Best 9 AI-Based Email Marketing Automation Tools

In this review, I've analyzed the top AI-based email marketing automation tools, focusing on their features, ease of use, and integration capabilities. The article guides readers through selecting the right tool for their business needs, with an emphasis on AI functionalities that enable targeted, efficient, and personalized email marketing campaigns. It's an invaluable resource for marketers looking to enhance their email marketing strategies with AI technology, offering insights into each tool's unique strengths.

Let’s start with understanding the importance of Email marketing automation tools with the help of an example. Imagine receiving an email from your favorite eCommerce apparel shop, offering you discounts on plus size clothing. You are a petite girl, and this communication holds no value for you. You give it a second thought and plan to browse through because maybe there is something that your mother might love as a gift.

You land on the plus size clothing category but see no sale or discounts. Probably, the email reached your inbox a bit late. You end up striking yourself off their subscriber list.

As an online business, timely communication is a must. At the same time, it should be personalized to match your users’ requirements. You can’t send bulk emails to all your subscribers in one hit. Most of these emails will fail to catch any eyeballs.

Neither is it possible for marketers to sit and draft hundreds and thousands of emails, personalized as per each customer’s requirement.

Thankfully, there is a solution! Email marketing automation tools.

With the best email marketing software, you as a marketer can send targeted emails to your customers, based either on the actions that they take or at specified time intervals.

There are hundreds of basic email marketing automation software to help you send out the right communication to the right customer at the right time.

We discuss here, the best eight marketing automation tools for you to be able to choose a good one.

All About Encharge

About Encharge

Ever thought that a marketing automation tool existed that is specially designed for the needs of startups?

There is no problem with other tools, but advanced marketing automation tools are loaded with many features, such as automation workflows apt for big businesses. However, the needs of startups are pretty different.


So, Encharge is a tool that understands the pain points of startups and offers features that cater specifically to the needs of start-ups. The feature set of Encharge includes trial Conversion for startups that help convert free users to paying customers.

It is very helpful as it helps you assess the efficiency of your product for the customers.


1.) Broadcasts: User journeys play a vital role in setting up a marketing strategy. allows you to design user journeys with an easy-to-use visual flow.

User onboarding with Encharge ensures that you don’t follow the one size fits all approach rather send targeted onboarding emails.

2.) Behavior Emails: helps website tracking and provides a detailed overview of what a user does on your website. Based on these details and data you can create a well-targeted email lookup strategy.

3.) A/B testing: Split testing always helps with identifying the right kind of emails. This helps drive engagement and increase revenue which is definitely vital for all kinds of businesses.

4.) User Profiles: As a startup, you are new to the likes and dislikes of your customers, and this is where the user profile feature can really make a difference.

With this feature, you will have a detailed overview of your customer actions on your website such as viewing pages to opening emails to clicking on certain product features.

You can identify and filter your users based on this and also find areas where you might be lagging.

5.) User Segments: Segmentation is an essential step in marketing automation that enables you to send out emails based on user behavior.

encharge user segment

You can segment users based on product behavior, email activity, and other data attributes from the user data obtained from various sources that can be from your app or even marketing stacks.

Integrations: also does well on the integrations front where it offers a lot of useful integrations such as Stripe, Slack, Zapier, Facebook, Hubspot and a lot more.

encharge integration

Click here to know the complete list of integrations.

Pricing offers a range of pricing plans based on the number of subscribers you have.

encharge pricing

There are two types of plans growth and premium plans where the starter growth plan is $79/mo for upto 2000 subscribers and the premium plan $129/mo for upto 2000 subscribers.

Also, you can try the 14-day free trial without entering the credit card details.

All About Drip

About Drip

Drip is one of the best email marketing automation tools that offer plenty of email marketing automation features. It positions itself as a notch above other typical email marketing software that somewhere or the other fail to know their audience.


Drip’s tracking is a robust capability that runs on code and delivers key insights into who your customers are and what they want.

This functionality allows you to know and understand your subscribers, visitors, and buyers.  

Applying custom tags, fields, or events to your customers, using this functionality, allows you to run behaviorally targeted campaigns for advanced email personalization.

When you can delight your customers with hyper-relevant content and recommendations, your online conversions and sales skyrocket in no time!

Drip’s best known email marketing automation features enables running campaigns on platforms including email, Facebook, and other platforms that are akin to your customers’ interests and behavior.

You can send out relevant messages to your customers for sales and marketing purposes irrespective of which platform they are on, using postcards, text messages, display Facebook ads, and much more.

You can get started in no time with Drip’s email marketing automation features using their pre-built campaigns and workflows.

It’s really simple and hassle-free! They also have a feature called ‘one-off’ emails that allow you to occasionally divert from the campaign and send a one-off communication to one or many customers.

For example, you can use the ‘one-off’ email functionality when you might be running a summer sale campaign, but also want to inform one of your customers about a wishlist item going out of stock.

Drip is a cloud-based email platform that allows you to automate visual e-mail campaigns and create them. This platform supports a range of different kinds of e-mail marketing to fit business, sales teams, and individuals’ promotional and marketing needs.

It has a range of steps and trigger points that can be used by users to configure their workflows for email campaigns and autopilot them.

DRIP’s most important features are its visual workflow developer, a tool that supports the development of email campaigns, abilities to automate marketing workflows, and to conduct targeted marketing campaigns.

More details are available here:

Visual Workflow Builder

Drip makes it social and enjoyable to create email campaigns. It features a visual workflow builder that enables users to carefully form their customer journey.

In every step of the process, the program provides users with advice.

Save Time by Automating Workflows

Manual answers are normally time-consuming to create triggers.

Drip fixes this dilemma and creates the same quality outcomes for marketing departments and companies.

drip automation

The platform comprises different causes and suitable reactions for its automation manufacturer.

This function allows essential information or files to be transmitted to another device and transfer customers to the next level.

Targeted Campaigns

In email marketing, the single-email method does not typically yield successful results.

You should ensure that the email you send to a specific subscriber is appropriate and matches your profile, to maximize the chances of achieving the desired results.

Drip helps you to do so with unique campaigns such as email bursts, drip campaigns, and single emails.

Targeted campaigns increase customer or subscriber retention opportunities when you use email marketing automation tools.

Valuable Integrations

By linking it to other marketing automation tools and applications, users can increase the usability of the program.

This helps users to gain more insight into their subscribers or to easily pass valuable information between systems.

Capture More Quality Leads

Drip provides email collecting methods such as built-in forms, widgets, host forms, and popups which allow website owners to gain more active information and to easily fill out their mailing lists.


  • ThriveCart
  • Recurly
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • PipeDrive
  • Strip
  • Salesforce
  • PayPal


Let’s get to business and talk pricing and free plan. Drip’s subscription can be billed per month and annual, as per your requirement.

There are three plans – basic, pro, and custom. You can always get access to a free trial period of 14 days to check all of their features. Makes sense?

  • The pricing starts for Basic email marketing plan at $468/yr, includes up to 2,500 subscribers and unlimited email sends per month.
  • Pro plan, priced at $1068/yr, includes up to 5,000 subscribers and unlimited email sends per month.
  • For custom plan details you need to contact sales.

Now the tricky part here is that while explaining their pricing, Drip informs potential subscribers that per month they will adjust the subscriber to the appropriate plan as per his usage or requirement, and deduct the amount from the credit balance.

It means that you cannot pre-calculate a ‘fixed’ amount that will be billed to you simply based on the plan that you have subscribed for.

Sounds tricky if you read about it once.

But maybe if they explain the ‘positives’ of their pricing strategy a bit more, they can convince more people to subscribe.

Drip: To be GDPR and CCPA compliant Drip has added several features such as adding checkboxes to opt-in forms, drafting consent copy and making it available wherever needed, sending double opt-in forms to the customers and many more.

All About Bervo

About Bervo

Brevo is one of the most effective and powerful email marketing automation tools built. Their objective is clear – leverage email and SMS campaigns to inform, engage, and convert.


And that’s what users look for – a software that communicates what it does in a crisp, clear-cut manner.

The tool allows creating campaigns, personalizing communication, automating emails, campaign tracking, and sending emails.

Brevo is a rich campaign platform that allows companies to establish connections with consumers through text messages, email promotions, transactional email, and automated marketing workflows.

It comes with a variety of process optimization features, such as the advanced email features, which lets you know when email recipients have opened emails that you have received and defined factors that can enhance communication. 

SendinBlue’s key features are the ability to build newsletters, automate ads, send emails on time, advanced contact instruments, optimized communications, and workable analytics.

More details are available here:

Ease of Creating Newsletters

Brevo allows you to create quality newsletters that can draw the audience’s attention.

The drag-and-drop feature of the platform encourages the development of attractive newsletters. 

Marketing Automation Capabilities

The framework allows users to use automated workflow models to maximize their user experience and speed up their workflow.

The software’s webhook function allows the integration of powerful marketing automation systems with the Brevo platform.

Send Optimization Feature

Brevo comes with an algorithm that sends your email based on the date you have chosen.

This skill enables you to maximize your email click and open rates.

The submit optimization function utilizes either your contact list’s previous campaign success or the historical open times of the contact.

Advance Contact Tools

Brevo makes it easier to expand the audience and raise conversions.

It lets you gather email addresses, push forms, and easily integrate these forms into the website. 

Optimized Communications

In addition to helping consumers efficiently control their contacts, Brevo also ensures optimized customer interactions.

You can also send out welcome emails and abandoned cart reminders with this platform at your disposal.

Actionable Analytics

Brevo comes with advanced tools and features like heatmap and sound statistics to help you assess how your campaign performs and to improve your work.


  • WordPress
  • Salesforce
  • Drupal
  • Prestashop
  • Intercom
  • Google Analytics
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce

Using their responsive design, you can create emails that fit any screen size. This means your message displays in full, whether being read on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

brevo integrations

It is also fairly easy to personalize your messages using Brevo’s Dynamic Personalization capability.

Other than ‘editing’ the name of the client in one-click, you can also edit and personalize attributes like Ms., Mrs, Mr., or Dear, using their ‘attribute feature’.

You will love their trigger marketing capability, which allows you to create automated campaigns ,trigger workflows and email campaigns based on specific predefined conditions or user actions.

This is also popularly known as behavioral automation in email marketing. A number of email marketing automation tools nowadays promise smart behavioral automation

Brevo also allows you to check your campaign’s deliverability, using features like ‘Test List’ and ‘Inbox Test’. This is not something that you’ll find in other tools.

With Brevo, you can also run transactional emails in no time. You can pick from pre-set template options, and even edit these templates using their design editor.

There is no need to have a developer do these simple changes for you.

Tracking the performance of your transactional emails is pretty simple too with marketing automation tools.

From the dashboard itself, you can check the overview of deliverability, track opens and click-throughs per day, per week, or per month.

Real-time statistics will give you an overview of the previous 30 minutes of your campaign’s performance, helping you quickly identify loopholes if any.

Brevo offers five plans for its email marketing functionality, each fit for a particular type of business that makes sense.

Take a look at the screenshot for more details on their pricing.

However, the best part is that you can start using their free plan with 300 emails per day, and upgrade anytime to a plan that suits your needs.

brevo pricing

Brevo Update: Brevo has recently acquired three online or better say e-commerce marketing companies that are – US-based Chatra, a live chat messenger app for businesses; Bulgaria-based Metrilo, an intelligent marketing platform with customer analytics; and push notifications app PushOwl – based out of Bangalore, India all for a total worth of $65 mn.

By acquiring these software tools, Sendiblue plans to extend its marketing abilities and plunge into the expanding e-commerce space. These acquisitions will help Sendiblue become a powerful tool catering to the marketing needs of SMBs. In addition, it will enable the SMB’s to accelerate their marketing efforts and help them compete efficiently. 

All About GetResponse

About GetResponse

Like Aritic, GetResponse too is an all-in-one online marketing platform that aims to help marketers grow their business.

As a marketer, if you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing automation tools, Getresponse must already be something that you’d have heard of and considered already.


It offers a wide range of functionalities out of which email marketing is just one.

Getresponse’s email marketing objective is simple – to equip you with a suite of email marketing software that help deliver tailor-made offers to your contacts at the time when they’re most active.

Let’s take a look at what all email marketing capabilities does Getresponse offer:

Using the drag-and-drop or HTML code editor, you can create beautiful emails in minutes.  

You can also choose from over 500 pre-designed templates and customize them without any help from developers.

Choose from the 1,000 free iStock images available to give your messaging the desired look and feel.

It is also easy to create mobile-friendly emails with mobile-ready predesigned templates and in-app mobile design control.

getresponse istock images

You also no longer need to stick with generic salutations as Getresponse makes it simple for you to include important custom details in your messaging.

So instead of a boring ‘Hey there’, get one-on-one with your user and say, ‘Great choice, Elena’, and win your customer’s heart.

Using their advanced segmentation option you can group contacts based on custom data, geolocation, subscription date, engagement, etc., and send highly triggered and relevant emails to these specific groups.

Timing your email messaging is also important, and with GetResponse you can optimize email delivery timing.

Your emails hit the inbox when each contact is most active. This means a high probability that the user will open and engage with your message.

GetResponse is one of the best marketing automation tools that allows you to track your email marketing campaign’s performance using their analytics dashboard.

With real-time activity tracking, you can see contacts receive, open, and click your messages.

What more – to optimize your email marketing campaigns and to get the best response ( open and click rates on your emails), GetResponse allows you do A/B testing of campaigns.

You can optimize anything – email subject line, copy, and even images or form fields.

Based on test results send out the better performing email.

Companies and a billion per month users in over 180 countries use GetResponse e-mail marketing. Professional pages and email addresses can be generated without hassle with GetResponse.

Thanks to the GetResponse email intelligence feature, the effect of a campaign can be maximized.

Any campaign initiative can be controlled, assessed, and evaluated easily. Hourly variations can easily be tracked and subscribers are segmented by a single click.

Email creator, templates, live chat support and the dashboard are the main features of GetResponse.

It is one of the best email marketing automation tools that is user-friendly and allows users to create emails that are already configured for different devices so that campaigns reach as many people as possible.

Manufacturers and webinars can be turned into consumers thanks to intelligent automation to empower newbies in email marketing with techniques and resources to deliver the campaign effectively. 

Hundreds of professionally built email templates are given with GetResponse.

A specific targeting would also allow high conversion rates and additional sales.

GetResponse users may also extend the list of subscribers in a variety of ways.

If the contact list is tiny, email addresses can be entered, while solutions from third parties like Google, Salesforce & Zendesk can be used for larger lists.

With the use of BriteVerify, a partner app, invalid email addresses can also be removed.

You can either begin the campaigns from scratch or use the Email Creator tool for hundreds of templates. Using the HTML method, you can use your file.

Campaigns are all seen on the dashboard GetResponse.

The dashboard shows users how many contacts the e-mail has received and how many it has accessed.

Google Analytics can also incorporate the campaign monitoring tool that comes with the platform for campaign monitor. Reports can be created and sent to the user’s inbox simply by refreshing the tool.

Contact details are also streamlined, along with a view of the campaign history including its click-through and open rates.


Desk.comZendeskCyfeZoho CRM
WishpondZoho SalesIQ

Plans and Pricing – All their plans include email marketing and pricing starts at one time fee of $15 per month.

Their cheapest option, in fact, is the best for those who want only email marketing functionality; unless you’re looking for software for multiple users. 

All About ActiveCampaign

About ActiveCampaign

From email marketing software to marketing automation to CRM, Active Campaign offers all-in-one sales and marketing services for professional digital marketers.

Their objective is to help you deliver the right message to the right audience, in time.


With ActiveCampaign your email marketing is sorted for sure with its A/B testing feature.

It is one of the best marketing automation tool that allows sending you one-time emails to a specific audience, enables you to create and run drip campaigns with ultimate ease, and even automate workflows by combining triggers, actions, and logic.

You can also schedule your emails, which means you can intelligently time your emails based on when they’ve shown to fetch maximum click and open rates.

Some other smart features that give ActiveCampaign’s email marketing an edge instead of other email marketing automation tools include:

  • Geotracking: Identify your contact’s location or place and send real-time email messages.
  • Site tracking: Run email campaigns based on your customers’ on-site behavior
  • Granular Segmentation: Analyze customer characteristics as well as behavior to create highly targeted campaigns that have a high probability of winning conversions.
  • Conditional Content: Use ‘if-then’ analysis to display content unique and useful to different set of contacts.
  • Custom Data: Create custom fields to store as much user information as you feel is vital for your business.
  • Custom Object: Import and organize your data according to your business model and trigger automation workflow based on custom object data.

Some other Activecampaign features that empower marketers to be successful at their email marketing include easy integration with Google Analytics, collaborative editing, free image hosting, social sharing, and mobile responsiveness.

On ease of use, I rate ActiveCampaign a good 4.5 on 5. Use their drag and drop feature to customize any campaign.

Add anything that you want – text box, images, call-to-action, social affiliate links and more.

But all these features that we’ve talked about are just enablers to the end goal – conversions on the campaigns.

With ActiveCampaign,conversions are guaranteed because the tool allows you to run split testing campaigns and send out only the best performing email out to your contact list.

ActiveCampaign is a series of marketing software integrated into a user-friendly interface that meets the needs of various aspects of small companies.

This is one of the most amazing marketing automation tools that allows the smooth creation of impressive and enticing communications, the quest for more contact information, social media markets, and, last but not least, the implementation of marketing technologies in small companies that are otherwise inaccessible before. 

ActiveCampaign features site monitoring, interactive information material, event tracking tool, API that is simple to use, and sales CRM. 

Site monitoring

Site Tracking is a function that connects marketing with the actions of a certain contact. This enables users to address clients based on what they do on the website.

In this way, users can tailor their markets to their established and future customers’ interests. To do so, Web Monitoring helps the system to see what a contact does on the site of the user.

And contact record has a full-page view history so that users can see what they did and didn’t do exactly on their websites.

Conditional content

Conditional content allows users to adjust the content dynamically through interaction.

For example, depending on the web pages you visited or the labeling of data, users may view entirely different blocks of text or images on an email.

It can also be used to submit reminders of sales contacts via email or to show those items which have previously to be displayed. 

Event monitoring

ActiveCampaign has an Event Monitoring function, which allows contacts to consult on the system’s behavior.

activecampaigne event monitoring

This knowledge can then be used to make ads highly tailored. The Event Monitoring can also be used when users log in to the website of the device to alert the system. The transaction can also be used and follow up promotions activated.

Intuitive API

ActiveCampaign ‘s ease of use of its API is one of the main features.

This is a crucial feature as it enables users to integrate the framework with their current environment applications quickly and completely. You can also expand your skills if necessary.

Sales CRM

The automation tools of the framework often act as CRMs, making a seamless transition from marketing to sales.

This marketing automation platform, which can be used during marketing, is often the same marketing method that several activities in the sales process can be used to automate.


Google TaskUserVoiceCapsule CRMGleam
ScooprDeskCoinbaseInbound Now
XeroBigContactsGoogle ContactsDropbox
PhaxioGoogle CalendarAsanaCloudWork

Pricing – Like most other ‘all-in-one’ marketing campaign tools, Active Campaign also prices all its capabilities in each plan on one time payment on per month basis and pricing starts at $29 per month for Lite, Plus plan price starting at $49 month.

So, you can’t buy their email marketing services and features without paying for other functionalities as well.

activecampaign pricing

The good thing that we would say – all their plans offer email marketing services and you can pay on per month basis. Moreover, you pay based on the number of contacts for getting started.

As your contact list increases, so will the price of each of their plans.

The best thing – You don’t pay for migration.

All About ConvertKit

About ConvertKit

ConvertKit is neat keeping everything in place.

It does three most important things for you – get you more traffic, convert that traffic, and retain contacts using techniques like segmentation and personalization.


The first thing they help you do is to make full use of your email list.

You can create attractive forms, and make use of trackable data, as well as leverage powerful automation to grow your business.

Next, Convertkit allows you to automate workflows based on ‘if this, then that’ style automation rules or any other such custom rule that is easy to create beyond email marketing.

You can also use their ‘sequence’ feature and easily create personalized automated email that grab eyeballs and convert quickly.

You learn more about your subscribers with ConvertKit. Once you understand your subscribers, you can organize them into segments and send out highly targeted emails tailored to their interests, location, etc.

ConvertKit has been developed specifically for YouTubers, writers, business owner, experienced course designers, and podcasters and is a groundbreaking mail marketing and lead generation app.

The solution for content generators is based in the cloud and enables email marketing tools to be expanded and simplified through workflow automation guidelines, drag-and-drop e-mail series, personalized opt-in forms, and page templates. 

ConvertKit’s key features are email marketing sequences, sending custom messages, and automation rules. More details are available here:

Manage Email Marketing Sequences

ConvertKit is one of the most comprehensive marketing automation tools that simplifies the entire management services for personalized e-mail marketing.

User control of orders, delivery times, and message contents in total is given by the solution.

It also makes it easy to personalize emails using subscriber details and to make template tags easier to fill out custom fields.

The time and date to send an email are also simple to define. 

Send Personalized Messages

ConvertKit also allows users to contact subscribers with customized messages to publish fresh articles, product releases, and discounts.

In the whole list of subscribers, users can also send an email broadcast quickly. 

In reality, custom segments can easily be created and saved for the next promotions, and several subscribers cannot be excluded from broadcasting.

For example, users can rule out subscribers who have previously purchased a product/service to be sold in an email campaign. 

Create Automation Rules

ConvertKit helps users to define automation rules more effectively.

The rules promote the development by events such as completed classes, product transactions, and new subscriptions of automated email workflows.

The automation blueprint offers users workflows to manage pitches, automated emails campaigns, inboarding, and webinars at one place.


UnbounceZapierBounce ExchangeMemberMouse
ShopifyWooCommerceAcuity SchedulingThinkific
aMember ProTeachableSumoRainmaker

P.S.: ConvertKit is evolving into something new and exciting. Check out this link to know more about what’s brewing at ConvertKit, which is now on known as Seva.

ConvertKit’s pricing is one of the simplest marketing automation tools. They’ve priced their plans according to subscriber range and there is no free plan.

There’s a 14 day free trial for all businesses who have a subscriber base up to 5k per month and pricing starts at $9 per month.

If you have a larger subscriber base, you’re not eligible for a free trial, and they recommend that you opt for a free demo instead.

Convertkit g2 response

All About MailerLite

About MailerLite

MailerLite is one of the most useful marketing automation tools to create emails, automate them, convert subscribers to customers, keep customers engaged – this is the sequence that Mailerlite wants every marketer using its tool to achieve.


And for this, they offer four main features:

Email Builder:

You don’t need to be a coder to create beautiful emails or newsletters. Simply user their drag-and-drop functionality.

With MailerLite you can quickly create mobile-friendly emails also. Built-in photo editing, custom HTML, free templates, rich text editor, are a few other email building functionalities that MailerLite offers.

mailerlite email builder

Email Automation:

Save time and effort by automating your email campaigns.

Moreover, you can run campaigns based on behavioral triggers and win at personalization using marketing automation tools.

Automating workflows is also simple and quite a logical process.

You can automate workflows based on the amount of time that has elapsed since the first email was sent, on the action that a user has taken, or based on any predefined condition.

So, email automation does not only save you time but also helps you run smart campaigns.

Landing Page Builder:

Once you’ve sent out an email to your contact list, you need to direct those who’ve clicked on your call-to-action to landing pages.

A landing page can also help you grow your contact list. With Mailerlite, you can create a landing page with ease, in no time. Use the drag-and-drop feature to design your landing page.

You can also add custom domain to your landing pages and publish them on your own domain.

Pop-up Boxes:

At every stage of a campaign, you want a user to disclose his email id and become a contact.

That’s why, you use landing pages, forms, and popup boxes. You can even have pop-up boxes on your landing pages to display offers that grab immediate user attention.

Mailerlite helps you create popup boxes or popup forms in just a few clicks.

Choose from the existing templates or create forms from scratch using email marketing automation tools. Set popup time or trigger form based on scroll depth.

Create responsive forms and watch users convert on every channel.

MailerLite is one of the most popular email marketing tools that provides users with the required tools for email building, management of pop-ups, and more.

The cloud software enables companies, via HTML, videos, photos, and texts, to create e-mail marketing material.

The platform is targeted primarily at small companies since it can give them a strong and scalable solution that can be easy to use and compatible with marketing tools and strategies from third parties.

MailerLite’s email marketing tool main features are its ease of use, a host of features that make the email marketing a smooth process, and a quick setup.

The features users can expect from the device in particular are:

Quick Set-Up

MailerLite is a user-friendly software that allows users almost immediately to install and use the software.


This is one of the best marketing automation tools that is fast and easy to run. Now businesses can optimize their email marketing efforts without undue expenditure.

Email Customizations

MailerLite enables you to customize your email to suit your needs according to the form and arrangement of contents shown.

Other elements of this email marketing tool such as dividers, social connexions, image headers, videos, and text may also be available for users.

The tool comes with a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to check how their emails look to their clients.

Statistics Tracking

Users can monitor their email statistics using the email marketing solution. Diagram and figures showing the clicking rate and open rate can be analyzed by users.

This helps to use the knowledge to determine how the email marketing services operate.

Also, users can learn about their marketing efforts, so that they can make meaningful improvements to produce better outcomes and increase their commitment.


Newsletters and emails are optimized in smartphones and tablets for viewing via MailerLite.

The pages thus remain appealing to mobile device users consistently. With mobile content, consumers can also read and use content away from desktop computers or laptops.



There’s even more to MailerLite than the above features and functionalities. You can, for example, track your campaign performance using email newsletter reports, click maps, and even check opens by location.

Another smart feature in their email marketing arsenal is ‘deliver by timezone’.

This feature ensures that emails are always sent out at the time most preferred in a certain timezone, and are never missed or skipped.

MailerLite also allows you to A/B testing your emails before you start your campaign.

For pricing, you can check out this link and compare their plans. What they’ve specified, however, is that small businesses need affordable pricing.

So, you’ve some very affordable plans being offered by MailerlLite that is pricing starts at $10 per month, if you are a small team you’re looking for something useful.

Pricing ranges from less than 10,000 contacts for $73 per month to up to 10,000 contacts.


  • Free plan: 12,000 emails per month to a number of contacts -1-1,000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails per month: $30- 1-1,000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails per month: $50: 1,000- 5, 000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails per month: $ 50 – 2,501- 5,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited emails per month : $ 110 per month- 5,000- 10,000 contacts/subscribers
mailerlite g2 review

All About Aritic PinPoint

About Aritic PinPoint

First things first, Aritic is a full-stack marketing automation tool and provides functionalities other than email marketing features. Marketing automation and inbound marketing are made for each other.

However, we’ll focus on its email marketing automation software feature in the context of this post. Driving email campaigns that deliver results is easy with Aritic’s email campaign automation tool.

The tool allows you to send customized emails to different segments, and schedule emails, for increased customer engagement. The good thing about this tool’s segmentation capability is that you can run highly personalized campaigns and send absolutely relevant and contextual communication to your users.

Aritic’s email campaign automation is device responsive. What this means for you is that you can be assured of 100% inbox delivery irrespective of the device that the email is being accessed by the user. 100% delivery rate means a higher probability of a higher number of click and open rate!

Moreover, with Aritic’s email automation software you can create actionable email marketing workflows, seeing to it that customers never miss any communication from you and do take the desired action at some point in time.

A feature that stands out in Aritic is the intelligent drip campaigne.

Aritic PinPoint Drip Campaigne

This feature enables sending automated replies to emails based on specific predefined behavioral triggers, which means your response email based on customers’ on-site behaviors/actions is always on-point.

Adding to Aritic’s email campaign automation features is the tool’s ability to track real-time campaign performance.

The feature allows you to identify loopholes in your campaign and fix problems then and there.

You can also create comprehensive reports to showcase your campaign performance to customers.

Now the point to note here, and a significant one is about how Aritic has priced its product. Their pricing is ‘unclubbed’, which means you need not pay for all functionalities of the tool if you want to use anyone.

For example, if you want to use only their CRM functionality, you don’t want to pay for email campaign automation. Each functionality is further bifurcated into 2 or more paid plans.

For example, Aritic’s PinPoint Plan offers four sub-plans – Lite, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. To know in detail the components of each of these paid plans, check this link.

Aritic PinPoint is a strong and detailed marketing automation tool designed for SMB digital marketers. It is a one-stop solution that offers a confident collection of functions to allow sales teams to establish profitable interactions with their audience.

The app automates marketing strategy and optimizes them so that it is easy to convert leads into loyal customers.

aritic g2 review

Improved lead capture, multi-channel marketing strategy, and sturdy lead scoring platform are key features of Aritic PinPoint. The key descriptions are as follows:

Enhance lead capture

Aritic PinPoint has been developed for transforming the way you catch. With top email marketing tools for collecting lead. The framework, for example, enables you to create personalized embedded forms from scratch and landing pages.

You can create pages and forms that represent the goods and services you provide and also your brand identity using the drag and drop interface.

Aritic PinPoint offers a set of prefabricated models to tailor the lead capture process to fit your needs.

Multichannel campaigns

Better still, Aritic PinPoint enables digital marketing and sales teams to cast a vast network and communicate without difficulty with their audience.

It helps advertisers to use networks commonly used by their managers and consumers.

Aritic PinPoint makes it easy to reach them, regardless of whether you’re looking to use email or some other social media channel, SMS, or site. It allows you to communicate to customers via these networks – all from a single GUI.

Robust lead scoring tools

Also, Aritic PinPoint features a series of robust lead scoring instruments. These methods promote the detection of leads, which can best be converted.

It uses different metrics such as responses, interactions with the website, participation, and other actions that customers do.

Improved lead results in higher conversion rates, which increases profitability.


SalesforceGoogle My BusinessLinkedInOutlook
Zoho CRMAritic SalesInstagramTwitter

Update: Aritic Pinpoint has updated and reviewed its internal data processes to ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA. Customers can transfer the European data legally to Aritic products. To read about it more visit here.

All About SendLoop

About SendLoop

Full-stack email marketing made easy – that’s Sendloop for you.

You get three main functionalities in Sendloop – Email marketing, marketing automation, and email gateway.

Within their email marketing capability you get features such as drag-and-drop feature to create beautiful emails with no efforts , pick from over 100+ templates to choose from, import emails from any third party platform, send emails now or schedule for later, preview emails and test them before sending them out, and track click and open rates on sent emails.

Sendloop’s marketing automation offers the ability that allows you to target the right segment with messages that are likely to grab interest and nudge them to take the desired action.

Using Sendloop you can easily target customers who are slipping away, have left an item in their shopping cart store, or those who have dropped off because of the desired item being out of stock, to bring them back to your website.

Cherry on the cake – you can add dynamic content to your email based making them even more relevant for your users.

For example, you could fetch recommendations from your website based on user’s purchase behavior and add these recommendations to your emails.

Last, Sendloop makes system email deliveries hasslefree. It takes only five minutes to integrate your app with Sendloop Transaction Email Gateway.

Once you’ve integrated, they take care of the rest and make sure your emails hit your users’ inboxes.

Sendloop is an easy-to-use feature-rich platform, which offers advanced tools. To build highly successful campaigns you don’t need to be a technological whizz.

The platform offers an easy to use, drag, and drop editor that lets you create highly conversion able email.

With the full feature HTML editor, any 100 + free e-mail templates can be adapted easily.

It gives you complete control and prepares your emails in minutes. 

The prefabricated email templates can be very personalized and have all the email areas you can request.

You can easily import this as your ZIP file, or send it to your special email address of Sendloop by coding your HTML email template.

Also, importing from a third party supplier an email is a breeze. 

The platform facilitates the automation of marketing. It one is the most amazing marketing automation tools for businesses to send perfect messages to the right customer to improve their sales and marketing at the right time.

The automation marketing feature enables you to target the right segment irrespective of the consumer and subscriber amount.

E-commerce companies may target customers who give up shopping carts, who slip away, or customers who visit a product page.

The Sendloop marketing automation module is designed to integrate easily into your website.

You can obtain comprehensive statistics with Sendloop that help you track your campaigns.

For every automation campaign, you can track the importance of every conversion.

It also helps users to measure their marketing automation scenario’s return on investment (ROI).


  • WordPress
  • Mailchimp
  • Slack
  • Pipedrive
  • Zapier

As far as Sendloop’s integrations are concerned, the platform easily connects to some of the best services, such as Stripe, Zapier, Salesforce, Typeform, Unbounce, Shopify, Slack, Leadflip Chatbox, OptinMonster, Poptin, Kickbox, Segmentify, Pipedrive, and more.

Their pricing is pretty easy to understand, as it is based on the number of contacts. 


Unlimited email- pricing starts at $9 per month and $79 for upto 10,000 contacts.

An Overview

An overview Of All The Tools Discussed In This Guide

Email marketing servicesPricingSummary
SendinbluePaid plan starts at $25/moWhat is good?
A power packed solution that offers advanced features at affordable prices.
Built-in CRM with SMS marketing .
Good workflow automation process.
What is not good?
Limited integrations.
The free plan allows only 300 emails/day .
GetresponseThe paid plans start at $19/moWhat is good?
Powerful complex automations.
Advanced features such as design and spam testing.
Sales funnels and webinar functionality.
What is not good?
The editor is slightly fiddly at times.
ConvertkitThe paid plans start at $29/moWhat is good?
One of th easiest subscriber management.
Easy to use landing page editor.
Reporting and analytics understandable even for beginners.
What is not good?
Newsletter services can be improved.
The reporting and analytics very basic but expensive.
Aritic pinpointThe paid plan starts $9/moWhat is good?
An all-in-one package that caters to all the marketing needs of big businesses.
Great option if you want to work on conversions.
What is not good?
The features can be overwhelming at times.
Customer service not responsive.
DripPaid plan starts at $39/mo for 2500 subscribers and no free plan.What is good?
An opt option for e-commerce businesses.
Good automation features.
Visually pleasing and easy to setup.
What is not good?
Templates not as good as that of competitors.
Slightly on the expensive side.
ActiveCampaignPaid plan starts at $29/mo for 1000 subscribersWhat is good?
One of the most impressive marketing automation.
Offers everything that one might need for their business.
Reporting is very thorough and detailed .
What is not good?
Overwhelming features.
SendLoopPaid plan starts at $79/mo.What is good?
Fairly easy to use and adapt.
Responsive technical support.
What is not good?
The pricing is expensive as compared to the kind of features they offer.
MailerlitePaid plan starts at $20/mo.What is good?
Logical and very feasible free plan.
Intuitive interface.
Simple to use landing page editor.
What is not good?
Lacks advanced features so not very apt for big businesses.

Our Experience

Our Experience With All The Platforms

There is a huge variety of email marketing automation tools in the market, and more are coming up each day. Every tool has a few plus points and a few negatives.

While some promise only email marketing automation, others also provide a few more services.

Depending on your requirement and budget, you can pick one out of the many available options.

best email marketing services

These marketing automation tools that I’ve reviewed above are the most popular ones, and you need not research anymore if you’ve gone through this list thoroughly.

Just make a pick from the list and get started with email marketing automation right away.


Questions related to Email Marketing automation tools:

What are some best email marketing automation tools?

Some of the best email marketing automation tools are Brevo, GetResponse and Mailchimp with best-in-class automation features.

What do marketing automation tools do?

What do marketing automation tools do?
A marketing automation tool automates the mundane and repetitive tasks that are a part of a marketing campaign. Some of the tasks that these tools do are:
Lead capture automation
Easy lead qualification
Reporting and analytics
Conversion tracking

Why should I use an email marketing platform?

Automation tools save you a lot of time that you would have otherwise invested in performing those repetitive tasks. It also saves money and resources that you can utilize for other processes.

Which marketing automation tool is good for SMBs?

Brevo and Drip are two good options for small business owners.

What is the difference between email marketing and marketing automation?

Email marketing is all about creating and sending emails to a static list. While marketing automation is all about automating various tasks. It helps to automate tasks like lead capturing, nurturing via email and help with conversions.
In short, you can say email marketing doesn’t have personalisation but with automation tools, you can easily achieve that.

Which one is the best email marketing services that is cheap?

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools as they offer a cheap plan that includes only email marketing functionality.

Navodit Ravi
Navodit Ravi

I am an accomplished marketing expert with over 10 years of experience focused on growth strategies, emerging technologies, and startup success stories. Driven by a passion for continuous learning, I actively explore and analyze new tools and services that enhance workplace productivity and efficiency. I possess deep expertise across key areas including CRM software, ecommerce, email marketing, marketing automation, and user engagement and retention. My analytical approach stems from hands-on experience implementing platforms that help businesses scale. I stay on top of the latest trends and successful case studies in order to provide actionable insights to brands looking to adopt innovative solutions. My articles and analysis spotlight marketing, growth hacking, and the strategic implementation of technology. As a lifelong learner, I am dedicated to helping both established companies and startups identify opportunities to streamline operations, boost ROI, and thrive.

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  1. I need data to survive and I need to know what my customers are interested in. I can segment things, see which headlines work best, and give my customers a better product. Drip is easy to use and work with. Drip is very clear how to do things with automations. 

    I made the switch to something more robust because of the end of the integration of Mailchimp and Shopify. If our competitors have that data, we need it because we outgrew Mailchimp’s function. We need the targeting and data of a program.

  2. I’m setting up a mailing list from scratch inside Mailerlite and I’m very happy with it. Someone has responded to my feedback and answered my queries after I found the help files to be less than helpful in the past.
    It’s wonderful to know that someone actually reads and responds to feedback, instead of going into a black hole.

  3. Inside Mailerlite I love how easy it was to set up automations. It was more intuitive than previous platforms that I’ve worked with. I’m better about sending my newsletters because it’s so easy to do, and the end result is professional and modern. There are quite a few useful features on the free plan.

  4. Speaking as a non techie when you don’t know how to use the software, Mailerlite is simple and the experience is not unlike others. When I can’t find myself, I really value the ability to reach out to mailerlite support to get answers. Having someone read your question and respond to it via support means a great deal to me.

    Mailerlite is a great place to set up automation systems to send emails. There are a lot of free online tutorials to help you understand Mailerlite’s different uses. Customer support is excellent and they are prompt to answer questions.

  5. Since I have been using GetResponse, I have been able to send sales emails, inform about our products, send newsletters or newscasts, welcome new subscribers, and much more.

    I would like GetResponse to be something cheaper and accessible for most people, because it turns out to be very expensive, and that’s the problem with GetResponse.

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