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Top 6 Email List Cleaning and Validation Service to Verify Emails

Does it get overwhelming to do all the email list cleaning? Do you find it challenging to manage your bulk email list? 

A lot of the times even though the sales pipeline is full and the funnel appears to be a warm one, sales executives still don’t see the results as they expected them to be.

And while many of them have every step done right to the T, email deliverability still seems to be a huge culprit.

Confused? Email deliverability failure is probably one of the most common causes of losing out on hot leads as it is also the most neglected one.

Such a situation arises when the intended email actually lands up in the Spam folder and not in the subscriber’s inbox.

This is where the importance of Email lists cleaning comes in. You’d probably not give this bit much attention, but it’s actually quite a big deal. As a content marketer, you’d have heard of the Content is the King?

But, for an email marketer, your brand’s reputation is the King.

In such scenarios, it is your mailing list that needs to be cleaned since a bad quality email clean list can leave a bad impact on your sender reputation. 

But how do you define a clean email list? Well, in most cases, a good or a clean email is the ID that has interacted with you at least once in the last 6 months.

It is important that you maintain a clean email list because of two big reasons- Spam Traps and Unengaged users. A great way to make it possible is by using best email cleaning tools

If you’ve heard of ISPs, these are always looking out for bad emails and making sure that the sender has got the rights to be in their receiver’s inbox.

If the sender is not allowed to be in the inbox, they are sent straight to SPAM which obviously affects the sender reputation.

The second reason- engaging with unengaged users, well that’s like knowingly landing up in their spam and totally wasting your time trying to get their attention because that’s never going to happen!

We will help you to understand how to clean your email list/scrub an email list online. 

To begin with, let’s see why anybody would need a product like the ones we’re going to discuss in a bit. Here’s why:

Email Validation: It is always helpful to know that the work you’re doing is actually worth the effort.

Imagine sending a beautiful email to hundreds of people every day, only to find that most of them did not receive them or half of the email IDs you used did not exist in the first place!

It’s always great to have your work verified before you start expecting the results- helps run things on track without any deviations on the way. Click To Tweet

Improved Performance: Once you know you’ve been sending your emails to the right people, it would certainly mean that those emails are landing up in their inboxes.

And this is great because the first step of the way is already achieved by making sure that the message has been delivered to the right person and at the right place.

There are plenty of email list cleaning tools that can make it happen. 

Increased Leads: Once the right people start reading and viewing your content on their email, they are definitely going to pay attention to you, which is great for your business!

Because at some point, you’re going to create a brand recall value for your business and they’d be reaching out to you for whatever it is that you’re offering to them.

Once you’ve got the right target audience reading you stuff, half your battle is already won! You can do it through email verification service and email cleaning services. 

Visible Results: Getting hot leads fast and frequently will have your numbers sharing up in almost no time.

Visible results are what is going to take you forward in business and help you make a mark in the industry- this is why doing the right thing at the right time is important.

The result is what drives a business but it’s what you’re doing to get there that matters the most.

Now that we’ve gone through how crucial it is to have a Email clean List, let’s get onto knowing a bit about the various email cleaning services that we have available.

Because hey, you don’t always need to do all of your work on your own and hire a email cleaning service provider!

Top email list cleaning tools:


Mailercheck is an email verification and list cleaning software designed for people who want a quick solution for maintaining a valid email list.

It helps you take control of you email lists and ensures deliverability and an improved email statistics.

Now let’s deep dive into the feature set of Mailercheck:

Get more strategic with email list: We all know that cleaning lists improve deliverability but with Mailercheck you also get insights and automated recommendations.

With the automated recommendations you can do more powerful and strategic segmentation and tagging and improve your future campaigns.

Filter out bad emails in real time: Instantly verify emails with a real time email verification API. Real time verification ensures that The best thing is that you can use it anywhere you collect emails.

The real time API verifies and filter email addresses with typos, errors, catch-all domains and more.

Top 6 Email List Cleaning and Validation Service to Verify Emails 1
Mailercheck email verification

Insights with verification usage reports: It allows you to monitor your verification lists and gain insights from one single dashboard. You can find how healthy are your email lists , what is the source of your emails addresses and what apps are used to validate your emails.

Test emails before sending: Mailercheck offers email insights that analyzes the content of your email before sending them. It helps to identify any deliverability red flags that you can change before your emails are send. Testing emails help you to land in the inbox rather than in the spam folder.


Mailercheck offers integration with most of the major ESP’s that are Mailchimp , Activecampaign, GetResponse , ConvertKit and Zapier.

Top 6 Email List Cleaning and Validation Service to Verify Emails 2
Mailercheck Integrations


Now coming to the most interesting part of any software product and that is the pricing. It has a straightforward pricing where you either pay as you go or opt for a monthly subscription.

It charges you based on credits where 1 credit = 1 email verification. The cost per credit is $0.01 that means you pay $10 for 1000 credits. Monthly subscription is slightly cheaper where you get 2500 credits for $20.


The Process: First up is NeverBounce. This is the best email list cleaning services which basically points out all the invalid Ids from your list and highlights them to be removed to clean your email list.

No matter how long the list, Neverbounce claims to clean your email list of any size without any glitches on the way. There are three simple steps to get the work done:

Email List Cleaning
  • Upload your list on to the NeverBounce system.
  • Let NeverBounce read and go through the ID’s and clean your email from scratch
  • Download the clean list before you use it to send out your emails!

Yes, the process of email lists cleaning is that simple! The tool is famous for providing real-time email verification and advanced email list cleaning & email scrubbing services

Single Email Verification: Another feature that is quite interesting and helpful here is the real time email verification.

This particular feature comes in handy in the case of a lead filling up forms, subscribing to newsletters, etc. When a visitor fills up their details in the lead capturing forms, the system quickly verifies the email iD filled in by them.

Real time email verification is done and make sure no glitches whatsoever. 

email list cleaning tools

Javascript Widget: If you’re not a developer and are struggling in implementing seamless integrations, NeverBounce has solutions for that too.

The product offers pre-built verification API wrappers for the user to copy and paste for quick results. Say goodbye to writing complicated and lengthy codes! It’s that simple. 

Human Verification: For those of you who do not trust the automatic email list cleaning systems, NeverBounce also guarantees human verification to ensure real time email verification.

What they like to offer through this service is complete assurance of quality, and a never compromise attitude for their clients.

So, your email verification and list cleaning service just got a personal twist. 

Result Segmentation:  After you upload your list of email IDs, NeverBounce breaks them down into 5 different categories namely- Invalids, Valids, Disposable, Catchalls, and Unknown.

For each of the categories, the product also mentions if it is actually safe to send them the emails or not. 

Working with CatchAlls: While the other categories of results are self-explanatory, Catch Alls are the ones that most need to be explained.

So here we go- CatchAlls are email IDs that are made to receive all emails sent to them, irrespective of typos or the intent.

These email ids are accepted as both valid as well as invalids which makes them ‘catch-alls’ You will very often find these email IDs with government institutes and government organizations.

The main goal of these Ids is to never miss an email intended to be sent on to them.

While this is a tactic that is popular among small companies, catch-alls can come in handy as emails are always received in their inbox.

Some other features that come with this software include bounce tracking, quality assurance, real-time analytics, secure data storage and so on.

With NeverBounce email cleaning, you get 80+ integrations which make things even easier.

Top 6 Email List Cleaning and Validation Service to Verify Emails 4
Neverbounce Capterra review

Update: NeverBounce is committed to GDPR and CCPA concerning all the data processes that include data collection, retention, modification, and processing of the personal data.

The details of all their amendments related to GDPR and CCPA is available on their company’s website.

So, feel free to use this email lists cleaning software without any worries.


Another free email list cleaner on the block is EmailListVerify. Quite a competitive product, this one actually caters to very similar requirements as Unbounce does to verify email.

However, there are still slight differences between the two.

As you would know by now, email deliverability is extremely crucial to be able to garner results out of your email campaigns.

The tool offers real-time email verification and advanced email scrubbing services.

So let’s take a deep dive into EmailListVerify ©2019. All rights reserved and find out how to clean email lists or scrub an email lists online using this product:

Email List Cleaning

Still wondering why you or our business would need this free bulk email list cleaner? Let’s take a look at the features that it offers to its users as compared to other email list cleaning tools

Email Deduplication: Often the data of email IDs pulled out by the data team includes a bunch of emails that might be duplicate in nature.

By running your list of email IDs through EmailListVerify, you clear out the chances of duplicate email IDs almost instantly.

Finally, what you get is a real time email verification and list cleaning services.

The system of bulk email list validation tools runs its intelligence through the list validation and cleans out every duplicate email address that might be lying around on your list.

After all, you don’t want to send the same email to the same person over and over again as that would only annoy them and lead you to land in their spam box the next them you send them something else.

Spam Trap Removal: Spam traps are email ids that are made to attract spam emails so that they don’t land up in the receiver’s inbox.

The product make sure that it cleans all records matching their intelligent spam-trap indicators, ensuring that your email is sent to valid emails Ids and lands in their inboxes only.

Risk Validator: A particular feature of this free bulk email list cleaner keeps a check on any typos or high-risk keywords that might lead your email to spam. It is very important to have such corrections in place as spam detectors have become much more effective over time.

The need to be accurate with email addresses as well as the content that is sent has become more important than ever before.

Domain Validation: It is not only the email address that needs to be checked the whole time but it is also the domain address that needs to be looked into.

The EmailListVerify system runs a quick check on all the domain names of the email addresses put up for assessment and helps identify the invalid/ misspelled or fakes ones.

This way you can be completely sure of who you are sending your emails to and whether they are being sent to the right people or not.

Email List Cleaning

Complainers Verification: You know how subscribers often have a complain that they get too many emails and they can mark the same on their system?

EmailListVerify runs a check for all the complainers on the database and gives you an option to remove them too to avoid turning them off even more!

This feature here is like taking care of all kinds of subscribers before you start off with your email campaign!

Syntax Verification: Also, many times emailing lists would have the right email addresses but with syntax errors in them. 

These are usually hard to point out and identify, however, email list verification tools like EmailListVerify holds the capability to pick out the syntax error addresses and remove them instantly from the lists.

This particular feature here is quite helpful so to say, as these are usually minor errors and are left out even after running multiple checks.

Real-time Bouncing: In addition to everything else this bulk email validation tool send out undetectable verification emails to those on the list which they weren’t able to accurately validate.

This functionality basically covers all email addresses that you might have on the list.

Ensuring that every single email ID is covered and checked before you send out anything to them is a major deal as sending anything to a wrong email ID, someone who’s resistant to your emails could be a major spot on your mailing reputation on the whole.

All in all, this free bulk email list cleanerEmailListVerify guarantees that no email on your list gets an unsolicited message during the validation process and the results of the entire validation process are always available in the Record section.

As a product, they also claim 97% accuracy and 10 times the reduction in bounce rate.

To begin working on this product, you can go ahead with their free trial, which literally asks for no fee at all.

As for their pricing model, you can pay as you go and they also have a couple of pricing packages that you can look at.

emaillist cleaning

Email Marketers would understand how important it is to keep your mailing list fresh and updating it all the time.

So here you go, you might want to give this free bulk email list cleaner EmailListVerify a shot!

It is the accurate email checker that you reach your customers’ inbox. It is an email list cleaning services provider that offers advanced email list cleaning & email scrubbing services.

You also get free email marketing tools with this software that are email health checker, blacklist checker, email extractor and MX lookup. 

Update:EmailListverify is a data processor and one of the popular email list verification tools, so they are entitled to be GDPR and CCPA compliance.

As such they have taken all the measurable steps to abide by the new data protection laws.

Their rules include the right to data erasure, third-party GDPR and CCPA validation, support compliance audits, and all other related operations.


For those of you who are suffering from poor mailing reputation are seeing a steep decline in your ROI, you probably need to clean up your mailing lists right away.

This is where email verification services and list cleaning products like Bounceless come in.

Built specially to get rid of hard bounces and very email lists from scratch until the end, Bounceless can be a great choice for your business for email scrubbing system that prevents email bounces.

email verification and list cleaning

Not quite convinced? Let’s take a look at its features and how to clean email lists using Bounceless:

To start off you can sign up for a free account and gradually go through the various steps of the product. It’ll ask you to fill in your details before you go on to upload your list of mailing Ids.

You can easily begin by importing your mailing lists, with the help of product integrations that Bounceless offers to its signed up users.

Integrations: The product integration with MailChimp is a blessing.

As many of you would be using MailChimp to send off your email marketing campaigns, you would obviously have your mailing lists on MailChimp too.

This is where things get really simple for you, all you have to do it, directly import your mailing list from MailChimp on to Bounceless © Copyright 2018 Rights Reserved for it to run its routine check across the data shared by you and email verification lists in bulk

Team Work Simplified: Don’t worry if you’re not the only one working on your email campaigns.

Our email lists verification tool Bounceless makes it really easy to manage and collaborate with multiple colleagues if any.

Email verification: The process of email verification and list cleaning is pretty simple.

If you don’t want to go through the integration part of it, you will simply need to upload a CSV file of your data on to Bounceless.

Further, to make sure that the check is run smoothly, you will have to ensure the following:

  • Each row has only one email address
  • Each email address to stick to the same column every time
  • The upper limit to the number of email addresses in a list is 1 million.

After meeting the requirements, you can go on to uploading the list.

You would have the option of choosing a list from your system, or even uploading it from any of the Cloud services that you might be using- Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Evernote or even from your FTP server.

Verification:  At this point, after you have uploaded the data, you will need to press the button which says “Start Verifying”.

After running a couple of basic checks for Spam traps and duplicates, the verification process will start and you will not be able to recall or pull it back after initiating it.

This is because they follow a pay as you go method for the fee and halting the process in a midway will not be possible.  

email list verification
email list verification

Downloading Results: After you verify email lists in bulk and the checks are complete, you will be asked to select ‘Download Results’ to take a look at the final data.

You will also have the option of customizing the final report before you actually see it.

You can select the type of emails you would like to see and choose from the following:  All Results, Deliverable, Invalid, Disposable, Accept All, Unknown or SpamTrap.

You will again have an option of downloading a CSV or an XLS file

Real Time API:  Before kicking off with the API integration, you will be asked to make your own account on Bounceless.

Since it is free, signing up will not take much time and things will simplify moving forward.

Once you have signed up, you will be asked to click on the PI tab on the nav bar and then to click on Create API.

For this, you will definitely need to have your API key in place as you will not be able to run certain requests without it.

The product has got API Libraries which will speak your language.

You will be able to learn more about it on their Github page or you may also contact them on the website or drop them a mail with your queries!

Their pricing model is pretty simple too. You literally pay for what you need.

The pricing is pretty nominal and you can begin working with a free account if you are still not sure about bringing this product on board!

email list verification

DataValidation is another email list cleaning and real time email verification tools that offer some really helpful services to its users ( which we are going to discuss right away!).

It works online and lets its users verify as well as clean up their contact lists straightaway by uploading a file on to their system.

The product actually boasts of using ESP integration or Real time email verification and Batch verification APIs. This email checker assess the health of the list and do email verification.  

As you would know, a business sending out emails on wrong IDs or even on misspelled, non-existent IDs can be shortlisted as SPAM and picked up by spam filters which do a lot of harm to the business.

Online reputation on this front can cause some serious impact and especially to the newbies who’ve just come out to make some important contacts in the industry.

No matter what you do online email lists cleaning is a must for everyone. The list hygiene tool automatically clean & validate your customer data

Keeping the importance of maintaining a stable reputation in the market, © 2020 DataValidation All rights reserved, has come up with a few features in their product which not only take care of the sender’s online reputation but also makes the entire job of sending out bulk emails a lot easier.

If you want to use this bulk email provider, we will help you to understand how to clean email lists using it. 

online email list cleaning

Reporting: One you upload a file with your list of email addresses that need a quick but thorough check, data, with the help of its analytics capabilities quickly generates a detailed report.

This report is specific to the information and data that you feed on to the system and consists of the various email address grouped as per various segments.

It also contains a very reliable quality scoring as well as a Deliverability Code Breakdown to help you get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable and much more.

Real-Time Verification: The product system is actually capable of running real-time verifications across the lists of email address that you choose to upload.

You may also run the check on a single email address if required and a similar check is executed.

Their API is also developer friendly and can share comprehensive deliverability data on each address in your email list.

Tokens: also offers prepaid data packs which offer its users with better-priced packages per email address when they are buying the services in bulk.

These token come without any expiration date and can be used without a validity capping until the token lasts with the user.

validate email list

Integration with ESPs: The product is already linked and integrated with some of the leading Email Service company or email Provider of the world.

If you have an account with any of these email service providers or ESPs, namely- GetResponse, MailChimp, MailUp, Hubspot, AWeber, and Zapier, you will have a seamless experience in terms of email verification and report generation.

Update: If you have any in-depth GDPR and CCPA related concerns to email provider, then feel free to use Bounceless as it is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

It has all the email checker tools designed for handling all the GDPR and CCPA associated concerns.

Pricing: also offers a pay as you go pricing model.

Top 6 Email List Cleaning and Validation Service to Verify Emails 6
Data validation pricing plans

Along with Free Reporting, pre-paid Tokens and Repeated Subscriptions, they also offer a ‘one-time-tune-up’ package which costs as per the number of email IDs you want to reach out to.

email list cleaning


Built with an aim to simplify the lives of email providers and marketers, Kickbox – one of the email checker tools for email list cleaning comes with a range of interesting features.

In the business of sending an email and building a rapport with the prospects, it is extremely important that every small step is taken with utmost care and perfection.

In the midst, a hundred other things that a marketer needs to do to reach out to the right people, emailing critical information on the right email addresses becomes critically important too.

Many times, most businesses tend to lose out on their potential prospects by missing out on actually landing up in their inboxes. This mistake is often seen amongst startups and newbies who don’t realize the value of regularly updating their mailing lists.

While there are many products and platforms in the market that cater to cleaning the lists of email addresses, there are a very few of such platforms that are actually useful and reliable, Kickbox being one of them.

Let’s take a look at some of its features that make it a must-have for email marketers’ list of tools:

Email Verification: Email marketers usually end up spending a lot of time and effort on strategizing and designing the perfect email campaign to get leads for their business.

However, it often goes waste as the effort does not see any results.

A  common cause of this situation is the lack of verified emails in their list of email addresses.

validate email list

 Such a situation can be easily avoided with a feature like this one on

With this tool, you can quickly drag and drop your contacts on the interface to get your contacts verified in a jiffy and validate the email verification list.

You can also do email verify email list in bulk using this tool. 

Recipient Authentication: With this helpful feature, the ownership of email ids are confirmed online.

One can easily use this feature to ensure accurate subscriptions to legit email IDs.

It is perfect for account sign-ups, password resets, and anywhere email addresses are captured.

Integrations: Our tool for email list cleaning–  Kickbox has some really smart and helpful integrations with some of the leading email service providers, including, Hubspot, MailerLite, MailGun, Marketo, Sendloop, MailChimp, Drip, Bronto and a few others.

The system automatically connects to your ESP and quickly removes the undelivered email is to make things simpler for the marketer!

validate email list

Pricing: The verification and authentication packages of this tool for email list verification and cleaning start at $5, gradually rising as the requirement increases. 

list cleaning services


A new tool that offers five key features that is email marketing, form builder, subscription billing, Pabbly connect, and email verification. It promises to catch all false positives or any email address that is not valid.

Since in this post we are talking about the email verification tools so we will check how Pabbly email verification actually works and how good it is.

Let’s check out some features of this tool:

1.) Email verification at slow speed: Pabbly emphasizes the fact that slow-speed email verification guarantees accurate results. So what exactly is this slow-speed verification?

With this technique, a ping request is sent to the recipient’s email server. Once the ping request is received, the server lets you know whether the email address is authentic or not.

2.) Effectiveness of slow speed: As per the Pabbly website they state that when you send pings too fast, the mail servers tend to deny your requests or you receive wrong data but that is not the case with slow speed messages.

3.) Duplication removed: All the duplicate emails are removed automatically which helps to maintain a healthy email list.

4.) Complaints database: If there are emails that match the complaints that already Pabbly has in its database are also removed.

So this again promises accurate results as the unknown or faulty email addresses will not be a part of your email lists.

5.) Anti-greylisting: The anti-greylisting technology ensures that the email addresses that you receive are fully valid and accurate.

This technology ensures substantial pauses between email verification tests to prevent the blocking of the IP server.


The email verification feature of this tool starts @ $5 for 1000 emails and $15 for 5000 emails, $84 for 50,000 emails, and so on.

An overview of all the email list cleaning services discussed in this post:

Email validation toolsPricingFeatures Summary
NeverBounceThe Paid plan starts at $10/month for up to 1000 emails.What is good?
Highly accurate results.
Very precise with their invalidated email labelling.
Powerful processes for email validation.
What is not good?
Expensive .
EmailListVerifyThe paid plan starts at $104.25/mo for 5000 emails/day.What is good?
Very easy to use.
Good integration options.
Has spamtrap and other features at affordable price.
What is not good?
Verification process tends to be slow.
BouncelessThe paid plan starts at $19/mo for 2500 emails.What is good?
Support is slow.
The verifying process is very fast.
Spamtrap indicator feature.
What is not good?
The reason cited for invalidated emails are not clear creating confusion.
DataValidationThe paid plan starts at $3.50 as one-time payment.What is good?
 Free quality reports .
 Good support.
What is not good?
 The results are not sent directly.
KickboxThe paid plan starts at $5 for 500 verifications.What is good?
Free quality reports .
Good support.
What is not good?
The results are not sent directly.
Top 6 Email List Cleaning and Validation Service to Verify Emails 9
Best email list cleaning services 2020

Before you select the email list cleaning tool:

These are the best email service providers for managing email lists.

Whether you have a huge number of business and customer contacts or not, and usually reach out to them over email, it is best to regularly do email verification and validate email lists.

This is probably the best way to tenure that you are not trapped in SPAM filters and are successfully reaching your intended receivers.

As you would know, missing out on landing up in relevant inboxes can result in loss of customers, leading to a significant dip in revenues as well.

Why do I need email list cleaning service for email marketing?

Email List cleaning keeps your subscriber list up to date and keeps removing the email addresses that are no longer interested in your business. So, you only approach people who want to read your emails.

Why is data validation important?

Data validation and email verification is important because it ensures that the email that you send is getting delivered at valid email addresses and reaching your intended prospects. If you don’t pay attention to where your emails are going you might get blacklisted by your ISP.

What is email scrubbing?

Email scrubbing means removing unengaged customers from your list so that you only market to people who are interested in your emails.

What is the difference between data cleansing and data scrubbing?

Data cleansing and Data scrubbing is more or less the same thing. Both are employed to improve the quality of the data used. It involves removing the errors or any inconsistencies that may be polluting the data.

How do I use email list cleaning services to maintain my email database?

You should begin the cleaning service with the most active email list. Include the older lists as well so that you know unengaged subscribers who are no more active. You should be doing this activity at least twice a year.

What benefits do I get with email list cleaning services?

Email list cleaning services will ensure you have higher open rates , better conversions for your email marketing and lesser bounce rates.

What does the term email list hygiene mean?

The email list hygiene means cleaning out invalid, non-responsive email ids, and subscribers. It helps you create more effective marketing campaigns.

How often should I clean my email lists?

The number of times you clean your email lists will depend a lot on the type of business you own and the email lists you have. But a good rule of thumb is to clean it up every six months.

What does the term soft bounce mean?

A soft bounce means that the email did reach the recipient’s mail server but was bounced back due to some technical reasons.

What do we mean by bulk email validation?

Bulk email validation means that all the emails on your list are passed through a variety of email validation checks. It will ensure that only valid and reliable emails remain on the list.

What is a hard bounce?

A hard bounce email will give you a permanent reason why an email cannot be delivered. Some of the reasons are the email id doesn’t exist or the domain name is incorrect.

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    Convenient, easy and fast email verification tool. By the way, it has free trial and you can verify your first 1000 emails for free.

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