10 High CTR Google Web Designer Template Banner Ads

This guide provides a thorough review of ten high click-through rate (CTR) Google Web Designer template banner ads. It focuses on templates that are easy to use and customize, suitable for various business needs. The article is ideal for digital marketers and advertisers seeking to create effective, visually appealing ads quickly. It highlights the importance of choosing the right template for maximizing engagement and conversion rates in online advertising campaigns.
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Few weeks back I wrote a blog post about Best WordPress Landing Pages Builder Themes that online Marketers can use to create high converting landing pages. Eventually I thought, why not introduce you to some of the useful tools and services, which I use for creating high CTR ads. These tools helps me to drive traffic at a very low price. Usually, I make these high CTR ads using Google Web Designer templates from google web designer tool.

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a tool that enables me to create interactive ads at very fast pace. Although, previously I preferred Adobe Photoshop or other Photoshop alternatives. However, looking into the options and ability to create HTML5 interactive ads easily, I stared using google web designer. Hence, I can say that google web designer enables me to create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics ads that can run on any device. Hence, I can have responsive ads created in just few clicks.

To start with Google web designer, you will first need to download the tool. Here is the download link: Google Web Designer. After successful installation on your system, you need to have google web designer templates, which can be used to start creating interactive and responsive ads easily.

Today, I am going to list the all-time best High CTR Google Web Designer Templates, that can be used to make responsive HTML5 banner ads. I have personally used many of them in some of my previous assignments, and I can say- They are awesome!

GWD-Ad Banner with HTML5

GWD - Ad Banner with HTML5

GWD-Ad Banner with HTML5 is the perfect ad solution, available in six different dimensions-

  • 300×600, 160×600
  • 300×250, 728×90
  • 180×150, 320×50

The dimensions available with this template are frequently used dimensions in the corporate world. The ad design is trendy and engaging. You can easily modify all the content according to your requirements. It has HTML, CSS and Javascript files included.

When you purchase the product from Codecanyon market place, you actually pay for its license. The regular license comes at $10 only and the extended license at $50. Regular license is apt if your end product is free to the end users, otherwise you need to opt for extended license.

Business | HTML5 Google Ad Template Two

Business HTML5 Google Ad Template Two

The Business|HTML5 Google Ad Template Two comes with three standard sizes- 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600. The 3 HTML Ad template is totally ready-to-use. You can easily customize the ad template with Google Web Designer free software.

  • HTML5/CSS3 effects
  • Easy editing
  • Google Web fonts
  • Compatible with browsers like IE 10 and 11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera
    Includes Javascript JS, HTML, CSS, Layered PS files

Regular License comes at $10 and Extended license at $50.

HTML5 Animated Ad Banner

HTML5 Animated AD Banner

This is a multi-image animation layout that is easy to edit. All you need to do is simple add images, choose your choice of transition effects and get going.

The design of HTML5 Animated Ad Banner is essentially trendy and comes in four standard sizes used most frequently in the market-
160×600, 300×250, 728×90 and 320×50

The HTML5 Animated Ad Banner is of high resolution and contains Javascript JS, CSS, and HTML files. It includes features like-

  • Easy to edit
  • Designed using Google Web Designer
  • Google Web Fonts

The regular license comes at $10 wile the extended license at $50.

Special Discount Ad Banner

Special Discount Ad Banner

The Special Discount Ad banner consists of banners with four different dimensions-
720×90, 160×600, 300×250 and 300×600

It includes source HTML, JS and 12 PSD Layouts, along with 3 themes for colours (Green-red-Orange). Some of the unique features are:

  • The logo and text are easy to edit
  • Designed with Google Web Designer
  • Engaging and interactive
  • HTML5-based designs
  • Motion Graphics that are all device compatible
  • Uses Google Web Font (Russo One)

The regular license comes at $10 and extended at $50.

Banner Ad Rocket Flat Expandable with Youtube

Banner Rocket Flat is perfect for animation ads. Designed with google Web Designer, it is free and developed by Google.

The banners are expandable which means a lot more content can be added. This is a modern template that comes in different sizes that are mostly used over the internet-
Medium [300×250 px; expandable to 480×350 px], Wide Skyscraper [160×600 px; expandable to 500×600 px] and Leader board [728×90 px; expandable to 728x315px]. Some other features are:

  • 3 banners in four different colours
  • When it expands it looks like a YouTube video
  • Add link to your video
  • Easy publish in DoubleClick
  • Varieties of Google Fonts
  • All platform compatible
  • Includes Layered PSD

The regular license comes at $11 and extended license at $55.

BestSale-HTML5 Promotional Banner Template

BestSale - HTML5 Promotional Banner Template

If you have any special offer or discount to promote, then BestSale-HTML5 Promotional Banner Template is perfect. The ads are built with Google Web Designer. It is quick and easy to use and can be used in a DoubleClick.

There are a lot of options to customize the banners, or can use it as it is. Almost 8 thematic patterns and 4 different price tags are available, giving you a wide range to choose from. Features worth mentioning are:

  • 4 Standard ad sizes: 300×250, 160×600, 728×90 and 468×60
  • 1 expandable banner ad where you can have YouTube video integration- from 300×250 to 300×450
  • All files are editable
  • Google Web font integration
  • Layered and properly organized PSD layouts

Regular license comes at $15 and extended license at $75.

Corporate Ad-HTML5 Animated Banner

Corporate Ad - HTML5 Animated Banner

Your business campaign gets a smooth and clean animation with Corporate Ad-HTML5 Animated Banner. Features:

  • Three awesome sizes: 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600.
  • Simple and easy to edit animation
  • Lightweight and fast loading
  • Comes with Video documentation
  • Compatible with Google AdWords and Doubleclick Studio
  • No stock photo is included

The regular license comes at $10 and extended license at $50.

Smart AD

Smart AD

Smart Ad banner comes in three different sizes. It is easily editable and helps in creating some awesome engaging animations. Sizes in which it is available are: 300×250, 240×400 and 300×600. Like all other ad templates, this is also created usig Google Web Designer.

The regular license comes at $10 and extended license at $50.

Google Web Design | HTML 5 Animated Banner

HTML 5 Animated Banner

HTML5 Animated Banner enables you to give life to your creative ideas on screen. Created with Google Web Designer, this ad banner is perfect for business purposes. It comes with a beautiful set of templates that are ready to use and 3 PSD templates. it is easy to use and can be customized according to your needs with Google Web Designer free software. Other features include:

  • 3 Standard sizes: 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600
  • HTML5/CSS3 effects
  • Google Web Fonts

The regular license is available at $10 and extended license at $50.

Tours and Travel | HTML5 Google Ad

Tours and Travel HTML5 Google Ad

Tours and Travel | HTML5 Google Ad goes by its name. This ad banner is perfect for tours and traveling industry. It comes with a set of creatively designed templates that are ready to use. Features include:

  • 3 Standard sizes in templates: 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600
  • Easy to edit
  • Google Web Fonts
  • HTML5/CSS3 effects
  • 3 HTML ad templates and 3 PSD templates
  • Easy customization with Google Web Designer free software

The regular license is available at $10 and extended one at $50.

Apart from all these templates for google web page designer, you can also use services like, BannerFlow or tweenui for mobile ads or HTML5 Maker to create great looking ads. All of these are present in the marketplace with their ad builders, which have pre-built templates.

Pritha Bose
Pritha Bose

I am an accomplished content marketing and communications expert with over 10 years of experience in the EdTech and SaaS industries. In my current role as a content marketer, I create engaging stories and campaigns focused on #marketingb2b, #contentdesign, #marketingdesign, #contentmarketing, and #marketingautomation. I have deep expertise in marketing automation, ecommerce tools, email marketing, project management, and content strategy. I have a proven track record of working cross-functionally to build brand awareness and promote products through immersive storytelling and campaigns. Previously, I have led content and communications initiatives for various EdTech businesses and internet products. I am skilled at developing content that resonates with key stakeholders while positioning brands strategically. With my passion for team collaboration and hands-on approach, I thrive at managing freelancers, designers, and engineers to deliver impactful campaigns across digital channels and domains. My breadth of experience allows me to be a trusted advisor to companies seeking to amplify their message and connect authentically with target audiences.

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  1. Google web designer is very intuitive and easy to use application for designing ads. But my designers still prefer to use Photoshop for one reason or other 🙂

    • Yes Patsy, if your designing team is comfortable to use Photoshop then there is no issue. You should give GWD a spin with your design team.

  2. Where i can find these templates for free? Any links?

  3. Hello to you Ankit (and Pritha),

    Thx! much for your info and expertise on these various banner build options.
    I am wholly new to Rich Media studio type software.

    Wanting to create the same style of Snapchat ten second teaser interactive intros
    that appear on the popular ghost app. Can I make these on GWD or is Adobe Animate a better option?
    Also, what does CTR stand for anyway…what is it??


    – MGM @ rich media newbie in Vancouver, Canada

    • Hey Masterson,
      Thanks for reply.

      Currently ten second teaser interactive intros are not possible inside GWD.
      And CRT stands for Click through rate.

  4. Just like patsy said Google web designer is very intuitive, I think Photoshop still wins the race but Thanks for sharing. I’m sure they will come in handy.

    • Foster and Patsy I assume you/your team don’t build HTML5 ads. If you/your designers still only use regular images for all of your ad spend and refuse to use HTML5, I suggest you get new designers or stop living in the past.

      Thank you

    • Thanks Foster 🙂

  5. I think that this is a really valuable product since there are a lot of people who need help in setting up their websites. After all, not all people have the funds to hire a web developer. This will really help a lot but I don’t know if it will attract enough people for it to not close down like other Google services.

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