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2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now

This blog post is about Leadpages Alternatives, but before I go more deep into discussion, lately, online ad campaigns are being directed to the landing pages the web visitors could arrive at.

In the purest sense, landing pages capture a visitor’s contact information like name, email address, phone number or the like.

They have the form already embedded on the page that would have the content or can even contain an enticing call-to-action to make the visitor click and jump to the page where they could fill their information out.

These kinds of landing pages are called “Click through pages”.

Here is the example of click through page:

click through page example - Free Leadpages Alternatives

Some common uses of landing pages are:

  • Event or webinar registration
  • Contest or special promotion of a product
  • Requesting a consultation of strategy session
  • Account sign up of “Coming Soon” pages.
  • Offer reminder
  • Survey etc.

Landing pages can be used with Facebook Lead ads as well for social media marketing. We can retarget the visitors and remarket the traffic. Facebook also has this excellent feature in its campaign that will allow the visitor to claim an offer or providing a coupon code.

Facebook’s display feature could help tease the user to a dedicated landing page.

Here is an example of how ShopMob started a contest on Landing pages and successfully used a landing page for collecting leads:

ShopMob Landing Page - Leadpages Alternatives

Marketers also use the social media network of Twitter to receive inbound traffic to their website. For a more customized experience on social media Twitter landing pages can be used.

Better quality scores can be achieved when a more targeted, optimized, well-designed landing pages are assigned to the campaigns that we are running, ultimately will have a better return on investment.

There are certain best practices to stick around to make the landing pages more attractive to the visitors. Even though landing pages carry a vital importance in the part of digital marketing, it is not that simple.

A landing page should have a clear concise and well-arranged design that will help the users instead of deviating them.

One single irrelevant data in the landing page could yield in loss of a prospective client or customer. Click To Tweet

The purpose of landing serves a critical conversion goal and doesn’t allow the users to deviate to other website functionality and helps make conversion easier.

Landing pages gained their popularity in usage since the last six years and, looking at the advantages it serves, the demand is only growing. Landing pages have certainly made the lives of digital marketers easier by not only capturing prospective leads but also have helped segregate the campaigns from the products.

Just getting a landing page won’t open a floodgate of leads, we need to optimize them according to the Landing Pages Rule books.

We have pointed out some of them here:

1. Write a catchy headline that your buyer persona would search for

As the rule goes, your headline is the first thing that your visitors will read, and it SHOULD be catchy enough to get the attention of the visitor.

Making it easier, think as if the effective headline should not only talk about the product or service that you are selling but rather should tell the visitor why he clicked it in the first place.

2. Match your call to action to the campaign that the visitor clicked on

An average internet user has an attention span of seconds, to make it count, we need to solve the visitors problem quickly by taking them to the solution.

The rule here says – marketers should match the expectations of the visitors by making the copy and the headline similar to the solution that you are offering.

3. Make the visitors journey easier

How can we do that? Use hidden menu bar so that your visitor doesn’t deviate from the site.

Use lucid and attractive designs for the visitors to go about.

Check out these excellent high CTR google web designers template to make high converting landing pages. These templates have already been used by me in my previous projects and there is no doubt that they won’t work.

Have a look!

When did landing pages gain its importance?

Thanks to Google trends we got some data regarding the same:

Landing Page Google Trends - Latest Leadpages Alternatives

As we can see, marketers have used the landing pages in late 2008 and how there is hike in demand.

According to MarketingSherpa, a whooping 68% of B2B marketers use landing pages to optimize their sales lead for better conversion.

And as we can see, how the trend is growing in the year 2016.

Do you wanna create landing page for your marketing campaigns with having a degree in design or technology?

Check out our suggested 5 WordPress landing page “drag and drop” builders for marketers.

In this post we will highlight the best uses and pro cons of two best Leadpages alternatives landing page tool – Clickfunnels and Instapage.

Instapage – An excellent Leadpages Alternative

Let’s start with Instapage Landing Page builder Platform

Creating a high converting landing page, can be a daunting and protracted task for the marketer. Which is why one can use Instapage for better and manageable landing page creation. 

Instapage is one of the best leadpages alternative known for its drag and drop editor that makes the creation of landing pages easy.

instapage-create-landing-page Cheaper Leadpages Alternatives

Marketers don’t have to worry about learning coding to get the landing page right.

Instapage provide seamless integration with CRM tools, social, email marketing and other optimization tool, so that the marketer doesn’t have to worry about keeping too much information stored in different tools. Just integrate and you are good to go.

Currently, Instapage supports integration of more than 20 marketing tools.

Instapage also camouflages your website so that the functionalities work like just your own website.

Instapage squeeze page

80% of marketers believe that email addresses form the foundation of marketing their business in a better way.

A squeeze page generally “squeezes” the email of the visitor in return of something valuable to them.

The visitor sign up using their email address and you promise to provide them the service that is featured in the main landing page. You can provide important information in the form of ebooks, whitepaper, newsletter, video or webinar information, case studies, decks etc in return of their emails.

Before deploying the squeeze pages you must decide on the creativity and the determine the usefulness of the information provided by you in the main page of the landing pages so that it will be enticing enough for the visitors to enter their emails.

Here are some of the examples of squeeze pages.

Here is one of the creative squeeze pages I came across:

Creative Landing Page - Effective Leadpages Alternatives

Isn’t it creative enough to attract emails?

And oh! I almost forgot to mention that squeeze pages can also be made through your facebook or twitter campaigns.

Check out Instapage’s blog on How to Use a Facebook Sqeeze Page to Capture Email Addresses.

Want your facebook page to live upto it’s potential?

Instapage splash page

Landing pages are an excellent way to let the designers and marketers think out of the box. Splash page informs the visitors about the exclusive launch, it contains the mix of texts, videos, or gamification or music to entice the visitors to explore the rest of the page.

In a way, splash pages act as some interaction between the website and the users.

Some splash page automatically redirects the visitors to the home page of the website, or some will require the visitor to click on the home page button.

Look at how Minute race uses splash page to create a landing page that will allow an user to enter their email address in one minute!

leadpages alternative -Minute Race Landing Page - Free Leadpages Alternative

See how Sony Ericsson uses splash page that forces the visitors to learn some geography! 😉

leadpages alternative -sony ericson splash page

Sometimes splash page is used to welcome the visitor to the site. Those kind of pages appear just once.

Forbes actually take the advantage of the feature and let the visitors think upon of the “Thought of the day” :

leadpages alternative -Forbes Splash Page - Alternative to Leadpages

Instapage sales page

Creating professional landing pages has never been a difficult task when you are using Instapage landing page builder.

Startups could use the landing pages to promote their brand. Instapage offers lot many features that make it too good to miss out.

2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now 1
Reddit Instapage discsussion

Let’s check out some of the features that Instapage offers

As I said Leadpages alternatives – Instapage lets you build your landing page with it’s simple drag and drop editor, A/B Split test can also be done for your campaigns to see the performance of the campaign and then going ahead with it.

A/B testing is an essential element to the digital marketer as we all know that only in a perfect world ALL of your visitors will get converted.

To see how the campaigns perform by applying certain variation, like changing the image or changing the headline, we could see how the conversion rate vary.

It not surprising if we tell you that

Google ran 7000 A/B tests for its campaigns in 2011 alone! Click To Tweet

Yes, 7000! And yes, Instapage’s drag and drop editor helps you tweak your campaign as per your need easy.

2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now 2

G2crowd instapage review

PPC advertising

Imagine how frustrating an experience would it be if your prospective lands on your website after clicking on the ad that said you will provide him “x” and he starts searching for it on your website. Meeting our potential customer’s experience is one of the reasons why landing pages came into existence.

To reduce the bounce rates, marketers who are using landing pages should use match the search intent of the visitor through the landing page.

Unlike 2008, where codes were required to create a site consistent with the website that would direct the visitors to land on, we have a simple platform to set up and manage our PPC landing page in an efficient and persuasive manner.

leadpages alternative -ppc-ads - Alternative to Leadpages

One great tip to go to the PPC landing page is to align your ad text, keywords and the ad copy to the landing page headline and content so that it would give the visitor a consistent experience.

Lead Generation System

Instapage’s straightforward system helps you generate lead through video ads, PPC ad, Facebook ad or Twitter ad.

Lead generation has always been an essential part of online marketing, and we cannot ignore it. Some of the new, out of the box ideas to generate more leads are to:

Create a Tweetup/ Meetup in Twitter

Use annotations in your YouTube Ad like “Get your free demo here” or “Get your first free sample from here”. This kind of call to action boost engagement.

Creating a gated post with half the content showing and another half on download is a proven way to pull more leads as well.

For Example, in a post containing 10 free email templates, you could make available 3 templates on the site whereas other 7 in an ebook that would require the visitor to enter their details.

Webinars are becoming extremely popular among the marketers that will not only educate their customers but also, generate quality leads who are interested in their products.

See how Digital Marketing guru Neil Patel uses webinars to attract clients for his business:

leadpages alternative -neil patel - software like Leadpages
leadpages alternative -neil2

On clicking the orange button, the page straight goes to the form where the schedule for webinar and lead details will be given:

A podcast is also very useful to prospective customers as they can listen to them when reading is not very convenient or while driving.

Integration ecosystem

Digital marketing can be very exciting to work with minus the tools that needed to be worked on a daily basis. Implementing your marketing campaigns in different sets of tools can be very cumbersome.

Thankfully, Instapage’s standalone integration page allows the users to locate and manage all the standard integrations in a page.

Tools like Mailchimp, WordPress, ActiveCampaign, GoToWebinar, are some of the important ones that Instapage supports.

leadpages alternative -instapage-integrations

All these without analytics won’t be good, right? Instapage provides analytics for A/B test campaigns and running campaigns to make your numbers strong.

To coherently assemble and accumulate the ever pouring data into the art of analytics is something that Instapage specializes in.

Important metrics such as view conversion rates over time, view conversion vs unique visitors have been added in the analytics dashboard to help users set benchmarks and review them.

Pricing and support

A no frills no credit card account is available to the first time users for 30 days. The free account holder will hold a Basic Account pack feature to evaluate the landing pages created using Instapage.

Instapage has two account type-

The building and converting. Building one comes at $199 per month if paid annually. With this pack, a user can have 30000 unique visitors, 3 team members, 3 workspaces, and 30 landing page experiences that make this plan apt for small businesses.

A converting pack is a customization pack that is apt for well-established businesses. 

Also, you get some extra benefits like a 1to1 basis landing page that is landing page as per the user actions. With the enterprise plan, you can assume that you are leveraging the whole Instapage team to help your business grow.

All of the Instapage’s plans have the following features:

Drop in pixel tracking, CRM integrations, and Mobile Responsive landing pages. They will also receive SEO friendly features, Marketing automation Integration, Email Integrations, and all the landing pages are WordPress compatible.

Update on Instapage GDPR and CCPA compliance:

The team at Instapage takes data and privacy of their customers quite seriously. And in alliance with the new European GDPR and CCPA law; now Instapage is providing a host of features and helping their customer to comply with GDPR and CCPA law. Complete detail about the Instapage GDPR and CCPA compliance can be found here.

Let’s talk about the next alternative for Leadpages: ClickFunnels

How is ClickFunnels helping marketers out there with their extremely efficient sales funnel?

Before going to the functions of ClickFunnels, let’s see what is ClickFunnels?

Think about it: when you first started out your business, what were those necessary tools that you used that would help in your marketing effort?

Let me list out some:

  • Website Hosting
  • Landing Page Software
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Affiliate software
  • WordPress
  • Webmasters and more

Clickfunnels-Most powerful alternative to Leadpages Alternatives

leadpages alternative -clickfunnels-logo

Now imagine a tool that would consist of all the tools listed above (and more than those) in one single tool. Yes, you read it right.

ClickFunnels is an all-rounder marketing automation tool that offers a full support system for sales funnels management that makes it one of the best leadpages alternatives.

ClickFunnels allows to build the entire funnel for your sales that can help you track your prospects, leads or drop off rates across the funnel that makes is easy for you to see what’s working and what is not.

2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now 3
Quora discussion of Clickfunnels and Leadpages

A/B split testing allows testing different versions of your marketing campaigns and the behavior of your target audience.

ClickFunnels is equipped with email autoresponders and a payment gateway that makes it one of the best tool to go with if you are running any kind of marketing campaigns.

Clickfunnels helps you create a website that has a built in the lead page that will attract leads for your business. You can easily plan a product launch, a webinar or podcast or any campaign launch with this tool.

Funnel is a kind of Sales process engineering that integrates sales, marketing, and CRM in one go, thus, creating a funnel that goes with the type of business that you are running.

Clickfunnels is extremely non-tech friendly that just requires a simple drag and drop editor to build the landing pages.

leadpages alternative -cf-editor-gif

Let’s explore the kind of sales funnels that Clickfunnels offers:

Sometimes the business struggles with the sales and is not able to do any upsell.

While statistics is the fact that it is easier to sell your existing customers than acquiring new customers, very few businesses or start-ups are concentrating on following up the customers and make an upsell.

The sales funnels technology of Clickfunnels helps those businesses identify their customer retention pain points and contributes to making an excellent sales funnel to generate the income that they deserve.

Here are some of the sales funnel offered by Clickfunnels:

Best seller book funnel:
bookseller funnel

Bestseller book funnel starts with an online free video demo of the ebook that you are selling.

Authors can make use of Clickfunnels to make more money and do some upselling as well. If you have two or more books to sell then, you can use Clickfunnels’s upsell page and create a page for upselling.

After capturing the prospects to the landing page, Clickfunnels cleverly pulls them to the upsell page and attach two or more books to sell at a price that would look enticing to the visitors.

The Product Launch funnel:

Product launch funnel helps the business to create a need for the prospects in the right way.

The funnel consists of four pages where four videos will be shown – page by page-

leadpages alternative -product_launch_funnel

1. “Wow+How” – this page typically will educate the visitor about the problem that the product that you are launching, will answer.

The How question and Wow-ing the prospects.
2. Transformational Education: Educate the customers about the product.
3. Ownership Experience: By taking real life examples of your visitors
4. The offer – No explanation is needed, we guess!

The whole journey is taken care of by Clickfunnels.

Design the “real stuff” funnel:

We have been talking about upselling a lot. Do you know that McDonalds increases their profit by 8x with the process of upselling?

With the sale of one burger, it makes only $0.18 profit, but when it sells the burger with fries and a coke, it makes a straight profit of $1.32. This is the power of upselling.

The real stuff is centered around upselling Look at the picture below and get the clear vision of how it works!

Perfect Webinar Funnel:

As we mentioned earlier in the post that webinars are gaining popularity and more people are coming on board for the sessions.

Clickfunnels’s funnel consists of:

  • Webinar Registration page
  • Thank you page
  • Live webinar page
  • Webinar replay page
  • and a sales page.
Perfect_Webinar_Funnel - leadpages alternative

Not only this, this tool allows you to segregate your mail as the prospects who registered but didn’t see the webinar with the replay link.

The prospects who saw but didn’t see the offer, etc. And like that will help you send personalized mails to prospects concerning their behavior in the entire webinar session. If the prospect is making a purchase, then Clickfunnels takes care of the billing too.

So, we can say that Clickfunnels got you covered throughout the entire process and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

In all, there are 15 types of sales funnel that Clickfunnels currently offers. There is a funnel for any business – whether you are an author, a dentist, a teacher or a digital marketer.

You can create a funnel or delete an existing page from the funnel if you like, to suit your marketing needs.

Clickfunnels comes with a robust analytics platform that helps the user to check on what is clicking and what is not. The dashboard is in front of them to see which A/B split test is working and which one need more push.

Also, helps measure the open mail rates and sales conversion metrics. In short, all kind of analytics is taken care by them.

Clickfunnels vs Instapage:

  • Clickfunnels and Instapage are both different tools that have a standard feature, and that is, to create, test and optimize the landing pages. Clickfunnels is capable of handling everything related to your sales funnel so you are not just limited to creating and testing landing pages. However, let’s check the differences between the two for their shared feature.
  • Clickfunnels is building for the ones who want them to take care of everything from
    Although Instapage’s landing page builder is more powerful, both the tools come with A/B testing feature.
  • Clickfunnels are highly flexible and clean, but this is where the problem arises as simplicity doesn’t help marketers to play around and build landing page of their choice. Instapage eliminates this limitation. Experienced designers will find it challenging to use Instapage’s.
  • If you have a service to market, a product to sell or an event or webinar to host, then Clickfunnels will be a great host that will make email marketing and landing page creation incredibly simple for you. However, if you are a PPC marketer, interests lie in building landing pages primarily and already have an email marketing platform, you will get more clicks for your ads through Instapage.
What is good?Sales funnels creation is very easy.
Come with a cookbook builder
Offers reusable instablocks that make the process much easy.
What is not good?In-built marketing is expensive. Maybe expensive if you do not use their features.
Best forImproving conversions and ROIGreat advanced analytics
PricingPaid plan starts at $97/moPaid plan starts at $149/mo

Clickfunnels offers a 14 days trial while Instapage provides a 30 days free trial version.

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages:

  • On the pricing front, Clickfunnels allows you to access all the feature based on your chosen account – not to forget that all the feature are available only at $97. While Leadages helps you access everything from $37. However, we would like to mention that split test are not available for Leadpages users.
  • An easy to use, a clean dashboard will be found in Leadpages while Clickfunnels dashboard uses flat icons and images throughout the pages. After all, display and orientation matter. Clickfunnels has highly customized options for the landing pages with lead pages doesn’t have that feature. As a result, the marketers could easily recognize the pages made from Leadpages from space.
  • Click funnel receives only email support if you are a regular email holder while the enterprise account holder gets priority phone support.
  • Leadpages customers support is better if compared. While regular members receive only email support, Pro members enjoy live chat and email support, and Enterprise members gets all three: Live chat, email and phone support.
What is good?Sales funnels creation is very easy.
Come with a cookbook builder
Comes with a website builder
What is not good?In-built marketing is expensive. No split testing with lower-tier plans
Best forImproving conversions and ROISmall business owners
PricingPaid plan starts at $97/moPaid plan starts at $37/mo

Clickfunnels integration: Clickfunnels provides integrations with the following tools for the funnels to work.

leadpages alternative -clickfunnels-integrations - App like Lead pages

Payment gateways are integrated with : Stripe, Ontraport, ClickBank, WarriroPlus, Infusionsoft among few others.

For email autoresponders Clickfunnels integrated with: AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, GoToWebinar form, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Constant contact API etc.

Clickfunnels have also stated in their FAQ section that if the integration is not to be found by the marketers then they can mail the support and they make it work for them. If not, then money back guarantee.

2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now 4
Capterra review of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Pricing: Clickfunnels currently has a 14 day trial period for all their new customers.

Clickfunnels also comes with monthly contracts options which can be canceled anytime you want. With all the features listed above, Clickfunnels comes at a price of $97 to get all the features of funnels at your fingertips.

Since Clickfunnels will host every effort related to the funnel, there might be a small risk associated with availability or hosting of the service that could affect the campaigns.

So we compared at length, the two best tools we can rely on for capturing leads through landing pages. These two tools – Clickfunnels and Instapage are the best alternative to Leadpages.

Pagemaker – Powerful alternative to Leadpages

Pagemaker markets itself as one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use page builders. Using this tool, you can create landing pages as quickly as just 15 minutes, which is pretty quick and efficient.

How does PageMaker actually work?

Pagemaker comes with a template repository with various styles such as portfolio, software, real estate, and even crypto. Depending on your needs and the intended purpose, you can go with the style and choose a category (purpose) for your respective page, such as lead capture, agency, click through, and eCommerce.

2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now 5


  • Free: The free plan offers 5 campaign , 1 custom domain , unlimited traffic and unlimited templates.
  • Pro : The pro plan is priced at $25/mo , 15 campaigns and 5 custom domains with unlimited traffic and unlimited templates.
  • Agency: The agency plan is slightly expensive and priced at $100/mo , 75 campaigns and 25 custom domains with unlimited traffic and unlimited templates.


  • Real-time Campaign Analytics
  • Pixels & Tracking
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Automated Coupon Emails
  • Dynamic Text Replacment
  • Google Fonts
  • CDN Optimisation
2+ Best Leadpages Alternatives You Should Use Now 6
Crozdesk market radar for website builders

Instapage is to be chosen as the first best leadpages alternative keeping in mind the one best service that the tools provide – Lead Generation.

While Clickfunnels maybe chosen as the second-best leadpages alternatives that let it handle your marketing efforts.

There are many more alternatives to LeapPages like Unbounce, Convertkit, Thrive, Optimizepress, WordPress Landing Page Builders etc.

Which one do you use? Comment in the post below.

What We LikeUnlimited leads with each plan;

Comes with a website builder;

You can also create Facebook ads
The Instablocks feature helps you create reusable blocks saving you time.

Instapage allows you to track changes on your landing pages.
Sales funnels creation is easy and their cookbook builder provides plenty of tutorials and ideas to help new users.
What we don’t likeThe template customization is restricted;

Doesn’t offer split testing with their lower-tier plans.
Instapage is expensive if you do not want to use the advanced features.In-built email marketing is expensive and if you use a third-party tool for the same it will cost you less money
Value for moneyYes; if you are just looking for a simple landing page builder to capture leads.

To get the advanced features Leadpages is not that cheap.
When you pay $149 (cheapest plan) you get a lot of advanced features such as a/b testing and server-side testing. It is expensive if you do not know how to leverage all the features that it offers.
Customer supportPriority to advanced users if you raise a ticket for your queries. Prompt Support on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.Live chat support is available only for paid subscribers for 11 hours. The other way is to raise a ticket and sending a query to their team.No 24-hour support and quite tough to get in contact with their support team. But they have a lot of knowledge base to help people with their queries.
Who should use it?Small business owners who want want to capture leads and build up their email lists.Business owners who do not have any budget restrictions and want to focus on advanced analytics.It works best for Business owners who want to increase their ROI and improve their conversions.
Our score4/54.7/54.5/5
Clickfunnels, Instapage, and Leadpages side to side comparison
Questions related to Leadpages alternatives:
What are the Leadpages and how it is helpful for any business?

Leadpages help to create lead capture pages. With these pages you can collect customer’s information and accordingly plan your email marketing strategy.

Why are landing pages so important for any website or business?

Landing pages are the set of first pages where the customer starts his journey through the website. It plays a crucial role in customer retargeting and offers information about the product in a way that may help with conversion.

Which is the cheapest alternative to Leadpages?

The top alternative to Leadpages is Instapage and clickfunnels. It offers a number of features and that too at impressive pricing. Clickfunnels might sound a bit expensive at first but it has more features such as split testing that you do not get with Leadpages.

What is the best option for marketing funnels is it clickfunnels or leadpages?

Clickfunnels is a better option for marketing funnels as it has a more advanced system to create sales funnels keeping in mind your customer pain points.

What are marketing funnels and how they help with your sales efforts?

Marketing funnels is the breakdown of a customer life-cycle starting from the awareness phase till the purchase phase. When you have different categories for each phase it becomes easier to strategize your marketing efforts.

Which one is best for conversion and optimization leadpages or clickfunnels?

I think conversion and optimization Clickfunnels does better. Clickfunnels offer much more functionality and are more robust as compared to Leadpages. They offer elaborate sales funnel for varying scenarios that help with conversion and upsell. Also, they have impressive affiliate programs.

What is the difference between instapage , unbounce and Leadpages?

Instapage: Super fast landing page builder; Good for beginner as well as experts
Leadpages: Impressive landing pages builder with other features like A/B testing, reporting , 150 free templates at a much lower price; Good for beginner as well as experts
Unbounce: An advanced landing page builder and quite a popular tool but also expensive. ; Only for experts.

How easy is Leadpages to use?

Leadpages is very easy to use and implement. You do not need any coding knowledge or need to deal with complex plugins.

Does Leadpages support website building?

Yes, leadpages allow you to build a high converting website with full ease. There are plenty of no-code customizations that make the process super easy.

What can you accomplish with Leadpages?

Leadpages allow you to host webinars, build sales pages, create landing pages, build a website, and help you perform a lot more other operations.

Do Leadpages integrate with Wix?

Yes, the integrations offered by Leadpages are plenty and it does support Wix. So you can easily publish pop-ups, alert bars built-in Leadpages to your WIX site.

Ankit is a technology entrepreneur. Founder of Aritic. Ankit loves to analyse and write in-depth software, application reviews in his free time since 2009.


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    Why should you choose Instapage as a leadpage alternative? Building a high conversion landing page can be a nightmare for any marketer. That is why you should choose Instapage as it makes your work easy through its drag and drops interface.

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    ClickFunnels is one of the alternatives of LeadPages. It offers different tools like web hosting, WordPress, the software for a landing page, webmasters, Email Autoresponder and the affiliate software. It helps its users in creating a website with a built in lead page that would let the leads to be attracted to the business of the users.

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    BitBlox also propose a very simple and valuable A/B testing tool to help you to optimize and increase your sales and leads!
    Try it free, for 30 days and you will be surprised how easily you can build your landing page.

    Regards, Natalia!

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    This blog post is about Leadpages Alternatives, but before I go more deep into discussion, lately, online ad campaigns are being directed to the landing pages the web visitors could arrive at. In the purest sense, landing pages capture a visitor’s contact information like name, email address, phone number or the like.

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      Yes Devesh, you are right. Landing pages helps marketers to quickly collect the lead information.

  9. Dona M Reply

    I totally love and buy the concept of “Click through pages”. It is no nonsense and makes perfect sense. Direct call to action is simply good to go.

  10. Martin Carter Reply

    Instapage looks like the best Leadpages alternatives. Build your page with Instapage with a simple drag and drop facility.
    Tell me more about A/B Split test, Ankit. Does A/B Split test project how many visitors will get converted? What does this testing do, i am very curious.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Martin, Yes Instapage is really good alternative to Leadpages. A/B test of landing pages are required, when a marketer need to test and optimize the performance of their existing lading page. Using A/B split test; they can change and optimize different elements of landing pages and see how the changes can impact their conversion to get high return.

  11. Kishore Rana Reply

    Hi Ankit. Nice Article. A little off this topic, but how effective do you think a webinar is? How important it is in today’s age?
    Can you share an example? And where all webinars can be conducted?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Hey Kishore, thanks for the comment and question, I have planned to cover few detailed blog posts on webinar very soon.

  12. Virat Chandra Reply

    Hi Ankit! I really liked the concept and approach of Click through Pages. It is professional and to the point.

  13. Brenda Morris Reply

    So Leadpages are essentially for time bound promotions right? Like an event…so after the event its no longer useful ..what about then?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Brenda, after the ad campaign you can deactivate your Leadpages account or keep it inactive; till next promotion comes up.

  14. Maria Jones Reply

    The landing pages capture the information of every visitor like his phone number, email id, name and other such details. Conversion is made easier with the landing pages as they do not allow the visitors to drift to some other website. Instapage is the most popular alternative for LeadPages. The next in the row is ClickFunnels and both of these are the two best alternatives to LeadPages.

  15. Clarence Reply

    The landing pages are extremely useful for webinar registrations and it also stores the information of the visitors like their name, email, phone number etc. Till date, Instapage is the best alternative to LeadPages as the creation of a landing page is a manageable task through it. It also provides a seamless integration with the optimization tools and the CRM tools.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks Clarence for your view about Webinar integrations.

  16. great comprehensive comparison w/ detailled examples. Thanks

  17. Kevin Reply

    My biggest problem with leadpages and instapage is they are super expensive. For someone starting to start out on a shoestring budget, lots of times those aren’t great options. I personally tried and it works great for me. They certainly aren’t as feature-rich as the other guys, but they have a free version and their paid accounts are cheap as hell. Just my two cents.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks for the detail Kevin.

  18. Jarrett Reply

    Thanks for all the details on the comparisons

  19. Hunter Reply

    I think we deserve a spot on here 😉

  20. Raymond Reply

    My vote is with Instapage for the best lead pages alternative. It is very easy to use and doesn’t create much of confusion. The easy drag and drop feature is super convenient. It also gives easy integration with other CRM and integration tools.

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Thanks for the vote Raymond.

  21. Rachel Reply

    Can you please highlight the difference between leadpages and convertkit apart from the price? Is it possible to create landing pages with convertkit?

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Rachel, both of them are quite different when compared apart. Leadpages are expert in landing pages whereas convertkit is email automation tool for bloggers.

  22. Leila Reply

    Thank you so much for your detailed comparison i searched so long for a leadpages alternative i decided now for clickfunnels 🙂 Thaaaanks

    • Ankit Prakash Reply

      Leila, great to hear that.

  23. Anthony Reply

    Thanks a lot for your comparison as it is very informative and deep. But, I often get stuck between the utility of the tools for the kind of business we are implementing. For example, if we have an e-commerce business then what will be better Instapage or click funnel or leadpages? And, if we have a microsite then which option should I opt for? Kindly share some information on this topic as well.

  24. Ramirez Reply

    Working with clickfunnels is certainly a breeze for me. I can easily and quickly designs my sales funnels for converting leads.Getting the hold of the software is also easy because most of the things are drag and drop but like every other software a bit of practice is surely needed.

  25. Matthew Foster Reply

    I am new to this field and not very familiar with the minute details here and there. Can you please help me to understand about PPC advertising and how it is helpful for my business?

  26. Web Me Tools Reply

    Hello Ankit, this post is really very helpful.
    You have shared right alternatives with their useful in-depth details.

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