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A lot of small business owners out there have not been able to take advantage of using social media to their full advantage. If you think investing in social media is not a profitable thing to do for your business, let us have a look at these statistics by SproutSocial:

  • Social media is 57% of your sales funnel.
  • 81% of consumers research online before making big purchases.
  • Three in five SMBs say they’ve gained new customers by using social media.
  • 74% of online adults use social networking sites.
Social Media for Small Business

With all these reasons, we shouldn’t be watching the platform from the sideline. Over 3 billion people using social media and 2 billion of them having active accounts, these platforms have become a place of heaven for marketing the products. Social media have regularly been used as to up the marketing game.

Social Media Content for Small Business - 99DollarSocial

We can’t agree more to these facts. Here are the mistakes that small business has been doing for their social media pages and are recalcitrant to changes:

Pages are inactive:

Pages are created to have a continuous two-way conversation with the customers and business. Abandonment of pages might look like you are no longer in business. If suppose you haven’t posted anything since the last few months, customers might think that you have wind up your business. Customers can also think it they have a grievance or any issue regarding your product or service; they won’t be able to communicate it with you if you are not active on social media.

Not using Social Media to solve customer grievances:

Here is a takeaway from Small Business SEM:

88.3% of respondents said they’d be either somewhat less likely or far less likely to buy from a company that ignores complaints on Facebook.

This survey was done that involved more than 500 social network users with an average age of 38 years.
If you are ignoring the comments on your social media pages, then remember it has a negative impact on your business.

Social Media for Customer Grievances
Image source: Tolero Solutions

If your customer’s expectations are failed to meet, then you might lose out on competition. Businesses should be responsive and engaging to the target audience. Social media can use as an excellent tool to communicate with your customers for feedback for your product/service or can act as a grievance redressal tool.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes for ruin it – Warren Buffet

Here is an Infographic to ponder upon:

social media for small businesses
Source: smallbusinesssem.com

Posting content that is not relevant to the target audience or their business:

The followers consider you as the subject matter expert of your businesses, and they expect your content that you have pushed in social media to be relevant to your business or industry. Even if you are posting a cheeky joke or puppy faces, you need to relate it back to what you are doing. Always try to give a clear message to your potential customer who landed on your social media pages.

Do you have a goal to use your social media to:

  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Sell your product.
  • Want your audience to participate in your contest.
  • App download?
  • Sell coupon?


These findings can help the small business owners re-do the social media strategies and create relevant content to gain more customers.

Here is a tool to your rescue

Are my words giving you a headache on how to carry out your social media pages? Well, relax, I have come across this remarkable tool which helped me market my product in social media pages without any hassles. I just have to pay a monthly bill of $99.

99DollarSocial knows that as a small business owner, you have a lot on your platter with limited time and resources.  While traditional marketing like billboard advertising can run a drill on your pocket, social media marketing, on the other hand, will help achieve the RoI from day one.

With 99DollarSocial – you will have your smart Social Media updates with the cost that is within your reach. It works wonder to set your target audience, response your customer grievance, posting relevant content with a content/marketing strategy for your business.

Moreover, you will get much time to spend with your customer offline, while 99DollarSocial taking care of your Social Media pages.

Watch this video to know how Small Business can get ahead with Social Media:

How is it different?

Grow your business: 99DollarSocial will take your mind off your Social Media daily to-do so that you could spend more time growing your business.

You might be lacking the know-how to make the best use of social media for your small business. 99DollarSocial have the best people as their content specialist who will craft the best strategy for your business and follow them to accomplish various social media goals.

Consistent- relevant posts: As I stressed the importance of being relevant and consistent on your social media pages, you don’t have to think twice about it once you have given access to 99DollarSocial. They simply know what works for your business and what doesn’t.

99DollarSocial Customer Review

Source: 99DollarSocial Customer Testimonials

What does 99DollarSocial $99 include?

As going by the name, you must have guessed that for posting in social media pages every day – they will charge $99 per month. Well, this service is only for your Facebook and Twitter pages.

They provide Quality content every day – 365*7 days – for your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Articles and Images: The articles are picked up that is related to the current trend and industry, and they make sure that it complies with the expectations of your target audience.

Consistent use of hashtag : You might be knowing what hashtags are – but not how we use it. On a recent HubSpot discussion – we found that most of the small business owners are using the hashtags wrong.

Well, #WeShouldNotUseItThisWay or #this #way. Why don’t you leave it to the experts?

Facebook ads: Facebook has the most dynamic ads facilities and can be used for any goal of your business. 99DollarSocial also create Facebook ads for your business. Facebook ads can be robust with different types of accomplishments. You can again, mail your requirement to them and they will mold the message in the form of perfect Facebook ad.

Want more than Facebook and Twitter posts?

You can mail them if your requirement is more than that of Facebook or Twitter posts. They will help you set your business up on social media in no time. We will talk about the flexibility in choosing the plans later in this post.

How does it work?

99DollarSocial will be a boon for your business as per the cost as well the quality of the post. They are for real, and they guarantee that you better service than firms who charge you $300 for just one post per week.

Step 1: Sign up and register your account: You can register a business for your social media account by clicking at their get started button. You need to create an account first and then you will have to choose your payment details to complete your order.  You will receive your getting started email in no time in your mail box.

Step 2: Details about your business: Provide the details about your services and business and all the other information that is related to your industry so that they get to know about your business better. 99DollarSocial ask you to provide access to your social media accounts so that they can start posting in your account.

They have a simple money back process. If you are not satisfied for any reason, they have got you covered. They have a simple 14 days no-questions asked refund policy.

Step 3: They take care of your Social Media account, and you can now sit back and take care of your business. After placing order, 99DollarSocial begin posting relevant content on your pages within two to three working days.

99DollarSocial price and more features:

$99 comes with a simple service of Facebook and Twitter post each day – 7 days a week.

They work any normal digital ad firm and their client (you) get a dedicated account manager for your social media account.
If you want anything robust than only Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, then they provide service one on one basis.

The posts also have images that are relevant to the post and tweets. The account manager studies your brand voice, tone, and guidelines and makes sure to use it for the buyer personas that concerns your business.

After studying all the bad habits that you do on your social media pages, searching for the relevant content to post with the image that goes with the post and for the target audience. Handling social media the correct way gain tremendous significance in your business, and it is high time that you looked for the best option available for your business.

Taking off Social Media off the plate for Small Business Owner

99DollarSocial is on a mission to eliminate remove posting on small business’s Social Media pages, and they have been brilliantly managing the business since the year 2012. For the attractive price, this is a steal for the firm owners and enough reason to look no further for outsourcing their Social Media activities.

As said the posting would be made daily for the client’s business Facebook and Twitter page. The service is centered around upgrading the social media channels for the clients with relevant content.  Relevant content is vital for any business as most unfollows are due to the increase of posting irrelevant content on the business page.

Striking the right voice and tone for your content on social media:

99DollarSocial Review
Identify your brand voice and audience. Image source: tech.co

If your brand/business were a person, then how would you describe it? To keep the conversation going, even small business need to tackle the issue of defining a consistent brand voice.

Among the list of avoided factors for business’s social media strategy, the brand voice is another major factor that gets overlooked by the businesses.  The voice that best describes your brand personality as an adjective, and the tone – that is the subset of voice that caters to the audiences, situations, and channel of posting, are kept in mind before the posting begins.

The best example would be that of Apple, which makes us think about innovation, inspiration, and dream. Or take RedBull as an example that pictures try, adventure and adrenaline in our mind.

The social media postings are initiated only after understanding the brand tone, guidelines and target audience’s language. The Account Managers for each client schedule a call or send a mail which help them know about your business after the order has been made.

Postings are done taking Time zones into consideration:

99DollarSocial has a solid process that even takes care of the client business’ time zones. They have clients from USA, Canada, South Africa and other countries, and hence they need to set the perfect time for posting the content on social media pages.

Posting timing for social media pages
Source: HubSpot Infographic

As per Hubspot’s blog:

You cannot create the posts whenever you feel like.  Timings depend on the social media platform you are using and how the target audience for that platform behave in that particular social media page. Hence, there is no perfect answer for the same.  Timing also depends on the content that you are using, and the set goals.

99DollarSocial takes care of all the above-mentioned aspects so that their client’s get the best result for the set goals.

What do Businesses get with $99?

99DollarSocial, like any other service, have a rate card for the different business’s needs.

Pricing of 99dollarsocial
  1. The Core Plan: The core plan is described as the 99Dollar Classic, where daily posting for Facebook and Twitter is done. The posts creative, brand voice and tone and post timings, as I already mentioned, are taken care off closely. Brand promotion is done in regular intervals and content is carefully crafted and curated for your business and industry.
  2. The Growth Plan: All the service entailing Core plan is included with an added advantage of the Facebook ad campaign, with a budget of $70 and monthly blog post of 300-500 words with a topic of your choice. The plan is priced at $297/month.
  3. Enterprise plan: For a more robust plan for all the social media channel, this plan is ideally suited. This plan is priced at $497/month which include all the services offered in Growth plan. This program also includes Daily LinkedIn post, Instagram Post, and Google plus posts. Promises a targeted Twitter follower count of 800, this is a perfect plan for enterprise level businesses.

Flexibility in choosing any service of your choice:

One of the best features that I loved about $99DollarSocial is, even if we don’t need to order one of the plans listed above, we can choose a particular service from another plan if it suits our budget.

For example: If I chose $99Dollar Classic plan, then I can add on a weekly blog post for $118/month and enjoy the benefits of posting a blog weekly, the topic of which shall be mine.

You can add on LinkedIn Simple for only $19 per month that will post on your LinkedIn business page.

Pinterest Simple and Deluxe:

Social Media for Small Business - 99dollarsocial review

99DollarSocial have the strategy well planned for your business to gain from more than 4.5 Million Pinterest Users.  They have bifurcated the Pinterest plans as Deluxe and Simple. Simple plan provides posting to followers daily, and Deluxe plan takes Pinterest marketing to the next level. They do posting relevant content and images and commenting on followers comments. They will even help build a Pinterest community around your brand by favorating other user’s pins and content shares from followers.

Pinterest Simple is priced at $19 per month while Deluxe at $99 per month.

Facebook Page like boost: Community and brand building along with great content posting is done through this add-on.  A/B split tested and the creation of multiple custom ads are done through this service. Even though reporting is not done for the pages, which by the way can be done through simple analytics dashboard, the campaigns are monitored and adjusted as per the requirement. The plan includes $35 ad budget and-and charged at $99 per month.

Drive traffic through Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are considered a great way to drive quality traffic to your website. 99DollarSocial have plans like Facebook Gold, Facebook Silver, Facebook Bronze and Facebook Platinum that differs in pricing. They will also post new article for 7 days a week in the Facebook group of your choice.

Likewise, 99DollarSocial provides Facebook Ads add on, Twitter Add-on,  Facebook Group Add-on pack, Social Media Profile Creation and an exclusive host of services concerning different social media channels.

99DollarSocial is the best tool so far to your Social Media woes to rest. Focus on your business’s requirement while switching the Auto-pilot on Social Media.

What concerns do you have regarding Social Media for your brand? Are you able to tap the full potential of Social Media pages? It would great to hear your thoughts regarding the same in the comments.

Biswajeeta Rath

Biswajeeta Rath

Biswajeeta here and I am a customer experience and community management leader with over 9 years of hands-on expertise. As a guest writer, I provide authoritative insights on #uxresearch, #designthinking, #businessanalytics, #customercentricity, and #communitymanagement. With a data-driven and ever-curious approach, I help clients become more customer-focused through research, strategy, and technology implementation. I have deep knowledge across SaaS testing, social media marketing, influencer engagement, and operational improvements. I leverage skills in user research, market research, design thinking, data analysis, and stakeholder management to elevate customer centricity. My experience driving end-to-end community engagement for brands gives me unique perspective on customer needs and pain points. I am passionate about continuous learning and translating research into actionable strategies that create meaningful customer experiences. With my mantra "do whatever you can with whatever you have," I solve complex challenges with creativity and an analytical mindset.

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  1. This tool called the 99DollarSocial helps its users in achieving different goals related to the social media like driving traffic to one’s website or blog, downloading an application, selling a coupon, let your audiences to start participating in your particular contest or anything. It is a very different and unique platform for its users.

  2. If the users want something more than the posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, they are given the option to send an email to the app developers. They would surely help the users for starting up the business on social media sites within no or very less time.

    • Terry, what this service did for me is specific because I targeted my audience locally. This is a perfect tool for someone who has a small enterprise and wants to deal with its own local customers. I’m eager to expand but first, I should clean my own yard and that is the reason I used this particular tool.

  3. I didn’t know of this certainly – that one cannot create the posts whenever we feel like for our Facebook page. There’s a science that certain tools are tapping into, to optimize on consumer behavior. 99dollarsocial is one such tool that works for business for facebook. It is not just about geographies, it is about consumer behavior. It is when you consumer wakes up to your page, normally. Now, geographically he could be from Singapore or Bangalore.. or a set of users who surf only in a certain band of the time. One should ideally take care of these things.

    • Thanks for the comment and adding more information to this post Ross. Yes, I completely agree with you over the geography and time zone.

  4. Hi Ankit! Nice article. Social media to marketing is like “salt” in food. Pretty much the same way, life is tasteless without social media. You’re happy you need to share it with someone. You’re sad, the same holds true. If you’re a business you need to have a facebook page and your subscriber base who wants to hear from you. This has become a norm.

  5. With the help of 99DollarSpecial, I have been able to market my traditional product without facing any sort of hassles. It has provided me with the correct lot of target audience and has also provided great content for my enterprise which acted as the most perfect marketing strategy for my business. It managed my social media pages during which I concentrated on the other aspects of expanding my business. In short, this service proved absolutely perfect for my Facebook and Twitter pages.

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    This article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to
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