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Tapfiliate – A Complete Affiliate Marketing Software for SAAS

As traditional marketing gave way to online and digital marketing, a lot more new ways of going creative and innovative came up. Businesses no longer needed to be conventional in their approach and use digital marketing to promote their business. Instead, they could not go all out and experiment with the way they market their business using affiliate marketing software.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising method in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. In the e commerce context, this action is typically an online purchase, which makes affiliate marketing very cost effective. Track all your affiliate and e commerce marketing campaigns from one dashboard.

You must now be wondering what is Tapfiliate and how it works? You will get all the answers in the following section. Tapfiliate is Copyright © 2013-2020 Memberful LLC. All rights reserved.

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Let’s check out the features and see if it is the best affiliate software of 2019:

Log-in, Platform, and Domain Selection

Once you want to start off your affiliate marketing for your business on Tapfiliate – Affiliate Marketing Software, you will be asked to sign up for a new account. Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliate management and tracking application They do offer a free 14-day trial for getting started, but then again, you will have to fill in your credit card or PayPal details. It is more than just another affiliate tracking system. 

Other than this, if you do not have your website on WordPress, or even if none of the platforms listed match as per your website platform, there is another attractive option that you can go with. In this case, you will be allowed to create Landing Page codes and Conversion Page Codes on to your site.

best affiliate software 2019

Setting up an Affiliate Program with the affiliate marketing software

As part of setting up of your Tapfiliate account, you will be asked to set up an affiliate program. This is where most of the first interaction will be taking place.

As part of the affiliate program set up, you will further be asked to share some information- starting with the title for the affiliate marketing program as well as give a landing page URL which ideally should be your website’s homepage.

The Program Page

Once you create your affiliate program, you will be taken to the Program Page from where you can manage your affiliate program. On the top of the page, you will see menu options spread across separate tabs.

You would also be given an option to include this link on your social media, website and even your email signature.

There is also a tab dedicated to conversions and commissions. This is where you will get all the information on how many and which affiliates have signed up with you, or for any of your programs. The app is very user friendly and the support team is awesome.

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There are a few other tabs as well, such as the Recurrers section where you can quickly view all the recurring commissions that you may have set up for your affiliates.

best affiliate software 2019

Main Toolbar of this affiliate marketing software: 

There is also the main toolbar other than the one mentioned above. This one gives a more holistic round of the entire platform of Tapfiliate. It has a Dashboard which is an essential part of the tool. With this feature of this affiliate software, you quickly get an understanding of all your affiliate marketing efforts in real time, with all the numbers reflected on the screen in front of you.

Other than the general dashboard which also gives a clear understanding of where your affiliate marketing program is taking your business,  you also have the reporting feature offered by Tapfiliate. This feature, I would say is pretty helpful when want to take a deep dive into really where your affiliate marketing efforts are headed to. This aspect of putting in an effort to drive more revenue is essential you NEED to know if your efforts are paying off or not.

Great Aesthetics for an Excellent UX

To elaborate further on the winning user friendly experience of Tapfiliate, let’s take a look at what makes it easy platform and a must-have for every affiliate marketer:

  • The Layout of affiliate tracking software – Once you Sign Up, you as an affiliate marketer would love the way this product has been laid out in its entirety.
  • Help: Very often, it so happens that you land upon a page and are completely lost as to what you should be doing next.
  • The Assisting Orbit: As you board a new product or a platform, it is imperative that you are taken through the entire tool before you start working on it.
affiliate marketing tracking software

The Dashboard: No matter what pricing you decide to go ahead with, the dashboard is available for the user to take a quick look at critical metrics. It covers everything, all the tools that are required to create and manage affiliate programs and to execute and monitor them.

affiliate marketing tracking software

Going Viral: Marketing is all about spreading the word about your brand and what better than getting to do it online? Although a lot of web marketing efforts go viral for a few wrong reasons, if you have the right kind of content in place, half your job is done.

Since social media channels have a high potential to quickly make a content piece go viral, or at least, spread it by good numbers in various affiliate network, Tapfiliate making use of this property is a great idea!

Since your affiliates are already getting pre-prepared content, with proper branding and messaging clubbed with it, there are higher chances of them sharing it across. Moreover, with Tapfiliate’s capabilities to let affiliates share your content directly on social media, the chances of your content to go viral automatically increase.

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GDPR and CCPA update: Tapfiliate has made it clear that they are entirely GDPR and CCPA compliant. While using Tapfiliate, ensure that you use the latest version which is as per the new GDPR and CCPA guidelines.

Commission Categorizing and Customization 

Being a part of, and especially, an owner of an affiliate program comes with a lot of responsibilities. Over here, you are not dealing alone and taking care of your marketing activities, but involved with some other people who are your affiliates and helping you promote your marketing campaign to greater networks online.

Under this feature, you can quickly set up custom commission types and work accordingly in real time, create a structured program and never get confused about which affiliate gets what. You can tag them as a percentage based, fixed cost or even a recurring commission as you plan them out to be.

affiliate marketing tracking software

Multi-level marketing (MLM)

For those of us who are not very clear about what multi-level marketing is, let us first get a basic understanding of this concept. Multi-level marketing is nothing but a great way to expand your seller and distributor network.

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The whole point of affiliate marketing is to grow your affiliate links and expand your promotions. Your chances of making higher conversions increase overall as you build your number of affiliates.

So with Tapfiliate, you can manage affiliate accounts of diverse languages expertly in real time.

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Branded Affiliate Marketing

If you set out for effective affiliate marketing, that would mean you are working with a team of affiliates, all together at one point in time. Although the objective here would be converted as many sales, even if the sales numbers are not met, you should not be as disappointed. And this is because, with Tapfiliate, you get to completely rebrand your portal per your business. You get to put in your logo on the program, create a custom sub-domain, upload and promote customized branded marketing material as well as get full SSL support.

Not just this, there is also an option of dealing in multi-currency which again means, there are no boundaries for your success to set soar, you can go ahead and recruit people from any part of the world!

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While you have the option of taking a 14-day trial for free, you must use this time to evaluate which plan would be most suitable for your business. Tapfiliate has 3 different pricing plans that you can choose from and pay per month as per your needs . If you need any help, you can contact their customer support team.

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Alternatives to Tapfiliate

Some of the best alternatives to Tapfillate are Post Affiliate Pro, Yotpo, PartnerStack etc.

Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate tracking software that runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. With Post Affiliate Pro, affiliate management becomes a tad easier. It is intuitive, fast, effective, infinitely expandable, scalable, automatic fraud detection and and makes it easy to report on the affiliate program with real time analytics.


On the whole, after signing up, you are asked to create your first affiliate program with the help of all the features available on the tool and the plan that you decide to go ahead with.

Questions related to Affiliate marketing platform:

Regina is Guest Contributor at Sprout24 and Web content analyst at Ad Week. She loves writing about sales and marketing software reviews in business that help them in a big way with driving conversions.


  1. Philip Walker Reply

    What are the main factors to consider when you have to choose affiliate marketing software? All the enterprises are different, and each enterprise may have their own specific affiliate marketing needs. I do not think one size fits all is applicable in such cases. It would be really great if you can throw some light on this as well.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Yes Philip, the requirements are different according to different companies and the type of industry.

  2. Tyrone Williamson Reply

    Tapfiliate is an awesome tool and I just love using it. It is easy to learn, pocket friendly and helps to manage your affiliate program with ease.

  3. Donna Reply

    I didn’t know that there were tools available in the market that help you with affiliate marketing. I am really glad to read about Tapfiliate that can help me to manage my affiliate marketing programs.

  4. Nick Reply

    It has a reasonably straightforward affiliate program that gives a rewarding practice to its marketers. It serves to create an important connection between a buyer and seller and get paid for it too.

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