6 Basic Reasons why I use WordPress for Content Marketing

In my personal experience using WordPress for content marketing, I've identified six fundamental reasons that make it an excellent choice. WordPress is renowned for its ease of use, open-source nature, and no-cost model, making it accessible for all levels of users. Its SEO-friendly structure and versatile use cases, ranging from personal blogs to commercial websites, offer significant advantages. Additionally, the platform wide array of plugins and themes, coupled with strong community support, make it an ideal solution for content marketers seeking an efficient and effective CMS.
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I have been using WordPress since the time I have started writing. My blogs Sprout24, Tech-Tweak and, EasySendy website, all are on WordPress. Being an avid user of WordPress, I would say the plugins, themes, structure, scheduling features and seamless procedure are definitely the best.

6 basic reason to use wordpress
wordpress for content marketing

One might wonder why WordPress is most sought after CMS. There are more than one reason that works in favour of this major famous content management system and here are some very basic reasons to use WordPress for content marketing purpose-

  • WordPress is Free – This is the by-far the best reason why everyone opts for WordPress. It is a CMS that has no hidden costs even if you become a famous blogger.
  • Its Open-Source – A powerful tool such as WordPress is not just free but also provides its users the scope to improve or modify the source code according to their needs.
  • Ready-to-use after installation – There is no hassle with WordPress. After the installation is done, you can immediately start using it. I use Kinsta WordPress Hosting for this purpose.
wordpress for content marketing
  • Versatility – Whether you are using it for your personal blog or for commercial purposes, WordPress is adaptable in all situations, and, you can see my use cases.
  • SEO-friendly – The biggest plus with WordPress is that Search Engines have a liking towards WordPress sites since it has an easy to crawl framework. Besides these, wordpress has great SEO plugin support from Yoast.
  • Easy-to-use Editor – One of the most pivotal feature driving its success is the mere fact that WordPress editor is as easy as ABC. It is interactive, intuitive and smooth. However, if you ever face any issues, WordPress provides unprecedented support on its WordPress forums.
wordpress for content marketing

UpdateWordPress has introduced a plugin which when enabled help the website owners to comply with GDPR and CCPA. Though it doesn’t guarantee full GDPR and CCPA compliance, it broadly covers the main requirements.

wordpress for content marketing

Other factors like mobile-friendly, integration with other services like Aweber or MailChimp, awesome plugins, various content marketing plugins like Editorial Calendar, Scribe, MyCurator, Edit Flow, WP Inject, Easy Content Templates and others make WordPress a globally acclaimed CMS.

Another content marketing plugin for WordPress is Strive, which adds an editorial calendar into your dashboard. It makes it much easier to plan your posts and stick to a routine publishing schedule.

A look at some of the WordPress integrations:

wordpress for content marketing

Its global stature can be easily validated by its list of Notable users that WordPress very graciously showcases on its portal. Names like The New York Times, ebay, Fortune 500,Forbes, CNN, Reuters, TECHCRUNCH, Samsung and likes of such have been using WordPress to reach out to million of audiences every single day! Global brands like Times, TED, Dowjones, NBC Sports, Pando Daily, Thought Catalog and many more make up the list of WordPress VIP clients.

Ankit Prakash
Ankit Prakash

Ankit is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and founder of Aritic and EasySendy. With over 10 years of experience building product-led B2B SaaS companies, he is focused on ambitious goals and bringing innovative platforms to market. As a Principal Founder, Ankit leads product, engineering, marketing, and strategic partnerships for Aritic's suite of sales and marketing automation tools. He has grown the brand to over $120M valuation and $8M+ in revenue since 2015. Ankit is passionate about analyzing and reviewing software to provide readers with authoritative, in-depth insights. His articles cover martech, SaaS, entrepreneurship, and other technologies based on his hands-on expertise. He stays on top of industry trends and best practices in product marketing, performance marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing. His work has been featured in leading publications including G2Crowd, Scoop.It, Brandvertisor, Martech Advisor, Smart Insights, and more. Driven by a dedication to shaping the future of B2B SaaS, Ankit enjoys translating his experiences building, marketing, and scaling companies into actionable thought leadership.

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  1. If you want to attract traffic to your website then apart from applying good marketing strategies it is also very important that you create valuable and good content. You should also be adding content on a regular basis and do not fall behind just because you didn’t get traffic. Patience is the key to content creation and marketing.

  2. WordPress can be either very easy or extremely hard. If you don’t want to do programming and happy with a plugin 80% suitable with your needs WordPress is for you. but if you want to tweak a plugin to become 100% what you want it is far easier to develop the whole website from scratch in php and laravel and jquery.
    So i say WordPress is easy if you don’t want to do the programming or want someone else to develop the plugin for you and you want to do only some simple modifications.
    So if you are the programmer stay away from WordPress.

  3. WordPress is the best platform when it comes to content marketing. It is pocket friendly and has a host of plugins and features to help your varying business endeavors.

  4. Nice Post, WordPress is the worldwide used and almost 8 out of 10 people use WordPress for content marketing. I myself been using WordPress for ages. You can check my work here: https://www.aistechnolabs.com/wordpress-development-services/

  5. WordPress is a boon for content marketers and they can really get the best out of it if used in the right direction. I have seen many people using it and have heard only positive things about it.

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