3 Gumroad Alternatives: Start Selling for Free with AI

This guide examines alternatives to Gumroad for selling products online. It provides a detailed review of each alternative, covering their unique features, ease of use, and suitability for different types of sellers. The guide is particularly beneficial for creators and entrepreneurs seeking user-friendly and efficient online selling platforms. It also touches upon aspects like pricing, customer support, and integration capabilities of these alternatives, offering a comprehensive guide for those looking to choose the best platform for their needs.

Haven’t heard about Gumroad? Probably, you haven’t yet thought about selling your creative work over the internet yet. The process is very simple. All you need to do is create your product, upload the product, start selling it on Gumroad using the link they provide.

Yes, it is that easy! You don’t need to look elsewhere when you have a product like Gumroad that makes selling products online THAT simple for first time sellers. What is even better is that it allows sellers to receive payment through two of the most trusted sources or mediums – Paypal and credit cards.

Overall, the product is quite easy to use.

I think it is one of the safest and best platforms for those who want to sell their products online. Bloggers, artists, designers, software product engineers, coders, and many more creative heads can use this platform to earn some good money and sell their work.

Gumroad’s founder, Sahil Lavingia, is really happy with the product and disclosed on Quora that Eminem and Justin Bieber have used Gumroad to sell their work directly.

However, he says, that what he is really proud of is that Gumroad has been able to “change the lives of the thousands of independent creators by enabling them to earn a new sort of income (an income they control!).

That is much more exciting!”

Their model is easy to understand, so you do not have to scratch your head trying to figure out how it all works.

You can start with the tool in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to worry about refunds or payments. You get exposed to a heavily optimized selling and buying experience.

You get to connect and keep in touch with customers, always. You have the power to track and analyze how you can grow your business in real-time.

Here is a small snapshot of how their dashboard looks like:

gumroad alternatives

You definitely would want to know more about this product and its features by now, right? Let’s dive in.

Gumroad Features – A quick review

Landing Page Builder

The starting point for e commerce business is to have a landing page that talks about or ‘markets’ your product.

Using Gumroad, you can quickly design a refreshing landing page or homepage for the product that you want to sell, personalize its content as you like, add colors, imagery, etc. and get it ready to publish in no time.

Also, you can embed a form, if you wish to, on a current website or blog, using just a few lines of code.

So, you need not actually spend extra on a separate page builder tool for your e commerce platform!

Audience Builder

Creating a profile for your product online is just the first step of starting your e commerce business.

The critical task is to build an audience for the product that you want to sell online.

Having a significant audience for your product means higher chances of being able to sell quickly. Gumroad allows you to build an audience for the product you want to sell products online by:

Allowing you to import your existing list of contacts and export followers, customers, potential buyers etc.

Helping you engage with your audience using content as a medium, and by leveraging workflows.

Giving you complete control over data to enable you to better understand selling and marketing strategies that are working for you and those that aren’t.

Proving guidance in the form of a 10-day launch program. They also have an interesting audience building challenge that will prep you up for the real game.

Selling Enabler

There are a number of benefits that users can avail by choosing to sell their products through Gumroad.

Some of these in context of digital products are listed as follows:

  • Complete flexibility of providing discounts and benefits to customers
  • Complete flexibility to buyers who want to allow their audience decide the price of the product and ‘pay what they want’
  • Absolute security and guarantee of license key. You don’t have to worry about licence key as Gumroad handles it for you!
  • Ability to sell multiple versions of the same product
  • Allows selling digital products in a currency of choice
  • Complete security that your product is not misused or stolen

Apart from selling digital products, Gumroad also allows users to sell physical goods. Some of the benefits or advantages of selling physical products on Gumroad are listed below:

  • Sell as many variants of the same products as you like. For example, if you are selling a dress, you can list it and sell it in different sizes and colors.
  • Charge for and manage shipping of physical goods with ease.
  • Sell to a single country or more. You get to choose your geographical perimeter so that you have full control over shipping costs.
  • Offer rewards and gifts to loyal customers with the help of offer codes.
  • Verify mailing address and never send out orders to the wrong address.
  • Simplify tax matters. You get to charge inclusive or exclusive tax based on your where your business is located.

There are too many features and capabilities that Gumroad offers. And, it would really take me this entire article to list them all down.

So, to make things simpler for both myself and my readers, I have hereon listed out some of the most important things that you as a reader must know about before investing in Gumroad.

  • If you are a Gumroad user, you can sell your products from anywhere around the world
  • Share your work with a global audience on any platform – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • You can start selling your product as soon as the basic design is ready using the pre orders feature. Your product isn’t ready yet does not mean you can’t take pre orders. Pre-orders are allowed and so is picking your own release date.
  • Extremely simple checkout process, which ensures higher conversions and sales. Buyers don’t need to wrap their heads around how to buy your product on Gumroad. Customers also have an option to store all their products purchased from Gumroad in a Library.
  • Gumroad offers excellent integrations for shipping to manage your e commerce business. They use ShipStation, which makes shipping really hassle-free.

All You Need to Know About Gumroad Pricing

From features now we move on to discussing Gumroad’s pricing. It’s as easy to understand Gumroad’s pricing as it is to understand its features.

You can start using Gumroad with only $10 per month to spare! This starter plan offers unlimited bandwidth, and you have to pay just 3.5% + 30¢ per charge.

However, if you really want to win a larger audience base and increase your chances of hitting a sale on Gumroad, you need to shell out some extra amount of money.

That said, it would be fair to pay an additional 10% transaction fees to use a feature like ‘Discover’ and get more visibility as well as a better audience for your product.

Gumroad accepts payments through all major credit cards as well as wallets such as Paypal. Therefore, the mode of payment should not be a problem for any customer at all.

The Drawbacks or Cons of Gumroad

As someone who has extensively explored and used Gumroad for quite a while now, I can confidently say that while the ‘value’ that this product provides is great option, there are still some flaws that need immediate fixing.

For those who are considering signing-up for Gumroad, I’ve listed down some drawbacks that everyone would like to be warned about before putting in their money.

While the product is really affordable, you still don’t want to risk spending on something that doesn’t work smoothly.

In a way, all the points that I’ve mentioned here if fixed will definitely make Gumroad an unbeatable platform. What are these cons? Let’s find out.

The ‘Download all’ button is faulty. While you will never actually use the ‘download all’ button, if it is there on the platform it must function. They should either think about removing the button or fix it.

There is a VAT on checkout, an element that confuses people. Though not a ‘technical’ or ‘procedural’ flaw, there is not a prominent mention of VAT on the pricing page.

Mention of VAT is only on the terms and conditions page (something that no user ever completely pays much attention to). They should consider talking about VAT on the pricing page as a footnote.

Emails sometimes don’t reach the customer’s inbox.

And that’s a serious problem. Customers often need to check their spam folder, or at times never actually receive the email from Gumroad. It’s weird but it is true.

Their panel works slow. Sometimes it takes more than 20-30 seconds for the admin panel to load. I absolutely hate waiting for the panel to load and I believe anyone else too wouldn’t like it.

If you are uploading a work that is in a video format, make sure that the sound function works. I’ve uploaded a few video-based works to sell and got feedback that the sound does not play.

Some of the review I’ve read about Gumroad point out that their customer support is horrible.

I haven’t experienced this first hand as I never felt the need to get in touch with the support team. If this is genuine feedback, Gumroad must look into it.

Date formats are not consistent. This is basic, guys! It seems like a small thing but does matter.

These are some of the flaws in Gumroad that all potential customers must double-check before actually signing up for their services.

If you think you can make do with the small and big challenges listed above, sign-up today.

Alternatives to Gumroad

Just in case you want to evaluate alternatives to Gumroad I’ve listed three Gumroad alternatives in this post.

Let’s review these one by one.

Strong alternative to Gumroad – Sellfy

With this Gumroad alternative– Sellfy, you can build a full-fledged online store to sell digital products for digital downloads.

They provide all the necessary tools in your arsenal to be able to sell to your audience – email marketing, discount codes, and easy payment options.

Let’s walk through some of the features/capabilities of this Gumroad alternative.

  • Beautiful and professional storefront page that can be personalized and customized without coding knowledge
  • Dedicated product showcase pages for sellers to be able to market benefits, uses, functions, and more. Showcase your product with multiples images, Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud preview.
  • Cart to add and buy multiple digital products at the same time. Providing shopping cart functionality to users really makes the checkout experience smooth and hassle-free.
  • Flawless experience on mobile for users who like to browse and buy on the go. Being optimized for mobile adds to the overall user experience.
  • Widgets is a Gumroad alternative that allow you to embed Sellfy ‘buy now’ on your online store, website, blog, Pinterest, and even on Instagram. This means converting ‘impulse’ buys quickly gets simpler.
  • Payment gateways that Sellfy supports include PayPal and Stripe. With PayPal Express you can be ensured of faster payment, or you can make a safe credit card transaction using Stripe.
  • Other than the features, capabilities that I’ve talked about above, there are a few more interesting points to note about this online selling platform.

Inbuilt Google analytics to keep track of potential buyers and present customers.

  • Pay what you want’ option for customers. Sellers can list a minimum acceptable amount for their product to keep pricing fair when they sell online.
  • Option for sellers to give ‘free products’ as ‘gifts’ to first time buyers or loyal customers
  • SEO optimization for stores so that your digital products can be easily found online by interested buyers and available for digital downloads.
  • Payment in all major currencies accepted, making Sellfy a truly global selling platform
  • Transaction prevention and anti-fraud protection for products you want to sell online

Let’s also briefly look at the integrations that Sellfy offers:

There are four platforms that Sellfy integrates with – Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Zapier, and Webhooks. All these integrations help add to Sellfy functionalities such as tracking ability, retargeting audience on Facebook, customer management and more.

Talking about the pricing, the Gumroad alternative -Sellfy is nearly triple the price of Gumroad. Their basic plan starts at $29/mo, and there is an additional 2% transaction fees. The good thing is that they offer a 14-day free trial, so you can completely understand all the features of the product and explore the tool in depth before you invest in it.

3 Gumroad Alternatives: Start Selling for Free with AI 1
Sellfy Capterra review

UpdateTo support the new GDPR and CCPA law sellfy has updated their privacy terms to make it more transparent.

They have also introduced a set of new features to help their merchants adherence to the GDPR and CCPA laws.

For instance, the new pages feature will allow the customers to edit and manage their terms and conditions, privacy statements and other necessary information.

Next, we shall discuss Selz as an alternative option.

Reliable alternative to Gumroad – Selz

Selz markets itself as ‘e Commerce platform to start and grow your business online’ and one of the most famous alternatives to Gumroad.

Using Selz you can create your online store, sell using your own website, or even sell directly from social media platforms.

Below is the small snapshot of Selz dashboard:

gumroad alternatives

What I really find good about this Gumroad alternative – Selz is that they’ve made their objective clearly come out through their website.

They make it clear that they allow users to sell digital products of three types – physical products, digital products, and services; and, to do so users have three options – create an online store, sell from own website (using a widget), or sell from a social media platform (using Facebook store or buy now buttons).

Let’s discuss some basic features of Selz for you to find out if you’d like to explore this platform any further.

gumroad alternatives
  • You can create a store using Selz. They have a drag and drop store builder that makes it easy for even teenagers to set up a store online. Apart from this, you can create a custom domain name and register it through Selz. You also get to choose from free themes for designing your store/website hassle-free. Plus, every store comes with an SSL certification.
  • Payment options for those who want to buy from Selz are easy. They accept all major cards. Payment through PayPal is also accepted. Taxes are calculated automatically during checkout. An outstanding feature that I must list here is that order confirmation receipts can be customized to upsell and cross-sell products. It’s an amazing way to increase sales.
  • Super smart checkout makes Selz a good alternative to consider. Their shopping cart feature allows users to buy multiple products Gumroad at the same time. Then, there are abandoned cart emails sent to users who have added items to shopping cart but not yet purchased. This timely and gentle nudge often results in resuming dormant users and hitting more sales. This is a great feature to have as it helps you save the cost of buying a full-fledged email marketing tool for addressing cart abandonment.
  • Selz also comes with ‘custom fields’ that allow collecting important user information for future marketing and retargeting.
  • Customer support is quite good as they have tons of guides and articles from the founder, which you can go through to understand the product and refer if stuck. They also have a ‘help center’ that as the name suggests is there to help you with your queries.
3 Gumroad Alternatives: Start Selling for Free with AI 2
Selz Quora discussion

How Selz Works

You (the seller) get access to the admin panel. Using this panel you can track how your sales on Selz is doing.

From the panel itself, you can also stay engaged with your contacts, send them messages, etc. The tool also allows you to grow your sales through promotional messages.

To start with, you can pick a preset template from the options that they offer and create your online store.

Or you can embed their ‘buy now’ buttons to your website or blog. The third option is to create a Facebook store using Selz and sell directly to your followers.

Selz Pricing

Selz offers users four options to pick from – Free, Lite, Standard, and Pro.

The Free plan is for those who wish to sell five or less products. Those who want to opt for this plan will just have to pay 2% transaction fees and 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee.

The Lite plan allows selling unlimited products, starts at $17/mo (billed annually). It allows you to create a store using Selz.

There is a 2% transaction fees and .9% + 30¢ processing fee that users of this plan need to pay on every successful transaction through Selz.

Their Standard Plan is priced at $23 per month (billed annually). This is one of the most popular plans and is best suited if you want to earn a regular income using Selz.

This plan allows you to add advanced shopping cart functionality to your website, store, etc.

It also allows you to set a custom domain name, and send abandoned cart emails. Apart from this there is 1% transaction fees and 2.9% + 30¢ processing fee.

The Pro Plan is priced at $35/mo (billed annually). It offers maximum benefits and has a 0% transaction fees. Seems like a good investment!

Take a look at their pricing plans here:

gumroad alternatives


Selz is also compliant with GDPR and CCPA and some of their steps to ensure the GDPR and CCPA compliance are the following:

  1. Appointment of a DPO(data protection officer) to take care of the GDPR and CCPA action plan.
  2. Updation of the privacy policy.
  3. Review and audit of the sub-processors and ensure their adherence to GDPR and CCPA.
  4. Creation of the new Data protection addendum and incorporate it into the terms and service plan.
3 Gumroad Alternatives: Start Selling for Free with AI 3
Selz Capterra review

Delightful alternative to Gumroad – Sendowl

Next on the list is Sendowl.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you visit their website is the very catchy tagline – The only eCommerce platform that cares about conversion rates, ease of use, and owls.

They have played a smart game by linking their product’s value to conversion optimization. On their homepage, they’ve also intelligently placed video tutorials on how to use the product.

Following are SendOwl’s features that stand out:

3 Gumroad Alternatives: Start Selling for Free with AI 4
  • Easy and responsive checkout. No matter what device your customers are using to browse and buy, the checkout is always smooth and happy experience with this eCommerce platform.
  • Supports multiple languages for a truly global experience. The platform makes it easy to sell from any platform-email, social media, blog, website etc.
  • The platform is optimized for increasing sales and therefore offers interesting capabilities such as affiliates system, upsells, cart abandonment, discounts, smooth and friction free checkout, pay what you want pricing etc.
  • Using SendOwl you can start selling products, memberships, as well as subscriptions. They have an interesting ‘Drip Functionality model that which allows that Instead of releasing the product all at once, you can release it over a period of time to keep an element of interest alive in your customers.
  • They promise swift delivery, absolute security, and quick scaling. Anyone would want these three capabilities in a product!
  • SendOwl also handles all the complex and boring stuff on your behalf. It takes care of tax management, fraud prevention, EU VAT rules and regulations etc. for your business.

For their pricing plans, you can check out the following screenshot/image.

gumroad alternatives

My takeaway on pricing is that all their  Standard Plans are quite reasonably priced and their ‘Premium’ as well as ‘Business’ plan, are both good investments.

Self-hosting plans are a bit costly but also allow you to sell a good number of products. Subscription plans are the most expensive of all.

Note: Their pricing is based on the type of product you wish to sell.

I don’t really think that in the options we’ve discussed above, any other alternative allows selling subscriptions.

Otherwise, if you want to sell products online you have good alternatives to try.

UpdateSendOwl is GDPR and CCPA compliant and you can continue using it without any GDPR and CCPA concerns.

To know more about what they are doing to ensure the compliance you can check this link.

One-on-One Comparisons

Let’s now take on a one-on-one comparison of all the alternatives we’ve discussed.

Selz vs. Gumroad

Currently, Selz has a market share of .04% while Gumroad has a .1% market share.

The former is growing in popularity quickly and is a good alternative to Gumroad for those who want to switch because of any disappointment that they might be facing with Gumroad.

Selz and Gumroad pricing is also neck to neck.

So, it isn’t that you are paying too much for one as compared to another. Also, both take a cut out of each transaction that you complete.

As far as the experience of app usage and design is concerned, Selz is slightly better than Gumroad.

What makes Selz a good alternative for Gumroad is that it causes the least amount of technical hurdles, and are priced fairly reasonably.

Another great thing about Selz is that they are are not just a selling space but compete with full-fledged eCommerce platform.

Parameters Gumroad vs Selz
What do we likeClean and customizable
Good customer support
Great for businesses that have a handful of products to sell.
What we don’t like?No advanced analytics
VAT on checkout
Not for selling bulk orders
Not much customization
Best for Simple cart selling that doesn’t involve any services. Small businesses and entrepreneurs
Pricing No monthly fee rather pay on each sale you make. Paid plan starts @ $26/mo

Sellfy vs. Gumroad

Both of these options are fighting quite close on the market share front. Sellfy’s current market share is 0.09% while that of Gumroad as I’ve already pointed above is 0.1%.

SEO optimization capability makes Sellfy an interesting alternative to Gumroad. Unlike Gumroad, Sellfy allows your store/website/products to be found by people who are actually interested in buying.

Another unique capability that Sellfy provides is that it allows you to create pop-ups on your own website that don’t allow users to leave without leaving behind a bit of personal information such as emails.

And (we all know) nurturing begins with an email address.

Sellfy also has a slightly better app design than Gumroad. However, the difference isn’t so much so that you MUST think that the former is better.

Parameters Gumroad vs Sellfy
What do we likeClean and customizable
For simple selling, the tool is straightforward and best
What we don’t like?No advanced analytics
Limited knowledge base
Options are limited if you want your business to grow.
Best for Simple cart selling that doesn’t involve any services. Small businesses and building your email lists.
Pricing No monthly fee rather pay on each sale you make. Paid plan starts @ $19/mo

Sendowl vs. Gumroad

SendOwl’s market share is currently only .03%.

That said, it is one of the best tools out there for those who are considering selling a lot of products or subscriptions online.

The product is damn easy to use and does everything for you.

The only point that you might feel stuck as it when you look at SendOwl’s pricing as compared to that of Gumroad or any other alternative.

Surely, their Self Hosting and Subscription plans are much costlier than any other plans offered by any other alternative. However, these have their unique advantages too.

The best thing that you can do is try them out on free trial for 30 days and see if you really want all those functionalities that SendOwl offers.

Parameters Gumroad vs Sendowl
What do we likeClean and customizable
Great options if you want to sell a lot of products.
What we don’t like?No advanced analytics
Limited knowledge base
Pricing doesn’t work the same for everyone.
Best for Simple cart selling that doesn’t involve any services. Want to sell a lot of products and subscriptions online.
Pricing No monthly fee rather pay on each sale you make. Paid plan starts @ $9/mo

A quick overview of all the Gumroad alternatives discussed in this guide:

Gumroad alternativesPricingFeatures Summary
The Paid plan starts at $19/mo.
What is good?
Easy to use.
For simple selling the features are good enough.
What is not good?
The options are very limited if you want to grow your business.
.The pricing is not impressive.
SelzThe paid plan starts at $26/mo .What is good?
A great option for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to sell a handful of products.
Responsive customer support.
What is not good?
Not suitable if you want to sell bulk products.
Not a lot of customization options.
SendowlThe paid plan starts at $9/mo .What is good?
It is easy to use .
Great option if you want to sell a lot of products online.
What is not good?
The pricing can be a hit or miss as the features vary significantly.

Our Experience:

After discussing all the alternatives to Gumroad, for me, SendOwl was a bit too much in every aspect. I feel that as an alternative to Gumroad, Selz works well for me on every aspect. For now, I’ll go with it.

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  1. I have used Gumroad but if you ask me will I use it again then certainly No. I will have to see if my work involves small digital product where the investment is not that high I will use Gumroad but in cases where a larger sales are involved I will be not using it. Thanks for your article at least now I know other alternatives that I can try.

  2. Sellfy is a great tool for store owners who wish to create their own store online. If you are not tech savvy then you can immediately connect with their support team and you will be offered immediate consultation.

  3. None of these handles payment processing like Gumroad. You would still need to add a payment processor like Stripe or PayPal to these services which not only adds additional cost but also impossible for people in many countries where Stripe doesn’t work.

  4. How about e-junkie? I think e-junkie is the cheapest way for people who have small product

  5. Fine article, could you perhaps point me to the source for the respective market shares of the platforms?
    I’m very interested in reading that.

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