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A Guide to Hire Content Marketing Writers with iWriter

If you are like most online businesses, it can be tough to keep up with the constant demand for new content. It may seem like it is worthwhile investment to hire a content writer for your website or business, and sometimes that is true. However, hiring the wrong content writer for your business can cost you money. For instance, if you hire a content writer for your technology start-up site, but the writer has little to no experience in technology matters, they may be giving you subpar and incorrect content. This is a waste of your businesses time and resources if you have to hire yet another writer to re-do the article or contents. Worse still, if you post a poorly researched content you may end up losing credibility with your audience.

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For completing the requirement of content, publicity, online marketing, time to time you need different set of people who take care of content, design and publishing. You may need Journalist for writing press release, content writer for writing content for website, and copy writer for writing promotional content.

Content writer vs copywriter vs content marketing writer

Though these may sound similar, content writers are different from copywriters. While a content writer’s main job is to supply content, just like the name suggests, a copywriter is expected to promote something such as a product or a service. Both types of writers are used by online businesses and websites.

A content writer is meant to write informational pieces about the topics that the website specializes in. So, you would use a content writer to write a content about how to grow email list for your marketing blog, not a copywriter. Similarly, you would use a copywriter to write an advertisement about your new email marketing book, not a content writer. If you use the same writer to create both content and advertisements they would be considered a content marketing writer.

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Content marketing writers are required for writing compelling blog posts, e-books, micro-blogs which has combination of information and marketing ideas, know buyer persona and design content in such a flow that the intended reader should take some action before the content end.

Find and hire freelance content marketing writers

There are dozens of websites that offer writing services for varying costs. All you have to do is search content writer or copywriter or content marketing writer website and you will get thousands of hits. However, I’m going to make your task more easy when you will start using iWriter.

iWriter is a content marketplace for content writers and content marketers. It acts as a middle man between writer and client and help businesses find the perfect writer for them. You can choose between differing levels of writers and different price points per word count.

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When posting a content that needs to be written, requesters choose the category that best fits the topic of the content. This insures that the writers know if you want a content that is related to technology, marketing, medical, and so forth. Writers who specialize in a specific topic can search only for contents in that topic. This ensures that you can get the right writer for their specific niche.

Features of iWriter:

1. Choose from a wide range of quality

There are four levels of writers on iWriter, standard, premium, elite, and elite plus. Each level, except standard which anyone can write for, requires a particular number of ratings (number of contents written) and stars (reviews are 1-5 stars) in order for a writer to reach elite level. For example, premium requires a minimum of 25 reviewed articles be written with a minimum rating of 4.5 stars. Anyone who fails to meet those requirements cannot accept or write a premium level job, which follows the same for elite and elite plus.

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2. Huge availability of writers

iWriter is global content marketplace, which has pool of content writers from different countries and different languages in variety of time zone. The pool of writers is very full which means that once you start requesting articles/ contents you can choose the writers you like and send them special requests too. It is one way to form a happy business partnership!

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3. Turnaround time is very fast

The number of writers available for writing is very high which means a very quick acceptance and turnaround for requesters. Usually the content is picked up within minutes of being posted. If you want to ensure that someone will pick up your content requirement even sooner opt to pay slightly higher than the minimum amount required. This woks great in most of the cases.

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4. Plagiarism protection

All written content on iWriter are sent through Copyscape api automatically to ensure that they are 100% original content. This means that you do not have to worry about purchasing a ripped off or duplicate content that you do not own creative rights to.

coyscape safe

5. You can accept, reject, or as for a re-write

You never have to pay for delivered content you aren’t happy with. So, if a writer sends you a barely legible text you can reject the article and send it back to the pool of writing candidates.

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If the content is good and you just need some changes made, you can ask the writer to make changes before accepting the article. Just be sure you check your account every three days or you will auto-accept an article!

6. Make a favorite writers list

If you find a writer that is exactly what you’re looking for, you can add them to your favorite writers list and request them to write again. The writers on iWriter are always thrilled to get special request.approving content

7. You can message the writer and tip them

If you need to clarify any details of the writing assignment or simply want to tell the writer thank you for a good job you can message their account personally. You also have the option to tip a writer who does an over-the-top great job!

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8. Having an iWriter wallet to manage payments

You can add money into your iWriter wallet through Paypal which will only pay writers if you have accepted their written content work. This means that both you and the writer can rest assured that the money is being handled responsibly.

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9. You can choose writers for different types of projects

If you want a content for your blog, whitepaper, ebook, kindle book, legal documentation, or even a case study, you can request it on iWriter!

If you have a particularly important document, be sure to request the same to be written by higher level writers in order to maintain quality.

10. Writers focus on your content

iWriter only allows writers to accept one content work at a time. This means that they are not accepting several articles all at once in an effort to crank as many out as quickly as possible. Instead, they focus specifically on your piece before moving on to another project. This directly help to maintain quality of content work.

11. Publish content directly to WordPress: 

iWriter allows you to publish content directly to the WordPress blog once received from the writer. It is of great convenience given the fact a large number of people run their sites on WordPress.

GDPR and CCPA updateiWriter is GDPR and CCPA compliant, and it processes the personal data as per the new data protection law and regulations.

Tips to make iWriter work fast for you:

1. Use elite or elite plus writers

Opting for a higher level writer increases the chances of getting exactly what you wanted out of your content. These writers have proven that they are quality writers through multiple contents with high ratings. If you choose to go with a lower rated writer to save money you may have to reject several contents before finding one that you want to use.

You will save yourself a lot of time by opting for the higher level writers immediately. After all, time is money!

2. Utilize special instructions

You can post specific instructions for how you want your content written under the special instructions tab. Include a bullet point list for flow and organization to make sure your instructions are clear. This is also where you can let the writer know any additional detail that are important to your content. Writers may not choose your article / content if the instructions are too vague. They want you to accept their articles as much as you do.

3. Add to your favorite list

Just like any job, finding the right employee can be a strenuous task. Once you find a writer who is exactly what you want, it is important to add them to your favorite list so that you can use them over and over again.

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While there are a few cons to using iWriter such as possibly running into spammy writers who spin articles or have a poor grasp on the language, you can easily side step this disadvantage by opting to request from a higher level and proven writer pool. Writers are also not allowed to remain active if their rating drops below a 3.2. iWriter is a great site for anyone looking to get content at a reasonable price. The cheapest articles start around $1.40 for 150 words. You won’t be able to find other sites with rates quite that low. However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save a few cents as you can reject any article that is not to your standards.

It is also great as it can save you a lot of time searching for the perfect writer for your job. Simply choose a level of writing, type in your instructions, and in a matter of minutes writers will have picked it up and begun working. Usually you can expect to get the content back much quicker than the deadline, and it will never exceed five hours. If you use the above listed tips you are sure to find a quality writer whom you can rely on for quality content every time.

There are a lot of content sites out there to choose from, but iWriter offers the unique choice to choose from a wide range of writing skills and costs. It also ensures 100% original content as each and every article is run through Copyscape. This alone would cost you up to ten cents per article if you did it yourself. iWriter can save you time and money and is a clear contender when it comes to content writing sites.

Regina is a contributor at Sprout24 and web content analyst at Ad Week. She loves writing about sales and marketing software apps in business that help them in a big way with driving conversions.