Over time, Facebook has introduced features for businesses to scale their user base. Hence, Facebook Lead Ads rolled out in October 2015, come as a bonus for marketers to collect information on prospective leads from mobile ads.

Now mobile signups will be easy. In one tap users will reach the signup form, and in another tap they just submit it. The form-filling becomes secure because data is automatically taken from the user’s’ Facebook profile, like name, email, etc. The best part is, Facebook lead ads are safe and privacy-protected. Businesses will not receive any information of the users until they click on “submit” button. Users can avoid leaving the app to fill in the form.

Creating Facebook Lead Ad Forms

To start creating lead ad forms, few things that need to be taken care of include: (1) Access to your Facebook Business Page; (2) URL to your business’s privacy policy; and (3) An image to go with your ad.

You can create your lead ad either on Ads Manager or Power Editor. Facebook for business explains the whole procedure in a detailed manner on its Advertisers Help Centre.

Creating the Ad

  • Open Power Editor or Ads Manager.
    • If you are working on Ads Manager: In the top right section, click on “Create Ad”.
    • In the top left of Power Editor, click on “Create Campaign”.
  • Select your objective to collect leads and select “page” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Go through the Lead Ads Terms of Service, and hit “agree” to proceed.
  • Name your campaign, and proceed to set the budget and audience for your ad.n name and click Set Audience & Budget.

Budget your Ad

  • Set the audience for your ad. Select locations, age, gender and interests of your target audience.
  • Next is, set the budget for your ad. You need to Schedule it, set your Audience, decide on the Placement, Optimisation and Pricing, and also the Delivery Type. Please note that you cannot target audience below 18 years of age.
  • Select “Choose Ad creative”.

Customise your Facebook Lead Ad

  • Your ad should have more context. You will be convincing your audience to do some specific actions. Include enriched but simple call-to-action text, add images or videos to your ad.
  • Call-to-action button is mandatory. Choose Conversion Tracking Pixel if you are using one.
  • Under what type of information you’d want to collect from your leads, select option to create a new form.
  • Give a relevant name to your form, select the most relevant line of business, choose your language and click on next to proceed. Please note: Your audience will view your form in this language.
  • View the advanced options:
    • Context cards can be added. This lets you feed in additional information on your business.
    • Field IDs can be customised to alter column names for your data when you export your leads. This helps if your CRM requires particular column names to collect leads.
    • Do not skip any sources while downloading your leads. Including leads from all sources will allow you to include every lead that sees your ads either because they have been tagged in some comment or fill up a form while viewing the ad preview in Power Editor or Ads Manager.
  • Click on “next” option.
  • Check for full name and email address in section to input information you want to get from your leads.

You can type in customised questions in this section.

  • Click ‘Next’ after you are done adding the questions (a maximum of 3)
  • Your Privacy Policy should have a link. If you have any disclaimers, add a link there too. Click “Next” to proceed.
  • Type in your website URL where you want to redirect your audience after they finish the form. Hit “Next”.
  • You can add a context card telling more about your business or skip this step. Click on “Next”.
  • Preview your form to see if any changes are needed. Make the amendments and click on “Next”.
  • Click on “create form”.

The next thing to sort out is to have more conversion rates through this lead ad form and pass on the collected lead to a CRM or an email marketing system.


Facebook Lead Ads at present allows integration with various marketing tools. However, if you have your own CRM or email marketing application, you can use LeadsBridge to sync your Facebook Lead and custom audience with one application. Leadsbridge was launched exactly when Facebook lead ads were launched. Since then, this app is in full function in more than 432 cities across the globe.

Leadsbridge Facebook Lead Gen Sync

Facebook Lead Ads can be synced– While auto-filling in the lead generation forms makes it easy to get information, Facebook does not allow you store this information anywhere except in a simple CSV file that you can download. LeadsBridge lets you connect your CRM/Auto-responder with Facebook Lead Ads campaign, enabling you to store instantly all information without having to manage any CSV file. It’s safe; and you can send opt-in offers, welcome email to subscribers without any complicated manual efforts.


Leadsbridge Custom Audience Sync

Syncing Custom Audience– Custom Audience is undoubtedly one of the best features of Facebook Ads. You can put email ID or phone number of your customers by importing your list within Facebook itself. LeadsBridge lets you put them on autopilot, syncing your CRM/auto-responder/ email marketing application with Facebook. Since custom audience is far better than interested audience, this syncing helps in increasing the conversion rate. Your Facebook ad gets a fresh batch of leads to nurture and make conversions.

Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Email Autoresponders

Interacting with users is like a continuous loop. From bringing them to mobile lead ads to getting them converted into paid users to retaining them- the loop goes on. Hence, it is necessary for marketers to maintain constant contact with leads at every step. Now, doing this manually will take up a lot of time and energy. However, email marketing tools save the day.

Leadsbridge allows you to integrate your email autoresponder so that your user interaction does not get hampered at any stage. For instance, the moment a subscriber signs up from the mobile lead ad, they receive automated emails welcoming them.

Your Facebook lead ad can end with a link to “visit website“. Here, the lead ad is a part of the whole customer acquisition and retention process. The process also requires you to send a relevant page after they are done with form-filling. Some brilliant examples that you can look into are:

  1. Newsfeeds – “Your FREE guidebook is here. Download now”
  2. The Facebook lead ad asks – [name] [email].
  3. After submission – Visit XYZ ( Your website name)
  4. Landing page – “One-click download here.”
  5. Immediately you make it a point to send the guide via email.

For a Facebook lead ad to work effectively and seamlessly, you need to integrate it with tools like GetResponse, Drip, Mailchimp, MailerLite, Aweber and so on.


Integration with Facebook Lead Ads through Leadsbridge is possible on:

  • Constant Contact
  • Inxmail
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Sailthru
  • Sparkroom
  • Oracle Eloqua

You can check the other apps that allow integration directly or indirectly from here.

Leadsbridge allows you to integrate with more than 40+ different marketing solutions. Starting with email marketing solutions to CRM integrations, Webinar integrations, and customised solutions- LeadsBridge has covered it all.

If your CRM or email marketing solution integration is not listed with Leadsbridge, you can create your own HTML form inside LeadsBridge. Your leads will automatically get synced once you paste the customised HTML code in LeadsBridge. You can use Webhook integration to send your lead data wherever you want too.

HTML code in LeadsBridge

Webhook is a way to send each lead you have collected via Facebook Lead Ad to a specific URL.

Email marketing integration with Facebook Lead Ads is possible with-

CRM integrations with Facebook Lead Ads include, Hubspot, Eloquoa, Pardot, Salesforce, Intercom ( read about Intercom alternatives, Customer.io, Klaviyo, Silverpop; etc.


Webinar integrations with Facebook Lead Ads happen on-

  • GoToWebinar
  • Webinarjam
  • EverWebinar

LeadsBridge also allows email integrations. This means you will receive notifications about new leads directly to your inbox.

LeadsBridge: Inbox Notification for Facebook Lead Ads

LeadsBridge app’s feature list consists of a unique feature: Inbox notification for leads via Facebook Lead Ad. Instead of having to log in all the time to keep a tab on your new leads signing up from mobile ads on Facebook, you can get notified directly in your mailbox with this feature. For every lead that signs up or subscribes, you get an email notification. You can then plan your next action accordingly and on-time too. Also, your sales team will receive the lead without any third party intervention and also send out a welcome email automatically to let your leads know that you care.


You can create the welcome email template before-hand and set it up such that whenever a lead signs up, an email goes out to him/her.

However, if your CRM does not have the feature to send out emails, you will still be in a win-win situation with LeadsBridge in two particular ways:

  1. Lead signup detail delivered to you immediately.
  2. Update your leads that you have received their information and will soon get in touch with them.

This feature also allows you to include coupons and increase the rate of your conversions. You can include your promotional coupon in LeadsBridge, and send them automatically immediately when a subscriber signs up from the lead ad.

More useful features of LeadsBridge:

  • In-depth analysis of lead ad’s questions responses: LeadsBridge gives you more power with Lead Ad’s questions. Using this feature, you can validate your idea and understand your users on a deeper level.
  • Field mapping and advanced segmentation – using this feature you can map the basic and advanced lead fields according to the supplied information from lead ads and the application where you are adding these information. Whereas, advanced segmentation helps you to segment and filter the leads according to business requirement of email marketing / automation suite.

Facebook Lead Ads help businesses to locate their target users and connect with them effectively. Whether you are selling books or cars or providing services like job search, a mobile lead generation ad is what every marketer is targeting on. With consumers moving to mobile in large chunks, the demand of the hour is to get connected to them on mobiles and convince them to become your paid users without delay.

Facebook Lead Ads with LeadsBridge also takes B2B sales lead generation to next level and help marketing and sales team to nurture leads effectively.

GDPR and CCPA update:  When it comes to Facebook leads ads one cannot forget that it also comes under the GDPR and CCPA guidelines as it involves the use of information of the customers from all around the world that includes EU. So, people who are using facebook lead ads will need to use tools that are GDPR and CCPA compliant such as LeadsBridge.

Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Aritic PinPoint

Aritic PinPoint is a full stack marketing application, ideal for small and medium businesses. You can seamlessly integrate your Facebook Lead Ads directly into the Aritic CRM for a better outreach strategy. The advantage of integrating Aritic PinPoint is that you can indulge into multichannel marketing, like email campaigns, SMS campaigns to any number across the globe, landing pages, push notifications, and mobile notifications. Once you capture the leads and move it to the Aritic PinPoint dashboard, your leads will be profiled automatically. Progressive profiling is a core feature of Aritic PinPoint. Once your leads are minutely profiled and segmented, you can launch targeted emails, SMS campaigns, push notifications, etc. Also, you can track your website and leads to identify a pattern and plan your next set of actions. With Aritic PinPoint, it is more of intelligent customer-oriented marketing. Try the Lite plan of Aritic PinPoint today.

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  1. i love that article ! that is simply an info for what i am looking for . i will surely use it while making my next business strategy to enhance my business profits through integrating with Facebook ads.

    • Hey Shane, Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.
      Yes Facebook Lead ads are performing great these days.

  2. I was finding it tough to get something like this for last couple of months, now with LeadsBridge I have successfully integrated our Totalsend emailing solution, where 2 way sync with tags are working like blaze for lead capture and custom audience formation with our required tags.

    • Great to hear Gary that LeadsBridge fulfilled your expectation. Yes, email syncing to custom audience in facebook is very useful feature, which save a lot of time.

  3. Notwithstanding my rage, Facebook Lead Ads are still awesome! I adore the new Facebook drives promotion framework it makes everything much easier. For organizations who don’t have a CRM, Leads Bridge ought to be your objective as we have begun utilizing that.

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  7. Hey Ankit,
    thanks for the post!

    We are releasing even more integrations, we are actually around 100 right now.
    Next week will be published also the Easy Sendy Pro integration 😉


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    i have written About leadTunnel
    which DO exactly same thing But For One Time Payment
    Please check this Out

    • Hey Mark,
      Thanks for the comment mention about the LeadTunnel. This is great tool and your review too.
      Keep up the good work.


  9. Facebook ads, then leads, then follow up emails -this is way sophisticated for somebody who wants to start out. Does Webhook have additional charges?

  10. Thank you, Ankit! This is a pretty in depth article. Could you give me an ideal scenario where you tell how you use a facebook lead ad with tools and CRM (Leadsbridge or other options)?

    • Rachel, you can use Facebook lead ads with Leadsbridge and use this integration to generate leads for your business from Facebook easily.

  11. Hey Ankit! Nice Article. Hoewever, one thing comes to my mind and that is you didn’t really mention any downside to it?

  12. For creating the lead ad one can either make use of Power Editor or Ads Manager. Integration of the Lead Ads on Facebook can be done with different marketing tools. The Facebook lead ads with the CRM integration include Eloqua, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pardot, and Intercom. LeadsBridge allows the email integrations which helps in receiving the notifications regarding the leads in the inbox directly.

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