Keepupdated is James Bond for Internet Competitor Tracking

Update: Keepupdated tool is now discontinued, you can use SEMrush, SERPstat, tools to monitor your competitors. You can also use social media monitoring tools from, Sendible, AgoraPulse, SocialPilot and more to monitor your online competitors on social media pages and channels.

While exploring the web in depth and analyzing how the Internet works, I have almost started to get a feeling of being a spy. My earlier posts on Must-have Bookmarklets for website analysis and Tools for Real-time Marketing Monitoring of competitor business are a testimony to this feeling. However, like I always say, the web is ever evolving. As I kept scouring the internet to find out better ways to become a virtual spy, I came across KeepUpdated – an online tool that is a well designed and developed to spy every online business ought to have.

I am sure you would agree, competitor analysis plays a major role in deciding your business strategy. Instead of using multiple online tools, hook onto KeepUpdated for every information you need in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

KeepUpdated is a one-stop for everything –

Monitor your competitors’ price list, job offerings, new feature releases, investments, marketing strategy and much more.

Although competitor analysis tools are in galore in the market, I would pin for KeepUpdated as the next best thing to happen in the world of market intelligence tools.

Keepupdated is James Bond for Internet Competitor Tracking

The story of KeepUpdated goes back to the time when its CTO, Tony Brown used to spend hours in scouring the internet to do competitor analysis in his previous job. He tells it was a difficult task using multiple online tools to make sure the clients remained ahead of their respective competitors. As if monitoring competitors took a toll on his patience, and Tony finally decided to ease things for himself. Hence, the birth of Keepupdated happened – an online tool that not just monitors the competitors but also automatically keeps a track of the various changes in websites happening at the other end, thereby providing real-time updates of their assets across the web.

I immediately took a liking to this idea as it saved a lot of time and yet, I had all the data I needed to strategize my next step. KeepUpdated showcases very clear-cut-no-nonsense feature list. It pinpoints every aspect you would need while making an analysis, and on the go, make the process seamless.

Monitor Changes in Price

From companies with an e-commerce site to those that offer SaaS, I believe every business would like totally their own price list with that of their competitors’. This allows them to recognize opportunities to optimize their own pricing, thus staying competitively ahead.

monitor price

Competitor Price Monitoring possibilities include:

  • service products’ pricing
  • retail products’ pricing
  • shipping & other additional charges
  • sales & discounts prospecting
  • stock prices
  • price of potential purchases

Monitor New Feature Release

In any business, there will always be a gap in what you want to offer and what you are offering to your customers. Hence, it is more than necessary to pay head to what feedback your customers are giving so that you can bridge the gap by either modifying or releasing new features. Point to note- if you are trying to build the gap, so is your competitor. KeepUpdated monitors their sites for updates and new feature releases, giving you the scope to plan your product development strategy.

feature release monitor

Competitor Feature Release Monitoring possibilities include:

  • Website feature upgrades
  • New website features
  • New software versions
  • New products and offerings
  • Calculating release schedule
  • Bug and error fixes

Monitor Jobs and Job Offerings

Not only is it interesting to see how the management and leadership of your competitors change, tracking the job offering pages may give you more insight on their growth and success. By knowing the average wage of the positions being offered and then monitoring the rate at which those positions are being filled, you could estimate the annual revenue and gauge the growth and success of your competitors.


Competitor Job Offer Monitoring possibilities include:

  • A company’s list of officers
  • New job offerings
  • Hiring rate
  • Salaries
  • Partners & Sponsors
  • New listings on employment sites

Monitor Social Media and SERPs

Search engine results and social media pages are often a good indicator of how well a company is targeting and relating to its potential customers. By monitoring these pages with respect to your competitors, you can track market trends, their SEO performance, media coverage, and social following. This will help you recognize what works for your industry and accordingly chalk out your own marketing strategy.

social media update

Social Media Monitoring possibilities include:

  • Post and comments
  • Media coverage
  • SEO
  • Keyword queries
  • Ads
  • Analytics

Monitor Content and Design

Despite the quality of your product, copy and design are often key elements when engaging users and converting them to paid customers. Monitoring your competitor’s content changes will allow you to recognize their messaging and marketing strategies. You can even track policy changes by monitoring a competitor’s “fine print”. Therefore, you can adapt your strategies, if needed, to stay competitive.

teack changes

Competitor Content and Design Monitoring possibilities include:

Monitor Investments

From your company’s investment portfolio to your competitor’s market cap and other financial metrics, KeepUpdated can help you track any fluctuations in the market. Hence you can stay updated in terms of investments without letting an opportunity to buy or sell pass by. I, personally, have used this tool to track the personal portfolios of some of my competitors.

investment monitor

Business Investment Monitoring possibilities include:

  • Portfolio fundamentals
  • Portfolio performance
  • Portfolio-related news
  • Global Markets
  • Commodity Prices
  • Currencies

Monitor Your Own Site

Be the first to know (before your users reach out to you) if something is broken in your site. This will help in reducing downtime and error messages. In addition, many individuals may have the ability to edit content on your site. By tracking these changes and editing, you can ensure that you are always aware of the contents published on your website.

monitor own website

Monitoring possibilities to track own domain include:

  • Downtime and errors
  • Third party content
  • SERPs
  • User data and analytics
  • Social media pages
  • New releases

KeepUpdated is not only a user-friendly tool, has analysis experts working round the clock to provide the best competitor insights. I would say, KeepUpdated has given me a virtual education of the endless uses and possibilities I had not tapped as of yet while doing a competitor analysis.

A well- monitored track record is definitely one step closer at understanding what your competitors are doing to grab the spotlight. You have to be proactive on the web to be in the limelight, and frankly, without having the exact data of what’s happening on the other side of the wall, it is tough to make a foothold in the industry. I would recommend every marketer and analyst to use this tool. Why hunt for many tools when you can have it all at one place?!

Let me know how KeepUpdated helped you in your business in the comments section below.

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  2. This tool is great because it gives you the possibility to analyze the market in order to make a better brand out of yourself. It was difficult before to spy on your opponent and competitor. Of course, you are not spying on prototypes but news feeds are something that would make you lose time. Time is money so this tool made it easier to function within my range.

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