and support. New added features sometimes have a bug or two. It seems like they test and resolve issues over time.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      MailerLite making many new features.

    • Connor Reynolds Reply

      Great to hear from you Andrews.

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